ETE is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ETE in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ETE" answer was first appeared in "10 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Riviera season (3)". It was authored by Alex K. Justin. Recently, the "ETE" answer has been used for "25 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Automne preceder (4)". It was authored by Jeff Stillman. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Summer on the Seine (12)". "ETE" appeared 298 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ETE" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
25 Nov 2023 34D Automne preceder Jeff Stillman
15 Nov 2023 66A Summer in la cité Gary Larson
2 Sep 2023 6D Bastille Day saison Rebecca Goldstein
21 Aug 2023 63D Summer in Québec Jennifer Nutt
26 Jan 2023 66A French season Dan Ziring and Quiara Vasquez
27 Nov 2022 113A Summer on the Riviera Adam Wagner
17 Nov 2022 40A Saison après le printemps Hoang-Kim Vu and Jessica Zetzman
9 Nov 2022 59A When Cannes hosts its festival du film David Tuffs
17 Oct 2022 13D Summer: Fr. Caryn L. Robbins
2 Oct 2022 23D Summer abroad Kathy Bloomer
17 Jul 2022 5D French summer Greg Slovacek
23 Feb 2022 5D When to take a cruise on la Seine Rose Conlon
2 Aug 2021 64A Summer: Fr. Kyra Wilson
16 Mar 2021 5D Hot time in Paris Lindsey Hobbs
31 Oct 2020 6D “Les Nuits d’___” (Berlioz work) Stella Zawistowski
29 Nov 2019 22A It begins in juin Sam Buchbinder
29 Sep 2019 41A Verano, across the Pyrénées Tom McCoy
15 Sep 2019 113D When Bastille Day occurs Andrew Kingsley
11 Jun 2019 25A Bastille Day season David J. Kahn
24 May 2019 48A La saison de juillet Stanley Newman
7 Mar 2019 19A It’s hardly a Champagne cooler Brian Thomas
10 Feb 2019 7D Printemps follower Lee Taylor
28 Nov 2018 23A Juillet’s season David J. Kahn
14 Nov 2018 13D Summer in Paris Sam Trabucco
24 Aug 2018 33D Printemps follower Roland Huget
6 Jul 2018 56D When la Bastille was stormed Robyn Weintraub
9 Jun 2018 27A When le jardin is at its height Roland Huget
2 May 2018 70A Good time for un pique-nique Bryant White
18 Jan 2018 8D It lasts trois mois Ryan McCarty and Alan Southworth
13 Nov 2017 21D Summer in France Peter A. Collins
11 Oct 2017 41D Saison sur la Seine David J. Kahn
24 Sep 2017 118D Tour de France time Alan Arbesfeld
19 Jun 2017 35A French summer Susan Gelfand
30 Jan 2017 30D Summer, in Soissons Zhouqin Burnikel
19 Jun 2016 57A Summer, in much of West Africa David Woolf
18 Jun 2016 36A Juillet’s time Todd Gross
17 Apr 2016 61D La saison chaude Howard Barkin
27 Mar 2016 13D Juillet et août Patrick Blindauer
23 Feb 2016 67D Summer on the Seine Elizabeth C. Gorski
8 Jan 2016 41A Burgundy season Peter A. Collins
1 Jan 2016 49A Bordeaux toasting time David Steinberg
25 Oct 2015 13D When the French toast? Bill Zais
25 Aug 2015 44A Summer, in St.-Étienne John E. Bennett
1 Aug 2015 8D When 7-Down gets hot Kameron Austin Collins
19 May 2015 9D Automne preceder Allan E. Parrish
8 Apr 2015 24A Hot time on the Riviera Zhouqin Burnikel
2 Apr 2015 55A When the French toast? Joe Krozel and Timothy Polin
23 Mar 2015 32D Summer, in Giverny Michael Dewey
16 Feb 2015 4D Summer in Somme David J. Kahn
30 Jan 2015 40A Chaud time David Phillips
29 Jan 2015 30D Tour de France season John Farmer
