ESTER is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ESTER in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ESTER" answer was first appeared in "25 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Poly ending". It was authored by Rand H. Burns. Recently, the "ESTER" answer has been used for "5 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Ingredient in perfumes". It was authored by Rich Katz. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Fragrant compound (14)". "ESTER" appeared 108 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ESTER" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
5 Nov 2023 71D Ingredient in perfumes Rich Katz
2 Sep 2023 29D Perfume part Rebecca Goldstein
9 Jul 2023 42D Organic chemical compound Christina Iverson
15 Jun 2023 18A Fragrant compound David Harris
21 May 2023 38D Acid-alcohol compound Robert Ryan
19 Jan 2023 54D Compound in pheromones Daniel Bodily
10 Jul 2022 11D Compound with a fruity smell Christina Iverson and Scott Hogan
3 Jul 2022 112A Fragrant compound Tom McCoy
4 Apr 2022 57D Perfuming compound Derek J. Angell
12 Sep 2021 72D Fragrant compound Alex Rosen
27 Aug 2021 57A Chemistry lab compound Robyn Weintraub
28 Jul 2021 32D Fragrant compound Alex Rosen and Brad Wilber
25 Jun 2021 60A Compound with a fruity smell Scott Earl
8 May 2021 28A Perfumery compound David Steinberg
20 Mar 2021 36D Fragrant compound Emily Carroll
24 Jul 2020 39A Perfume compound Grant Thackray
30 Dec 2019 66A Fragrant chemical compound Gary Larson
25 Aug 2019 94A Perfume part Matt Ginsberg
23 Jul 2019 21A Compound with a fruity scent Kyle Dolan
8 May 2019 61A Perfume compound Stu Ockman
2 Apr 2019 31D Fragrant compound Natasha Lyonne and Deb Amlen
20 Nov 2018 66A Compound in perfumes Zhouqin Burnikel
29 Jul 2018 105A Compound imparting a fruity smell Will Nediger
7 May 2018 52D Ending with poly- Julie Bérubé
20 Mar 2018 52D Ending with poly- Andrew Zhou
21 Jan 2018 57D Chemical source of fruit flavor Victor Barocas and Andy Kravis
30 Nov 2017 70A Fragrant compound Trenton Charlson
24 Sep 2017 3D Fragrant compound Alan Arbesfeld
3 Sep 2017 18D Poly- follower Andrew Zhou
20 Aug 2017 5D Perfume compound Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
19 Feb 2017 60D Ending with poly- Bruce Haight
13 Aug 2016 31D Ethyl acetate, for one Patrick Berry
25 Mar 2016 49D Acid/alcohol compound Ian Livengood
11 Jan 2016 69A Compound found in wine and olive oil Howard Barkin
24 Nov 2014 56D Banana oil, e.g. Robert Seminara
1 May 2014 59A Ethyl acetate, e.g. Brandon Hensley
29 Apr 2014 65A Nitroglycerin, e.g. Jules P. Markey
9 Jan 2014 22A Fragrant compound Caleb Emmons
6 Sep 2013 26A Nitroglycerin, for one Brad Wilber and Doug Peterson
4 May 2013 22A Flavoring compound Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber
13 Apr 2013 2D Imparter of fruity overtones Martin Ashwood-Smith
11 Sep 2012 42A Perfume compound Kenneth Leeser
6 May 2012 19D Word often preceded by poly- Alex Vratsanos
24 Apr 2012 18D Fragrant compound Adam G. Perl
22 Apr 2012 105D Animal or vegetable fat, e.g. Paula Gamache and Ed Stein
25 Jan 2012 65A Perfumer’s compound Gareth Bain
16 Jul 2011 10D Dimethyl sulfate, for one Patrick Berry
