REF is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for REF in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "REF" answer was first appeared in "7 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Foul caller (3)". It was authored by Eric Albert. Recently, the "REF" answer has been used for "3 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Flag thrower, informally". It was authored by Tracy Bennett. "REF" appeared 172 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "REF" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
3 Dec 2023 86D Flag thrower, informally Tracy Bennett
27 Nov 2023 30A One who keeps order on the court? Ricky J. Sirois
20 Sep 2023 55A One who cries “Foul!” Gina Turner
13 Aug 2023 110D One making calls, informally Manaal Mohammed
9 Jul 2023 73A Zebra Christina Iverson
28 Feb 2023 28A Soccer official, informally Gia Bosko
23 Jan 2023 37D Official with a whistle Adrian Johnson
12 Jan 2023 4D Certain whistle-blower Grant Thackray
14 Oct 2022 56D Card holder, maybe David Steinberg
12 Oct 2022 8D Expert with flags, perhaps Drew Schmenner
3 Oct 2022 47D Whistle blower Sarah Sinclair
7 Aug 2022 73D One calling a “T” Tina Labadie
26 Jul 2022 54A N.B.A. official Lillian Simpson
11 Jun 2022 7D Authority in the field, informally Sid Sivakumar
29 May 2022 89D Court figure, informally Daniel Bodily and Jeff Chen
12 May 2022 47A One who whistles while working? Ross Trudeau
11 May 2022 12A One with a whistle … who sometimes 1-Across? Michael Paleos
16 Jan 2022 74D “Zebra” Derrick Niederman
9 Aug 2021 29D One tweeting about football? Alex Eaton-Salners
7 Jul 2021 20A One who whistles while working Peter A. Collins
27 Jun 2021 37D One enforcing traveling rules Ross Trudeau and Lindsey Hobbs
3 May 2021 6D Official with a whistle Ross Trudeau
27 Mar 2021 30D One making a call Michael Hawkins
21 Mar 2021 101A Target of the heckle “What game are you watching?!” Julian Kwan
13 Jan 2021 38A Officiate, informally Matthew Stock
21 Dec 2020 30D Sports official, informally Sarah Keller and Derek Bowman
20 Dec 2020 111D One whistling while working in the Garden? Randolph Ross
8 Dec 2020 3D Arena arbiter, informally Enrique Henestroza Anguiano
8 Jun 2020 49A Whistleblower? Kyle Dolan
20 May 2020 5D Zebra, slangily Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
4 Jan 2020 22D One often accused of blindness Adam Aaronson
18 Dec 2019 13D Call, as a game Margaret Saine
16 May 2019 9A One to whom you might say “Boo!” Jeff Chen
14 May 2019 13D Yellow card issuer Damon Gulczynski
3 Apr 2019 3D One issuing red cards, for short Ross Trudeau
19 Mar 2019 22D Call, as a soccer game Daniel Larsen
6 Jan 2019 91D Flag thrower Zhouqin Burnikel
10 Sep 2018 9D Wearer of stripes on a court, informally Jacob Stulberg
30 Jul 2018 5D Official with a whistle, informally Gary Cee
24 Jun 2018 48D Sports arbiter Timothy Polin
4 May 2018 53A Not a team player Michael Hawkins
15 Nov 2017 1D TKO caller Steven E. Atwood
14 Nov 2017 64D One crying foul? Jerry Miccolis and Jeff Chen
22 Oct 2017 79A Call, as a game Tracy Gray
31 Aug 2017 34D Certain whistle blower Zachary Spitz
9 Mar 2017 23A Sports monitor, for short Jeremy Newton
