BIO is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for BIO in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "BIO" answer was first appeared in "22 May 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Brief resume". It was authored by Randolph Ross. Recently, the "BIO" answer has been used for "1 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "H.S. class (2)". It was authored by Jeffrey Lease. "BIO" appeared 110 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "BIO" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
1 Oct 2023 54D H.S. class Jeffrey Lease
10 Sep 2023 97A Cells are covered in it, in brief Adam Wagner
2 Jul 2023 66D Prefix with sphere or system Rebecca Goldstein and Rafael Musa
4 Jun 2023 4D Book jacket bit Rafael Musa
30 Apr 2023 72D Lead-in to tech Lewis Rothlein and Jeff Chen
29 Apr 2023 58D Dating app info David Steinberg
12 Feb 2023 34A Part of an M.C.’s intro, often Christina Iverson and Samuel A. Donaldson
14 Dec 2022 30A Short life? Matthew Stock
11 Dec 2022 87A Insta blurb Laura Taylor Kinnel
20 Sep 2022 56A Prefix with chemistry Rebecca Goldstein and Rachel Fabi
7 Aug 2022 72D Personal story, informally Tina Labadie
16 Jul 2022 22A Words on a jacket Kameron Austin Collins
26 May 2022 36A It might be in the form of a thumbnail Jonathan M. Kaye
15 May 2022 15D Bit of writing on Twitter or Tinder Daniel Mauer
8 May 2022 2D H.S. class in the same department as chem Matthew Stock and Chandi Deitmer
9 Mar 2022 25A Dating app description Peter Gordon
1 Jan 2022 11D Lead-in to diversity Peter Wentz
9 May 2021 67D Life, briefly Brad Wiegmann
27 Dec 2020 111D Words accompanying a headshot, in brief Daniel Grinberg
24 Dec 2020 7D Part of an Instagram profile Billy Ouska
14 Oct 2020 65A Playbill part, informally Rich Proulx
9 Oct 2020 19A Dating app blurb Sam Buchbinder
17 Aug 2020 13D Info in a Who’s Who listing Alan Massengill and Andrea Carla Michaels
4 Aug 2020 24D Paragraph in a playbill, maybe Jacob Stulberg
19 Jul 2020 83D H.S. class Wyna Liu
30 Jun 2020 30D Bit of dust jacket info Zachary David Levy
5 Apr 2020 63D Part of a job application Jim Peredo
25 Dec 2019 5D Part of a dating profile, for short Bruce Haight
29 Nov 2019 24A Book jacket part, in brief Sam Buchbinder
19 Aug 2019 51A Science class, for short Peter Gordon
14 Aug 2019 27A A few lines on one’s Twitter profile, say David J. Kahn
11 Aug 2019 43A Bit on a book jacket Alex Eaton-Salners
8 Aug 2019 35A Class for a physiology major, informally Timothy Polin
16 Jun 2019 106D Part of a Twitter page Joel Fagliano
14 May 2019 23A Life lines? Damon Gulczynski
26 Nov 2018 7D Book jacket bit Evan Kalish
26 Oct 2018 34D Part of one’s Twitter page, informally Evan Kalish
15 Aug 2018 34D High school science class, informally Kathy Wienberg
7 Jul 2018 45A Playbill bit Ryan McCarty
14 Nov 2017 32A Bit that might have the heading “About Me” Jerry Miccolis and Jeff Chen
10 Aug 2017 40A Attachment to a job app John E. Bennett and Jeff Chen
30 Jul 2017 44D Dust jacket part, usually Isaac Mizrahi and David J. Kahn
25 Jun 2017 38D Science class, informally Jacob Stulberg
1 Feb 2017 24A Class teaching about DNA Matthew Sewell and Jeff Chen
27 Jan 2017 18A Part of a press kit John Guzzetta
22 Oct 2016 53D 41-Across is a topic in it, briefly James Mulhern
20 Oct 2016 40D Science class, informally Alan Arbesfeld
6 May 2016 54D Thumbnail item Julian Lim
