AAA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for AAA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "AAA" answer was first appeared in "3 Apr 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Battery size (11)". It was authored by Ernie Furtado. Recently, the "AAA" answer has been used for "24 Sep 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Org. at the front of a phone book". It was authored by Joel Fagliano and Christina Iverson. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Battery size (11)". "AAA" appeared 210 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "AAA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
24 Sep 2023 93A Org. at the front of a phone book Joel Fagliano and Christina Iverson
10 Aug 2023 28A Excellent credit rating Natan Last and the J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
11 May 2023 52A Like some minor-league baseball Sheldon Polonsky
23 Mar 2023 36D Driver’s org. David Kwong
9 Mar 2023 41A Org. that sells large batteries, ironically Simeon Seigel
22 Feb 2023 11D Small battery Adam Wagner
25 Sep 2022 100A League designation for the Durham Bulls and Salt Lake Bees Meghan Morris
31 Jul 2022 109D Inits. on the road Jesse Goldberg
8 May 2022 92A Big tower, for short? Matthew Stock and Chandi Deitmer
3 Jan 2022 32A Minor-league level Beth Rubin and Trent H. Evans
14 Jul 2021 19A They can help you get out of a rut, for short Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
13 Jun 2021 70D Iowa Cubs baseball classification Stephen McCarthy
19 May 2021 31A Small battery type Ashish Vengsarkar
7 Mar 2021 10D Letters on many towers Celeste Watts and Jeff Chen
29 Oct 2020 44A Like some minor-league baseball Kurt Weller
22 Aug 2020 54D Small cell Trenton Charlson
1 Jun 2020 55A Grp. that might give you a hand on the shoulder? Erik Agard
22 Feb 2020 17A Energizer choice Trenton Charlson
16 Dec 2019 44D Grp. to call for a tow Howard Barkin and Kevin Christian
9 Dec 2019 44A Like some batteries and baseball leagues Ellis Hay
2 Dec 2019 58D High bond rating Lynn Lempel
19 Nov 2019 17A Roadside assistance org. Ross Trudeau
17 Nov 2019 66D Small power source Randolph Ross
15 May 2019 27D Small battery Zhouqin Burnikel
22 Apr 2019 21A Motorists’ org. Bruce Haight
15 Mar 2019 28A Source of a motel discount, in brief Jamey Smith
16 Jan 2019 31A Club with travel advice, for short Bruce Haight
8 Jan 2019 47A Good rating for a bond Freddie Cheng
24 Dec 2018 38A Battery for a remote Brendan Emmett Quigley
12 Nov 2018 40A Grp. to call to get a tow Kathy Bloomer
17 Oct 2018 22D Designation for the Buffalo Bisons and the Durham Bulls Patrick Blindauer and Tony Orbach
26 Sep 2018 43A Battery size Melinda Gates and Joel Fagliano
12 Sep 2018 56A Org. that monitors gas prices Jeffrey Wechsler
2 Sep 2018 53A Like baseball’s Durham Bulls Tom McCoy
20 May 2018 32A Org. for drivers Will Nediger
4 May 2018 39D Org. found early in the phone book Michael Hawkins
3 Apr 2018 65A Tow job provider, in brief Damon Gulczynski
28 Mar 2018 23A Org. to call for a jump-start Peter Gordon
18 Mar 2018 49D Strong bond? Daniel Raymon
