ISLA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ISLA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ISLA" answer was first appeared in "4 May 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "___ Mujeres, Mexico (2)". It was authored by Louis Sabin. Recently, the "ISLA" answer has been used for "22 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Actress Fisher of “Wedding Crashers” (2)". It was authored by Will Pfadenhauer. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Cuba, por ejemplo (12)". "ISLA" appeared 103 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ISLA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
22 Nov 2023 17A Actress Fisher of “Wedding Crashers” Will Pfadenhauer
24 Sep 2023 70D Cuba, por ejemplo Joel Fagliano and Christina Iverson
5 Sep 2023 29D Tenerife, por ejemplo Alan Siegel
17 Aug 2023 41A Cuba, por ejemplo Erik Agard
15 Jun 2023 58A “La ___,” informal title for the Mexican version of “Survivor” David Harris
22 Jan 2023 42A Actress Fisher of “Now You See Me” Garrett Chalfin
25 Oct 2022 52D Cuba, por ejemplo Ashleigh Silveira and Nick Shephard
27 May 2022 56A Spanish key David Distenfeld
7 Feb 2022 34A Ibiza, e.g., to a Spaniard Rebecca Goldstein
6 Jan 2022 14A Actress Fisher of “Wedding Crashers” Andrew Linzer
24 May 2021 10A Bit of land in the sea: Sp. Adrienne Atkins
15 Feb 2021 58D ___ Verde (locale of San Juan’s airport) Meconya Alford
17 Nov 2020 1A Piece of land in el océano Kyle Dolan
26 Oct 2020 48D Gran Canaria or Mallorca, por ejemplo Eric Bornstein
10 Oct 2020 51A Tierra en el agua Brian Thomas
5 Oct 2020 28D Majorca, e.g.: Sp. Evan Mahnken
14 Sep 2020 56D Mallorca, e.g. John Guzzetta
24 Apr 2020 25A Actress Fisher John Guzzetta
24 Dec 2019 58A Española, por ejemplo Alex Eaton-Salners
10 Nov 2019 24D Mallorca o Menorca, por ejemplo Peter Gordon
4 Oct 2019 48D Spanish key Matthew Sewell
9 Dec 2018 44D Actress Fisher Ross Trudeau
11 Feb 2018 101D Cuba, por ejemplo Matt Ginsberg
2 Nov 2017 1A Any of the Galápagos, e.g. Peter Sagal and Mike Selinker
18 Jun 2017 20D Part of las Filipinas Sam Trabucco
3 May 2017 42A La Española, for one Alan Arbesfeld
20 Nov 2016 114A Tenerife, por ejemplo Ed Sessa
22 Jan 2016 24A Trinidad o Tobago Paula Gamache
12 Jan 2016 61A Any of las Filipinas Zhouqin Burnikel
24 Dec 2015 28A “La ___ Bonita” (Madonna hit) Derek Bowman
17 Sep 2015 10A Spanish getaway locale Timothy Polin
1 Mar 2015 75D Luzón, por ejemplo Finn Vigeland
18 Jul 2014 19A Any of the Baleares Ian Livengood
17 Feb 2014 55D “La ___ Bonita” (1987 Madonna hit) David Gray
7 Aug 2013 3D Tierra surrounded by agua Erik Wennstrom
6 Jun 2013 8D Santo Domingo is on one James Tuttle
7 Apr 2013 1D Cuba, por ejemplo Matt Ginsberg
22 Feb 2013 6D Creta, e.g. Martin Ashwood-Smith
27 Sep 2012 4A Any of the Galápagos Joel Fagliano
8 Jun 2012 46D Luzón, e.g. Martin Ashwood-Smith
6 May 2012 76D Cancún, por ejemplo Alex Vratsanos
26 Apr 2012 20A ___ de Margarita Julian Lim
29 Mar 2012 33D Puerto Rico, e.g. Milo Beckman
2 Oct 2011 1A Tierra en el agua Eric Berlin
1 Aug 2011 52D Jamaica, por ejemplo Joel Fagliano
21 Jun 2011 54D Cuba, por ejemplo Kelsey Boes
18 Feb 2011 32A Venezuela’s ___ Margarita Patrick Berry
