ANNE is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ANNE in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ANNE" answer was first appeared in "2 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Poet Bradstreet". It was authored by Robert Katz. Recently, the "ANNE" answer has been used for "7 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Name shared by two wives of Henry VIII". It was authored by Kevin Curry and Daniel Bodily. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Actress Hathaway (9)". "ANNE" appeared 257 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ANNE" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
7 Nov 2023 54D Name shared by two wives of Henry VIII Kevin Curry and Daniel Bodily
12 Aug 2023 32D Equestrian princess in the 1976 Olympics Rachel Fabi and Christina Iverson
25 Jun 2023 16D One of two for six of VIII? John Westwig
16 Mar 2023 18D Sister of King Charles III Rebecca Goldstein
1 Mar 2023 40D Actress Hathaway Aaron M. Rosenberg
26 Jan 2023 17A Last monarch of the House of Stuart Dan Ziring and Quiara Vasquez
13 Sep 2022 39A Diarist Frank Adam Wagner
12 Sep 2022 10D Brontë sister who wrote “Agnes Grey” Michael Lieberman
6 Jun 2022 71A Diarist Frank Michael Schlossberg
12 May 2022 3D Youngest of the 38-Across Ross Trudeau
19 Apr 2022 70A “Bird by Bird” writer Lamott Olivia Mitra Framke
26 Feb 2022 57A Celebrity chef Burrell Ori Brian
26 Jan 2022 68A Actress Hathaway Michael Schlossberg
26 Nov 2021 64A Archer of note Kate Hawkins
7 Jun 2021 33D Hathaway of “The Devil Wears Prada” Erika Ettin
19 May 2021 34D Actress Hathaway Ashish Vengsarkar
26 Apr 2021 65A Only daughter of Elizabeth II Eric and Lori Bornstein
24 Mar 2021 20A Writing sister of Charlotte and Emily Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
7 Feb 2021 56A Brontë who wrote “Agnes Grey” Katie Hale and Christina Iverson
18 Dec 2020 63A Erin Doherty’s role on “The Crown” Damon Gulczynski
15 Dec 2020 29D Diarist Frank Adam Vincent
30 Sep 2020 66A Hathaway of “Ocean’s 8” Erik Agard and Andy Kravis
25 Aug 2020 62D Either of two wives of King Henry VIII Dave Bardolph
23 Aug 2020 5D Poet Carson Barbara Lin
18 Aug 2020 61A Girl of Green Gables Olivia Mitra Framke
10 Aug 2020 60A Author Rice who created the vampire Lestat Lynn Lempel
26 Jun 2020 55A Mother of Hamnet Shakespeare Robyn Weintraub
14 Jun 2020 30A Moody who wrote “Coming of Age in Mississippi” Randolph Ross
29 May 2020 28D Princess in “The Crown” Sam Ezersky
26 Apr 2020 42D Sullivan who taught Helen Keller Royce Ferguson
28 Jan 2020 6D Actress Hathaway Trenton Charlson
14 Jan 2020 1A Actress Hathaway Jim Peredo
29 Jul 2019 55D Youngest of the Brontë sisters Bruce Haight
16 Jul 2019 31D Hathaway of Hollywood Ross Trudeau
25 Jun 2019 1D Green Gables girl Alex Eaton-Salners
9 Jun 2019 125A Last of the Stuarts Seth A. Abel
3 Mar 2019 18D Last of the Stuarts Tony Orbach and Andrea Carla Michaels
18 Feb 2019 19A Actress Hathaway of “The Devil Wears Prada” Leslie Rogers and Andrea Carla Michaels
16 Dec 2018 82A Archer of film Sam Ezersky
9 Dec 2018 25D Mother of the Virgin Mary Ross Trudeau
30 Sep 2018 95A British royal Natan Last
27 Jun 2018 64A English princess Ned White
16 Jun 2018 5D Member of the British royal family Sam Trabucco
31 May 2018 13D Frank with a diary Dominick Talvacchio
25 May 2018 62A Rice left on a shelf, maybe Jeff Chen
18 May 2018 26A Queen ___ style Ryan McCarty
