NSA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for NSA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "NSA" answer was first appeared in "19 May 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Hush-hush D.C. grp.". It was authored by Richard Silvestri. Recently, the "NSA" answer has been used for "30 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Org. in the Oscar-winning documentary “Citizenfour”". It was authored by Jeffrey Martinovic and Jeff Chen. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Code-cracking org. (9)". "NSA" appeared 198 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "NSA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
30 Nov 2023 42A Org. in the Oscar-winning documentary “Citizenfour” Jeffrey Martinovic and Jeff Chen
28 Nov 2023 21A Surveillance org. Gia Bosko
9 Nov 2023 37D Surveillance org. Simeon Seigel
17 Oct 2023 45D Intelligence org. Dominic Grillo
30 Sep 2023 40A Org. associated with interceptions Ahmed Bayoumi
25 Sep 2023 60A U.S. org. with cryptologists Lynn Lempel
21 Sep 2023 35A Org. concerned with cyberwarfare Dan Caprera
6 Aug 2023 80A Govt. employer of cryptologists Lisa Senzel and Jeff Chen
30 Jul 2023 75D U.S. intelligence org. John Kugelman
23 Jul 2023 105A Member org. of the Five Eyes alliance Chandi Deitmer
18 Jul 2023 1A U.S. intelligence org. Karen and Paul Steinberg
13 Jul 2023 22A Org. protecting U.S. information systems Hanh Huynh
3 May 2023 64D D.C. group engaged in [REDACTED] Samuel A. Donaldson
2 Apr 2023 34A Grp. with cryptanalysts Jeremy Newton and Tracy Gray
27 Mar 2023 25A U.S. intelligence grp. Simon Marotte and Trenton Lee Stewart
19 Feb 2023 73A Intelligence org. Rebecca Goldstein
14 Dec 2022 54A Surveillance org. Matthew Stock
6 Dec 2022 68A Org. with a cryptologic museum Ross Trudeau and Wyna Liu
9 Nov 2022 4D Cyb-org.? David Tuffs
7 Nov 2022 59D Intelligence org. Jill Singer
8 Sep 2022 35D Org. whose annual budget isn’t public Matthew Stock
26 Aug 2022 28D Big employer of U.S. mathematicians, in brief Robert Logan
15 Aug 2022 33D Top-secret government org. Simon Marotte
3 Mar 2022 57D Org. whose logo has an eagle grasping a key August Lee-Kovach
27 Feb 2022 90D Phone-tracking org. Sheldon Polonsky
15 Feb 2022 58D Covert org. Claire Rimkus
12 Feb 2022 39A Org. tracking metadata Mary Lou Guizzo
3 Feb 2022 70A Org. Edward Snowden once worked for Adam Wagner
14 Jan 2022 3D Org. whose initials are found in “unsafe,” ironically Matthew Stock and Sid Sivakumar
14 Dec 2021 3D Secretive org. Tao Platt
5 Dec 2021 48D Org. that hires cryptanalysts Chase Dittrich and Jeff Chen
30 Nov 2021 60D Home to many cybersafety experts, in brief Billy Ouska
31 Oct 2021 80A Code-cracking grp. Alex Eaton-Salners
10 Oct 2021 30D Org. with an annual Codebreaker Challenge Brandon Koppy
18 Aug 2021 22A Edward Snowden’s former employer, in brief Alina Abidi
8 Aug 2021 70D “The Puzzle Palace” org. Christina Iverson and Jeff Chen
17 May 2021 22A Govt. org. with a classified budget Wren Schultz
8 May 2021 42A Org. with an annual Codebreaker Challenge David Steinberg
22 Apr 2021 57A Classified org. Jem Burch
