ASPS is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ASPS in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ASPS" answer was first appeared in "21 Nov 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Horned vipers (4)". It was authored by Peter Gordon. Recently, the "ASPS" answer has been used for "4 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Cairo cobras (2)". It was authored by Sean Ziebarth. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Nile slitherers (6)". "ASPS" appeared 137 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ASPS" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
4 Dec 2023 6A Cairo cobras Sean Ziebarth
27 Sep 2023 22A Symbols of Egyptian royalty Scott Koenig
24 Aug 2023 42D Nile reptiles Robin Yu
24 Apr 2023 33A Once-sacred slitherers Emily Carroll
22 Feb 2023 25A Saharan vipers Adam Wagner
1 Jul 2022 60A Relatives of garters Christina Iverson and Caitlin Reid
27 Apr 2022 10A Certain vipers Alex Bajcz
11 Apr 2022 57D Snakes by the Nile Rachel Simon
30 Jul 2021 10A Ancient symbols of royalty Eric Bornstein
27 Jun 2021 55D Vipers with upturned snouts Ross Trudeau and Lindsey Hobbs
2 Jun 2021 17A Deadly snakes Jesse Goldberg
14 May 2021 10A Certain hieroglyphs Yacob Yonas
7 Oct 2020 13D Snakes in hieroglyphics Ross Trudeau
21 Sep 2020 70A Snakes spawned by Medusa’s blood, in Greek myth Daniel Larsen and The Wave Learning Festival Crossword Class
16 Aug 2020 72D Nile snakes Francis Heaney
12 Nov 2019 1A Egyptian snakes Gabrielle Friedman and Jakob Weisblat
4 Aug 2019 95A Menaces to Indiana Jones Will Nediger
23 Jul 2019 53D Nile biters Kyle Dolan
27 Apr 2019 57D Creatures that produce neurotoxins Joe Deeney
22 Feb 2019 25D Ophidian menaces Daniel Nierenberg
27 Sep 2018 61D African menaces Daniel Kantor
15 Sep 2018 55D Cousins of garters David Liben-Nowell
6 Sep 2018 33D The snakes in the movie line “Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?” Jeff Chen
7 Aug 2018 36D “Raiders of the Lost Ark” menaces Alex Eaton-Salners
31 May 2018 18D Not what Indiana joneses for Dominick Talvacchio
18 Apr 2018 42A Egyptian menaces Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight
14 Mar 2018 53A Hieroglyphics snakes Jeff Chen
24 Jan 2018 1A Menaces that name other menaces if you put a “w” at the start Kathy Wienberg
26 Jun 2017 23A Deadly snakes Brian Greer
26 Jan 2017 5D Ancient symbols of sovereignty Hal Moore
28 Dec 2016 10A Lethal injection providers? Brendan Emmett Quigley
1 Mar 2016 9A Egyptian vipers Freddie Cheng
24 Nov 2015 55D Nile vipers Gary Cee
1 Jun 2015 69A Egyptian slitherers David Woolf
16 Mar 2015 73A Venomous Nile dwellers Ian Livengood
23 Jul 2014 35D Nile reptiles Howard Barkin
20 Apr 2014 9A Ancient symbols of royalty Elizabeth C. Gorski
26 Feb 2014 8D Hieroglyphics creatures Ruth B. Margolin
4 Dec 2013 54D Cobras of Egypt Daniel Raymon
27 Oct 2013 42D Sources of some lethal injections Brendan Emmett Quigley
23 Oct 2013 61D Deadly snakes Robyn Weintraub
10 Jun 2013 17D Snakes along the Nile Zhouqin Burnikel
29 Jul 2012 52A Ones with natural curls? Kevin G. Der
21 Jul 2012 54A 53-Across menaces Joe DiPietro
18 Jul 2012 53D Hooded vipers David Levinson Wilk
28 Jun 2012 7D Egyptian lowlife? Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 May 2012 23D Lethal injection administerers Brendan Emmett Quigley
16 Apr 2012 54D Venomous vipers Lynn Lempel
1 Apr 2012 114D Egyptian menaces Patrick Merrell
27 Mar 2012 27D Saharan slitherers Todd McClary
13 Feb 2011 14A Coiled killers Ian Livengood
5 Dec 2010 98A Nile biters Ben Pall
21 Jun 2009 99D Phobia of 100-Down Matt Ginsberg and Pete Muller
9 Nov 2008 72D Egyptian symbols of royalty Paula Gamache
27 Oct 2008 35D Egyptian snakes Andrea Carla Michaels and Michael Blake
28 Aug 2008 51D Cold-blooded killers Sheldon Benardo
12 May 2008 10A Nile reptiles Randall J. Hartman
3 May 2008 8D Old symbols of royalty Patrick Berry
28 Apr 2008 13D Nile reptiles Gary Disch
27 Dec 2007 5A Egyptian symbols of royalty Jim Leeds
