RAIN is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for RAIN in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "RAIN" answer was first appeared in "3 Apr 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Classic play based on a Maugham tale". It was authored by Ernie Furtado. Recently, the "RAIN" answer has been used for "8 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Pour down". It was authored by Daniel Hrynick. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Pour (9)". "RAIN" appeared 122 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "RAIN" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
8 Nov 2023 36A Pour down Daniel Hrynick
3 Nov 2023 18D What a pluviometer measures Robyn Weintraub
24 Sep 2023 97A Farmer’s hope, maybe Joel Fagliano and Christina Iverson
2 Apr 2023 109D It may lead to greener pastures Jeremy Newton and Tracy Gray
11 Mar 2023 29A Word with dance or date Tom Pepper
23 Jan 2023 49A Wet forecast Adrian Johnson
26 Dec 2022 37D Spring forecast, often Kurt Weller
5 Jan 2022 53D *Certain forecast Damon Gulczynski
28 Dec 2021 61A “Make it ___” Kathy Wienberg
29 Aug 2021 99A Reason to reschedule Dory Mintz
30 Apr 2021 56D It may come in buckets Kate Hawkins
28 Dec 2020 64A BBQ spoiler Alan Massengill and Andrea Carla Michaels
30 Nov 2020 70A Weather often associated with Vancouver Emma Craven-Matthews
28 Apr 2020 22A Desert rarity Joel Fagliano
14 Jan 2020 47D Drops from the sky Jim Peredo
9 Jun 2019 22A Come down, in a way Seth A. Abel
26 Nov 2018 15A Nursery rhyme word repeated before “go away” Evan Kalish
5 Feb 2018 55A Parade spoiler Alan Arbesfeld
31 Jul 2017 2D Common 68-Across forecast David Steinberg
6 Jul 2017 18D It often occurs following a car wash, seemingly Erik Agard
22 May 2017 40A “Purple ___” (Prince hit) Gary Kennedy
22 May 2016 113D It can come in sheets Victor Barocas and Andy Kravis
6 Mar 2016 48D It may come in sheets David J. Kahn
8 Jun 2015 66A Drought ender Peter A. Collins
17 May 2015 2D Makeup of some sheets Joe Krozel
23 Nov 2014 87D Drops out of the sky Patrick Berry
25 Oct 2014 28D Spring fall Patrick Blindauer
18 May 2014 49D Pour Joe DiPietro
13 Apr 2014 10D Parade spoiler Dan Schoenholz
5 Nov 2013 33A Drought ender Paula Gamache
28 Oct 2013 19D Reason for a game delay Ed Sessa
16 Jun 2013 26D Game stopper Mel Rosen
19 Apr 2013 32D Game stopper Ned White
30 Apr 2012 23A Shower Susan L. Stanislawski
23 Jan 2012 52A Drizzle, say Sarah Keller
5 Jan 2012 25D Picnic spoiler Dan Schmiedeler
17 Dec 2011 51D Pour Tom Heilman
4 Dec 2011 107D It may come in buckets Kelsey Blakley
17 Nov 2011 37D Puddle source Patrick Merrell
12 Nov 2011 54D Pavement pounder Barry C. Silk
14 Apr 2011 16A Reason for a delay, perhaps Pete Muller
6 Feb 2011 30A Cause of delay David J. Kahn
2 Oct 2010 23D Picnic problem Barry C. Silk
11 Sep 2010 36A It often messes tresses Brad Wilber
18 Aug 2010 40D Precipitation Alex Boisvert
8 Feb 2010 58D Cause for a game delay Paula Gamache
8 Dec 2009 54D Parade stopper Joe Krozel
18 Oct 2009 18D Drops from the sky Elizabeth C. Gorski
12 Apr 2009 64A Word repeated before “go away” Eric Berlin
31 Mar 2009 17A Word after “ppd.” on a sports page Allan E. Parrish
20 Dec 2008 28D Mac user’s motivation Brad Wilber
25 Jun 2008 24D Reason for a makeup game Rob Cook
10 Mar 2008 15A Cause of a game cancellation Ken Bessette
19 Feb 2008 62A Drought relief Victor Fleming