26 Mar 2021 35D Org. with 1-Across Daniel Larsen
22 Feb 2021 27A U.S. intelligence org. Barbara Lin
14 Feb 2021 117D Surveillance org. Lisa Bunker
24 Jan 2021 77A Govt. org. with a forerunner known as the Black Chamber Lucy Howard and Ross Trudeau
15 Dec 2020 60D Source of information leaked by Edward Snowden, for short Adam Vincent
8 Oct 2020 54D Org.? What org.? Francesca Goldston and Jeff Chen
30 May 2020 6D Only account Edward Snowden follows on Twitter Brian Thomas
18 May 2020 66D Secretive government org. Christina Iverson
12 Jan 2020 61D Secretive org. Evan Mahnken and David Steinberg
20 Dec 2019 56D Org. that shares its HQ with Cyber Command Zhouqin Burnikel
29 Oct 2019 53A Intelligence-gathering org. Evan Mahnken
21 Oct 2019 21A Org. for which Edward Snowden once worked Joe Deeney
17 Sep 2019 20A C.I.A. sister service Paul Coulter
18 May 2019 58A Subj. of the 2017 memoir “Working on the Dark Side of the Moon” Andy Kravis and Erik Agard
14 Apr 2019 43A Cryptanalysis org. Will Nediger
27 Jan 2019 113D Code-cracking org. Randolph Ross
13 Nov 2018 63D Org. based in Fort Meade, Md. John Ciolfi
26 Oct 2018 52D It checks for leaks, for short Evan Kalish
14 Sep 2018 50D D.O.D. division John Guzzetta
2 Sep 2018 39D Govt. org. based in Ft. Meade, Md. Tom McCoy
6 Aug 2018 12D Hush-hush grp. Andrea Carla Michaels and Mark Diehl
30 Jun 2018 55D Org. in the documentary “Citizenfour” Andy Kravis
11 Jun 2018 52A Hush-hush government org. Gary Cee
29 Apr 2018 54D Cryptanalysis org. Peter Wentz
10 Mar 2018 38A Org. concerned with cracking and leaking Ryan McCarty
14 Jan 2018 41A Bug-studying org. Joel Fagliano
18 Dec 2017 30D Covert govt. org. Bruce Haight
30 Nov 2017 55A Org. whose symbol is an eagle atop a key Trenton Charlson
5 Nov 2017 119D Eavesdropping org. Natan Last
24 Aug 2017 70A Org. whose budget is classified Neil Patrick Harris and David Steinberg
5 Apr 2017 19D “Crypto City” at Ft. Meade Alex Eaton-Salners
15 Mar 2017 64D Intel org. Bruce Haight
12 Mar 2017 87A Grp. in the Oscar-winning documentary “Citizenfour” Alan Arbesfeld
15 Jan 2017 120D Govt. org. that offers a monthly “Puzzle Periodical” Joel Fagliano
8 Jan 2017 113D “Snowden” org. Peter Broda and Erik Agard
21 Nov 2016 61D Org. for which Edward Snowden once worked John Lieb
13 Nov 2016 61D Org. in “Snowden” Joel Fagliano
7 Oct 2016 23A Org. whose symbol is an eagle atop a key Robyn Weintraub
21 Jul 2016 61A Crack team, for short? Jason Flinn
25 Jun 2016 32A Org. whose logo has a talon-gripped key Kameron Austin Collins
23 Jun 2016 9D Cryptanalysis org. Megan Amram and David Kwong
10 May 2016 33A Covert org. David Kwong
16 Apr 2016 27A Org. in the documentary “Citizenfour” Andrew Zhou
17 Jan 2016 118D Intel org. officially formed by Truman Jeff Chen
9 Jan 2016 43A Hush-hush org. Jason Flinn
26 Jun 2015 9D Metadata collector, for short Erin Rhode
26 Apr 2015 55A Org. of concern to Edward Snowden Patrick Berry
8 Apr 2015 54A U.S. counterpart to Britain’s GCHQ Zhouqin Burnikel
28 Feb 2015 34A Group of crackers, for short? Barry C. Silk
7 Jan 2015 24D Intel org. Greg Johnson