25 Jun 2007 10D Nile nippers Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
1 Jun 2007 4D Hooded menaces David Quarfoot and Katy Swalwell
29 May 2007 7D Egyptian slitherers Jim Hyres
29 Jan 2007 59D Nile slitherers Fred Piscop
7 Nov 2006 45A Nasty vipers Bruce P. Douglas
31 Oct 2006 56D Nile snakes Patrick Blindauer
22 Oct 2006 1D Hieroglyphic figures Harvey Estes
5 Jul 2006 1A Deadly biters Nancy Salomon
12 Apr 2006 61D Dangerous biters Elizabeth C. Gorski
7 Nov 2005 56D Nile slitherers Jay Livingston
12 Jul 2005 59D Cairo cobras Nancy Salomon
31 May 2005 49D Nile snakes Merl Reagle
30 May 2005 1D Nile slitherers Lynn Lempel
29 May 2005 54D Ancient emblems of royalty Frank Longo
15 Feb 2005 70A Certain cobras Gene Newman
11 Feb 2005 40A “… the cruel venom of ___”: Deut. 32 Manny Nosowsky
2 Nov 2004 71A Wriggly biters Patrick Merrell
23 Oct 2004 56A Venom producers James E. Buell
11 Oct 2004 10A Nile reptiles Jim Hyres
6 Jul 2004 56D Dangerous slitherers Matt Skoczen
6 Jun 2004 32A Nile slitherers Patrick Merrell
21 Apr 2004 36A Nile slitherers Michael Shteyman
14 Mar 2004 100A Some cobras Craig Kasper
2 Sep 2003 53A Nile cobras Ed Early
23 Aug 2003 36D Old royal emblems Rich Norris
1 Jun 2003 36D Cousins of 58-Down Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
9 Feb 2003 12A Figures on some Egyptian relics David J. Kahn
22 Jan 2003 18A Sacred creatures of old Michael Shteyman
13 Dec 2002 50A Ancient Egyptian royal emblems Bob Peoples
19 Sep 2002 62D Old Egyptian symbols Randolph Ross
30 Jul 2002 1A Nile slitherers Sherry O. Blackard
30 Jul 2001 44D Poisonous snakes Nancy Kavanaugh
7 Jun 2001 7D Indiana Jones’s dread Randolph Ross
5 Mar 2001 10A Vile Nile creatures Sherry O. Blackard
23 Dec 2000 11A Pharaohs’ sacred symbols Bob Klahn
17 Oct 2000 5A Egyptian snakes Peter Gordon
15 Oct 2000 8D Hieroglyph images Patrick Berry
26 Jun 2000 38D Venomous snakes Peter Gordon
29 Dec 1999 22A Herpetologists’ subjects Robert O. Dillman
4 Nov 1999 40A “Raiders of the Lost Ark” danger Matthew Lees
28 Sep 1999 40A Nile reptiles Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Sep 1999 49A Reptiles of the genus Naja haje David J. Kahn
12 Sep 1999 24D Slithering strikers Nancy Scandrett Ross
30 May 1999 81A Figures on Pharaohs’ headdresses Cathy Millhauser
9 Mar 1999 19A Egyptian cobras Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
8 Feb 1999 49A Nile vipers Sidney L. Robbins (1909-97)
21 Jan 1999 1D Dangerous nestful Randolph Ross
19 Dec 1998 47D “Raiders of the Lost Ark” menaces Frank Longo and Dave Tuller
26 Oct 1998 5A Egyptian vipers Robert Dillman
6 Oct 1998 13D Nile creatures Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Aug 1998 108D Venomous ones Nancy Nicholson Joline
23 May 1998 10A Religious symbols of old Egypt Rich Norris
9 Mar 1998 13D Nile snakes Randall J. Hartman
28 Dec 1997 85D Egyptian menaces Matt Gaffney
9 Oct 1997 68A Horned vipers Cathy Millhauser
4 Mar 1997 38D Egyptian threats Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Feb 1997 10A Egyptian snakes Derek Allen
16 Nov 1996 6A Sarcophagus decorations J. Page
16 Sep 1996 47D Horned vipers R. J. Hartman
27 Jul 1996 1D Old World snakes F. Longo
22 Jul 1996 6A Cleopatra’s snakes S. L. Robbins
5 Jun 1996 64A Venomous varmints G. R. Ferguson
3 Apr 1996 55D Mean snakes M. Gaffney
20 Sep 1995 21A Symbols of Egyptian royalty Randy Sowell
19 Jun 1995 30D Nile snakes Gregory E. Paul
13 Jun 1995 59A African snakes Trip Payne
1 Jun 1995 53D Cobras Rich Norris
28 May 1995 103A “Raiders of the Lost Ark” creatures Matt Gaffney
24 Feb 1995 46A Cobras Rich Norris
21 Nov 1994 10A Egyptian cobras Norman S. Wizer
23 Oct 1994 29A Horned vipers Cathy Millhauser
11 Sep 1994 10A Sacred symbols at Thebes Louis Sabin
24 Jan 1994 27A Vipers Janie Lyons
23 Jan 1994 1D Sacred serpents Charles M. Deber
17 Jan 1994 1D Cleo’s snakes Sidney L. Robbins
6 Jan 1994 51D Indiana Jones perils Arthur W. Palmer
21 Nov 1993 39A Horned vipers Peter Gordon

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