HAT is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for HAT in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "HAT" answer was first appeared in "14 Apr 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Panama, e.g. (5)". It was authored by Manny Nosowsky. Recently, the "HAT" answer has been used for "28 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "What a street musician may use to collect tips". It was authored by Gia Bosko. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Monopoly token (7)". "HAT" appeared 168 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "HAT" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
28 Nov 2023 37A What a street musician may use to collect tips Gia Bosko
3 Sep 2023 22A Derby, for one Dylan Schiff
31 Aug 2023 69A Word with rack or trick Freddie Cheng
26 Jul 2023 32A Derby, for one Mary Crane
2 Apr 2023 4D Cowlick concealer Jeremy Newton and Tracy Gray
31 Jan 2023 55D All ___ and no cattle Erik Agard
30 Jan 2023 19D Word before trick or tip David Steinberg
26 Dec 2022 32A ___ trick (hockey feat) Kurt Weller
18 Nov 2022 39A A glengarry is one in the shape of a boat Robyn Weintraub
12 Nov 2022 1A Word with top or tin Billy Bratton
7 Sep 2022 66A Something you should hold onto, in an expression Ekua Ewool
8 Aug 2022 18D Boater or bowler Kathy Lowden
2 Jul 2022 48A Hi-___ Evan Kalish
7 Apr 2022 34D Solution to a bad hair day, maybe Lucy Howard and Ross Trudeau
20 Mar 2022 103D What, in multiple senses, might get tipped Brad Wiegmann
8 Aug 2021 29D Derby, e.g. Christina Iverson and Jeff Chen
3 Aug 2021 64A Milliner’s creation Trip Payne
21 Jul 2021 57D It can be tipped … or collect tips Alex Vratsanos
18 Jul 2021 113A One of Abraham Lincoln’s is in the Smithsonian Jesse Goldberg
3 Jul 2021 18A Monopoly token Kameron Austin Collins
24 Jun 2021 61D Top gear Danny Lawson
21 Jun 2021 24A Sombrero, e.g. Jacob Stulberg
5 Mar 2021 20A Monopoly token Sridhar Bhagavathula
24 Nov 2020 45D Panama, e.g. Caitlin Reid
22 Sep 2020 64D One may be tipped out of respect Jeremy Newton
18 Jul 2020 46A It may be passed at a fund-raiser John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
29 Apr 2020 40D Makeshift donation receptacle Joe DiPietro
18 Mar 2020 62D Lid, so to speak Ricky Cruz
13 Oct 2019 82D Receptacle for donations Erik Agard
28 Sep 2019 5D It may be measured in gallons Alex Eaton-Salners
7 Sep 2019 35A Ring-toss item? Trenton Charlson
7 Jun 2019 25A Outline in the Arby’s logo Michael Hawkins
27 Mar 2019 38D It’s over your head Michael Hawkins
13 Feb 2019 40D Fedora, for one Ross Trudeau
8 Feb 2019 54D Derby, e.g. John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
16 Jan 2019 4D Makeshift receptacle for ballots Bruce Haight
18 Sep 2018 61D Protection against sunburn Greg Johnson
24 Jul 2018 2D Fashion statement at the Kentucky Derby Jonathan M. Kaye
18 Jul 2018 5D ___ tip (quick acknowledgment) David Steinberg
12 Jul 2018 34A Sight on a rack Joe DiPietro
16 Jan 2018 46A Accessory for a bad hair day David Steinberg
17 Dec 2017 82A Broadbrim, e.g. Andrew J. Ries
10 Dec 2017 84D See 102-Down Erik Agard and Laura Braunstein
20 Nov 2017 45D Sombrero, e.g. Peter Gordon