13 Feb 2017 32D B-ball official Brent Sverdloff and Michael Blake
6 Feb 2017 13D Coin flipper at the Super Bowl, informally Andy Hinz
5 Dec 2016 57A Soccer official, for short Ned White
15 Jun 2016 39D Red card issuer, for short Jason Flinn
4 Apr 2016 39A Red or yellow card issuer David Kwong
21 Feb 2016 85D Flag thrower Patrick Berry
20 Feb 2016 41A Ruling body? James Mulhern
11 Nov 2015 25D Zebra at a Lions game, say David Steinberg
8 Nov 2015 98A One calling the shots, for short? Tracy Gray
8 Oct 2015 63D One calling the shots? Stu Ockman
22 Feb 2015 52A Flagman? Patrick Berry
3 Feb 2015 41D One counting to 10, maybe Joe Krozel
12 Oct 2014 81A Game warden? Pawel Fludzinski
14 Sep 2014 36D Call Tony Orbach and Patrick Blindauer
16 Mar 2014 8D Shot caller Jeremy Newton
16 Jan 2014 22A Bartlett’s, e.g. Elizabeth A. Long
22 Dec 2013 33A Make calls Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Nov 2013 21D Hoops official Kevin G. Der
22 Sep 2013 36D Play watcher Mike Selinker
9 Aug 2013 26A Play critic? Patrick Berry
29 Jul 2013 22D Boxing official Andrea Carla Michaels
4 Jul 2013 9D Whistle blower Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
27 May 2013 19D Wrestling official, briefly Doug Peterson
31 Mar 2013 50D Gridiron figure Caleb Madison
3 Dec 2012 46A Officiate a football game, informally Andrea Carla Michaels
4 Oct 2012 6D Dict., e.g. Bill Thompson
2 Oct 2012 1D One who knows what it means to travel Ethan Cooper
29 Aug 2012 31A Call a game Tony Orbach
13 Jul 2012 55D Target of fans’ scorn Jim Horne and Jeff Chen
5 Jul 2012 60D Zebra Ian Livengood
15 Apr 2012 99D Interference detector? Kevin G. Der
5 Apr 2012 51D Make some calls Elizabeth C. Gorski
22 Feb 2012 41D Zebra Karen Young Bonin
10 Feb 2012 40A Clock stopper, at times Barry C. Silk and Brad Wilber
18 Aug 2011 38A Call, in a way Kevan Choset
29 Jul 2011 47A Maker of calls Paula Gamache
16 Apr 2011 48A Ruling official Robert H. Wolfe
2 Apr 2011 35D O.E.D., e.g. Mark Diehl
28 Feb 2011 9D Official in a striped shirt Mike Buckley
12 Nov 2010 55A Expert on plays Barry C. Silk
15 Jun 2010 9D Whistle blower, in brief Jill Winslow
31 Jan 2010 10D Call, as a game Tony Orbach and Andrea Carla Michaels
16 Dec 2009 37D Foul caller David J. Kahn
3 Dec 2009 52A Call Matt Ginsberg and Pete Muller
28 Sep 2009 37A B-ball official Lynn Lempel
17 Aug 2009 60A Official with a whistle Mike Buckley
10 Aug 2009 23A N.B.A. official Paula Gamache
30 Jul 2009 59A Whistle blower Ashish Vengsarkar
10 May 2009 96A One who works while others play? Patrick Berry
4 May 2009 10D Fight adjudicator, for short Mark Milhet
5 Apr 2009 5D Zebra Charles Deber
5 Sep 2008 4D Fairness determiner Kevin G. Der
9 Dec 2007 56A Play analyzer Patrick Blindauer
9 Oct 2007 42D Hoops official Timothy Powell
15 May 2007 24A Official, informally John Halverson
9 Apr 2007 10D Ump J. K. Hummel
8 Nov 2006 58D Whistler, at times Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
1 Oct 2006 6D Call Ashish Vengsarkar
2 Aug 2006 29D Call the shots? Harvey Estes
19 Jul 2006 52A Dict., e.g. Alison Donald
19 Mar 2006 66A One making calls Michael Shteyman
23 Feb 2006 47A Call, as a game Todd McClary
31 Oct 2005 34A Whistle-blower on a court Jim Hyres
