LIMO is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for LIMO in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "LIMO" answer was first appeared in "25 Nov 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "It can be a stretch". It was authored by Joy L. Wouk. Recently, the "LIMO" answer has been used for "7 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Ride that might have a hot tub". It was authored by Rebecca Goldstein. "LIMO" appeared 93 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "LIMO" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
7 Dec 2023 27A Ride that might have a hot tub Rebecca Goldstein
21 Jul 2023 12D Fancy wheels Robyn Weintraub
23 Apr 2023 38D It might be a stretch Katie Hale and Scott Hogan
28 Jul 2022 60D “The Beast” for the U.S. president, for one Bill Pipal and Jeff Chen
2 Jun 2022 52D Stretch for the stars? Michael Lieberman
12 Aug 2021 47D Stretch of the red carpet? Jake Halperin
28 Jul 2021 64A Long ride? Alex Rosen and Brad Wilber
25 Apr 2021 106D Hard vehicle to park Jeremy Newton
20 Dec 2020 18D Premiere arrival Randolph Ross
12 Nov 2020 11D Wedding rental Kristian House
22 Sep 2020 68A Many a prom night rental Jeremy Newton
30 Jan 2020 41D A long way to go? Emily Carroll
28 Jun 2019 52A Wheels of fortune? Bruce Haight and David Steinberg
8 Aug 2018 38D Transport to a red carpet Andrew Kingsley
14 May 2017 39D Sight at a red-carpet event Will Nediger
30 Mar 2017 44A Something that’s long and steep? Lewis Rothlein
10 Jan 2017 7D Prom night rental David Poole
28 Jul 2016 58D Member of a motorcade Adam G. Perl
25 Jul 2016 58A Ride to an awards show Kevin Christian
28 Jun 2016 61D Long way to go? Alex Vratsanos
29 May 2016 48A Extended rental? Kevin G. Der
9 Aug 2015 53A Luxury rental Melanie Miller
9 Mar 2015 34D Promgoer’s ride, maybe Debbie Ellerin
9 Nov 2014 108D Long ride Tom McCoy
18 Jun 2014 54D Car that may have a bar Amy Johnson
30 May 2014 49D Wheels of fortune? James Mulhern
18 Mar 2014 41D Exec’s car, maybe David Kwong
6 Feb 2013 35D Bride’s ride Peter A. Collins
1 Jul 2012 61A Long way to go? Dan Schoenholz
8 Apr 2012 118D Bar car? Daniel A. Finan
19 Dec 2011 53D “Stretch” car Richard Chisholm
24 Oct 2011 7D Chauffeur-driven auto Lynn Lempel
11 Oct 2011 55D Long wheels Ed Sessa
18 Jul 2011 1A Promgoers’ car Kevin Donovan
24 May 2011 57D It might roll up to a red carpet Michael Blake and Andrea Carla Michaels
31 Jan 2011 29A “Stretch” car, in brief Andrea Carla Michaels
25 Jul 2010 62A Prom rental Alan Arbesfeld
5 Jul 2010 37A V.I.P.’s transport Jill Denny and Jeff Chen
14 Mar 2010 127D Stretch ___ Caleb Madison
19 Oct 2009 1A V.I.P.’s vehicle Lynn Lempel
12 Jul 2009 10A Fancy wheels Alan Arbesfeld
29 Jun 2009 1A Prom night transportation Paula Gamache
28 May 2009 39A Wedding rental Gary Cee
17 Dec 2008 6D Door-to-door delivery service? John Farmer
15 Nov 2008 52D Brass wheels? Karen M. Tracey
11 Aug 2008 55A Car that comes with a driver Thomas Heilman
6 Apr 2008 44A It’s short for a long car Daniel C. Bryant
19 Dec 2007 1D V.I.P.’s ride Victor Fleming
3 Dec 2007 14A Prom night transportation Harvey Estes
4 Jun 2007 36A Car for a star Steve Kahn
4 Mar 2007 112A Lincoln, maybe Randolph Ross
8 Sep 2006 32A Stretch for the stars? Lisa Bunker
21 Aug 2006 62A Long car, for short Elayne Cantor
10 Jul 2006 58D Chauffeur-driven vehicle Randall J. Hartman
19 Nov 2005 50D Bar locale Byron Walden
11 May 2005 9A Celeb’s way around town Kumar Balani and Lou Sabin
8 Apr 2005 55A Airport pickup Manny Nosowsky
5 Apr 2005 14A Prom night wheels Harvey Estes
16 Jun 2004 16A Tinted windows locale Paula Gamache
24 Nov 2003 19A Celebrity’s wheels Nancy Kavanaugh
19 Oct 2003 89A Prom night tradition Nancy Nicholson Joline
4 Dec 2002 5D Car with a bar, perhaps Richard Hughes
9 Oct 2001 55D Bride and groom’s vehicle Peter Gordon
4 Oct 2001 58D Star vehicle? David J. Kahn
25 Apr 2001 16A Big partygoer? Mel Taub and crossword class
15 Apr 2001 91A Wheels of fortune? Richard Silvestri
7 Feb 2001 18D Long ride? Kent Lorentzen
8 Jan 2001 62A Oscar night transport Gregory E. Paul
10 Jul 2000 15A Prom night transportation Gene Newman
27 Jun 2000 14A Chauffeur’s spot Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
29 May 2000 39A Prom night rental Randall J. Hartman
16 Jan 2000 110A C.E.O.’s convenience Fred Piscop
1 Jan 2000 15D Wedding day sight Rich Norris
30 Dec 1999 12D Minibar site Alan Jay Weiss
14 Jun 1999 33D Transportation to the 5-Down Norma Steinberg
10 Feb 1999 33D Car with a bar Nancy Salomon
14 Dec 1998 6D Prom night transport Randy Sowell
9 Dec 1998 57D Fancy wheels Alan Arbesfeld
5 Oct 1998 11D Car with a bar Peter Gordon
28 May 1998 56A V.I.P. vehicle Patrick Jordan
19 Mar 1998 21A Prom rental Manny Nosowsky
11 Mar 1998 55D Car with a bar Bette Sue Cohen
2 Jan 1998 13A Star vehicle Alex K. Justin
7 Aug 1997 7D It can move a star Mark Diehl
7 Nov 1996 15A Wheels of fortune? G. R. Ferguson
31 Oct 1996 49D Wheels on Oscar night L. Sidway
15 Sep 1996 91D Prom night rental A. K. Justin
1 Sep 1996 31D Wheels for wheels D. J. Kahn
1 Nov 1995 33D Luxury wheels D. J. DeChristopher
31 Jul 1995 17A At times, it’s a stretch Elizabeth Gorski
24 Jul 1994 16D Fancy wheels Matt Gaffney
15 Jun 1994 38D Prom night transport Thomas W. Schier
25 Nov 1993 59A It can be a stretch Joy L. Wouk

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