OBOE is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for OBOE in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "OBOE" answer was first appeared in "23 Nov 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Reed of note". It was authored by Lois Sidway. Recently, the "OBOE" answer has been used for "10 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Hautbois, en anglais". It was authored by Kate Hawkins. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Cousin of a bassoon (8)". "OBOE" appeared 285 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "OBOE" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
10 Nov 2023 52A Hautbois, en anglais Kate Hawkins
2 Nov 2023 57D Thin woodwind Chase Dittrich and Christina Iverson
22 Oct 2023 56A Relative of a musette Robert Ryan
16 Oct 2023 15A Orchestra woodwind Michael Lieberman and Andrea Carla Michaels
8 Oct 2023 101D It has 45 keys Sid Sivakumar
30 Aug 2023 15A her prized ___. Alex Eaton-Salners
25 Jul 2023 54D Instrument sometimes confused with a clarinet Gary Larson and Doug Peterson
13 Jul 2023 31D A woodwind Hanh Huynh
1 Jun 2023 70A Relative of a cor anglais David and Karen and Paul Steinberg
14 May 2023 84A It “sounds like a clarinet with a cold,” per Victor Borge Sid Sivakumar
7 May 2023 86D Instrument in Joan Tower’s “Island Prelude” Will Nediger
14 Apr 2023 38A Heckelphone relative Billy Bratton and Clay Haddock
28 Mar 2023 37D Orchestra-tuning instrument Daniel Kantor and Jay Kaskel
22 Mar 2023 35A Instrument prominently heard in both Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” and Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” Madeline Kaplan
28 Jan 2023 16A Cousin of the Spanish chirimía or Italian piffero Kevin Christian
21 Dec 2022 21A The duck in “Peter and the Wolf” Nancy Stark and Will Nediger
4 Dec 2022 9D It’s used to tune an orchestra Gustie Owens
20 Nov 2022 2D High wind Joe Deeney
13 Sep 2022 28A Reedy woodwind Adam Wagner
28 Jul 2022 10D Instrument with a bell Bill Pipal and Jeff Chen
5 Jul 2022 61A Orchestral instrument with a bell key Malgorzata Nowakowska and Eileen Williams
29 Jun 2022 63A Relative of a cor anglais Jared Goudsmit
26 May 2022 23D Light wind? Jonathan M. Kaye
26 Apr 2022 12D Cousin of a bassoon Simon Marotte
21 Mar 2022 67A Reedy wind instrument John Ewbank and Jeff Chen
20 Mar 2022 17A Word from the French for “high wood” Brad Wiegmann
6 Mar 2022 68D It’s blown in the winds Matthew Stock and Will Nediger
6 Feb 2022 85D The “quail” in Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony Stephen McCarthy
9 Dec 2021 56A The duck, in “Peter and the Wolf” Alexander Liebeskind
28 Nov 2021 21A Instrument with a solo in Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” Jeff Kremer
18 Aug 2021 9A Instrument played by indie rock’s Sufjan Stevens Alina Abidi
13 Aug 2021 45A Wind with a three-octave range John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
27 Jul 2021 15A Strauss’s “Concerto in D Major for ___ and Small Orchestra” Jennifer Lee and Victor Galson
22 Jun 2021 16A Instrument that an orchestra tunes to Matt Frederick
14 Apr 2021 26D Double-reeded aerophone with keys Nathan Hasegawa
4 Apr 2021 56D Instrument with a flared end Angela Olson Halsted and Doug Peterson
19 Mar 2021 7D Wind up on the pitch? Kameron Austin Collins
12 Mar 2021 48A One with a solo in Brahms’s Symphony No. 1 Peter Wentz
17 Feb 2021 47A Relative of a cor anglais David Harris and Evan Kalish
17 Dec 2020 7D Instrument featured in 36-Across Kathryn Ladner
11 Dec 2020 14A One of two or three in a typical orchestra Ari Richter
9 Dec 2020 26A O, in the W.W. II Army/Navy alphabet Owen Travis and Jeff Chen
24 Nov 2020 57D Light wind? Caitlin Reid
11 Nov 2020 2D Instrument heard in “I Got You, Babe” Alex Bajcz
1 Nov 2020 66A Cousin of a clarinet Julian Lim
28 Oct 2020 16A Orchestra tuner Peter Gordon
19 Jul 2020 99A Reed in a pit Wyna Liu
23 May 2020 31A Peter preceder, in a phonetic alphabet Wyna Liu and Erik Agard
18 May 2020 69A It leads the orchestra in tuning Christina Iverson
3 May 2020 2D Instrument from the French for “high wood” Ben Zimmer and Brendan Emmett Quigley