29 Dec 2014 37D Juillet’s season Peter A. Collins
12 Dec 2014 50D When le Tour de France is held Evan Birnholz
10 Dec 2014 50A Season after printemps Tom McCoy
30 Oct 2014 36A Summer abroad David Woolf
16 Jul 2014 61D Season after printemps Daniel Raymon
9 Jul 2014 16A When août occurs Bruce Haight
17 Apr 2014 39A Summer in Québec Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
31 Mar 2014 8D Summer in France Robert Cirillo
19 Dec 2013 66D Somme summer George Barany and Michael Shteyman
28 Oct 2013 42A Summer: Fr. Ed Sessa
13 Oct 2013 113D Tours summer Jeff Chen
14 Sep 2013 44A Time of long journées Jeff Chen
18 Aug 2013 60D Tour de France season Elizabeth C. Gorski
26 May 2013 29A French word with two accents Joon Pahk and Jeremy Horwitz
17 May 2013 51D Verano, across the Pyrenees Josh Knapp
23 Apr 2013 12D One of the four seasons, in France Severin T. Nelson
5 Mar 2013 9D St.-Tropez season Gareth Bain
13 Feb 2013 59A Vacation time in Versailles Richard and Judith Martin
7 Nov 2012 15D Season after printemps George Fitzgerald and Nancy Salomon
23 Oct 2012 45D Summer on the 55-Down Jules P. Markey
11 Sep 2012 62D French 101 word with two accents Kenneth Leeser
4 Sep 2012 49A Summer, in about one-sixth of Canada Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
22 Aug 2012 15A When to observe 6-Across in France Peter A. Collins
14 Aug 2012 10D Juillet season Ian Livengood
12 Jun 2012 10D Season under le soleil Peter A. Collins
4 Mar 2012 89D When to tour Tours? David J. Kahn
3 Feb 2012 42A Automne follows it Joel Kaplow
5 Oct 2011 69A Summer, in Québec Barry Boone
29 Sep 2011 23A Time for a pique-nique, maybe Ben Fish
17 Sep 2011 18A It can heat up Roquefort Peter A. Collins
9 Sep 2011 60D Dijon toasting time? Joe Krozel
7 Sep 2011 31D Balmy time in Bordeaux Jim Hilger
11 Aug 2011 38D Common French word with two accents Parker Lewis
17 Jul 2011 14D Time to enjoy le soleil Daniel A. Finan
17 Jun 2011 31D When French fans circulate? Paula Gamache
23 May 2011 5D Summer on the Seine Steve Salitan
10 May 2011 22D Summer on the Seine Alan Arbesfeld
24 Apr 2011 59D Season in le soleil? Caleb Madison and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
17 Mar 2011 32A Setting for Seurat’s “Un dimanche après-midi à l’ÃŽle de la Grande Jatte” Anna Shechtman
15 Jan 2011 52D Côte d’Ivoire’s rainy season Barry C. Silk
28 Dec 2010 32A Season after printemps Robert A. Doll
13 Dec 2010 2D Summer in France Patrick Blindauer
12 Oct 2010 44D Summer on the Seine José Chardiet
4 Oct 2010 11A Somme summer Adam G. Perl
1 Oct 2010 15D Time spent on la Côte d’Azur David J. Kahn
23 Sep 2010 31A Somme time David J. Kahn
11 Aug 2010 48D Saison on the Seine Edward Sessa
22 Jun 2010 56D Summer on the Seine Barry C. Silk
20 Jun 2010 18D Somme summer Todd Gross and Ashish Vengsarkar
26 May 2010 28D Time off from l’école Anna Shechtman
16 May 2010 25A When Paris is burning? Matt Ginsberg
27 Apr 2010 67D Summer on the Seine Oliver Hill
31 Mar 2010 58A Valéry’s vacation time Chuck Deodene
27 Feb 2010 22A Saison de septembre, mostly Patrick John Duggan
26 Jan 2010 13D Summer in Montréal Paula Gamache
3 Jan 2010 43A It ends in septembre Jeremy Newton
30 Dec 2009 28D Time off from l’école Adam Cohen
23 Nov 2009 12D Summer in Paris Ben Pall
28 Oct 2009 26A Hot time in la cité Mike Torch
