ASSET is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ASSET in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ASSET" answer was first appeared in "25 Nov 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Figure in black?". It was authored by Joy L. Wouk. Recently, the "ASSET" answer has been used for "9 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "It’s a good thing (3)". It was authored by Doug Peterson and Christina Iverson. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Plus (19)". "ASSET" appeared 164 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ASSET" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
9 Dec 2023 45D It’s a good thing Doug Peterson and Christina Iverson
4 Oct 2023 26A Plus Gary Larson
14 Jun 2023 36A Not a liability Jennifer Hoelzer
11 Apr 2023 61A Good thing to have on the books Taylor Johnson and Jeff Chen
12 Mar 2023 76A Plus David Tuffs
6 Mar 2023 63A Desirable attribute Lynn Lempel
12 Feb 2023 67A Honesty, resilience or a sense of humor, perhaps Christina Iverson and Samuel A. Donaldson
23 Dec 2022 59A It’s a plus Brandon Koppy
19 Sep 2022 41A Liability’s opposite Leslie Young and Andrea Carla Michaels
22 Jun 2022 44A What you’ve got going for you Kate Hawkins
23 May 2022 9A Positive quality Simon Marotte
14 Mar 2022 52D Positive quality Stephen Hiltner
11 Nov 2021 30D It’s on the plus side Mark MacLachlan
2 Jul 2021 45A Plus Brooke Husic and Ada Nicolle
19 Apr 2021 47D Beauty, brawn or brains Andrea Carla Michaels
15 Mar 2021 70A Valuable item Philip K. Chow
30 Nov 2020 13D Plus on the balance sheet Emma Craven-Matthews
21 Sep 2020 46A It’s on the plus side Daniel Larsen and The Wave Learning Festival Crossword Class
22 Aug 2020 43D A keen eye, for a proofreader, say Trenton Charlson
21 May 2020 53A Good trait Andrew Kingsley
8 May 2020 28A Strength Daniel Larsen
17 Apr 2020 29D Holding Robyn Weintraub
3 Feb 2020 27D Real estate or money in the bank Michael Schlossberg
6 Jun 2019 10D Land, building or machine Fred Piscop
28 May 2019 62A It’s a good thing Aimee Lucido
9 Apr 2019 29A Ice dancing gold medalist ___ Virtue / Plus Alex Eaton-Salners
24 Mar 2019 3D Strong point Trenton Charlson
25 Feb 2019 70A Liability’s opposite Peter Gordon
4 Nov 2018 80D Valuable possession Patrick Berry
7 May 2018 33A Opposite of a liability Julie Bérubé
22 Feb 2018 54D ___ management Zhouqin Burnikel
16 Jan 2018 70A A liquid one is easy to trade David Steinberg
10 Oct 2017 21D Balance sheet plus Mark MacLachlan
8 Oct 2017 9A Positive quality Erik Agard and Alex Briñas
12 Sep 2017 36D It’s no liability Bruce Haight
5 Jul 2017 50D Factory, to its owner, e.g. Jake Halperin
11 Jun 2017 12D Money in the bank, e.g. Charles M. Deber
27 Apr 2017 19A A business might have one that’s fixed Todd Gross
23 Apr 2017 32A One for the plus column Olivia Mitra Framke
21 Apr 2017 15A Selling point Damon Gulczynski
30 Jan 2017 21D Something in the plus column Zhouqin Burnikel
25 Sep 2016 48D Word after liquid or fixed Jim Holland and Jeff Chen