25 Sep 2005 61A TKO caller Matt Skoczen
30 Aug 2005 24A Whistle blower Leonard Williams
22 Aug 2005 64A B-ball official Lynn Lempel
26 May 2005 35A Fight stopper, at times David J. Kahn
4 Apr 2005 53A Person in a zebra-striped shirt, informally Christina Houlihan Kelly
27 Mar 2005 64D One whistling at athletes Con Pederson
27 Jan 2005 8D Ring figure Jim Hyres
21 Nov 2004 13D Officiate, briefly Kumar Balani
25 Oct 2004 10D Ump Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
3 Jul 2004 58D Make calls Eric Berlin
9 May 2004 96D Whistle blower, for short Charles M. Deber
3 Jan 2004 39A Expert on the rules James M. and James C. Jenista
11 Dec 2003 7D Ring figure, familiarly Ed Early
9 Dec 2003 13D Officiate Alan Arbesfeld
16 Nov 2003 10D One who may O.K. a KO Cathy Millhauser
25 Aug 2003 60A Whistle-blower? Craig Kasper
26 May 2003 5D Gridiron official, for short Lynn Lempel
23 Apr 2003 10A Sports “zebra” Gilbert H. Ludwig
16 Apr 2003 9D Call, as a game Elizabeth C. Gorski
30 Mar 2003 6D Make the calls Alan Arbesfeld
25 Sep 2002 7D Whistle-blower Tyler Hinman
23 Jun 2002 93D Coin flipper Eric Berlin
16 Jun 2002 81D Whistle-blower Manny Nosowsky
4 Dec 2001 32A Penalty declarer Michael Shteyman
12 Nov 2001 45A Gridiron official, for short Janice M. Putney
1 Nov 2001 1A Ring leader? Rich Norris
9 Sep 2001 76D One who cries foul? Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
19 Aug 2001 76D Call David J. Kahn
24 Jun 2001 112D Zebra Randolph Ross
23 Jun 2001 24D Webster’s or Bartlett’s David J. Kahn
21 Jun 2001 5D Official Peter Abide
14 May 2001 38D Striped shirt wearer Gregory E. Paul
16 Apr 2001 8D Striped official Peter Gordon
12 Jan 2001 50A Make calls Mark Diehl
10 Nov 2000 34A Field marshal? Bob Klahn
10 Sep 2000 37A Play analyzer Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Aug 2000 39A One with a match? David J. Kahn
28 Jul 2000 46A Fight figure Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
11 Jul 2000 5D Whistle blower Nick Grivas and Nancy Salomon
29 Jun 2000 36D Foul caller Robert H. Wolfe
12 Mar 2000 15D One who cries foul? Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 Dec 1999 2D Person who whistles Robert O. Dillman
17 Nov 1999 46A Flag thrower Fred Piscop
29 Jul 1999 30D One in a corner? David J. Kahn
23 Jun 1999 29D Striped shirt wearer Alan Olschwang
15 Jun 1999 52A Ump Stephanie Spadaccini
4 May 1998 49D Game official Hugh Davis
22 Jan 1998 4D Make the calls Patrick Jordan
12 Oct 1997 9D Call, in a way Nancy Salomon
29 Sep 1997 39D Third man in the ring Randy Sowell
28 Oct 1996 7D N.B.A. official R. Norris
1 Jul 1996 49D Ump S. Spadaccini
19 May 1996 13D Officiate C. M. Deber
22 Feb 1996 9D Ring official C. Deodene
17 Nov 1995 43A 1994 Judy Davis film, with “The” Fran & Lou Sabin
6 Nov 1995 4D Ump Roger H. Courtney
11 May 1995 51A One in the middle of a fight Wayne Robert Williams
23 Jul 1994 32D Third man in a ring Randolph Ross
20 Apr 1994 32D Person in stripes Walter Webb
7 Mar 1994 9D Ring leader? Alex K. Justin
6 Feb 1994 49A Person with a whistle Arthur S. Verdesca
2 Jan 1994 112A One who wears stripes Brian G. Tyler
7 Dec 1993 9D Foul caller Eric Albert

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