31 Oct 2017 28D Bowler or boater Alex Eaton-Salners
10 Aug 2017 22A ___ trick John E. Bennett and Jeff Chen
30 Jul 2017 87D One may be tipped Isaac Mizrahi and David J. Kahn
11 Jul 2017 18D Bowler, e.g. Zhouqin Burnikel
11 May 2017 52A Something passed at a meeting, maybe Timothy Polin
13 Apr 2017 20D Magician’s prop Michael Shteyman
3 Apr 2017 23A Derby or fedora Agnes Davidson and Zhouqin Burnikel
25 Oct 2016 24A Fedora or fez John E. Bennett
29 Mar 2016 6D Overhead expense? Peter A. Collins
21 Dec 2015 38D Panama or bowler Bruce Haight
2 Oct 2015 6D See 44-Across Patrick Berry
4 Jul 2015 36A Ring-toss item? Sam Ezersky
14 Apr 2015 38A Tip collector for many an amateur performer Bruce Haight
30 Jan 2015 12D One getting a tip? David Phillips
9 Nov 2014 35D Sunburn preventer, maybe Tom McCoy
7 Aug 2014 13D It may be tipped Joe DiPietro
8 Apr 2014 44D Deerstalker, e.g. Ian Livengood
7 Apr 2014 32D Broadbrim, for one Douglas Taillon
3 Apr 2014 59D It may collect tips … or be tipped David Benkof and Jeff Chen
23 Mar 2014 44D Accessory for the 91-Across Ian Livengood
17 Feb 2014 35D It may be tipped as a sign of respect David Gray
6 Nov 2013 42A Monopoly token Jacob McDermott
2 Sep 2013 65D Sombrero, e.g. Jim Peredo
28 Aug 2013 24A Deerstalker, e.g. Erik Agard
21 Jul 2013 11D Topper Tracy Bennett
30 Jun 2013 77D Magician’s prop Alex Vratsanos and Jeff Chen
28 Jun 2013 7D Monopoly token Ian Livengood and Brad Wilber
29 May 2013 14A With “in” and 2-Down, with respectful humility Gary Cee
25 Mar 2013 59D Bowler or sombrero Adam Prince
27 Feb 2013 18D Magician’s prop Daniel Kantor
24 Oct 2012 58D ___ in hand Ian Livengood
23 Jul 2012 61D Place for a rabbit in a magic act Lynn Lempel
22 Jul 2012 37D Place for a band Brendan Emmett Quigley
11 Mar 2012 68A Monopoly token Victor Fleming and John Dunn
27 Nov 2011 67A It has a crown Jeff Chen
31 Oct 2011 58D Fedora or fez Jeff Chen
8 Aug 2011 4D Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the ___” Ian Livengood
24 Apr 2011 13D Word after high or top Caleb Madison and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
3 Mar 2011 55A Jipijapa, e.g. David J. Kahn
23 Feb 2011 6A Rack item Barry C. Silk
7 Jan 2011 23D Lid Joe DiPietro
12 Nov 2010 45D See 26-Down Barry C. Silk
20 Oct 2010 24D Symbol of a position Finn Vigeland
8 Mar 2010 40A Stetson or sombrero Stanley Newman
30 Dec 2009 34A Panama, for one Adam Cohen
24 Dec 2009 25A Monopoly token Nancy Salomon
13 Dec 2009 39D Skimmer, e.g. Mike Shenk
10 Dec 2009 4D Baldness remedy? Trip Payne
19 Nov 2009 27D It should go on a head Tyler Hinman and Jeremy Horwitz
21 Oct 2009 59D It may be felt on your head Peter A. Collins
20 Oct 2009 62D Busby or derby Gary Cee
24 Jul 2009 8D Ring contents, maybe Patrick Berry
8 Jan 2009 51A ___ trick Joe DiPietro
1 Nov 2008 22A Panama, e.g. Donald K. Willing
18 Feb 2008 54A Sombrero, e.g. Lynn Lempel
26 Nov 2007 61D Sombrero, e.g. Andrea Carla Michaels
10 Oct 2007 69A It may be cocked Robert Zimmerman
9 Sep 2007 67A Lid Patrick Berry
20 Aug 2007 59D Item with a brim or crown Lynn Lempel
1 Apr 2007 48A Receiver of donations Paula Gamache
20 Aug 2006 73A Panama, e.g. Richard Silvestri