13 May 2018 9D One of the Brontës Neville Fogarty and Erik Agard
4 May 2018 50A Sci-fi writer McCaffrey, who was the first woman to win a Hugo for fiction Michael Hawkins
26 Mar 2018 57D Name shared by two of Henry VIII’s wives Andy Kravis
18 Feb 2018 112D With 108-Across, not talking loudly on a cell, e.g. Elizabeth A. Long
13 Feb 2018 21D Fashion’s Klein Bruce Haight
14 Jan 2018 25A Last monarch of the House of Stuart Joel Fagliano
31 Dec 2017 79D Last Stuart queen John Lampkin
30 Nov 2017 39A Mother of the Virgin Mary Trenton Charlson
7 Nov 2017 5D Either of two wives of Henry VIII Greg Poulos
7 Oct 2017 52D Grandmother of Jesus Byron Walden
26 Mar 2017 6D Hathaway of “The Intern” Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen
8 Dec 2016 64A Last monarch of the House of Stuart Damon Gulczynski
16 Nov 2016 57D Diarist Frank Jim Peredo
13 Nov 2016 39D William and Mary’s successor Joel Fagliano
24 Oct 2016 7D Actress Hathaway John Guzzetta
29 Sep 2016 52A Sullivan who taught Helen Keller Jonathan M. Kaye
21 Aug 2016 111D Virgin Mary’s mother Kathy Matheson and Jeff Chen
30 May 2016 55A Boleyn, Brontë or Bancroft David Woolf
3 Apr 2016 54A Carson who won the 2001 T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry Natan Last
15 Mar 2016 57D Youngest Brontë Gordon Johnson
12 Feb 2016 21A Longtime Princess Royal Brandon Hensley
20 Jan 2016 15A Aunt of Prince William Herre Schouwerwou
19 Jan 2016 64A Fashion designer Klein Byron Walden
14 Jan 2016 56A With 25-Down, women’s fashion designer Jeffrey Wechsler
22 Jul 2015 37A Prince Harry’s aunt Peter A. Collins
6 Jul 2015 19A Rice who has written about werewolves, mummies and vampires Lynn Lempel
6 Feb 2015 34D Colonial heretic Hutchinson Kyle Mahowald
20 Jan 2015 67A English princess who competed in the 1976 Olympics Susan Gelfand
16 Jan 2015 32A One of the Brontës Michael Wiesenberg
17 Jun 2014 59D Rice on a shelf Zhouqin Burnikel
29 May 2014 56D ___ Bradstreet, America’s first published poet Anna Shechtman
19 Mar 2014 42D Hathaway of “Becoming Jane” Samuel A. Donaldson
25 Feb 2014 66A Actress Hathaway Matthew E. Paronto and Jeff Chen
11 Feb 2014 18D Hathaway of “Les Misérables” Matthew E. Paronto and Jeff Chen
17 Nov 2013 115A English princess Julian Lim
1 Oct 2013 43A Writer Katherine ___ Porter Joel Fagliano
22 Sep 2013 49A Oscar winner Hathaway Mike Selinker
5 Sep 2013 2D Actress Bancroft Damon Gulczynski
27 Aug 2013 60A Meara of comedy Jacob McDermott
6 Aug 2013 47D One of two of Henry VIII’s six Lynn Lempel
21 Jul 2013 54A Daughter of James II Tracy Bennett
11 Jul 2013 13A Queen in “The Three Musketeers” Henry Hook
20 Apr 2013 2D Rice on shelves David Steinberg
31 Aug 2012 5D Last monarch of the House of Stuart Patrick Berry
9 Jul 2012 41A Queen with a “lace” C.W. Stewart
4 Jun 2012 3D Actress Hathaway John R. O’Brien
23 Mar 2012 43A Archer of film Steven Riley
10 Mar 2012 24A ___ of Denmark (James I’s queen consort) Patrick Berry
20 Jan 2012 54A Mrs. Charles Lindbergh Patrick Berry
12 Dec 2011 61A Actress Hathaway of “The Princess Diaries” Gary Cee
21 Nov 2011 26D One of two wives of Henry VIII Peter A. Collins
15 May 2011 32A Frank writing in a diary Cathy Allis
16 Mar 2011 55D Writer Rice Alan Arbesfeld
14 Feb 2011 54D Meara of comedy Victor Fleming and Lynn Lempel
19 Dec 2010 107D One of the Brontës Kevin G. Der
24 Oct 2010 79A Author McCaffrey Brendan Emmett Quigley