4 Jan 2015 111D Edward Snowden subj. Finn Vigeland
29 Dec 2014 20A U.S. intelligence org. Peter A. Collins
28 Sep 2014 31A Org. implementing the Protect America Act Todd Gross
4 Sep 2014 5D Org. whose annual budget is classified Samuel A. Donaldson
11 Aug 2014 30A Phone-tapping org. David Steinberg and Bernice Gordon
24 Jul 2014 46D Org. for which Edward Snowden once worked David Phillips
20 Jun 2014 37A Defense Department dept. Martin Ashwood-Smith
17 Jun 2014 71A Org. named in WikiLeaks documents Zhouqin Burnikel
22 Feb 2014 63D Tapping grp. Evan Birnholz
16 Feb 2014 75A Subj. of Snowden leaks Yaakov Bendavid
9 Nov 2013 22A Noted eavesdropper, for short Michael Ashley
4 Sep 2013 39D Org. with its HQ in Fort Meade Joel Fagliano
14 Aug 2013 11A Decryption org. Sarah Keller
18 May 2013 20A Intel processor? Martin Ashwood-Smith
27 Feb 2013 68A Code-cracking org. Daniel Kantor
24 Dec 2012 59D Secretive org. Michael Sharp
6 Nov 2012 14D Intelligence org. Erik Agard
14 Sep 2012 4D Grp. concerned with hacking Peter A. Collins
14 Jun 2012 10D Code-cracking org. Tracy Gray
13 May 2012 117D Surveillance org. Ben Tausig
8 May 2012 65D Cryptologists’ org. Lynn Lempel
3 May 2012 32D Org. associated with U.S. Cyber Command Neville Fogarty
12 Apr 2012 1A Govt. org. whose logo depicts an eagle standing on a key Michael Shteyman
12 Mar 2012 28D Org. protecting U.S. secrets Lynn Lempel
8 Mar 2012 1A Org. whose annual budget is classified information Bill Thompson
10 Jan 2012 56A American defense org. Gary Cee
31 Dec 2011 43A Wiretapping grp. Joe Krozel
20 Nov 2011 82D Intel interpreter, for short Trip Payne
22 Jun 2011 37A “Red Storm Rising” grp. Tim Croce
3 May 2011 64D Subj. of the book “The Puzzle Palace” Kevan Choset
12 Apr 2011 56D Supersecret org. Barry C. Silk
22 Mar 2011 15A Code-cracking org. Albert R. Picallo
27 Feb 2011 110D Code-breaking grp. Peter A. Collins
20 Feb 2011 118D Hush-hush grp. Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Jan 2011 29D Ultrasecret org. David Levinson Wilk
14 Sep 2010 34D Source of intelligence: Abbr. Eshan Mitra, Brown University ’12
13 Jun 2010 96D Cryptologist’s org. Francis Heaney
12 May 2010 69D Secretive org. Pete Muller
23 Mar 2010 68A Code-breaking org. Kurt Krauss
17 Feb 2010 58A Cryptanalyst’s org. Elizabeth A. Long
13 Feb 2010 60A Intelligence grp. Ashish Vengsarkar
3 Dec 2009 8D Code-breaking central, in brief Matt Ginsberg and Pete Muller
25 Oct 2009 44D Hush-hush org. Brendan Emmett Quigley
18 Oct 2009 96D Code-cracking grp. Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Aug 2009 54D Intelligence-gathering org. Anthony J. Salvia
26 Jul 2009 151A Org. in Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising” Kevin G. Der
22 Feb 2009 80A Fort Meade org. Barry C. Silk & Doug Peterson
26 Jan 2009 43A Hush-hush org. Timothy Powell and Nancy Salomon
15 Jan 2009 63D Code crackers’ org. Patrick Blindauer
13 Jan 2009 48A Secret govt. group Daniel Kantor and Jay Kaskel
21 Dec 2008 119A Code-cracking org. Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Nov 2008 17A Hush-hush org. Patrick Berry
11 Sep 2008 37D Ultrasecret org. Caleb Madison