25 Oct 2009 32D “L’heure d’___” (2008 Juliette Binoche film) Brendan Emmett Quigley
19 Aug 2009 42A When juillet and août occur Peter A. Collins
28 Jun 2009 8D When école is not in session Barry C. Silk
27 Jun 2009 33A Québec’s Festival d’___ Trip Payne
21 May 2009 8D Beach time in Bordeaux Patrick Blindauer
10 Mar 2009 42A Summer on the Seine Thomas Takaro
6 Mar 2009 51A Annual stretch of trois mois Corey Rubin
7 Dec 2008 18D Vacation time in Valois Jim Page
6 Nov 2008 7D When the French fry? Jeremy Newton
28 Oct 2008 42A Summer, in Sèvres Allan E. Parrish
6 Oct 2008 3D Somme summer Patrick Blindauer
14 Sep 2008 24A When Cannes heats up Jeremy Newton
14 Aug 2008 32A Joan Miró’s “L’___” Damon J. Gulczynski
9 Aug 2008 10D French quarter? Mark Diehl
12 Jul 2008 16A Time for Tours tourists? Myles Callum
6 Jul 2008 116D Season for les vacances Brendan Emmett Quigley
19 Jun 2008 48D Time to lie in le soleil? Joe Krozel
29 May 2008 61D Printemps follower John Farmer
20 Apr 2008 44D When many get a St.-Tropez tan John Farmer
16 Mar 2008 19D Time on la Côte d’Azur Elizabeth C. Gorski
10 Mar 2008 22A French summer Ken Bessette
14 Feb 2008 68A Bastille Day season David J. Kahn
11 Dec 2007 20A Somme summer Gail Grabowski
30 Oct 2007 33A Juillet’s season Gary Steinmehl
26 Oct 2007 56A Hiver’s opposite David Quarfoot
7 Oct 2007 68A Somme time Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
7 Sep 2007 57D A season abroad Barry C. Silk
2 Aug 2007 61A Summer in Québec Robert Dillman
24 May 2007 67D Season overseas Patrick Merrell
7 May 2007 47A French vacation time Janet Bender
20 Mar 2007 22D Hot time in Québec Laura A. Halper
1 Nov 2006 41D When the French fry? Paula Gamache
24 Sep 2006 45A Berlioz’s “Les nuits d’___” Mark Diehl and Kevin McCann
16 Aug 2006 64D Hot time in Montréal Kevan Choset
10 Jul 2006 30D Summer on the Riviera Randall J. Hartman
6 Jul 2006 4D Hot time in Québec Pete Muller
10 Jun 2006 4D Busy time in Saint-Tropez Harvey Estes
9 Apr 2006 16D Monet’s “Vétheuil en ___” Paula Gamache
8 Mar 2006 50A Sèvres summer Sherry O. Blackard
15 Nov 2005 35A Summer along the Seine Sarah Keller
23 Sep 2005 56D It includes juillet Levi Denham
3 Jul 2005 115D Berlioz’s “Nuit d’___” Elizabeth C. Gorski
28 Jun 2005 30A Summer, in Somme Jim Hyres
16 Jun 2005 62A Berlioz’s “Nuit d’___” Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 Mar 2005 60A Popular season on the Riviera Mike Shenk
17 Jan 2005 56D Summer on the Seine Alison Donald
7 Jan 2005 2D Opposite of hiver Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
2 Jan 2005 87D When Bastille Day is celebrated Patrick Merrell
3 Nov 2004 28D Time for les vacances Ed Early
20 Oct 2004 63D Three months abroad Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Sep 2004 61D Quebec’s Festival d’___ Bob Peoples
6 Sep 2004 20A Summer: Fr. Michael Shteyman
8 Aug 2004 81D When people hate the heat in Haiti Bill Zais
1 Aug 2004 28D It’s hot in Cannes Randolph Ross
28 Jul 2004 9D Summer on the Seine Mark Elliot Skolsky
30 May 2004 65A Monet oil “Vétheuil en ___” Brendan Emmett Quigley
12 Apr 2004 68A Summer in Montréal Gail Grabowski
20 Mar 2004 4D Noël time in Tahiti Byron Walden
16 Mar 2004 26D Summer in Suisse Ron Sweet
29 Jan 2004 60D Season in Haiti David J. Kahn