7 Mar 2018 21A Like the baseball of the New Orleans Baby Cakes Natan Last, Andy Kravis and the J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
5 Mar 2018 55A Motorists’ org. Lynn Lempel
25 Dec 2017 59D Motorists’ org. Lynn Lempel
4 Nov 2017 23A Big tower letters Michael Shteyman
2 Nov 2017 25A Car decal abbr. Peter Sagal and Mike Selinker
4 Sep 2017 2D Smallish battery Tracy Gray
1 Aug 2017 21A Duracell designation Jay Kaskel
23 Jul 2017 105A Like the Salt Lake Bees baseball team Caleb Madison
14 Jul 2017 26A S.&P. rating Patrick Berry
22 May 2017 54A Like baseball’s Pacific Coast League Gary Kennedy
29 Apr 2017 52D Strong, as a bond Martin Ashwood-Smith
28 Apr 2017 29A Org. since 1902 with 50+ million members David Steinberg
20 Mar 2017 46D Drivers’ org. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Andrea Carla Michaels
26 Feb 2017 107A Baseball league for the Salt Lake Bees Josh Knapp
13 Feb 2017 43A Battery for a TV remote Brent Sverdloff and Michael Blake
21 Aug 2016 58A Highly rated bond Kathy Matheson and Jeff Chen
7 Jul 2016 30A It might give you a lift, briefly Joel Elkins and Andrea Carla Michaels
5 Jun 2016 58D Org. with an emergency number Tom McCoy
19 May 2016 41A Motorist’s aid, for short Morton J. Mendelson
10 Apr 2016 10D Top of the minors Randolph Ross
12 Jan 2016 63A Towing org. Zhouqin Burnikel
27 Dec 2015 60A Travel info source, for short Don Gagliardo and Zhouqin Burnikel
8 Dec 2015 2D Small battery Neville Fogarty
21 Sep 2015 41A Towing co. name near the start of the Yellow Pages Bruce Haight
6 Sep 2015 6D Roadside assistance org. Patrick Berry
4 Aug 2015 33A Battery type Joel Fagliano
30 Jul 2015 42A Like some baseball Brendan Emmett Quigley
22 Jun 2015 60D Roadside assistance org. Joel Fagliano
10 May 2015 119A Battery size Jacob Stulberg
3 May 2015 72A High-level, as a farm team Dan Schoenholz
29 Apr 2015 45A Not quite the majors Daniel Landman
9 Apr 2015 30A Notable tower, for short Jacob Stulberg
23 Aug 2014 57A Like a great bod Timothy Polin
4 Aug 2014 45D Baseball designation one step below Major League Joel Fagliano
3 Aug 2014 41A Motor grp. Ian Livengood
9 Jul 2014 39D Top-rated Bruce Haight
22 Feb 2014 28A Small cell Evan Birnholz
7 Jan 2014 48A Like some baseball teams and batteries Mark Bickham
3 Dec 2013 23A Toledo Mud Hens’ class Phil Ruzbarsky
10 Sep 2013 39A Best rating at Moody’s Zhouqin Burnikel
4 Sep 2013 14A Baseball club designation Joel Fagliano
6 Jun 2013 45D Little battery James Tuttle
24 May 2013 32D Moody’s rating Joe Krozel
8 May 2013 14A Wall St. rating Bruce Venzke
22 Apr 2013 14A Designation for some batteries and minor-leaguers Allan E. Parrish
21 Apr 2013 55A Itty-bitty battery Jonah Kagan
19 Mar 2013 42A Letters on a motel sign Mike Buckley
31 Dec 2012 44A Towing org. Jeffrey Harris
30 Dec 2012 111A Its employees might have jumper cables: Abbr. Steve Savoy
9 Dec 2012 55D Minor-league classification Patrick Berry
8 Nov 2012 23D Best, in some rating systems Damon J. Gulczynski
6 Nov 2012 69D Like some baseball teams Erik Agard
23 Oct 2012 38A Like some highly-rated bonds Jules P. Markey