25 Sep 2010 5D James I’s queen consort Patrick Berry
26 Aug 2010 58A Rice on a shelf Henry Hook
1 Aug 2010 24A Sister of Charlotte and Emily Brendan Emmett Quigley
12 Jul 2010 67A Prince Charles’s sister Freddie Cheng
15 Jun 2010 2D Rice who wrote “The Vampire Chronicles” Jill Winslow
28 Feb 2010 18A Mrs. Shakespeare Yaakov Bendavid
7 Feb 2010 144A Sister of Charles Patrick Berry
4 Feb 2010 65D Jesus’ maternal grandmother Matt Ginsberg
11 Jan 2010 39D “The Diary of ___ Frank” Ron and Nancy Byron
9 Jan 2010 4D Last of the Stuarts Chuck Deodene
1 Sep 2009 13D Rice who wrote of vampires Steven Ginzburg
13 Jul 2009 40D First name of Henry VIII’s second C. W. Stewart
12 Jul 2009 36D ___ Page, woman in “The Merry Wives of Windsor” Alan Arbesfeld
21 May 2009 20A English princess Patrick Blindauer
14 Apr 2009 62A Actress Hathaway Barry Boone
1 Mar 2009 20A Predecessor of George I Robert W. Harris
15 Feb 2009 109A Saint ___, mother of the Virgin Mary Jim Leeds
26 Jan 2009 13D One of the Brontë sisters Timothy Powell and Nancy Salomon
23 Sep 2008 63A Author Rice Richard Chisholm
17 Jul 2008 12D Monarch immediately after William and Mary Elizabeth A. Long
26 May 2008 19A Sister of Prince Charles Mark Sherwood
9 Apr 2008 17A Windsor princess Daniel Kantor and Jay Kaskel
15 Feb 2008 20A ___ Elliot, heroine of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” Patrick Berry
18 Nov 2007 108D Charles Lindbergh’s wife Patrick Berry
26 Sep 2007 37A Mother of Queen Elizabeth I Lee Glickstein and Craig Kasper
15 Jul 2007 2D Queen Elizabeth’s daughter Patrick Berry
2 Jul 2007 55D Actress Heche Peter A. Collins
20 Jun 2007 25A Aunt of Prince Harry Bonnie L. Gentry and Victor Fleming
31 Mar 2007 30D Tyler or Jackson John Duschatko
18 Feb 2007 82D “___ of the Thousand Days” (1969 film) David Kwong and Kevan Choset
18 Jan 2007 23D Mrs. Shakespeare Randolph Ross
25 Sep 2006 22A ___ of Cleves, English queen Lynn Lempel
17 Sep 2006 58A Missing from 73-Down Brendan Emmett Quigley
2 Aug 2006 34D With 36-Across, popular comedic actress Harvey Estes
2 Apr 2006 115D Tyler who wrote “Breathing Lessons” Bob Klahn
15 Mar 2006 53D Diarist Frank Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
12 Dec 2005 72A Diarist Frank Allan E. Parrish
22 Nov 2005 19A “Green Gables” girl Nancy Salomon
25 Aug 2005 30D Rice who wrote “Vittorio the Vampire” Manny Nosowsky
21 Aug 2005 104D Poet Sexton Byron Walden
4 Aug 2005 41A One of the Brontë sisters Elizabeth C. Gorski
28 Jul 2005 65A Last Stuart monarch Eric Berlin
29 May 2005 45D Novelist McCaffrey Frank Longo
10 May 2005 61A Writer Rice Nancy Salomon
17 Mar 2005 59A Princess born 8/15/1950 David Pringle
25 Nov 2004 12D Writer Rice Nancy Salomon and Earl W. Reed
31 Oct 2004 104A Stuart monarch Patrick Merrell
14 Sep 2004 51A Beheaded Boleyn Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
30 Aug 2004 69A One of two wives of Henry VIII Jeffrey Harris
19 Jul 2004 58A English princess Nancy Salomon and Kendall Twigg
14 Jul 2004 60A Last of the Stuarts A. J. Santora
17 May 2004 26A Stuart queen Ethan Cooper
13 Apr 2004 68A Actress Heche Bill Ballard
13 Jan 2004 13A Diarist Frank M. Francis Vuolo
21 Dec 2003 99D Last of the House of Stuart Frances Hansen
25 Sep 2003 68A With 40-Down, popular fashion label Patrick Merrell
18 Sep 2003 12D Last of the Stuarts Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Aug 2003 7D British royal Mel Taub