23 Nov 2003 35D Summer on the Seine Leonard Williams
4 Oct 2003 19A Part of l’année Brendan Emmett Quigley
1 Oct 2003 31A Riviera season A. J. Santora
9 Feb 2003 10D Printemps follower David J. Kahn
26 Jan 2003 39A Somme saison Nancy Salomon and Bob Peoples
14 Jan 2003 9D When Dijon gets hot Adam G. Perl
1 Jan 2003 7D Hot time in Paris Ed Early
4 Dec 2002 71A Printemps follower Richard Hughes
25 Nov 2002 21A Summer in France Randall J. Hartman
1 Oct 2002 62D Summer on the Riviera Michael Shteyman
21 Jun 2002 5D Berlioz’s “Les nuits d’___” Bob Peoples
10 Apr 2002 43A Nice warm days? Gregory Casagrande
7 Apr 2002 67D One of les saisons Nancy Salomon
7 Mar 2002 23A Vacation time in Valois Elizabeth C. Gorski
3 Mar 2002 122D “Les Nuits d’___” Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Feb 2002 43D Summer in Paris Gregory E. Paul
23 Dec 2001 29A When Christmas comes in Polynésie Frances Hansen
7 Nov 2001 66A Summer in Sèvres Brendan Emmett Quigley
30 Oct 2001 23A When Dijon is hot Barbara Olson
5 Oct 2001 58D “Les nuits d’___” Elizabeth C. Gorski
6 Sep 2001 4D It starts in juin Frank Longo
30 Jun 2001 19A When températures rise Frank Longo
21 Jun 2001 53A When the French fry? Peter Abide
17 Jun 2001 114D When to take a Lille vacation? David J. Kahn
26 May 2001 4D Season at a café Rich Norris
18 Apr 2001 68A Riviera season A. J. Santora
17 Mar 2001 26D When Nancy bakes? Rich Norris
12 Mar 2001 66D Summer, in Montréal Gregory E. Paul
18 Feb 2001 5D Hot time in Haiti David J. Kahn
4 Feb 2001 38D Hot time in Québec Frank A. Longo
30 Dec 2000 27A Cannes heat? Rich Norris
25 Dec 2000 40A Summer on the Riviera Adam G. Perl
29 Nov 2000 62A Québec’s Festival d’___ Peter Gordon
1 Oct 2000 9D Hiver’s opposite Nancy Nicholson Joline
25 Sep 2000 5D When the French fry Peter Gordon
5 Sep 2000 13D Summer on the Seine Chris Sallade
9 May 2000 65D Vacation time for Henri Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Apr 2000 8D Summer abroad Nelson Hardy
31 Mar 2000 63D When Nancy bakes? Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
27 Feb 2000 31D When Paris is burning Harvey Estes
6 Feb 2000 86A Printemps follower Richard Hughes
1 Feb 2000 5D Somme time A. J. Santora
31 Jan 2000 60D French summer Peter Gordon
5 Jan 2000 23A Hot time in Haiti D. J. DeChristopher
12 Dec 1999 41A When Georges burns Richard Silvestri
21 Oct 1999 29D Toulouse time Manny Nosowsky
5 Sep 1999 26A Somme time Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Jul 1999 53A When the French fry Noah Dephoure
11 Jul 1999 71A Berlioz’s “Les Nuits d’___” Nancy Salomon
3 Jul 1999 56D When to celebrate Bastille Day David J. Kahn
15 Jun 1999 22A Soissons saison Stephanie Spadaccini
6 Jun 1999 34A Toulouse time David J. Kahn
28 Apr 1999 58A Printemps follower Nancy Salomon
24 Apr 1999 58D When août is in Joe DiPietro
21 Feb 1999 8D Season abroad Fred Piscop
12 Jan 1999 43A Sorbonne summer Nancy Salomon
12 Nov 1998 21A Saison d’___ David J. Kahn
2 Nov 1998 40A Somme summer Sheldon Benardo
31 Oct 1998 6D Honegger’s “Pastorale d’___” Joe DiPietro
29 Oct 1998 9D Berlioz’s “Nuit d’___” Cathy Millhauser
23 Oct 1998 57D Off-season in the Alps Manny Nosowsky
19 Sep 1998 6D Hiver’s opposite William S. Cotter
5 Sep 1998 46A Chaud period Thomas W. Schier
28 Aug 1998 55D Haitian season Martin Ashwood-Smith
