RYES is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for RYES in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "RYES" answer was first appeared in "9 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Bar orders". It was authored by Mel Rosen. Recently, the "RYES" answer has been used for "6 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Hard drinks similar to bourbons". It was authored by Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Some whiskeys (10)". "RYES" appeared 103 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "RYES" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
6 Dec 2023 13D Hard drinks similar to bourbons Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight
10 Nov 2023 33D Manhattan options Kate Hawkins
24 Aug 2023 19D Bartender’s stock Robin Yu
16 Aug 2023 42D Some loaves Mangesh Ghogre and Brendan Emmett Quigley
23 Feb 2023 68A Some bar stock Joe Deeney
23 Dec 2022 13D Old-fashioned options Brandon Koppy
12 Sep 2022 56D Some loaves or whiskeys Michael Lieberman
13 Feb 2022 47D Some breads David Steinberg
26 Sep 2021 24A Some whiskeys Priyanka Sethy and Matthew Stock
14 May 2021 22A Old Forester and Old Overholt offerings Yacob Yonas
2 Oct 2020 60A “Seeded” or “unseeded” grocery choices Debbie Ellerin
16 Sep 2020 36D Choices at bakeries and liquor stores Paul Coulter
10 Sep 2020 51D Stock at a saloon David J. Kahn
28 Jul 2020 40A Some whiskeys Ross Trudeau
1 Jun 2020 72A Some whiskeys Erik Agard
14 Apr 2019 97A Some breads … or a homophone for what bread loaves do Will Nediger
1 Feb 2019 57A Some loaves Ori Brian
28 Jul 2018 60A Kvass grains Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
22 Jul 2018 93D Some Crown Royal offerings Patrick Merrell
22 May 2018 44D Bakery loaves Jeff Stillman
24 Apr 2018 31D Deli loaves Peter Gordon
13 Feb 2018 72A Some hard drinks Bruce Haight
29 Oct 2017 97D Loafs around a deli? Ross Trudeau
12 Oct 2017 34A Lickers Alex Eaton-Salners
26 Mar 2017 129A Wild Turkey and Jim Beam Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen
3 Sep 2016 10A Bread and drink Damon Gulczynski
23 Nov 2014 111D Jim Beam and Wild Turkey Patrick Berry
12 Aug 2014 31D Bartender’s stock Robyn Weintraub
9 Mar 2014 43D Some loaves Brendan Emmett Quigley
16 Nov 2013 55D Certain spirits David Steinberg
14 Jul 2013 66D Bar selections Daniel A. Finan
3 Jul 2013 17A Jim Beam and others Pamela Klawitter
16 Jun 2013 117A Some deli buys Mel Rosen
12 Mar 2013 13D Some whiskeys Bruce Sutphin and Neville Fogarty
14 Aug 2012 60D Some deli loaves Ian Livengood
24 Jul 2012 22A Some loaves Andrew Marc Greene
21 May 2012 29D Some whiskeys Ian Livengood
4 Nov 2011 26A Some distillery products Patrick Berry
20 Jun 2011 58D Deli loaves Lynn Lempel
15 May 2011 43A Some whiskeys Cathy Allis
7 Feb 2011 31A Seedy loaves Lynn Lempel
15 Mar 2010 36D Dark loaves Fred Piscop
14 Mar 2010 88D Deli supplies Caleb Madison
12 Nov 2009 23D Some breads Brendan Emmett Quigley
6 Aug 2009 56D Some whiskeys Dan Naddor
5 Jul 2009 80A Certain grains Tony Orbach and Amy Reynaldo
20 Jan 2009 64A Bakery loaves Tim Wescott
19 Jan 2009 30D Loaves with seeds Tracey Snyder
24 Sep 2008 22A Some Jim Beam quaffs Lynn Lempel
24 Jul 2008 54D Bar stock Matt Ginsberg
19 Jan 2008 56A Jim Beam and others David J. Kahn
30 May 2007 13D Deli loaves Mike Nothnagel
31 May 2006 28A Dark loaves Trip Payne
30 May 2006 63A Bar bottles Patrick Merrell
15 Mar 2006 58A Alternatives to pumpernickels Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
12 Feb 2006 51A Canadian Club and others Manny Nosowsky
15 Aug 2005 46A Deli loaves Lynn Lempel
16 Jul 2005 26D Saloon stock Michael Shteyman
13 Apr 2005 42A Tavern offerings Allan E. Parrish
24 Oct 2004 116A Russet-colored liquors Patrick Berry
7 Sep 2004 70A Some loaves Sarah Keller
2 Sep 2004 51A Deli wares David J. Kahn
29 Aug 2004 63D Some are Jewish Manny Nosowsky
16 Aug 2004 45A Seeded loaves Joy C. Frank
15 Mar 2004 58D Deli loaves Patrick Merrell
7 Sep 2003 25D Bakery selections Alan Arbesfeld
22 Jul 2003 28D Some whiskeys Steven Kahn
31 Oct 2002 63D Some bar supplies Dave and Diane Epperson
4 Apr 2002 48D Dark loaves Trip Payne
27 Mar 2002 55D Some whiskeys Sarah Keller
21 Jan 2002 67A Delicatessen loaves Peter Gordon
26 Jun 2001 59D Whiskeys Stephen Windheim
21 Feb 2001 24A Bar choices Karen Hodge
18 Feb 2001 67D Bakery selections David J. Kahn
8 Nov 2000 61D They may be seeded Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Oct 2000 53A Tavern supplies Nick Grivas
4 Jun 2000 117A Bakery offerings Martin Schneider
21 Mar 2000 55D Cereal grasses Nick Grivas
13 Feb 2000 41A Bar selections Bill Zais
25 Jan 2000 32D Whiskey choices William S. Cotter
23 Nov 1999 15A Deli breads Nancy Salomon
5 Oct 1999 70A 5-Down loaves Stephanie Spadaccini
19 Aug 1999 70A Bar selection Cathy Millhauser
12 Nov 1998 27A Bread and whisky David J. Kahn
19 May 1998 64D Whiskies William S. Cotter
20 Jan 1998 47A Certain grains Randall J. Hartman
21 Nov 1997 39D Bar selections Chuck Deodene
31 Oct 1997 22A Bread and drink Matt Gaffney
29 Oct 1997 59D Deli loaves Kelly Clark
14 Aug 1997 28A They may be seeded David J. Kahn
2 Apr 1997 60D Whiskies Mark Elliot Skolsky
10 Feb 1997 24A Deli loaves S. Burns
7 Jan 1997 31D Deli loaves J. Schmalzbach
16 Jun 1996 46A Bakery selection N. N. Joline
24 Dec 1995 100D Bartender’s bottles Frances Hansen
20 Aug 1995 114D Deli selections Cathy Millhauser
29 Mar 1995 53D They may be seeded Manny Nosowsky
4 Jul 1994 59A Some whiskeys Joel Davajan
19 Jun 1994 88D Some whiskies Nancy Scandrett Ross
13 May 1994 15D Baker’s offerings Randolph Ross
2 Mar 1994 71A Bread grains Jonathan Schmatzbach
22 Feb 1994 18D Package-store wares Fred Piscop
9 Jan 1994 43A Bar orders Mel Rosen

Here you get RYES answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If RYES will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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