1 Jan 2008 50D Common Seattle forecast Adam G. Perl
13 Oct 2007 16A Not be fair? Barry C. Silk
27 Dec 2006 1D Outdoor event planner’s worry Manny Nosowsky
25 Dec 2006 14A Common cause of postponement Adam G. Perl
12 Oct 2006 11D Pour Dave Tuller
4 Sep 2006 23A Drought relief Mike Nothnagel
29 Aug 2006 60A Game delayer David Pringle
29 Jul 2006 8D Eavesdropper? Bob Klahn
16 Jul 2006 99A Picnic hamperer Ashish Vengsarkar
22 Jan 2006 92D Game stopper George Barany and Michael Shteyman
1 Jan 2006 65A Pour Joe DiPietro
30 Oct 2005 31A Farmer’s prayer Maxwell H. D. Johnson Jr.
30 May 2005 37A Parade spoiler Lynn Lempel
2 May 2005 7D Flooding cause Tyler Hinman
9 Mar 2005 15A Game delayer Rob Richardson
2 Jan 2005 77D Drops down from above Patrick Merrell
5 Dec 2004 65D Pour David J. Kahn
28 Oct 2004 25D It may delay things Richard Chisholm
27 May 2004 3D Pour Cathy Millhauser
24 May 2004 44D Cause for umbrellas Frederick J. Healy
31 Mar 2004 22D Desert rarity Randy Sowell
4 Jan 2004 36D Parade stopper Patrick Merrell
31 Oct 2003 62A Parade stopper Earl L. Martin III
8 Sep 2003 51D Shower Leslie H. Nicoll
15 Jun 2003 63D Pour Cathy Millhauser
23 Apr 2003 52D Drops from the sky Gilbert H. Ludwig
25 Mar 2003 37D Acid ___ John Greenman
27 Jan 2003 24A Ballgame spoiler Stanley Newman
14 Jan 2003 2D Wet forecast Adam G. Perl
9 Apr 2002 48A Drops from the sky Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
22 Feb 2002 22A Pitter-patter maker Elizabeth C. Gorski
26 Aug 2001 90A Drops from above Richard Silvestri
16 Aug 2001 56D Picnicker’s worry Joe DiPietro
14 Jun 2001 46A Parade spoiler Mark Diehl
27 Sep 2000 71A Gobi rarity Fred Piscop
9 Jul 2000 109D Reservoir filler Manny Nosowsky
2 Jun 2000 32D Subject of some prayers Manny Nosowsky
7 Mar 2000 14A Parade spoiler, perhaps John Greenman
12 Jan 2000 33D Reason for postponement Greg Staples
21 Dec 1999 71A Fall in April? Richard Hughes
14 Nov 1999 72A A pluviometer measures it Lloyd E. Pollet
27 Jun 1999 84D Picnic hamperer Robert Malinow
21 Apr 1999 15A Precipitate Mary E. Brindamour
4 Apr 1999 58D Seeders make it Richard Silvestri
2 Apr 1999 40A Storm production Jim Page
29 Dec 1998 58A Shower Susan Harrington Smith
10 Aug 1998 16A Many a Seattle weather forecast Brendan Emmett Quigley
1 Jul 1998 42A Sahara rarity Fred Piscop
17 May 1998 106A Picnic spoiler David J. Kahn and Hillary B. Kahn
11 Feb 1998 18A Farmer’s prayer, perhaps Nancy S. Ross
5 Jan 1998 38D Reason for postponement Mark Moldowsky
5 Aug 1997 68A Pour William Bernhardt
1 Aug 1997 41A Picnic hamperer Gerald R. Ferguson
3 Jun 1997 30D See 47-Across Jonathan Schmalzbach
19 Dec 1996 55A Kind of check C. Millhauser
6 Oct 1996 111A Picnic hamperer R. Max Hopkins
20 May 1996 11D Parade spoiler G. E. Paul
10 Apr 1996 16A Wet forecast M. Lees
23 Mar 1996 19A Classic Maugham short story R. Norris
17 Mar 1996 112A Precipitate P. O’Gordon
21 Feb 1996 7D Drizzle F. & L. Sabin
19 Apr 1995 51A Sprinkle Alfio Micci
24 Nov 1994 56A Pour Fran and Lou Sabin
7 Nov 1994 21A Parade stopper Randall J. Hartman
14 Oct 1994 20A Sprinkle Bob Sefick
28 May 1994 26A Pitter-patter, perhaps Gerald R. Ferguson
15 May 1994 30A Precipitate Charles M. Deber
3 Apr 1994 87D Classic play based on a Maugham tale Ernie Furtado

Here you get RAIN answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If RAIN will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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