OMEN is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for OMEN in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "OMEN" answer was first appeared in "19 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Straw in the wind (4)". It was authored by John M. Samson. Recently, the "OMEN" answer has been used for "17 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "It’s a sign (3)". It was authored by Hemant Mehta. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hints: "Harbinger (15)", "Portent (9)", "Sign (16)", "Sign of things to come (6)", "Augury (6)". "OMEN" appeared 229 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "OMEN" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
17 Nov 2023 13A It’s a sign Hemant Mehta
3 Nov 2023 25D Divination observation Robyn Weintraub
17 Oct 2023 70A Itchy hands, for the arrival of money, supposedly Dominic Grillo
17 Apr 2023 46D Sign of things to come Katherine Baicker and Scott Earl
9 Apr 2023 43A A butterfly flying into your home is a good one, some say John Ewbank
8 Jan 2023 109D Black cat, classically Wyna Liu
26 Dec 2022 61D A rainbow may be seen as a good one Kurt Weller
19 Dec 2022 28D Predictive sign Jennifer Nutt
8 Dec 2022 30A Harbinger Grant Thackray
24 Nov 2022 60A A rooster crowing before midnight, it was once believed Pao Roy
19 Sep 2022 40A Spine-tingling sign of things to come Leslie Young and Andrea Carla Michaels
24 Aug 2022 53A Eclipse, to some Colin Ernst
7 Aug 2022 4D Warning sign Tina Labadie
4 Aug 2022 12D Something interpreted from a bird’s behavior, in the ancient Greek practice of ornithomancy Ella Dershowitz
28 Jul 2022 46A Sign Bill Pipal and Jeff Chen
3 Jun 2022 47D Dark clouds, e.g. Robyn Weintraub
8 May 2022 26A Portent Matthew Stock and Chandi Deitmer
14 Feb 2022 69A Harbinger Alan Siegel
6 Jan 2022 40A A rainbow is said to be a good one Andrew Linzer
9 Oct 2021 55A The Grim, in the Harry Potter books August Lee-Kovach
26 Sep 2021 113A One might be good or evil Priyanka Sethy and Matthew Stock
4 Jul 2021 27A Auspice Howard Barkin
16 Feb 2021 61A Gathering clouds, to some Johanna Fenimore
29 Sep 2020 50A Sign for a soothsayer Ricky Cruz
25 Sep 2020 49D “Good” or “ill” thing Rachel Fabi
9 Sep 2020 31A Black cat, some think Jakob Weisblat
31 Aug 2020 7D Eclipse or a black cat, some say Anne Marie Crinnion
17 Aug 2020 62A Shooting star, some might think Alan Massengill and Andrea Carla Michaels
5 Aug 2020 56D Foreboding sign Michael Paleos
12 Jun 2020 15A Dark skies, e.g. Robyn Weintraub
1 Jun 2020 18A Sign for the superstitious Erik Agard
22 May 2020 53A Herald Hal Moore
29 Apr 2020 20D Eclipse, for some Joe DiPietro
27 Apr 2020 23A Sign of things to come Ed Sessa
14 Apr 2020 14A Appearance of a comet, to some Joe Hansen
4 Feb 2020 18D Gathering clouds, to some Queena Mewers and Alex Eaton-Salners
22 Jan 2020 63A Halley’s comet, to William the Conqueror Alex Eaton-Salners
17 Dec 2019 30A Appearance of a comet, maybe David Levinson Wilk
2 Oct 2019 22D Divine message, for some Mangesh Ghogre
15 Sep 2019 34A 666, perhaps Andrew Kingsley
6 Sep 2019 51D It’s a sign Mark Diehl
19 Aug 2019 39A Harbinger Peter Gordon
11 Jul 2019 65A Blood moon, to some Alex Eaton-Salners
