KIM is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for KIM in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "KIM" answer was first appeared in "4 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Kipling novel (6)". It was authored by David A. Rosen. Recently, the "KIM" answer has been used for "30 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "___ Seok-jin of K-pop’s BTS". It was authored by Jeffrey Martinovic and Jeff Chen. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Kipling novel (6)". "KIM" appeared 52 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "KIM" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
30 Nov 2023 35D ___ Seok-jin of K-pop’s BTS Jeffrey Martinovic and Jeff Chen
22 Aug 2023 57D Korea’s ___ Jong Un Jay Silverman
13 Jun 2023 21D Most common Korean surname Juliana Tringali Golden and Wendy L. Brandes
3 Jun 2023 26A Most common Korean surname John Westwig
27 Dec 2022 24A One of the Kardashians Lynn Lempel
25 Aug 2022 37D “Sex and the City” actress Cattrall Olivia Mitra Framke and Andrea Carla Michaels
24 Sep 2021 30A “___ Possible” (2000s animated series) Stella Zawistowski
1 Sep 2020 56D A Kardashian David Steinberg
10 Dec 2019 19A “___ Possible,” 2000s kids’ TV show Eric Berlin
2 Nov 2019 9D Despot with a nuclear arsenal Paolo Pasco and Erik Agard
22 May 2019 55D Most common Korean surname Alex Eaton-Salners
29 Apr 2019 56A One of the Kardashians Andrew Kingsley
4 Dec 2018 3D North Korean leader Peter Gordon
11 Nov 2018 117D A Kardashian Eric Berlin
20 Mar 2018 21D Most common Korean surname (22%) Andrew Zhou
8 Nov 2017 54D One of the Kardashians Joel Fagliano and Sam Ezersky
3 Jul 2016 96A Every leader of North Korea so far Samuel A. Donaldson
8 Feb 2016 57A “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” sister Paolo Pasco
18 Nov 2014 58D Most common Korean surname Jacob McDermott
16 Jun 2014 23A Kardashian who married Kanye Bruce Haight
2 May 2014 5D 1901 Kipling book Brendan Emmett Quigley
16 May 2013 12D One of the Kardashians Brendan Emmett Quigley and Elizabeth Donovan
2 Apr 2013 35A North Korea’s ___ Jong-un Ian Livengood
10 Dec 2012 22A Clijsters of tennis Michael David
25 Jun 2012 21D Actress Basinger Nancy Kavanaugh
2 Mar 2012 1A The miss in “Miss Saigon” Scott Atkinson
15 Jan 2012 90D North Korean leader or his father Finn Vigeland
3 Sep 2009 59D Kipling novel C. W. Stewart
20 Jul 2008 23D Kipling novel Barry C. Silk
13 May 2007 83D Mrs. Doonesbury, in the comics Jim Page
28 Feb 2007 46A Rapper Lil’ ___ Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Dec 2006 27D Clijsters of tennis Lynn Lempel
26 Jun 2006 23A Basinger of “Batman” Randy Sowell
26 Mar 2006 101D Kipling novel about an orphan boy Patrick Berry
3 Jan 2006 55A Kipling hero Lynn Lempel
25 Jul 2004 77D Actress Cattrall of “Sex and the City” Brendan Emmett Quigley
3 Nov 2001 30D Former Canadian P.M. Campbell Robert H. Wolfe
24 Jul 2001 22A Kipling classic Gayle Dean
25 Feb 2001 118D 1901 novel set in India Greg Staples
12 Sep 2000 48A Kipling novel Bill Zais
31 May 2000 44A 1901 novel set in India M. Francis Vuolo
1 Apr 2000 43A North Korea’s ___ Il Sung Manny Nosowsky
9 Mar 1999 21A Delaney of “N.Y.P.D. Blue” Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
10 Jul 1998 58D Kipling novel Brendan Emmett Quigley
9 Jun 1998 30A Actress Novak Arthur S. Verdesca
29 Mar 1997 54D Kipling’s orphan hero Fran and Lou Sabin
9 Oct 1996 59D British defector Philby R. Hughes
30 Oct 1995 57A Kipling book Gregory E. Paul
16 Apr 1995 39D Korean surname Matt Gaffney
12 Mar 1995 72D Kipling youth Charles M. Deber
5 Apr 1994 60D Kipling novel Harvey Estes
4 Jan 1994 25A Kipling novel David A. Rosen

Here you get KIM answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If KIM will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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