24 Feb 2020 26D Instrument with a brief solo in Beethoven’s Fifth Jacob Stulberg
16 Jan 2020 62A It has cork and a bell Erik Agard and Jeff Chen
16 Dec 2019 52D Slender woodwind Howard Barkin and Kevin Christian
15 Nov 2019 52D Wind in a pit Debbie Ellerin
16 Oct 2019 63A Cousin of a bassoon Peter A. Collins
29 Aug 2019 16A Letter in the W.W. II phonetic alphabet Jeff Chen
16 Aug 2019 50D Instrument with metal keys Ori Brian
19 May 2019 18A Source of some penetrating notes Natan Last
10 Mar 2019 27A Instrument that represents the duck in “Peter and the Wolf” Adam Fromm
15 Nov 2018 59A Wind in a pit Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
16 Sep 2018 20A Instrument whose name sounds like a rebuke of Obama’s dog Joel Fagliano
31 Aug 2018 26A ___ d’amore Peter Wentz
29 Aug 2018 59A Item with a bore and a bell Alex Bajcz
8 Jul 2018 105D High wind Bruce Haight
4 Jul 2018 21A Letter before Peter in a phonetic alphabet Freddie Cheng
1 May 2018 9D One of two to four in a standard orchestra Jacob Stulberg
4 Feb 2018 110A Its “reeds are a pain / And the fingering’s insane,” per Ogden Nash David Levinson Wilk
5 Dec 2017 23D Instrument with cane blades Harry Smith and Zhouqin Burnikel
12 Jul 2017 40A Relative of a musette Elayne Boosler and Patrick Merrell
5 Jul 2017 11D Instrument that an orchestra tunes to Jake Halperin
8 Jun 2017 44A Letter before Peter in the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet David Steinberg
14 Apr 2017 2D Instrument with octave keys Andrew Kingsley
2 Jan 2017 35D Orchestra reed Chuck Deodene
29 Dec 2016 21D High wind Kevan Choset
26 Dec 2016 32A It’s usually behind a viola in an orchestra Jules P. Markey
12 Dec 2016 39D Orchestra reed Mark McClain
23 Nov 2016 15A Musical instrument with a flared end David Steinberg
5 Sep 2016 14A Double-reed woodwind Tracy Gray
2 Jul 2016 57D Something that may be found in a pit Erin Rhode
26 Jan 2016 65A The duck in “Peter and the Wolf” Sam Ezersky
12 Jan 2016 14A Instrument that begins an orchestra’s tune-up Zhouqin Burnikel
28 Dec 2015 14A Slender woodwind Zhouqin Burnikel
9 Dec 2015 61A Woodwind descended from the shawm Jacob Stulberg
26 Oct 2015 34A Instrument whose name means “high wood” Bruce Haight
19 Aug 2015 10A Instrument similar to a cor anglais Timothy Polin
3 Aug 2015 26D Double-reed instrument David Steinberg
26 Jun 2015 11D High wind Erin Rhode
29 May 2015 14A Heckelphone lookalike Patrick Berry
20 Apr 2015 49A Relative of a clarinet Tom McCoy
26 Feb 2015 16A Wind quintet member Caleb Emmons
13 Jan 2015 22D Cousin of a bassoon Michael Blake
6 Oct 2014 4A Cousin of a clarinet Robyn Weintraub
10 Aug 2014 49D Letter before Peter in a phonetic alphabet Elizabeth C. Gorski
5 Aug 2014 6D Double-reed woodwind Lynn Lempel
10 Jul 2014 15A Cousin of a cor anglais John Guzzetta
24 Jun 2014 11D Instrument that tunes an orchestra Heather Valadez
18 Jun 2014 2D Light wind? Amy Johnson
25 Feb 2014 61A Relative of a bassoon Matthew E. Paronto and Jeff Chen
28 Jan 2014 64A Slender reed Jeff Stillman
23 Sep 2013 9D Instrument used to set the pitch for an orchestra Susan Gelfand
20 Aug 2013 6D High wind? Zhouqin Burnikel and Don Gagliardo
9 Jul 2013 49D O, in a phonetic alphabet Kurt Krauss
15 May 2013 58A Conical woodwind David Sullivan
29 Mar 2013 7D Strauss wrote a concerto in D for it Josh Knapp
6 Mar 2013 15A Instrument called “an ill wind that nobody blows good” Richard Chisholm
11 Feb 2013 15A Certain woodwind Gary Cee
29 Oct 2012 29D Instrument with metal keys Gareth Bain
17 Jun 2012 109D Concerto soloist, perhaps Kyle T. Dolan
17 Apr 2012 2D Double-reeded instrument Milo Beckman
6 Apr 2012 24D Instrument with a bell Mike Nothnagel
2 Apr 2012 34D Bassoon relative Lynn Lempel
20 Mar 2012 54D Cousin of a bassoon Will Nediger
12 Feb 2012 36D The duck in Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” Kurt Mueller
12 Dec 2011 16A Woodwind able to provide an orchestra’s tuning note Gary Cee
2 Nov 2011 14A Sounder of the tuning note at the start of an orchestra rehearsal Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