24 Jul 2006 41A Sombrero, e.g. Richard Chisholm
25 Dec 2005 108D Santa has a red and white one Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
16 Nov 2005 29A It may be hard on a construction worker Philip Thomson
9 Oct 2005 70D ___ trick Kyle Mahowald
7 Oct 2005 6D Sou’wester, e.g. Manny Nosowsky
10 Sep 2005 28A Uniform part David J. Kahn
13 Mar 2005 64D What a tipper tips Patrick Merrell
6 Mar 2005 54D See 17-Down John Greenman
13 Jan 2005 40A Bowler Robert Zimmerman
26 Oct 2004 16A Stetson, for one Brendan Emmett Quigley
15 Aug 2004 34D Milliner’s sale Brendan Emmett Quigley
10 Aug 2004 35D Where a rabbit may be hidden Sarah Keller
4 Aug 2004 31D Beaver, e.g. Raymond Hamel
3 Feb 2004 38D Monopoly token Joe Bower and Nancy Salomon
2 Jul 2003 66D Magician’s prop Barbara Olson
28 Jun 2003 49D Party handout, perhaps Robert H. Wolfe
23 Jun 2003 3D Derby or bowler Raymond Hamel
5 May 2003 20A Sombrero, e.g. Mel Taub
29 Apr 2003 23A Bowler or boater Norma Johnson
25 Apr 2003 4D Pillbox, e.g. Randolph Ross
10 Apr 2003 40A Easter display Chuck Menning and Mitch Komro
15 Feb 2003 11D Skimmer, e.g. Rich Norris
9 Dec 2002 11A Sombrero, e.g. Sarah Keller
22 Sep 2002 61A It may be cocked Alan Arbesfeld
12 Sep 2002 46A Makeshift ballot holder, maybe Peter Abide
1 Sep 2002 100A Bean cover Patrick Berry
11 Aug 2002 83D Collection holder Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
25 May 2002 20D It may rest on a rack Frank Longo
12 Jan 2002 21A “Waiting for Godot” prop Brendan Emmett Quigley
26 Nov 2001 69A See 11-Across Bette Sue Cohen
9 Oct 2001 42A It might go over your head Peter Gordon
16 Aug 2001 21A It may be tipped Joe DiPietro
27 Jun 2001 44D Pillbox or porkpie Michael Shteyman
23 Apr 2001 42D See 23-Across Gregory E. Paul
8 Feb 2001 41A It may be tipped Manny Nosowsky
2 Jan 2001 42A Broadbrim, e.g. Sarah Keller
26 Feb 2000 50D Word with dance or band Bob Klahn
3 Jan 2000 24A Chapeau Hugh Davis
6 Dec 1999 40A Derby, for one Gregory E. Paul
11 Nov 1999 41A Bean cover Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
2 May 1999 28A Skimmer, e.g. Jim Page
20 Feb 1999 7D It’s sometimes passed Rich Norris
29 Jul 1998 61A Item thrown in a ring Elizabeth C. Gorski
7 Jan 1998 34D This may be over your head Bob Klahn
22 Jul 1997 28A ___ trick (three goals) Fred Piscop
7 May 1997 49A Easter parade attraction Dean Niles
9 Apr 1997 56D Toque, for one Norman S. Wizer
3 Mar 1997 6D Stetson, e.g. Stephanie Spadaccini
11 Sep 1996 36A Kind of trick B. E. Quigley
1 Aug 1996 23D Panama, e.g. B. Lubbers
29 Apr 1996 59D Derby, e.g. S. L. Robbins
26 Dec 1995 32A Topper Jonathan Schmatzbach
3 Oct 1995 10D Stetson, e.g. Alan Arbesfeld
1 Oct 1995 38A Article on a rack Frank A. Longo
4 Jul 1995 29A Kind of check or rack Fran & Lou Sabin
2 Jul 1995 54A It may be cocked Alex K. Justin
8 Mar 1995 57D Boater or bowler Wayne Robert Williams
4 Oct 1994 58D Sombrero, e.g. Stanley B. Whitten
2 Oct 1994 35D Beaver, for one Frances Hansen
21 Jul 1994 54D Topper Betty Jorgensen
14 Jun 1994 54D Topper Jonathan Schmatzbach
6 May 1994 6D Derby Manny Nosowsky
14 Apr 1994 23A Panama, e.g. Manny Nosowsky

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