3 Feb 2011 67A Perfume ingredient Matt Ginsberg
12 Dec 2010 63D Poly- follower Karen Young Bonin
18 May 2010 26D Perfumery compound Peter A. Collins
11 Jun 2009 55D Aromatic compound Alex Boisvert
27 Sep 2008 22A Fatty acid, e.g. Karen M. Tracey
26 Sep 2008 30D Vegetable oil, e.g. Barry C. Silk
2 Jan 2008 42D Any acetate, chemically Patrick Blindauer
10 Nov 2007 1A Vegetable oil, e.g. Dana Motley
18 Oct 2007 53D Perfume ingredient Lucy Gardner Anderson
16 Sep 2007 119A Ethyl cinnamate, for one Mike Nothnagel
7 Feb 2007 23A Fruity-smelling compound David Kwong
16 Jan 2007 55D Perfume compound Dave Mackey
25 Oct 2006 67A Poly- follower Adam G. Perl
20 Aug 2006 32A Glyceride, e.g. Richard Silvestri
21 Jan 2006 6D Artificial flavor base Brendan Emmett Quigley
15 Dec 2005 13D Dimethyl sulfate, e.g. Patrick Merrell
1 May 2005 109D Oil of wintergreen, e.g. Joe DiPietro
22 Feb 2005 45A Word prefixed with poly- Ed Early
12 Feb 2005 20D Dimethyl sulfate, e.g. Joe DiPietro
15 Nov 2004 3D Fragrant compound Alison Donald
17 Oct 2004 120A Banana oil, e.g. Manny Nosowsky
12 Sep 2004 10A Aromatic oil, often Patrick Berry
10 Jun 2004 15A Acid/alcohol compound Paula Gamache
27 Feb 2004 66A Banana oil, e.g. Myles Callum
25 Jan 2004 51D Perfume part Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
30 Nov 2003 36A Dimethyl sulfate, for one Manny Nosowsky
29 Nov 2003 60A Triglyceride, e.g. Randolph Ross
26 Aug 2003 54D Fragrant substance Richard Hughes
14 Aug 2003 52D Aromatic compound Greg Staples
23 Mar 2003 30A Aromatic compound Con Pederson
9 Jun 2002 59A Poly- follower Randolph Ross
6 Mar 2002 58D Any acetate, chemically Richard Silvestri
12 Nov 2001 26A Chemical term after poly- Janice M. Putney
26 Aug 2001 77A Methyl methacrylate, e.g. Richard Silvestri
11 Jul 2001 21D Aromatic compound Richard Silvestri
8 Jul 2001 19D Ethyl acetate, e.g. Michael S. Maurer
20 Jun 2001 50D Fruity-smelling compound Jay Sullivan
22 May 2001 62A Fragrant compound John D. Leavy
15 Oct 2000 75D Compound in ale Patrick Berry
13 Sep 2000 59D Word with poly- Jim Morton
1 Mar 2000 10D Fruity-smelling compound M. Francis Vuolo
20 Nov 1999 13D Triglyceride, for one A. J. Santora
8 Jul 1999 42A Compound present in beer M. Francis Vuolo
13 Dec 1998 26D C4H8O2, e.g. Richard Silvestri
11 Oct 1998 131A Phosphate, e.g. Nancy Salomon, Marjorie Richter and Kelly Clark
21 Jun 1998 123A Glyceride, e.g. Jim Page
10 May 1998 73D Ethyl acetate, e.g. Rich Silvestri
3 Mar 1998 55D Fragrant compound Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Dec 1997 70A C4H8O2, e.g. Alan Olschwang
20 Apr 1997 18D Benzocaine, for one Charles M. Deber
2 Feb 1997 59D Distillation product R. Silvestri
3 Jan 1997 48D Aromatic chemical M. Nosowsky
27 Aug 1996 18A Acid/alcohol reaction product D. E. Donaldson
29 Jun 1996 20A Ethyl acetate, for one F. Longo
18 Dec 1995 72A ___ gum (paint ingredient) Randall J. Hartman
14 Jun 1995 32A Dimethyl sulfate, e.g. Richard Hughes
17 May 1995 50A Kind of gum Ed Early
12 Mar 1995 31A Fragrant compound Charles M. Deber
20 Sep 1994 73A C4H8O2, e.g. Christopher Page
1 Apr 1994 34A Banana oil, e.g. Stanley Newman
25 Dec 1993 6D Poly ending Rand H. Burns

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