TENT is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for TENT in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "TENT" answer was first appeared in "3 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Home on the range". It was authored by Sidney L. Robbins. Recently, the "TENT" answer has been used for "7 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Camp sight (3)". It was authored by Rebecca Goldstein. "TENT" appeared 104 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "TENT" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
7 Dec 2023 62A Camp sight Rebecca Goldstein
11 Jun 2023 91D Camp sight Sam Ezersky
15 Apr 2023 24D It may have a mess in the Army Kameron Austin Collins
17 Jan 2023 14D Collapsible camping gear Erika Ettin
3 Nov 2022 53D Bazaar sight Chase Dittrich and Jeff Chen
10 Aug 2022 58D Something to pitch Karen Lurie
4 Jul 2022 19D Protection for an outdoor reception Bruce Haight
5 Jun 2022 116D Billowy dress style Christina Iverson and Katie Hale
15 Jan 2022 49A Something you might raise a flap about Sam Ezersky
9 Dec 2021 12D You might have a stake in this Alexander Liebeskind
3 Jan 2021 29A Outdoor wedding rental Paolo Pasco
27 May 2020 37D Rental for an outdoor reception Chris A. McGlothlin
28 Apr 2020 36A Shelter by a campfire Joel Fagliano
22 Apr 2020 59D Mobile home? Jules Markey
7 Jan 2019 23A Circus enclosure Andrew Kingsley
28 Oct 2018 36D Camping need Erik Agard
18 Oct 2018 52D Fair sight Erik Agard
25 Jul 2018 68A Circus site Emily Carroll
31 Jan 2017 29A Scout’s shelter Neil Padrick Wilson
22 Jan 2017 112D Bedouin shelter Dan Schoenholz
29 Oct 2015 63D Part of a hobo city Sam Trabucco
6 Oct 2015 56D Carnival cover Zhouqin Burnikel
6 Jul 2015 66A Camp shelter Lynn Lempel
1 Jul 2015 67A Something that has low stakes? Ned White
29 Jun 2015 38D Circus structure Todd Gross and Andrea Carla Michaels
25 May 2015 13D Protection for an outdoor wedding Jennifer Nutt
6 Apr 2015 11D Something a camper pitches Finn Vigeland
1 Jul 2014 40D Collapsible shelter Gary Cee
5 Jan 2014 131D Backpack item Alan DerKazarian
11 Aug 2013 56D Festival setup Dan Schoenholz
28 Jun 2013 40A Lodging for a night out? Ian Livengood and Brad Wilber
25 Oct 2012 48A Fair sight Caleb Rasmussen
27 May 2012 111A Fair sight Byron Walden
18 Sep 2011 68D A big flap may be made about this Josh Knapp
7 Sep 2011 6D Oxygen ___ Jim Hilger
15 May 2011 112D Big top, e.g. Cathy Allis
18 Apr 2011 60D Camper’s shelter James Tuttle
30 Jun 2010 59D Camper’s carry-along Kristian House
24 May 2010 60A Circus shelter Bob Johnson
17 Mar 2010 64A Rental for an outdoor reception Patrick Merrell
30 Nov 2008 108D Setting for many a reception Richard Silvestri
29 Nov 2008 3D Safari setup Barry C. Silk
22 Jul 2008 31D Sherpa shelter Lynn Lempel
8 Jun 2008 35A It’s pitched Will Nediger
31 May 2008 39D Cot spot Robert H. Wolfe
13 Dec 2007 31D Item packed by a mountain climber John Farmer
29 Nov 2007 58D Roomy dress Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Apr 2007 70A Revival setting Bette Sue Cohen
29 Jan 2007 16A Camp shelter Fred Piscop
14 Jan 2007 86A Fair shelter Harvey Estes
29 Oct 2006 114A Outdoor wedding rental Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Aug 2006 14A Cot locale Kevan Choset
19 Oct 2005 69A Backpack item, maybe Levi Denham
17 Aug 2005 17A Something to pitch Kyle Mahowald
18 Apr 2005 55D Campsite sight Robert Dillman
17 Oct 2004 90A Exhibition area Manny Nosowsky
1 Oct 2004 35D Mountain climber’s equipment Bob Peoples
14 May 2004 39D You might have a stake in it Robert H. Wolfe
3 May 2004 67A Camper’s cover Gregory E. Paul
2 Nov 2003 109D Wedding reception rental Elizabeth C. Gorski
6 Sep 2003 48D Dress without a waistline David J. Kahn
23 Mar 2003 114A One up all night at camp? Con Pederson
5 Jan 2003 59D It’s pitched Elizabeth C. Gorski
14 Oct 2002 70A Circus sight Gregory E. Paul
5 Oct 2002 9D Nomadic home Donald E. West
27 Aug 2002 69A Campsite sight Denise M. Neuendorf
28 Jul 2002 13D Fair sight Nelson Hardy
20 Jul 2002 50D Carnival sight Dana Motley
29 May 2002 13D Carnival sight Alan Olschwang
27 Feb 2002 44D Fair spot Brendan Emmett Quigley
18 Feb 2002 37D Circus site Philip Lew
6 Nov 2001 56D Pitched item Denise Neuendorf
19 Oct 2001 30D Canvas Joe DiPietro
2 Aug 2001 11D Thing to have a stake in Bruce F. Adams
28 Jul 2001 52D It may be pitched Rich Norris
21 Jul 2001 23A See 53-Across Mark Diehl
29 Jun 2001 6D Netting site Holden Baker
15 May 2001 41A Jamboree shelter Jon Delfin
27 Mar 2001 18D Campsite sight Sherry O. Blackard
17 Oct 2000 55D Camping gear Peter Gordon
2 May 2000 30D Fair sight Manny Nosowsky
30 Apr 2000 110D Mobile home? Cathy Millhauser
28 Jan 2000 36D Safari equipment Manny Nosowsky and Martin Ashwood-Smith
5 Sep 1999 110D Carnival sight Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Sep 1999 58D Oxygen ___ Joe DiPietro
3 Jun 1999 64A Red Cross shelter Frances Hansen
11 Apr 1999 48A It may be pitched Matt Gaffney
5 Jan 1999 37A Place for a revival Lyell Rodieck
16 Nov 1998 69A Jamboree shelter Nancy Salomon and Bob Frank
26 May 1998 68A Smaller cousin of 67-Across Jonathan Schmalzbach
11 Jan 1998 26A Reception site, maybe Nancy Joline and Peg Conner
2 Nov 1997 53A Oktoberfest sight Nancy Nicholson Joline
17 Jun 1997 55D Camp shelter Robert Zimmerman
29 Mar 1997 60A Intensive care room sight Fran and Lou Sabin
10 Dec 1996 42D Camp sight D. Niles
20 Oct 1996 108D Oxygen ___ R. Ross
9 Jul 1996 54D Bivouac shelter Jonathan Schmatzbach
28 Jun 1996 21A Camping equipment D. J. Kahn
15 Feb 1996 56D Scout shelter Matt Gaffney
12 Nov 1995 112D Caterpillar construction Randolph Ross
17 Sep 1995 91D Part of a backpacker’s pack Stanley Newman
22 May 1995 13D Camp shelter Gregory E. Paul
10 Jan 1994 35D Caterpillar construction Randolph Ross
3 Jan 1994 19A Home on the range Sidney L. Robbins

Here you get TENT answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If TENT will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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