16 Apr 2019 69A Sign for the superstitious Gary Cee
4 Jan 2019 29A Halley’s comet, to William the Conqueror Neil Padrick Wilson
9 Sep 2018 27A Harbinger Hal Moore
4 Aug 2018 19D Calpurnia’s dream of Caesar’s death, e.g. Sam Trabucco
26 Jul 2018 47A Sign Nate Cardin
15 Jul 2018 34D What dark clouds might represent Sam Ezersky and Byron Walden
3 Jul 2018 56D Sign of the future Christopher Adams
9 May 2018 56A Sign for good or ill Jeff Chen
21 Mar 2018 52D Unsettling dream, maybe Laura Braunstein
27 Dec 2017 64A Augur David Kwong
29 Nov 2017 58D Portent Erik Agard
26 Nov 2017 26A Auspice Jeff Chen
21 Nov 2017 61A Eclipse, to some Brian Thomas
13 May 2017 50D Parting of the clouds, maybe Jeff Chen
17 Jan 2017 66A Sign of things to come Timothy Polin
24 Nov 2016 8D Film for which Gregory Peck had the highest-paid performance of his career, with “The” Brian J. MacDonald
8 Oct 2016 50D Breaking a comb, in Japan, e.g. Julian Lim
25 Jul 2016 52D Harbinger Kevin Christian
5 Jul 2016 52D Portent Jules Markey
30 Jun 2016 65A Gathering clouds, e.g. Jonathan M. Kaye
26 Feb 2016 43D Owl’s hoot, to some Paula Gamache
24 Feb 2016 66A Sign to heed Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
31 Dec 2015 57D Harbinger Ben Tausig
27 Nov 2015 45D Foreshadowing Peter Wentz
6 Nov 2015 10D What a mystic might look for Ian Livengood
14 Oct 2015 14A Full moon or dark clouds, maybe Joel Fagliano
26 Sep 2015 59A Foretoken David Woolf
25 Aug 2015 63A Black cat crossing one’s path, e.g. John E. Bennett
14 Aug 2015 54D It’s a sign Natan Last and the J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
7 Apr 2015 64A Foreboding sign David J. Lieb
18 Dec 2014 14A A butterfly flying into a house is said to be a good one Timothy Polin
2 Nov 2014 103A Foreshadowing Brendan Emmett Quigley
9 Oct 2014 70A What a prophet may look for Joel Fagliano
28 Jul 2014 22A Portent Tom McCoy
24 Mar 2014 67A Sign for the superstitious Tom Pepper
12 Jan 2014 25A 1976 horror hit, with “The” Andrew Chaikin
30 Jul 2013 58D Sign Peter A. Collins
25 Jun 2013 33A Black cat running across one’s path, say Joel Fagliano
21 Apr 2013 49D You might see one in an eclipse Jonah Kagan
18 Mar 2013 18D Portent Daniel Landman
22 Oct 2012 66A Portent Joel Fagliano
28 Aug 2012 43D Breaking of a mirror, some fear Lou Borenstein
27 Aug 2012 39D Warning sign Michael Farabaugh
6 Aug 2012 67A Sign of things to come Lynn Lempel
31 Jul 2012 11D Eclipse, to some Michael Sharp
17 Apr 2012 71A Black cat, to some Milo Beckman
3 Apr 2012 27A Gathering clouds, e.g. Paula Gamache
4 Nov 2011 6D Sign Patrick Berry
1 Nov 2011 16A Black cloud or black cat, to some Kristian House
21 Aug 2011 3D Sign Alan Arbesfeld
15 Jun 2011 18A Straw in the wind Jeffrey Wechsler
20 May 2011 25A Take it as a sign David Levinson Wilk
9 Apr 2011 16A Shakespeare’s “temple-haunting martlet” is a good one Scott Atkinson
18 Jan 2011 5A *Black cat, supposedly Gary J. Whitehead
26 Dec 2010 120A Sign Darin McDaniel
21 Oct 2010 32D Harbinger Dan Naddor
25 Jul 2010 117A 1970s-’80s horror film franchise, with “The” Alan Arbesfeld
29 Jun 2010 48A Sign to be interpreted Peter A. Collins
2 Jun 2010 22D Eclipse, to the impressionable Adam Cohen
30 May 2010 86D Sign Eric Berlin