23 Aug 2011 15A Instrument heard in Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” Michael Farabaugh
17 Aug 2011 59D “An ill wind …” instrument Michael Black
1 Jun 2011 54D Cousin of an English horn Elizabeth C. Gorski
10 Apr 2011 53A Wind in front of a stage Paula Gamache
9 Mar 2011 52D Letter before Peter in an old phonetic alphabet Peter A. Collins
24 Feb 2011 59A Instrument for Johann Jacob Bach Gary Cee
12 Dec 2010 123A A reed Karen Young Bonin
2 Nov 2010 40A Double-reed woodwind Brendan Emmett Quigley
14 Oct 2010 16A Member of a pit crew? Jim Hilger
29 Jul 2010 34D High-pitched wind Peter A. Collins
5 Apr 2010 40D Melancholy instrument Nancy Salomon
10 Mar 2010 59A ___ d’amore (instrument) Gary Steinmehl
7 Mar 2010 30A Wind up on the stage? Tony Orbach and Patrick Blindauer
26 Nov 2009 4D Wind in a pit Paula Gamache
19 Oct 2009 14A Double-reed instrument Lynn Lempel
18 Jun 2009 15A Cousin of a heckelphone Patrick Blindauer
2 May 2009 59A Kind of reed Peter A. Collins
12 Apr 2009 37D “O” in the old Army phonetic alphabet Eric Berlin
17 Mar 2009 34A Instrument held with two hands Richard Chisholm
14 Jan 2009 47A Instrument you blow into Oliver Hill
9 Nov 2008 100D Wind in a pit Paula Gamache
19 Oct 2008 8A Wind with a wide range Joe DiPietro
7 Oct 2008 38A Cousin of a bassoon Kevin G. Der
31 May 2008 52D One found in the woods Robert H. Wolfe
18 Mar 2008 48A Double reed David Pringle
16 Mar 2008 46D Light wind? Elizabeth C. Gorski
13 Jan 2008 35A ___ d’amore Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
27 Dec 2007 2D Poulenc’s “Sonata for ___ and Piano” Jim Leeds
6 Dec 2007 5A Certain aerophone Joe Krozel
5 Nov 2007 66A Baby bassoon? Jeremy Horwitz
25 Oct 2007 18D Melancholy woodwind Susan Harrington Smith
23 Aug 2007 44A Letter before Peter in old radio lingo Joe Krozel
21 Aug 2007 15A Double-reed woodwind Tom Heilman
18 Jul 2007 4D Instrument with a conical bore Tibor Derencsenyi
3 Jun 2007 79D Radio letter between Nan and Peter Kelsey Blakley
8 Apr 2007 79D It’s blown Byron Walden
4 Mar 2007 76D One of the winds Randolph Ross
4 Jan 2007 47A Concert wind Alan Olschwang
20 Aug 2006 53A Preceder of Peter in a phonetic alphabet Richard Silvestri
5 May 2006 30D The duck in “Peter and the Wolf” Manny Nosowsky
3 May 2006 10D “O” in a phonetic alphabet Lisa Wiseman
23 Apr 2006 57D Peter and the Wolf’s “duck” Joe DiPietro
3 Apr 2006 47D See 27-Across Lynn Lempel
5 Dec 2005 11D Penetrating wind Gary Steinmehl
21 Nov 2005 14A Bassoon’s little cousin Wesley Johnson
14 Nov 2005 3D Double-reed instrument Marjorie Berg
6 Nov 2005 86D Wind up on stage? Elizabeth C. Gorski
30 Oct 2005 79A Tuning note instrument Maxwell H. D. Johnson Jr.
23 Aug 2005 29D Cousin of an English horn Holden Baker and Nancy Salomon
5 Jul 2005 15A Double-reeded woodwind Beth Hinshaw
20 Jun 2005 67A Slender woodwind Alison Donald
1 May 2005 48D Symphony member Joe DiPietro
15 Feb 2005 14A Slender instrument Gene Newman
27 Jan 2005 16A ___ d’amore Jim Hyres
10 Jan 2005 15A Cousin of a bassoon David Pringle