31 Dec 2010 27A Luzón, e.g. Caleb Madison
28 Nov 2010 8D La Palma, e.g. Jeremy Newton
27 Sep 2010 60D Cuba, por ejemplo Janice M. Putney
4 Aug 2010 1A Part of un archipiélago Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Jul 2010 43D Española, e.g. Patrick Blindauer and Tony Orbach
3 Jul 2010 5D Gran Bretaña, e.g. Joe Krozel
17 Feb 2010 30A Mallorca, e.g. Elizabeth A. Long
4 Jun 2009 9D Puerto Rico, por ejemplo Peter A. Collins and Joe Krozel
2 Dec 2008 27A Cuba, e.g., to Cubans Matt Ginsberg
27 Nov 2008 6A Chile’s ___ de Pascua Patrick Berry
30 Oct 2008 33D Española, for one Chuck Hamilton
15 Sep 2008 25D Cuba, por ejemplo Sharon E. Petersen
16 Jun 2008 59A Mallorca or Menorca, por ejemplo Ronald J. and Nancy J. Byron
13 Apr 2008 74D “La ___ Bonita” (Madonna song) Cathy Millhauser
2 Oct 2007 22A Spot en el mar Oliver Hill
25 Apr 2007 30D La Española, e.g. John Farmer
24 Mar 2007 18A It’s surrounded by agua Rich Norris
8 Feb 2007 51D Spanish vacation site Dan Reichert
12 Dec 2006 54A Land in un lago Stephen Manion and Victor Fleming
27 Aug 2006 54D Puerto Rico, e.g. Seth A. Abel
24 May 2006 7D Cuba, por ejemplo Adam G. Perl
21 May 2006 111D Madonna’s “La ___ Bonita” Ashish Vengsarkar
5 May 2006 35D Destinación de vacaciones Manny Nosowsky
19 Feb 2006 82A Gran Canaria, for one Joe DiPietro
4 Aug 2005 14A Ibiza, e.g. Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Feb 2005 47D Cuba, por ejemplo Harvey Estes
31 Dec 2004 60D Land in el mar David Quarfoot
14 Feb 2004 3D Margarita, e.g. Frank Longo
24 Jan 2004 9D ___ Margarita, in the Caribbean Mark Diehl
14 Jul 2003 14A Ibiza, e.g., to Spaniards Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Mar 2003 22A Mallorca, e.g. Myles Callum
16 Mar 2003 3D Vacation place for Carlo Elizabeth C. Gorski
13 Dec 2002 28D Spanish key Bob Peoples
31 Oct 2002 17A Madonna’s “La ___ Bonita” Dave and Diane Epperson
26 May 2002 113D Hispaniola, e.g. Elizabeth C. Gorski
12 May 2002 13D Mallorca, e.g. Alan Arbesfeld
7 Apr 2002 40D Cuba, por ejemplo Nancy Salomon
10 Sep 2001 49A ___ Mujeres (neighbor of Cancún) Nancy Salomon and Karen Riekert
29 Apr 2001 99A Mallorca, e.g. Elizabeth C. Gorski
3 Jan 1999 6A Cuba or Mallorca Randolph Ross
1 Oct 1998 11D Mallorca or Menorca, e.g. Manny Nosowsky
10 Sep 1998 28A ___ de León, Spain Christopher Hurt
7 Jun 1998 103A Tierra del Fuego, e.g. Randolph Ross
29 May 1998 1A Hispaniola, por ejemplo Fred Piscop
17 Mar 1998 40A Mallorca, e.g. Nancy Salomon and Bob Klahn
16 Jan 1998 18A Cuba, por ejemplo Bob Sefick
30 Jul 1997 51D Any of the Galapagos John D. Leavy
13 Jul 1997 65A Madonna’s “La ___ Bonita” Fred Piscop
2 Jul 1997 27D Mallorca, e.g. Richard Hughes
16 Feb 1997 51A ___ Mujeres, Mexico M. Gaffney
30 May 1996 22A Spain’s Ibiza, e.g. N. S. Wizer
13 May 1996 52D Mallorca, e.g. S. L. Robbins
4 Jan 1996 14A Cuba o Puerto Rico F. & L. Sabin
9 Apr 1995 87D Mallorca, e.g. Cathy Millhauser
5 Sep 1994 32D Mallorca, por ejemplo Julian Ochrymowych & Amy Goldstein
4 May 1994 7D ___ Mujeres, Mexico Louis Sabin

Here you get ISLA answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If ISLA will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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