STEAL is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for STEAL in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "STEAL" answer was first appeared in "12 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Bargain for a burglar?". It was authored by Cathy Millhauser. Recently, the "STEAL" answer has been used for "4 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Abscond with". It was authored by Sean Ziebarth. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Super bargain (9)". "STEAL" appeared 82 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "STEAL" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
4 Dec 2023 1A Abscond with Sean Ziebarth
25 Jun 2023 35A Great garage sale find John Westwig
26 Dec 2022 31D Thieve Kurt Weller
30 Nov 2022 37A Embezzle, e.g. Addison Snell
10 Aug 2022 1A Quite the bargain Karen Lurie
24 Jul 2022 26D It’s a huge deal Jessie Trudeau and Ross Trudeau
15 Apr 2022 49A Appropriate Trenton Charlson
19 Jul 2021 43A Total bargain Stephanie Lesser
3 Apr 2021 59A Mistake? Peter A. Collins
1 Feb 2021 56A Rob Soleil Saint-Cyr
29 Dec 2020 11D Super bargain Matthew Trout
4 Sep 2020 45D Lift Brian Thomas
10 Sep 2019 65A Daring base runner’s goal Ethan Cooper
7 Nov 2018 52D Total bargain Timothy Polin
28 May 2018 30A Super bargain Alex Eaton-Salners
10 Dec 2017 6D Cop Erik Agard and Laura Braunstein
21 Oct 2016 19A Take home, perhaps? Martin Ashwood-Smith
25 Sep 2016 43A Sign from a third base coach, say Jim Holland and Jeff Chen
21 Apr 2016 6D Take home … in more ways than one? Alex Bajcz
2 Nov 2015 49D Run to second while the pitcher isn’t looking, say Loren Muse Smith and Andrea Carla Michaels
19 Jan 2015 56D Sneak (in) Jean O’Conor
22 Aug 2014 32A Cop Sam Ezersky
7 May 2014 43A Diamond datum Kurt Mueller
20 Mar 2014 29A Super bargain Victor Barocas
24 Sep 2013 37A Base runner’s attempt Kevin Christian
12 Jun 2013 12D Make off with Todd Gross
4 May 2013 33A It’s marked way down Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber
3 Oct 2012 33D Fantastic bargain Gary Cee
18 Jan 2012 57D Item at a 95% markdown, say Chris Handman
31 Jul 2011 68D Big bargain Pamela Klawitter
11 Jun 2010 37A Signal from the third base coach, maybe John Dunn
12 Apr 2010 30D Super bargain Ian Livengood
19 Sep 2009 6A At least it’s a real bargain Mel Taub
3 May 2008 49A Bargain Patrick Berry
2 May 2008 41D Diamond datum Barry C. Silk
18 Dec 2007 10D Incredible bargain Alan Arbesfeld
16 Aug 2007 17A Super bargain Alan Arbesfeld
4 Feb 2007 74A Palm, say Paul Guttormsson
11 Aug 2006 47D Take second, e.g. Patrick Merrell
4 Dec 2005 137A Lift Eric Berlin and Craig Kasper
8 Mar 2005 5A Great buy, slangily Deb Amlen
14 Oct 2004 40A Diamond datum Mike Sikowitz
9 Aug 2004 17A Pilfer M. Francis Vuolo
5 Aug 2004 29A Pinch Seth Abel
28 Jul 2004 63A Baseball datum Mark Elliot Skolsky
6 Jun 2004 1D Super bargain Patrick Merrell
14 Jan 2004 41D Super bargain Fred Piscop
9 Mar 2003 45D Appropriate Patrick Berry
4 Mar 2003 4D Hoops turnover Alan Arbesfeld
14 Feb 2003 35A Pocket M. Francis Vuolo
11 Nov 2002 44A Excellent buy Gregory E. Paul
20 Jul 2002 58A Shopper’s delight Dana Motley
13 Nov 2001 1A Great buy Nancy Salomon and Bob Peoples
2 Oct 2001 19A Super bargain Richard Hughes
25 Jul 2001 5D Super bargain Richard Hughes
26 Mar 2001 1A Rustle, as cattle Gregory E. Paul
17 Jul 2000 4D Great buy Mitch Komro
27 Feb 2000 20D Pocket Harvey Estes
19 Feb 2000 51A Diamond datum Rich Norris
12 Feb 2000 34D Lift Dave Tuller
25 Dec 1999 29A Lift John Scott Marrone
6 Dec 1999 62A Base runner’s achievement Gregory E. Paul
29 Aug 1999 116A Quite a bargain Lou and Fran Sabin
30 May 1999 29A Great bargain Cathy Millhauser
11 Dec 1998 7D Plagiarize Joe DiPietro
23 Oct 1998 20A Exceptional deal Manny Nosowsky
23 May 1998 23A Creep Rich Norris
16 May 1998 49A Crib Jim Page
3 Nov 1997 55D Pilfer Stephanie Spadaccini
15 Jun 1997 56A Go quietly Karen Hodge
9 Mar 1997 39A Take the wrong way? June Boggs
14 Jan 1997 26A Incredible bargain E. C. Gorski
10 Oct 1996 42A Start of a fast break, often D. J. Kahn
8 Jun 1996 27A Misappropriate M. Shenk
5 Apr 1996 48A Quite a bargain J. Page
11 Jan 1996 25A Base runner’s feat B. Jorgensen
26 Oct 1995 14A Pocket Jim Page
29 Jul 1995 23A Quite a bargain Charles E. Gersch
19 Sep 1994 44A Rob Wayne Robert Williams
4 Sep 1994 1D Unbelievable bargain Wayne Robert Williams
22 Feb 1994 28A Better than a bargain Fred Piscop
12 Dec 1993 40D Bargain for a burglar? Cathy Millhauser

Here you get STEAL answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If STEAL will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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