15 Dec 2004 35A Cousin of a bassoon Zach Jesse
10 Nov 2004 31D “O” in old radio lingo David J. Kahn
4 Nov 2004 10D Wind up on stage? Elizabeth C. Gorski
3 Nov 2004 65A Wind that can be piercing Ed Early
21 Oct 2004 11D Penetrating reed Harvey Estes
23 Aug 2004 68A Certain woodwind Nancy Salomon and Kyle Mahowald
7 Jul 2004 16A ___ family, including bassoons and English horns Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
18 Apr 2004 15D Woodwind Richard Chisholm
5 Apr 2004 14A Old radio word for the letter O Jim Hyres
24 Nov 2003 18A Musical instrument that’s blown into Nancy Kavanaugh
21 Oct 2003 14A Slender instrument John Underwood
5 Aug 2003 13A Woodwind D. J. DeChristopher
17 Jun 2003 37A Plaintive woodwind Susan Harrington Smith
2 Jun 2003 2D Relative of an English horn Gregory E. Paul
4 Apr 2003 20A Certain 55-Across Martin Ashwood-Smith
19 Jan 2003 107D Orchestra seat Eric Berlin
5 Jan 2003 22A Symphony member Elizabeth C. Gorski
10 Sep 2002 56A Reed in a pit Wei-Hwa Huang
3 Jun 2002 58D Clarinet’s kin Gregory E. Paul
26 May 2002 38D It has finger holes Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Feb 2002 2D Reed instrument Marjorie Richter
14 Jan 2002 57A Woodwind Michael Shteyman
10 Dec 2001 2D Instrument played with the mouth Gregory E. Paul
30 Sep 2001 118A Certain band member Con Pederson
24 Sep 2001 11D Woodwind Norma Steinberg
19 Sep 2001 56D Woodwind instrument Steven Dorfman
27 Aug 2001 45A Tubular instrument Holden Baker
18 May 2001 42A Wind in a pit Joe DiPietro
7 May 2001 45D Long, thin musical instrument Nancy Salomon and Bob Frank
23 Apr 2001 53D Mitch Miller’s instrument Gregory E. Paul
1 Apr 2001 2D “O” in old radio lingo Bill Zais and Nancy Salomon
18 Jan 2001 54A Wind instrument Manny Nosowsky
4 Jan 2001 11D Kin to a clarinet Nancy S. Ross
4 Dec 2000 59D Woodwind Eileen Lexau
27 Nov 2000 57A Cousin of the bassoon Nancy Salomon and Marjorie Berg
8 Oct 2000 73D Organ stop Richard Silvestri
8 Jun 2000 33A Reed section member Mark Diehl
15 May 2000 15A Woodwind Gregory E. Paul
24 Apr 2000 11D Woodwind Peter Gordon
9 Feb 2000 2D Reed section member Charles E. Gersch
21 Jan 2000 45D Snake charmer, in musician’s slang John Wolting
10 Dec 1999 53D Kind of concerto Gilbert H. Ludwig
22 Oct 1999 36D Concerto instrument Martin Ashwood-Smith
10 Oct 1999 35D Shawm descendant Cathy Millhauser
1 Sep 1999 57D Slender reed Alan Arbesfeld
29 Aug 1999 101D “O” in old radio lingo Lou and Fran Sabin
8 Jun 1999 22D Long, slender instrument Fred Piscop
7 Jun 1999 55D Double reed Robert O. Dillman
10 May 1999 14A Woodwind Frances Hansen
20 Apr 1999 39D Wind quintet member Elizabeth C. Gorski
19 Apr 1999 31D Sweet-toned musical instrument Gregory E. Paul
22 Mar 1999 54D Instrument that’s blown into Gregory E. Paul
4 Mar 1999 25D It’s in the winds Cathy Millhauser
15 Feb 1999 29D Hand-held musical instrument Randall J. Hartman
2 Dec 1998 15A Double-reed woodwind Nancy Salomon
17 Aug 1998 57D Cousin of a bassoon Gregory E. Paul