12 Sep 2016 30D Plus quality Victor Fleming and Andrea Carla Michaels
16 Aug 2016 1D Liability’s opposite Lynn Lempel
3 Jul 2016 30A Good looks or a nice personality Samuel A. Donaldson
2 Jun 2016 34A Plus Susan Gelfand
30 May 2016 53D Thing in the plus column David Woolf
18 Oct 2015 12D Net worth component Dan Schoenholz
13 Jul 2015 46D Something positive on the balance sheet Zhouqin Burnikel
25 Oct 2014 13D What you will? Patrick Blindauer
18 Aug 2014 36A Liability’s opposite Ian and Katie Livengood
10 Jun 2014 43D It’s a plus Pamela Klawitter
12 May 2014 34A It’s beneficial Gary Cee
26 Feb 2014 47D It’s a plus Ruth B. Margolin
28 Dec 2013 14D Listing on I.R.S. Form 8949 Frederick J. Healy
4 Dec 2013 42D Strong point Daniel Raymon
15 Aug 2013 28D Money in the bank, e.g. Jeff Chen
19 Jul 2013 1A Winning smile, e.g. Patrick Berry
10 May 2013 47D Concern of I.R.S. Form 8594 Derek Bowman
28 Dec 2012 10A It can go from liquid to frozen Ashton Anderson
10 Jun 2012 105D Plus Xan Vongsathorn
24 Apr 2012 37A It’s to your advantage Adam G. Perl
30 Jan 2012 18A Liability’s opposite Francesco Trogu
2 Nov 2011 31D It’s a plus Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
17 Oct 2011 15D Plus column entry Patrick Berry
2 Oct 2011 76A Strong point Eric Berlin
3 Aug 2011 33D Thing of value Paul Guttormsson
19 Jun 2011 19A Weapon, e.g., in military-speak Patrick Berry
3 Mar 2011 19A Boon David J. Kahn
23 Feb 2011 65A It’s a plus Barry C. Silk
7 Jul 2010 6D Plus Will Nediger
18 May 2010 55D Item in the plus column Peter A. Collins
17 Jan 2010 74A Great trait Cathy Allis
12 Jan 2010 38A It might be fixed or frozen Patrick Blindauer and Rebecca Young
19 Oct 2009 60A Liability’s opposite Lynn Lempel
11 Aug 2009 9A Good thing Oliver Hill
6 Jul 2009 13D Liability’s opposite Fred Piscop
24 May 2009 73A Plus Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Nov 2008 91A Plus Elizabeth C. Gorski
15 Oct 2008 31A It’s a plus Kevin G. Der
2 Oct 2008 29A Working factory, e.g. Samuel A. Donaldson
27 Sep 2008 51D Thing worth keeping Karen M. Tracey
30 Mar 2008 128A Company-owned building, e.g. Paula Gamache
22 Mar 2008 50D Plus Byron Walden
1 Jan 2008 22A Good thing Adam G. Perl
31 Oct 2007 67A Balance sheet listing Ken Stern
24 Oct 2007 26D Money in the bank, e.g. Patrick Blindauer
23 Aug 2006 7D Balance sheet entry Kevan Choset
22 Feb 2006 33D Good point Nancy Salomon
27 Dec 2005 35D Intelligence or good looks, e.g. Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
17 Oct 2005 33D Liability’s opposite Gregory E. Paul
18 Sep 2005 19A Holding Joe DiPietro
26 Jun 2005 7D Long suit Joe DiPietro
5 Jun 2005 36A Company’s plant, e.g. Patrick Merrell
8 Feb 2005 13D It’s a plus in accounting Stephen Budiansky
13 Jan 2005 48D It’s a plus Robert Zimmerman
15 Nov 2004 25D Winning smile, they say Alison Donald
19 Mar 2004 6D Loan security Manny Nosowsky
3 Nov 2003 37D Strong point Marjorie Berg
4 Sep 2003 35D Holding Nancy Salomon and Bob Peoples
17 Jul 2003 30D Good thing Robert H. Wolfe
