COE is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for COE in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "COE" answer was first appeared in "28 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Runner Sebastian (12)". It was authored by Sidney L. Robbins. Recently, the "COE" answer has been used for "1 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (4)". It was authored by Jem Burch. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Iowa college (17)". "COE" appeared 82 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "COE" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
1 Dec 2023 45D College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jem Burch
21 Nov 2023 3D Iowa college Kevin Christian and Andrea Carla Michaels
30 Apr 2023 114D Runner Sebastian with four Olympic medals Lewis Rothlein and Jeff Chen
26 Dec 2022 33A College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Kurt Weller
20 Mar 2022 77A U.K. track star-turned-politician Sebastian Brad Wiegmann
7 Mar 2021 56A Runner Sebastian who once held the world record for the mile Celeste Watts and Jeff Chen
15 Jan 2021 40A Iowa college Josh Knapp
12 Oct 2020 58A College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Joe Hansen
31 Jan 2020 26A George ___, original cast member of “S.N.L.” John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
17 Mar 2019 66A British miler Sebastian Sophia Maymudes and Jeff Chen
11 Jul 2018 16D Iowa college Michael Hawkins
24 Dec 2017 38A College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
7 Sep 2017 17D British runner Sebastian Alex Eaton-Salners
25 Feb 2017 28A Iowa college Mark Diehl
8 Aug 2016 40A Iowa’s ___ College Zhouqin Burnikel and Don Gagliardo
29 Aug 2015 58A Longtime Washington Post theater critic Richard Evan Birnholz
8 Apr 2015 57A Miler Sebastian Zhouqin Burnikel
2 Feb 2015 58D British runner Sebastian Jeffrey Wechsler
3 Aug 2014 53A Iowa college Ian Livengood
13 May 2014 60D Cedar Rapids college Tracy Gray
2 Dec 2013 39D College in Iowa Adam G. Perl
16 Oct 2013 16A Cedar Rapids college Samuel A. Donaldson
31 Jul 2012 53A Runner Sebastian Michael Sharp
29 Jan 2012 103A Country singer David Allan ___, writer of “Take This Job and Shove It” Ian Livengood
16 Jan 2012 66D Iowa college Andrea Carla Michaels
15 Nov 2011 21D Country music’s David Allan ___ Gareth Bain
11 Oct 2011 38A Miler Sebastian Ed Sessa
12 Sep 2011 61D Iowa college Keith Talon
11 Sep 2011 123D Iowa college Kay Anderson
21 Sep 2010 65D Runner Sebastian Adam G. Perl
18 Nov 2008 62D Iowa college Richard Chisholm
16 Nov 2008 83D Runner Sebastian Merl Reagle
24 Aug 2008 86D Iowa college Kevin G. Der
20 Jul 2008 42D Iowa college Barry C. Silk
6 Nov 2007 22A Cedar Rapids college John Underwood
6 Aug 2007 3D Cedar Rapids college Allan E. Parrish
1 Aug 2007 61D Cedar Rapids college David J. Kahn
12 Feb 2007 21A Record-setting miler Sebastian Lynn Lempel
9 Jan 2007 35A Runner Sebastian Ed Early
4 Jan 2007 41D Iowa college Alan Olschwang
8 Oct 2006 104A Iowa college Fred Piscop
11 Sep 2006 54A Olympic gold-medal runner Sebastian Lynn Lempel
11 Mar 2006 33D Iowa college since 1851 David Quarfoot
4 May 2005 29D Miler Sebastian Victor Fleming
23 Mar 2005 3D Runner Sebastian Mike Shenk
11 Jan 2005 64A Runner Sebastian Sarah Keller
16 Nov 2004 38D Iowa college Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
5 Oct 2004 63D Sebastian who once ran the world’s fastest mile James R. Leeds
26 Sep 2004 69A College in Cedar Rapids Joe DiPietro
8 Dec 2002 34D Iowa college Peter Gordon
8 Jan 2002 2D British runner Sebastian Janet R. Bender
21 Dec 2001 45D Cedar Rapids college William I. Johnston
1 Oct 2001 49D Miler Sebastian Janice M. Putney
20 Mar 2001 46D Miler Sebastian Peter Abide
5 Feb 2001 28A Miler Sebastian Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
10 Nov 2000 4D Country music’s David Allan ___ Bob Klahn
3 Nov 2000 26A Runner Sebastian Joe DiPietro
12 Oct 2000 63D Iowa school A. J. Santora
30 Mar 2000 61D Cedar Rapids college Randolph Ross
8 Sep 1999 6D Runner Sebastian Holden Baker
1 Jul 1999 63D Miler Sebastian Alan Arbesfeld
27 Jun 1999 103A Renowned British runner Robert Malinow
24 May 1999 47A Cedar Rapids college Gregory E. Paul
28 Mar 1999 122D Country singer David Allan ___ Cathy Allis Millhauser
6 Mar 1999 20A Miler Sebastian Fred Piscop
13 Feb 1999 57D Iowa college David J. Kahn
30 Aug 1998 32A Former mile record-holder John Wolting
25 Jul 1998 46D Cedar Rapids college Robert H. Wolfe
5 Jul 1998 109D Runner Sebastian Joe DiPietro
6 Nov 1996 57A Miler Sebastian M. E. Skolsky
15 Aug 1996 43D Former mile record holder S. B. Whitten
2 May 1996 37D 70’s-80’s British track star D. J. Kahn
25 Mar 1996 49A Runner Sebastian F. & L. Sabin
15 Mar 1996 32D TV producer Fred A. J. Santora
8 Oct 1995 63D Iowa college Nancy Nicholson Joline
31 Jul 1995 53A Miler Sebastian Elizabeth Gorski
22 Jun 1995 4D Runner Sebastian Cathy Millhauser
11 Feb 1995 36A Cedar Rapids college Randolph Ross
16 Jan 1995 42D Miler Sebastian Walter Covell
30 Dec 1994 19A Cedar Rapids college Wayne Robert Williams
24 Apr 1994 63A Ovett track rival Louis Sabin
28 Feb 1994 39A Runner Sebastian Sidney L. Robbins

Here you get COE answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If COE will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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