5 Apr 2016 42A LinkedIn profile, e.g. Dan Schoenholz
5 Jan 2016 52A Many a pre-med’s major Jim Holland
6 Dec 2015 114D Book jacket info Patrick Berry
8 Aug 2015 43A Cutting class, for short? Alan Arbesfeld
21 Jun 2015 33A High school class, briefly Timothy Polin
21 Dec 2014 11D Playbill info Joel Fagliano
16 Sep 2014 25A Genre of Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs,” for short Gary Cee
31 Aug 2014 109D Work for Plutarch, informally Joel Fagliano
10 Aug 2014 23A Book jacket bit Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Jul 2014 60D Prefix with physics Matt Fuchs
6 Jul 2014 75A Book jacket staple Daniel C. Bryant
18 Mar 2014 44A Story of one’s life David Kwong
25 Sep 2013 45D Life sketch Victor Fleming and Bonnie L. Gentry
16 Aug 2013 33D Kind of lab Dana Motley
17 Apr 2013 62D Obit, essentially Samuel A. Donaldson
18 Feb 2013 11D Who’s Who entry, briefly Jeffrey Harris
6 Sep 2011 32A Life, in short Susan Gelfand
13 Jun 2011 65D Book that might be subtitled “A Life” Alex Vratsanos
10 Mar 2011 18A Jacket material, for short? Matt Ginsberg
13 Jan 2011 40A Playbill item Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 Nov 2010 5D Prefix with hazard Richard Chisholm
25 Aug 2010 62D Life, briefly Clive Probert
17 Jun 2010 23D Life, in brief Corey Rubin
6 Mar 2010 52A Many a Playbill paragraph Barry Silk
20 Jan 2010 20A Personal account Trip Payne
20 Dec 2009 44D Library section, for short Alan Arbesfeld
10 May 2009 14A Science class, briefly Patrick Berry
9 Mar 2008 6A Life work? Patrick Berry
11 Feb 2008 2D Life story, for short Ken Bessette
18 Jan 2008 41D Thing with a life of its own? Trip Payne
28 Dec 2007 54D Pulitzer category, briefly John Farmer
19 Dec 2007 27D Brief life? Victor Fleming
7 Oct 2007 60D Life story Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
14 Jul 2007 57D RNA is a topic in it Victor Fleming
22 Jan 2007 41A Life story, in brief C. W. Stewart
31 Jul 2006 34D Life story Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Jul 2006 30D Feature on A&E Kevin McCann
19 Jul 2005 32D Story of one’s life Trip Payne
9 Jan 2005 108A Dust jacket feature Brendan Emmett Quigley
26 Sep 2004 66A Some words on the subject? Joe DiPietro
14 Jul 2003 47A Life story Elizabeth C. Gorski
5 Feb 2003 37D Life story, in brief Ron O’Hair
8 Nov 2002 3D Résumé, e.g. Manny Nosowsky
7 Oct 2002 16A The facts of life? Greg Staples
8 Apr 2002 40D Life lines? Richard Chisholm
25 Mar 2001 108A Life in a library Trip Payne
15 Oct 2000 39D The facts of life? Patrick Berry
4 Aug 2000 54A Gore Vidal’s “Burr,” e.g. Jim Page
1 Jun 2000 26A Introduction to chemistry? David J. Kahn
20 Aug 1999 6D Life preserver? Manny Nosowsky
23 Jul 1999 4D This is your life Joe DiPietro
31 May 1999 37A Résumé, of a sort Joey Crumley
1 Aug 1998 28D Prospective employer’s request Joe DiPietro
9 Jul 1996 57D Publicity info Jonathan Schmatzbach
20 Jun 1996 18D Book jacket item C. Millhauser
1 Apr 1996 33A Who’s Who entry F. Piscop
1 Oct 1995 17D Who’s Who piece Frank A. Longo
29 May 1995 9D Celebrity book Bernice Gordon
23 May 1995 8D Life story Jay Livingston
21 May 1995 81D Such is a life Dean Niles
20 Jun 1994 47A Thumbnail sketch Bette Sue Cohen
22 May 1994 87D Brief resume Randolph Ross

Here you get BIO answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If BIO will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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