21 Aug 2008 29A Cryptanalysis org. Gary J. Whitehead
27 Jul 2008 78D Cipher org. Mike Nothnagel and David Quarfoot
8 Jul 2008 63D Code-crackers’ org. Andrea Carla Michaels
3 Jun 2008 8D Code-cracking org. Pete Muller
1 May 2008 49A Intel org. Jim Leeds
24 Apr 2008 60A Secretive org. Michael Langwald
25 Dec 2007 65D Supersecretive intelligence org. Nancy Salomon
14 Nov 2007 33D Code-cracking org. Jim Page
26 Sep 2007 21A Govt. code-breaking group Lee Glickstein and Craig Kasper
17 Jun 2007 119D Intelligence grp. Tony Orbach & Patrick Blindauer
21 Mar 2007 62D Cryptologist’s org. Ed Early
19 Jan 2007 58D “The Puzzle Palace” org. Karen M. Tracey
12 Dec 2006 50A Decryption org. Stephen Manion and Victor Fleming
5 Nov 2006 54D Hush-hush govt. org. Derrick Niederman
15 Oct 2006 128D Hush-hush grp. Norma Johnson & Nancy Salomon
13 Sep 2006 62D Secret org. Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
17 Aug 2006 43A Decryption org. Harvey Estes
21 Jul 2006 19A Cipher org. Kyle Mahowald
2 Jul 2006 59D Top-secret grp. Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Jun 2006 42A Fort Meade org. Barry C. Silk
24 Jul 2005 91A Eavesdropping org. Frank Longo
26 Jun 2005 84A 55-Across relative Joe DiPietro
19 May 2005 47A Secretive org. Barbara Olson
12 Apr 2005 31A Govt. code breakers Nancy Salomon
13 Mar 2005 30A Org. with a key-holding eagle in its logo Patrick Merrell
17 Feb 2005 57D Hush-hush grp. Patrick Merrell
17 Nov 2004 36A Hush-hush org. Richard Silvestri
15 Aug 2004 96D Ultrasecret org. Brendan Emmett Quigley
4 May 2004 51A Hush-hush D.C. org. Eric Berlin
13 Feb 2004 31A U.S. code and cipher grp. Manny Nosowsky
3 Feb 2004 47A Govt. code crackers Joe Bower and Nancy Salomon
29 Dec 2003 49A Hush-hush org. Gregory E. Paul
2 Dec 2003 32D Fed. hush-hush group Harvey Estes
24 Jun 2003 27D Code-breaking org. Norma Johnson and Nancy Salomon
7 Nov 2002 3D Decryption org. Patrick Merrell
6 Aug 2002 28A Codebreakers’ org. Ethan Cooper and Michael Shteyman
6 Apr 2002 37D Hush-hush grp. Brendan Emmett Quigley
5 Feb 2002 23A Cryptologic grp. Alan J. Weiss
18 Jan 2002 20D Hush-hush govt. group Manny Nosowsky
16 Jan 2002 50A Govt. org. that employs mathematicians Linda Bushman
5 Jan 2002 29A Intelligence grp. established by Truman Rich Norris
22 Jul 2001 41A Code-breaking govt. group Patrick Berry
20 May 2001 104D Secrets keeper: Abbr. Alan Arbesfeld
10 Dec 2000 67A Hush-hush grp. Rich Norris
6 Nov 2000 44A Code-cracking org. Nancy Salomon and Bob Frank
16 Sep 2000 61D Code crackers: Abbr. Robert H. Wolfe
13 Jul 2000 62A Fed. hush-hush group Rich Norris
1 Feb 2000 37D Code-cracking org. A. J. Santora
14 May 1999 58D Eavesdropping org. Frank Longo
18 Oct 1998 43D Hush-hush D.C. org. David J. Kahn
23 Oct 1997 62D Hush-hush org. Frances Hansen
22 Sep 1997 37A Hush-hush govt. group Gregory E. Paul
24 Aug 1997 95A Govt. intelligence org. Michael S. Maurer
23 Jan 1995 45A Hush-hush govt. org. Sidney L. Robbins
18 Dec 1994 146A Govt. code grp. Manny Nosowsky & Bob Klahn
19 May 1994 59D Hush-hush D.C. grp. Richard Silvestri

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