15 Feb 2010 12D Portent Lynn Lempel
10 Feb 2010 13D 1976 Gregory Peck film, with “The” Ed Sessa
9 Jul 2009 33D Augury Ashish Vengsarkar
22 Jun 2009 20A Comet, say, to the impressionable Fred Piscop
5 May 2009 46A Sign of the future Trip Payne
16 Mar 2009 27D Broken mirror, to some Lynn Lempel
22 Feb 2009 91D Soothsayer’s subject Barry C. Silk & Doug Peterson
1 Feb 2009 56D Shooting star, maybe Victor Fleming and Matt Ginsberg
1 Dec 2008 26D Storm clouds, to some Eric J. Platt
2 Oct 2008 44D Harbinger Samuel A. Donaldson
27 Aug 2008 1A Gathering clouds, e.g. Donna Hoke Kahwaty
28 Jul 2008 49A Sign from above Roger Baiocchi
20 Jul 2008 50D Shooting star, maybe Barry C. Silk
17 Jul 2008 58D Impending clouds, e.g. Elizabeth A. Long
16 Jul 2008 13D Warning sign Joe Krozel
16 Jun 2008 60A Red sky in the morning, e.g. Ronald J. and Nancy J. Byron
1 Jun 2008 67A Sign Patrick Berry
22 May 2008 38D Sign … or a description of the answers to the six starred clues? Richard Silvestri
29 Feb 2008 54A Mystical indicator Patrick Berry
17 Feb 2008 73D Soothsayer’s subject Henry Hook
11 Jan 2008 14D Sign Mike Nothnagel
11 Dec 2007 26D Meteor shooting across the sky, maybe Gail Grabowski
27 Nov 2007 16A Sign to heed Julie Ann Bowling
28 Sep 2007 19A Red sky, perhaps Harvey Estes
21 Aug 2007 38A Sign of things to come Tom Heilman
19 Aug 2007 47D Warning, maybe Elizabeth C. Gorski
26 Dec 2006 66A Black cat, to some C. W. Stewart
20 Sep 2006 65A Harbinger Joe DiPietro
26 Aug 2006 41A 17-Across, perhaps Henry Hook
16 Aug 2006 55D Lightning bolt, perhaps Kevan Choset
2 Aug 2006 5D Black cat or eclipse, maybe Harvey Estes
1 Jul 2006 19A Overcast sky, to some Jim Page
2 May 2006 19A Sign from above Peter A. Collins
26 Oct 2005 35D Straw in the wind Adam G. Perl
7 Oct 2005 55D Something wordless to read Manny Nosowsky
26 Jul 2005 3D Divine sign Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
18 Jul 2005 56D What a prophet reads Randy Sowell
8 Jun 2005 17A Black cat, to some Richard Chisholm
27 Apr 2005 6A Gathering clouds, say Lyell Rodieck
11 Apr 2005 64A Sign to interpret Norma Steinberg
29 Dec 2004 63A An eclipse, some think Jay Giess
27 Dec 2004 8D Mysterious sign Levi Denham
21 Dec 2004 67A Sign from above Kurt Mengel
21 Nov 2004 22A Sudden clouding-over, maybe Kumar Balani
11 Oct 2004 18D Future indicator Jim Hyres
31 Aug 2004 2D Spilled salt, say Nancy Kavanaugh
22 Jul 2004 34A Handwriting on the wall Greg Staples
7 Jul 2004 67A Sign Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
9 Jun 2004 18A Thunderclouds, perhaps Seth A. Abel
3 Jan 2004 37D Red sky, maybe James M. and James C. Jenista
23 Nov 2003 113D Broken mirror, say Leonard Williams
19 Sep 2003 35D Rainbow, to some Manny Nosowsky
27 Jul 2003 72A Prophet’s reading Michael Grudzielanek
21 Jul 2003 12D Augur Andrea Carla Michaels
14 Jul 2003 63A Augury Elizabeth C. Gorski
19 Jan 2003 120A Breaking a mirror, maybe? Eric Berlin
18 Jan 2003 36D Prophet’s wish Harvey Estes
5 Jan 2003 124A Gathering clouds, say Elizabeth C. Gorski
8 Dec 2002 74A Sign Peter Gordon
4 Dec 2002 18A Black cat, say Richard Hughes
3 Oct 2002 31D Black cat, e.g. Susan Harrington Smith
22 Sep 2002 99D Black cat, to some Alan Arbesfeld
