CBS is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for CBS in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "CBS" answer was first appeared in "18 Nov 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Semi radios". It was authored by Timothy S. Lewis. Recently, the "CBS" answer has been used for "9 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Norah O’Donnell’s employer beginning in 2011". It was authored by Simeon Seigel. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Network with an eye logo (6)". "CBS" appeared 111 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "CBS" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
9 Nov 2023 1A Norah O’Donnell’s employer beginning in 2011 Simeon Seigel
24 Oct 2023 1D “Undercover Boss” network Daniel Grinberg
3 Oct 2023 64D “Sunday Morning” airer Troy Laedtke
26 Sep 2023 47D Network with an eye logo Shannon Rapp and Rebecca Goldstein
20 Jun 2023 60D Airer of “48 Hours” and “60 Minutes” Aimee Lucido
6 Jan 2023 44A “Love Island” airer Erica Hsiung Wojcik
4 Jan 2023 47A Broadcaster of “The Price Is Right” for more than four decades Laura Breiman and Tom Bachant
12 Sep 2022 25A Network with an eye logo Michael Lieberman
27 Jul 2022 23D It has one eye on the TV Enrique Henestroza Anguiano
3 Jun 2022 50D “The Carol Burnett Show” network Robyn Weintraub
11 Mar 2022 54D James Corden’s network Robyn Weintraub
5 Dec 2021 1A “Bull” airer Chase Dittrich and Jeff Chen
23 Apr 2021 57D Network with shows on Paramount+ Robyn Weintraub
18 Feb 2021 58D “Mom” network Zachary Spitz
11 May 2020 70A Network with an eye logo Ross Trudeau
2 Mar 2020 1A Airer of “48 Hours” and “60 Minutes” Andrea Carla Michaels
25 Jan 2020 57D “I Love Lucy” network Stella Zawistowski
14 Oct 2019 42A Network to keep an “eye” on Gary Cee
7 Aug 2019 8D ___ Sports (March Madness broadcaster) Jeff Chen
14 Apr 2019 10D Longtime broadcaster of the Masters golf tournament Will Nediger
26 Nov 2018 58D “___ Evening News” Evan Kalish
19 Aug 2018 16A “Madam Secretary” airer Jacob Stulberg
8 Jul 2018 84A “Young Sheldon” airer Bruce Haight
29 May 2017 1A TV network whose logo is an eye Jeff Chen and Seth Geltman
22 Apr 2017 29D Its logo is based on a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign Adam Fromm
27 Feb 2017 1D “2 Broke Girls” airer Zhouqin Burnikel
13 Nov 2016 40A Airer of 89-Down Joel Fagliano
16 Oct 2016 62D “The Price Is Right” airer Tom McCoy
16 Jun 2016 64D Stephen Colbert’s network Timothy Polin
10 Feb 2016 33A Airer of Super Bowl 50 John Guzzetta
27 Dec 2015 54A “Thursday Night Football” airer Don Gagliardo and Zhouqin Burnikel
13 Aug 2015 58D ___ Sports Jim Hilger
31 May 2015 3D Capt. Kangaroo’s network Tom McCoy
20 Apr 2015 11A Network with an eye logo Tom McCoy
11 Mar 2015 68D “Hawaii Five-O” network David Steinberg
7 Nov 2014 38A 1970s fad items Patrick Berry
30 Jul 2014 10A Scott Pelley’s network Jean O’Conor
20 Apr 2014 111D “The Price Is Right” broadcaster Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Feb 2014 106D Grammy Awards airer Yaakov Bendavid
7 Oct 2013 41D Network with an “eye” for entertainment Amy Johnson
24 Jun 2013 65D David Letterman’s network Robert Seminara
10 Jun 2013 27A Bob Schieffer’s network Zhouqin Burnikel
12 Apr 2013 12A “People’s Choice Awards” airer Patrick Berry
4 Feb 2013 26A Scott Pelley’s network Randall J. Hartman
28 May 2012 39D “___ News Sunday Morning” Kurt Mueller
1 Jan 2012 42D “The Big Bang Theory” network Patrick Berry
4 Nov 2011 22A “The Amazing Race” network Patrick Berry
1 Aug 2011 6A Network with an eye logo Joel Fagliano
6 Mar 2011 25A Original “I Love Lucy” airer David Levinson Wilk