22 Jun 1998 68A Woodwind Shannon Burns
3 Jun 1998 63A Philharmonic part Karen Hodge
23 Apr 1998 39D Orchestra part Cathy Millhauser
7 Apr 1998 3D Bassoon’s cousin Randy Sowell
26 Mar 1998 27D Word from the French for “high wood” Cathy Millhauser
20 Jan 1998 39A Cousin of the English horn Randall J. Hartman
28 Dec 1997 38D ___ d’amore Matt Gaffney
27 Oct 1997 2D Clarinet cousin Mark Gottlieb
23 Oct 1997 16A “O” in old radio lingo Frances Hansen
14 Oct 1997 35A Woodwind Robert Malinow
30 Sep 1997 54A Double-reed instrument Nancy Schuster
22 Sep 1997 56D Mitch Miller’s instrument Gregory E. Paul
4 Aug 1997 64A Mitch Miller’s instrument Gregory E. Paul
20 Apr 1997 75A Its pitch is high Charles M. Deber
9 Mar 1997 21A Ensemble part June Boggs
6 Mar 1997 15A Cousin of a clarinet Shannon Burns
26 Feb 1997 38A Double-reed instrument Glenn E. Sykes
9 Feb 1997 58D Relative of the English horn D. Niles
17 Dec 1996 58A Mitch Miller’s instrument G. E. Paul
28 Jul 1996 48A Double-reed N. S. Wizer
19 May 1996 92D ___d’amour C. M. Deber
19 Apr 1996 51D Orchestra part A. Micci
29 Mar 1996 12D Wide-range reed C. Millhauser
13 Mar 1996 40D “O” to ham operators, once W. R. Williams
4 Feb 1996 108D Kind of pipe D. J. Kahn
15 Jan 1996 7D Cousin of the bassoon Gregory E. Paul
14 Jan 1996 109D Shawm descendant C. Millhauser
10 Jan 1996 2D Melancholy instrument M. Gaffney
18 Dec 1995 56D Hautboy Randall J. Hartman
25 Oct 1995 16A Sound lower than a flute Larry Nargi
26 Sep 1995 58A Cousin of the English horn Bob Klahn & Raymond Hamel
22 Aug 1995 6D Bassoon relative Gregory E. Paul
21 Aug 1995 36A Slender instrument Sidney L. Robbins
23 Jul 1995 19A Tubular instrument Fran & Lou Sabin
19 Jun 1995 8D Orchestral instrument Gregory E. Paul
1 Jun 1995 7D O, once, to hams Rich Norris
9 May 1995 37D Relative of the English horn Gregory E. Paul
3 May 1995 21A Woodwind Chuck Deodene
30 Apr 1995 28A ___ d’amore (baroque instrument) Warren W. Reich
12 Feb 1995 15D Penetrating wind Alex & Victoria Black
2 Feb 1995 16A Mitch Miller’s instrument Bob and Sharon Klahn
3 Jan 1995 54A Cousin of the English horn Rich Norris
11 Dec 1994 10D The duck in “Peter and the Wolf” Wayne Robert Williams
24 Nov 1994 14A Heckelphone Fran and Lou Sabin
9 Nov 1994 38A Hautboy Wayne Robert Williams
28 Sep 1994 16A Woodwind Robert Zimmerman
26 Sep 1994 62A Relative of the heckelphone Sidney L. Robbins
29 Aug 1994 58A Double-reed woodwind Mary Derderian Brown
12 Aug 1994 27D Reed Norman S. Wizer
12 Jul 1994 15A Woodwind Charles Arnold
3 May 1994 61A Mitch Miller’s instrument Lois Sidway
2 May 1994 60A Woodwind instrument James L. Beatty
20 Mar 1994 89A Tuneful pipe Joel Davajan
3 Mar 1994 59A Philharmonic instrument Richard Silvestri
7 Feb 1994 66A Relative of the flute Sidney L. Robbins
14 Jan 1994 27D The duck in “Peter and the Wolf” Eric Albert
9 Jan 1994 40D Organ stop Mel Rosen
30 Nov 1993 16A Literally “high wood” Joel Davajan
23 Nov 1993 60A Reed of note Lois Sidway

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