16 Aug 1998 14D When Nancy is hot Brendan Emmett Quigley
12 Aug 1998 12D Summer in France Alan Arbesfeld
28 Jul 1998 9D Beach time in Bordeaux Robert Dillman
16 Jun 1998 27A Automne preceder Bill Ballard
6 Jun 1998 62D Verano, across the Pyrénées Rich Norris
26 May 1998 36D Summer on the Riviera Jonathan Schmalzbach
24 May 1998 113D Time for les vacances Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
20 Mar 1998 24A Berlioz’s “Les nuits d’___” Martin Ashwood-Smith
3 Mar 1998 47D Season in Bordeaux Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Feb 1998 53D La saison d’___ Richard Hughes
6 Dec 1997 25A Season of l’année David J. Kahn
21 Oct 1997 23A Berlioz’s “Les nuits d’___” Elizabeth C. Gorski
5 Oct 1997 71D Printemps follower Derrick Niederman
26 Jul 1997 60D Somme time Richard Hughes
27 Jun 1997 36A Summer abroad Dean Niles
17 Jun 1997 4D Bastille Day season Robert Zimmerman
11 Jun 1997 64D Sorbonne summer Rich Norris
5 May 1997 40D High season, on the Riviera Stephanie Spadaccini
7 Mar 1997 22A Quarter of a calendrier Jeff Herrington
3 Mar 1997 46A High season, on the Riviera Stephanie Spadaccini
24 Dec 1996 35D Bordeaux summer E. C. Gorski
27 Nov 1996 28D Automne preceder R. Hughes
25 Oct 1996 9D Juin through septembre M. Nosowsky
4 Oct 1996 56D Angers season M. Ashwood-Smith
25 Aug 1996 10D Time for les vacances R. Silvestri
23 Aug 1996 57A When Nancy bakes M. Ashwood-Smith
4 Aug 1996 64A It can heat up Brie D. Tuller
23 Jul 1996 23A Somme summer G. E. Paul
13 Jul 1996 23A Nice time of year Eli Wesoff
26 May 1996 35A Quebec time off R. Ross
4 Mar 1996 23A Summer, in St.-Denis S. B. Whitten
11 Feb 1996 44A Summer abroad Harvey Estes
18 Jan 1996 62A Somme season C. Deodene
12 Jan 1996 39D Saison d’___ R. Norris
14 Nov 1995 33A The hot saison Gregory E. Paul
12 Nov 1995 118D Baseball season in Montréal Randolph Ross
4 Oct 1995 24A Tours summer Wayne Robert Williams
2 Oct 1995 35A Parisian summer Joy L. Wouk
20 Sep 1995 20A 16 Across vacation time Randy Sowell
31 Aug 1995 23A Hot time in Paris David J. Kahn
27 Aug 1995 112A Summer in la cite Martin Schneider
3 Aug 1995 13D When les écoles close Wayne Robert Williams
1 May 1995 21A Summer in Le Havre Sidney L. Robbins
13 Apr 1995 15D Time for les vacances Glenn E. Sykes
23 Mar 1995 22A Summer on the Somme Wayne Robert Williams
11 Mar 1995 5D Vacances time Nancy Joline
12 Feb 1995 17D It starts in juin Alex & Victoria Black
7 Feb 1995 22D Summer on the Seine Matt Gaffney
25 Dec 1994 11D Sorbonne summer Randolph Ross
25 Nov 1994 30A Summer in Haiti Daniel R. Stark
30 Oct 1994 7D Printemps follower R. M. Hopkins
17 Sep 1994 27A Summer abroad Rich Norris
7 Aug 1994 105D When Paris sizzles Dean Niles
25 Jul 1994 21D Season of I’annee Albert J. Klaus
15 Jul 1994 56D Time abroad A.J. Santora
12 Jun 1994 108D Summer in Savoie Frances Hansen
24 May 1994 65A Season on the Riviera Arthur S. Ash
4 Mar 1994 20A Time for les vacances Betty Jorgensen
2 Mar 1994 42A Parisian season Jonathan Schmatzbach
18 Feb 1994 61D Somme summer Manny Nosowsky
9 Feb 1994 61A Season in St.-Lo Randolph Ross
31 Jan 1994 28A Hot time in Paris Janet R. Bender
20 Dec 1993 64D Part of a year in Provence Norma Steinberg
10 Dec 1993 8D Riviera season Alex K. Justin

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