7 Feb 2011 5D 4-Down’s network Lynn Lempel
31 Jan 2011 57D “Survivor” network Andrea Carla Michaels
1 Jan 2011 45A Simon & Schuster’s parent Mark Diehl
14 Nov 2010 16A “The Big Bang Theory” network Patrick Berry
2 Aug 2010 30A “60 Minutes” network Diane Baker van Hoff
4 Jun 2010 50A Former “Reach for the stars” sloganeer Martin Ashwood-Smith
10 May 2010 11A David Letterman’s network Randy Sowell
15 Apr 2009 23D “Numb3rs” network Michael Vuolo
18 Dec 2008 1A “Numb3rs” airer Michael Vuolo
6 Apr 2008 52A “Hawaii Five-O” airer Daniel C. Bryant
24 Jan 2008 59D “The Dukes of Hazzard” network Matt Ginsberg
17 Jan 2008 48A “The Guiding Light” airer Matt Ginsberg
7 Jan 2008 10A Katie Couric’s network Lynn Lempel
24 Aug 2007 1A “It’s all here” sloganeer, once Patrick Berry
27 Jul 2007 1A Breakers communicate with them John R. Conrad
2 May 2007 31A Letterman letters Richard Silvestri
11 Dec 2006 1A Network to keep an “eye” on David J. Kahn
16 Sep 2006 57D Breakers’ equipment Michael Shteyman
17 Apr 2006 45A “The Early Show” airer Larry Paul
26 Feb 2006 89A 84-Across airer Randolph Ross
23 Nov 2005 25A “CSI” airer Levi Denham
8 Nov 2005 7A Letters for Letterman Gail Grabowski and Nancy Salomon
12 Jan 2005 39D The so-called Tiffany Network Alan Arbesfeld
12 Dec 2004 30A “Dennis the Menace” airer on old TV Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
5 Oct 2004 21D “CSI” network James R. Leeds
5 Sep 2004 67D It keeps an eye on TV Patrick Merrell
20 Jul 2004 1A “60 Minutes” airer Nancy Kavanaugh
18 May 2004 30A “All in the Family” network Elizabeth C. Gorski
30 Dec 2003 33A “60 Minutes” network Nancy Kavanaugh
16 Nov 2003 123D “Rescue 911” network Cathy Millhauser
14 May 2003 25D “Survivor” network Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
11 May 2003 99A Cab fixtures Patrick Berry
18 Apr 2003 30D Handles are used on them Tyler Hinman
11 Apr 2003 5A “Hawaii Five-O” network Elizabeth C. Gorski
7 Jan 2003 1A Network with an eye logo Peter Gordon
2 Nov 2002 9A Good buddies use them Robert H. Wolfe
29 Aug 2002 1D “The Jackie Gleason Show” shower William Schaub
26 Jul 2002 22A It keeps an eye on TV Manny Nosowsky
13 Mar 2002 21D Dan Rather’s employer Ed Early
30 Jan 2002 25A Rather’s network Randall J. Hartman
13 Nov 2001 22D “Murder, She Wrote” airer Nancy Salomon and Bob Peoples
8 Sep 2001 7D It has an eye on TV Jim Page
7 Aug 2001 54A Letterman’s network Mark P. Sherwood
13 Mar 2001 34A Letterman’s network Michael S. Maurer
15 Nov 2000 1A Where “48 Hours” airs Chuck Deodene
8 Nov 2000 22D “Hawaii Five-O” broadcaster Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Nov 1999 32A Onetime network of 20-Across Arthur S. Verdesca
30 May 1999 25D “The Nanny” network Cathy Millhauser
12 May 1999 11A “The eye” network Nancy Salomon
18 Apr 1999 45D It has an eye on the tube Frank Longo
26 Nov 1998 24A “Gunsmoke” shower David J. Kahn
18 May 1998 25A Walter Cronkite’s network Ed Early
27 Apr 1998 60D “60 Minutes” network Gregory E. Paul
3 Feb 1998 24A Letterman’s network Nancy Salomon
7 Jul 1997 63D “60 Minutes” network Gregory E. Paul
18 Jun 1997 49D “I Love Lucy” appeared on it Stanley B. Whitten
26 Mar 1997 22A “Gunsmoke” appeared on it Richard Silvestri
6 Mar 1997 37D Safer workplace? Shannon Burns
20 Jun 1996 25D “All in the Family” network C. Millhauser
14 Apr 1996 4A Letterman’s turf Henry Hook
2 Apr 1996 55A “60 Minutes” network G. E. Paul
18 Nov 1994 23A Semi radios Timothy S. Lewis

Here you get CBS answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If CBS will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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