4 Jun 2012 16A Kind of baseball or battery John R. O’Brien
8 Nov 2011 10D Small battery Scott Atkinson
2 Aug 2011 34D Energizer letters Albert R. Picallo
15 May 2011 99A Like some baseball teams Cathy Allis
12 Apr 2011 55D Small battery size Barry C. Silk
31 Dec 2010 26A Org. with towers Caleb Madison
4 Nov 2010 11A Rte. suggester Mike Nothnagel
17 Oct 2010 4D Prominent tower, for short Patrick Blindauer
15 Sep 2010 36A Little battery Zoe Wheeler, Brown University ’12
18 May 2010 62A Battery for many penlights Peter A. Collins
12 May 2010 65D Org. with a sign at many motels Pete Muller
7 Feb 2010 110A Battery size Patrick Berry
20 Dec 2009 50A Battery option Alan Arbesfeld
16 Nov 2009 43A Battery for a camera or phone James Mulhern and Ashton Anderson
9 Nov 2009 41A Motorists’ org. Lynn Lempel
18 Oct 2009 72A Like a bond you can buy with security? Elizabeth C. Gorski
6 Oct 2009 47A “___ approved” (motel sign) Matt Ginsberg
25 Jun 2009 43D Like some baseball teams Bill Zais
29 Mar 2009 73A Fine rating Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Mar 2009 58D Battery size Pancho Harrison
1 Mar 2009 110D It’s below the majors Robert W. Harris
16 Nov 2008 99A Trip-planning org. Merl Reagle
27 Aug 2008 55D Rte. suggester Donna Hoke Kahwaty
19 Aug 2008 30D Fine bond rating Harriet Clifton
19 Jun 2008 43A One step from the majors Joe Krozel
3 Jun 2008 60D Tow-providing org. Pete Muller
26 May 2008 43D Org. that helps with tow service Mark Sherwood
18 May 2008 87D Excellent debt rating Brendan Emmett Quigley
12 May 2008 38A Duracell size Randall J. Hartman
6 Apr 2008 51A Battery type Daniel C. Bryant
30 Mar 2008 83A Penlight battery size Paula Gamache
30 Oct 2007 44A Motel-discount grp. Gary Steinmehl
11 Oct 2007 62D Top bond rating E. J. Platt
16 Sep 2007 43A TripTik provider: Abbr. Mike Nothnagel
13 Sep 2007 20A Highest bond rating Joe Krozel & Victor Fleming
28 Aug 2007 46A Drivers’ org. Linda Schechet Tucker
2 Aug 2007 44A Common car decal Robert Dillman
21 Jul 2007 32A Jump provider: Abbr. Raymond C. Young
9 Jul 2007 11D Tiny battery type Peter A. Collins
26 Jun 2007 48A Motorists’ org. Ray Fontenot
13 May 2007 101A Battery size Jim Page
15 Mar 2007 26D Kind of battery Michael Shteyman
5 Nov 2006 28D Bond rating Derrick Niederman
24 Oct 2006 49A Small battery size Gail Grabowski
24 Sep 2006 63A Energizer or Duracell option Mark Diehl and Kevin McCann
9 Aug 2006 57D Bumper sticker letters Maxwell H. D. Johnson Jr.
30 Jul 2006 91A Very narrow, in a way Victor Fleming and Bonnie L. Gentry
28 Feb 2006 15A Small battery Jim Hyres
26 Feb 2006 49A Trip planning org. Randolph Ross
6 Feb 2006 33A Motorist’s org. Sheldon Benardo
12 Jan 2006 61D Tiny battery Kyle Mahowald
8 Nov 2005 12D Battery size Gail Grabowski and Nancy Salomon
24 Oct 2005 51A Motorists’ org. Lynn Lempel
14 Aug 2005 67D Baseball club designation Patrick Merrell
15 May 2005 84A Battery designation Patrick Berry
28 Apr 2005 26A High bond rating Elizabeth C. Gorski
5 Apr 2005 25A Rte. recommenders Harvey Estes
13 Mar 2005 85D Org. with an emergency no. Patrick Merrell
2 Mar 2005 24A Travelers’ org. James M. Jenista and Dana McLemore