3 Jul 2003 54D Good point Cathy Millhauser
6 Apr 2003 19D Plus Joe DiPietro
19 Mar 2003 31D Good thing Alan Arbesfeld
6 Oct 2002 14A Factory machinery, e.g. Myles Callum
10 Sep 2002 42A Money in the bank, e.g. Wei-Hwa Huang
2 Jul 2002 63A Black ink item John R. Conrad
17 Jun 2002 30A Money in the bank, say Janice M. Putney
11 Jun 2002 33D Good thing Nancy Kavanaugh
3 Jun 2002 67A Beauty, brawn or brains Gregory E. Paul
7 Apr 2002 68A Plus Nancy Salomon
31 Mar 2002 23D Black ink item Lynn Lempel
23 Mar 2002 46D It’s not a bad thing Adam Cohen
21 Nov 2001 68A It’s to your advantage M. Francis Vuolo
12 Nov 2001 68A Liability’s opposite Janice M. Putney
15 Sep 2001 10D Source of strength Michael Shteyman
28 May 2001 41D Selling point Gregory E. Paul
18 Apr 2001 5A Long suit A. J. Santora
8 Apr 2001 72D Good feature Randolph Ross
18 Mar 2001 73A Holding Richard Silvestri
27 Dec 2000 12D Goodwill, e.g. Michael S. Maurer and Bonnie Prystowsky
10 Dec 2000 53D Selling point Rich Norris
31 Mar 2000 55D It’s a plus Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
20 Mar 2000 47A Liability’s opposite Gregory E. Paul
4 Nov 1999 36D It can be used for collateral Matthew Lees
30 Jun 1999 69A Money in the bank, say Manny Nosowsky
3 Apr 1999 50D Resource Pat M. Hugel
23 Feb 1999 22A Black-ink item Robert Zimmerman
4 Nov 1998 45A Money in the bank, say Rich Norris
6 Oct 1998 45A Balance sheet item Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Aug 1998 42D It may be fixed Nancy Nicholson Joline
22 Jun 1998 30D Good thing to have Shannon Burns
20 Jan 1998 57A Balance sheet plus Randall J. Hartman
4 Jan 1998 78D Plus Mark Danna
25 Oct 1997 14D Plus John Scott Marrone
5 Oct 1997 86D Good will, e.g. Derrick Niederman
9 Jun 1997 9A Liability’s opposite Thomas W. Schier
6 Dec 1996 19A Money in the bank M. Nosowsky
21 Nov 1996 10D Plus M. Ashwood-Smith
20 Oct 1996 9D Plus R. Ross
17 Sep 1996 64A Useful quality M. D. Frankel
2 Sep 1996 71A Desirable trait F. Piscop
16 Jun 1996 32A Item of value N. N. Joline
16 Apr 1996 3D Balance sheet item G. E. Paul
29 Mar 1996 49A It’s a good thing C. Millhauser
19 Feb 1996 57D It’s a plus T. W. Schier
21 Jan 1996 125A Plus R. Wolfe
17 Dec 1995 26A Capital, e.g. Dean Niles
10 Dec 1995 74D Goodwill, e.g. Jim Page
10 Nov 1995 44A Inventory, e.g. Bryant White
30 Oct 1995 49A It’s worth something Gregory E. Paul
12 Oct 1995 10D Money in the bank Christopher Hurt
20 Aug 1995 50A Plus Cathy Millhauser
2 Aug 1995 70A Financial plus James Neal
1 May 1995 32A It’s a plus Sidney L. Robbins
26 Apr 1995 68A Selling feature Wayne Robert Williams
8 Mar 1995 43A Cash in hand, e.g. Wayne Robert Williams
25 Sep 1994 140A Advantages Nancy Nicholson Joline
3 Sep 1994 20A Plus Raymond Hamel
9 Aug 1994 5A Balance sheet listing Jonathan Schmatzbach
26 Jun 1994 4D Advantage Nancy Nicholson Joline
15 May 1994 57D Holding Charles M. Deber
28 Apr 1994 49A Plus Randy Sowell
25 Nov 1993 1D Figure in black? Joy L. Wouk

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