6 Aug 2003 11D Green Gables girl Jay Livingston
17 Jul 2003 5A Rice in a bookstore Robert H. Wolfe
8 Jul 2003 16A Henry VIII’s second or fourth Roy Leban
11 May 2003 123A Fantasy author McCaffrey Patrick Berry
18 Feb 2003 58D ___ Boleyn, queen to Henry VIII Holden Baker
30 Jan 2003 31D Frank or Francis Alan Arbesfeld
23 Nov 2002 22A Charlotte and Emily’s sister Dana Motley
14 Oct 2002 4D Green Gables girl Gregory E. Paul
5 Oct 2002 45D British royal Donald E. West
28 Aug 2002 13D Elizabeth I’s mother Mel Taub
28 Jul 2002 88A One of the Lindberghs Nelson Hardy
14 Apr 2002 8D Archer of note David J. Kahn
9 Apr 2002 30A Green Gables girl Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
3 Apr 2002 60A Sister of Charles and Andrew Fred Piscop
2 Apr 2002 38D Author Rice Janice M. Putney
7 Mar 2002 61A See 25-Across Elizabeth C. Gorski
11 Feb 2002 54D Game show host Robinson Peter Gordon
4 Feb 2002 49D Elizabeth I’s mother Gregory E. Paul
24 Jan 2002 14A “The Weakest Link” host Robinson Brendan Emmett Quigley
16 Jan 2002 12D Sister of King Arthur Linda Bushman
29 Oct 2001 69A Girl of Green Gables Richard Hughes
9 Oct 2001 64A Author Rice Peter Gordon
10 Sep 2001 58A Henry VIII’s second or fourth Nancy Salomon and Karen Riekert
20 Aug 2001 12D Actress Bancroft Sherry O. Blackard
9 Jul 2001 68A “Green Gables” girl Gregory E. Paul
23 May 2001 67A Frank or Francis Alan Arbesfeld
16 Feb 2001 12D Daughter of James II Bob Klahn
5 Feb 2001 14A “___ of Green Gables” Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
4 Jan 2001 42A British royal Nancy S. Ross
2 Jun 2000 2D Queen ___ style Manny Nosowsky
2 May 2000 64A Either of two wives of Henry VIII Manny Nosowsky
13 Apr 2000 39A Frank girl Matt Gaffney
21 Mar 2000 15A Archer of “Patriot Games” Nick Grivas
6 Mar 2000 58D Shakespeare’s ___ Hathaway Gregory E. Paul
3 Mar 2000 57D French actress Parillaud Joe DiPietro
19 Feb 2000 45A Actress Revere of “National Velvet” Rich Norris
6 Dec 1999 69A Diarist Frank Gregory E. Paul
1 Nov 1999 35D Writer Rice Robert Frank
31 Oct 1999 57A Poet Sexton Frank A. Longo
14 Oct 1999 21A Diarist Frank Joe DiPietro
26 Sep 1999 72A Actress Archer Randolph Ross
9 Sep 1999 62A Sister of Emily and Charlotte Sam Bellotto Jr.
30 Aug 1999 36A Designer Klein Margaret Watson
26 Aug 1999 64A One of two of the VIII’s six Nancy S. Ross
22 Jul 1999 58A Edgar Lee Masters’s “___ Rutledge” M. Preston Sherwood
11 Apr 1999 18D One of the Windsors Matt Gaffney
12 Mar 1999 56D Frank or Francis A. J. Santora
9 Mar 1999 63A Beheaded Boleyn Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