2 Sep 2002 67A Writing on the wall Norma Johnson and Nancy Salomon
23 May 2002 50D *Eclipse … black cat … future John Underwood
14 May 2002 37D Foreboding Barry Callahan
12 May 2002 38A Hooting owl, maybe Alan Arbesfeld
1 May 2002 7D Dark clouds, say Steve Jones
7 Mar 2002 10A Harbinger Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Jan 2002 14A Harbinger Linda Bushman
28 May 2001 37A Parting of the heavens, maybe Gregory E. Paul
30 Mar 2001 23A Sign Manny Nosowsky
26 Feb 2001 19A Soothsayer’s clue Norma Steinberg
11 Feb 2001 79D Broken mirror, to some Bob Peoples and Nancy Salomon
20 Jul 2000 37A Sign to read Bonnie S. Prystowsky
22 Jun 2000 5A Arrival of clouds, for instance Robert B. Baker
20 Mar 2000 16A Eclipse, maybe, to the ancients Gregory E. Paul
6 Mar 2000 12D Gathering clouds, for one Gregory E. Paul
21 Feb 2000 19A Hint of things to come Randy Sowell
20 Feb 2000 55A Shooting star, maybe Trip Payne
5 Feb 2000 47A Red sky, perhaps Chuck Deodene
24 Oct 1999 7D Overcast sky, say Nancy Salomon
12 Jul 1999 18D Sign for the superstitious Carol R. Blumenstein
7 Jul 1999 44A Straw in the wind Richard Silvestri
2 Jun 1999 29D Foreshadow Nancy Salomon
22 May 1999 48D Preindication A. J. Santora
10 Apr 1999 50A Handwriting on the wall A. J. Santora
29 Mar 1999 18A Portent Bill Ballard
8 Mar 1999 18D Harbinger Gregory E. Paul
5 Oct 1998 19A Prophetic sign Peter Gordon
9 Sep 1998 69A Foreboding Richard Hughes
5 Aug 1998 60A Doomsayer’s sign Patrick Jordan
3 Jul 1998 49D Indication Martin Ashwood-Smith
23 Jun 1998 44A Sign Rich Norris
24 Mar 1998 35A Black cat, maybe Fred Piscop
12 Feb 1998 18A Augury Richard Silvestri
23 Jan 1998 2D Sign Brendan Emmett Quigley
5 Dec 1997 56D Sudden break in the clouds, say Craig Kasper and Dave Tuller
25 Nov 1997 5A Harbinger Gregory E. Paul
26 Oct 1997 45D Awaited sign Cathy Millhauser
3 Apr 1997 44D Eclipse, maybe Richard Hughes
26 Dec 1996 8D Harbinger R. H. Burns
8 Nov 1996 45D Augur M. Gaffney
27 May 1996 18A Soothsayer’s aid N. Steinberg
6 May 1996 7D Augury N. Steinberg
18 Dec 1995 68A Portent Randall J. Hartman
30 Nov 1995 22A Sign Susan Smith
28 Nov 1995 23D Boding Norman S. Wizer
24 Nov 1995 3D Eclipse, maybe, to primitive peoples Bob Klahn
10 Oct 1995 8D Foreboding Janet R. Bender
27 Jul 1995 47D Sign of things to come Lois Sidway
16 Jul 1995 139D Sign Naomi Geller Lipsky
27 Jun 1995 19D Oracle’s utterance Diane C. Baldwin
5 Apr 1995 10A Presage Wayne Robert Williams
13 Feb 1995 10D Harbinger Sidney L. Robbins
10 Jan 1995 27D Augury Christopher Page
4 Jan 1995 56D Foreshadowing Stephanie Spadaccini
20 Oct 1994 54D Presage Bryant White
11 Oct 1994 2D Sign to heed Bernice Gordon
7 Oct 1994 19A 666, to some Bryant White
27 Aug 1994 9D 1976 horror hit, with “The” Joy L. Wouk
3 Aug 1994 3D Sign from on high Richard Thomas
24 Jul 1994 17D Dodona message Matt Gaffney
13 Jun 1994 33D Bodement John Greenman
27 Mar 1994 44A Creepy 1976 film, with “The” Jeanette K. Brill
20 Dec 1993 66A Augury Norma Steinberg
19 Dec 1993 77D Straw in the wind John M. Samson

Here you get OMEN answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If OMEN will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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