29 Sep 2004 35A Like very narrow shoes Verna Suit
28 Sep 2004 37A Battery type Nancy Kavanaugh
21 Sep 2004 53A Org. that helps with motel discounts Andrea Carla Michaels
13 Sep 2004 50A Motorists’ grp. Jay Giess
6 Jun 2004 25A Drivers’ org. Patrick Merrell
1 May 2004 16A It may get you out of a rut: Abbr. Byron Walden
20 Apr 2004 40A Clue to 20- and 55-Across and 11- and 29-Down Allan E. Parrish
15 Jan 2004 52A Driver’s aid: Abbr. Patrick Merrell
8 Oct 2003 8D Jump-offering org. Peter Sarrett
4 Aug 2003 61D Battery size Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
15 Jul 2003 42A Battery size Harvey Estes
9 Jul 2003 31D Driver’s aid: Abbr. Patrick Merrell
4 May 2003 54A Hwy. helpers Tyler Hinman
27 Apr 2003 108D Battery size Jon Delfin
8 Oct 2002 44D Directions-giving org. Sherry O. Blackard
19 Sep 2002 66D Minor-league Randolph Ross
11 Apr 2002 2D Battery type Greg Staples
14 Jan 2002 22A Motorist’s org. Michael Shteyman
23 Oct 2001 38D Tiny battery Leonard Williams
1 Jun 2001 25D Towers, at times: Abbr. Brendan Emmett Quigley
9 Jan 2001 35A Bumper sticker letters Nick Grivas
16 Dec 2000 20A It may give you a jump: Abbr. Jim Page
12 Dec 2000 50A Roadside rescuers: Abbr. Nick Grivas
10 Dec 2000 31A Distress call recipient: Abbr. Rich Norris
15 Oct 2000 70D Org. that aids the stranded Patrick Berry
16 Sep 2000 52A This may give you gas: Abbr. Robert H. Wolfe
6 Aug 2000 89A Like a good bond Manny Nosowsky
6 Jul 2000 64D Trip planner: Abbr. Patrick Berry
12 Jun 2000 7D Car owners’ org. Andrea C. Michaels
16 Mar 2000 50D Battery size Peter Gordon
22 Nov 1999 57A Motorists’ org. Frances Hansen
31 Oct 1999 124A Roadside jumpers: Abbr. Frank A. Longo
30 Jul 1999 19A They can help you get started: Abbr. John Wolting
18 Jul 1999 55A Battery type Nancy Nicholson Joline
14 Feb 1999 45D Battery type Elizabeth Gorski
12 Feb 1999 35A Cell call recipient, often: Abbr. Joe DiPietro
23 Nov 1998 42A Org. that gets members reduced motel rates Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 Sep 1998 35D Motorists’ org. Thomas W. Schier
27 Sep 1998 72A Frequent direction givers: Abbr. Randolph Ross
23 Jun 1998 53A Motorists’ org. Rich Norris
7 Jun 1998 96A Bond rating Randolph Ross
14 Feb 1998 36A Penlight battery Mark Diehl
11 Feb 1998 24A Motorists’ org. Nancy S. Ross
7 Jan 1998 27A Highly rated Bob Klahn
17 Dec 1997 28A Moody’s best Michael S. Maurer
21 Sep 1997 65A Tour-planning org. Mike Shenk
24 Aug 1997 86D Good bond rating Michael S. Maurer
19 Mar 1997 48D Motel approver, briefly Trip Payne
19 Jan 1997 85A Prominent tower B. Klahn
17 Jan 1997 30A Drivers’ aid, for short B. Klahn
4 Dec 1996 21A Driver’s club, for short M. E. Skolsky
3 Sep 1996 9D Bond rating Andrew Goldstein
2 Sep 1996 65D Motorists’ org. F. Piscop
17 Mar 1996 58D Excellent bond rating P. O’Gordon
19 Jun 1995 59D Auto club letters Gregory E. Paul
9 May 1995 24A Auto club letters Gregory E. Paul
26 Feb 1995 57A Battery type Fred Piscop
10 Jun 1994 32A Motorists’ org. Wayne Robert Williams
3 Apr 1994 79A Battery size Ernie Furtado

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