27 Feb 1999 15A Daughter of James II John Scott Marrone
23 Nov 1998 24A Author Tyler Elizabeth C. Gorski
6 Oct 1998 8D Author Rice Elizabeth C. Gorski
27 Sep 1998 18D Sister of King Arthur Randolph Ross
14 Sep 1998 63A Diarist Frank Gregory E. Paul
28 Jul 1998 68A Queen before George I Robert Dillman
13 May 1998 22D Queen in Dumas’s “Twenty Years After” Eileen Lexau
2 Sep 1997 60A Writer Lindbergh Alan Arbesfeld
31 Jan 1997 39A Jackson or Tyler M. Gaffney
23 Jan 1997 63A Elizabeth II’s only daughter F. Hansen
8 Jan 1997 12D Actress Jeffreys J. D. Leavy
7 Jan 1997 23D ___ Morrow Lindbergh J. Schmalzbach
16 Nov 1996 53D Last Stuart ruler J. Page
27 Sep 1996 32A One of the Brontes B. Sefick
18 Sep 1996 11D Actress Archer D. J. Kahn
17 Sep 1996 30D Shakespeare’s Hathaway M. D. Frankel
12 Aug 1996 63A British princess J. R. Bender
6 Aug 1996 48A Novelist Tyler F. Heaney
4 Jun 1996 52D Henry VIII’s second wife E. Early
11 Mar 1996 11D William III’s successor R. Zimmerman
13 Feb 1996 71A Mrs. Shakespeare G. Paul
12 Feb 1996 34D Prince Charles’s sister S. Robbins
1 Feb 1996 2D Green Gables girl L. Sidway
13 Jan 1996 19A Sister of King Arthur J. Page
31 Dec 1995 46D Mrs. Shakespeare Bob Klahn
30 Nov 1995 60A Lady ___ of “Richard III” Susan Smith
26 Oct 1995 40A “___ of the Thousand Days” Jim Page
2 Oct 1995 12D Green Gables girl Joy L. Wouk
11 Sep 1995 59A A Bronté Sidney L. Robbins
1 Sep 1995 60A Author Tyler Thomas W. Schier
7 Aug 1995 2D House of Stuart monarch Sidney L. Robbins
11 Jul 1995 64A Poet Sexton Gregory E. Paul
15 May 1995 68A ___ Boleyn Ernie Furtado
9 Apr 1995 122A Archer of film Cathy Millhauser
23 Mar 1995 12D Helen Keller’s teacher ___ Sullivan Wayne Robert Williams
19 Mar 1995 77A Montgomery’s “___ of Green Gables” Alex K. Justin
17 Mar 1995 61A Author Rice Randolph Ross
23 Feb 1995 53D Mrs. Lindbergh Daniel R. Stark
8 Feb 1995 33D Writer Rice Cathy Millhauser
6 Feb 1995 43A Poet Sexton Gregory E. Paul
15 Jan 1995 121A Actress Jeffreys Ernie Furtado
21 Nov 1994 68A One of the Brontes Norman S. Wizer
4 Nov 1994 66A Last of the Stuarts Matt Jones
5 Oct 1994 71A Will’s wife Fran & Lou Sabin
30 Aug 1994 69A Educator Sullivan Jonathan Schmatzbach
18 Aug 1994 57D Murray of song A.J. Santora
3 Jul 1994 71D Novelist Tyler A.J. Santora
28 Feb 1994 56A Actress Archer Sidney L. Robbins
2 Feb 1994 54D Poet Bradstreet Robert Katz

Here you get ANNE answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If ANNE will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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