AAH is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for AAH in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "AAH" answer was first appeared in "15 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "“Say ___” (2)". It was authored by Jonathan Schmatzbach. Recently, the "AAH" answer has been used for "30 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "“I’m in heaven!” sound". It was authored by Jeffrey Martinovic and Jeff Chen. "AAH" appeared 138 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "AAH" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
30 Nov 2023 65D “I’m in heaven!” sound Jeffrey Martinovic and Jeff Chen
21 Nov 2023 44D “That feels so-o-o good!” Kevin Christian and Andrea Carla Michaels
17 May 2023 28D “That’s the spot!” Parker Higgins
7 May 2023 2D “That feels good!” Will Nediger
26 Apr 2023 30D “That feels goo-oo-ood!” Aaron M. Rosenberg
13 Mar 2023 13A “Yeah, that’s the spot!” Sam Koperwas and Jeff Chen
8 Mar 2023 39A Sound at the doctor’s office Miranda Kany
16 Feb 2023 27A Sound of contentment Kevin Patterson
29 Jan 2023 64A “That hits the spot!” Rich Katz
19 Jan 2023 30A “That’s nice!” Daniel Bodily
2 Oct 2022 95D Contented sigh Kathy Bloomer
4 Aug 2022 36A Sound at the doctor’s office Ella Dershowitz
30 May 2022 3D Ooh and ___ Alexander Liebeskind
6 May 2022 5D “This is the life!” Aaron Ullman
9 Jan 2022 108A “That’s the spot” Timothy Polin
2 Dec 2021 54D Contented sigh Rebecca Goldstein
13 Oct 2021 28A Something you might say at a doctor’s office Brianne McManis
8 May 2021 32A Satisfied sigh David Steinberg
21 Feb 2021 107A “That feels goo-oo-ood!” Matthew Stock
4 Feb 2021 7D Spa sound Derek Allen
20 Dec 2020 82A Contented sigh Randolph Ross
13 Dec 2020 49A Sound of relief Dan Margolis
1 Jul 2020 42A [Now THAT’S relaxing!] Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
27 Apr 2020 5D “That sure hits the spot!” Ed Sessa
5 Apr 2020 4D “What a relief!” Jim Peredo
11 Nov 2019 34D “That feels so-o-o good!” Evan Kalish
31 Jul 2019 41D “That’s the spot!” Dan Caprera
17 Jun 2019 16A Cry at a fireworks show Erik Agard and Yacob Yonas
12 May 2019 74A Contented sound Victor Barocas
18 Apr 2019 47D Comment from a hot bath Alex Eaton-Salners
23 Sep 2018 64A Sigh of relief Andrew Zhou
17 Aug 2018 21A Sound at a spa Jeff Chen
30 Apr 2018 56D “How relaxing!” Bruce Haight
25 Sep 2017 57A “How relaxing!” Bruce Haight
18 Aug 2017 24D “That’s the spot!” Brendan Emmett Quigley
6 Apr 2017 62D “That feels so-o-o-o good!” Damon Gulczynski
2 Apr 2017 63A Spa sound Jerry Miccolis
13 Mar 2017 52A “That feels so-o-o-o nice!” Alan DeLoriea
23 Nov 2016 2D “That feels so-o-o good!” David Steinberg
4 Sep 2016 71D Spa sound Tom McCoy
21 Aug 2016 47D “Man, that feels good!” Kathy Matheson and Jeff Chen
7 Aug 2016 115A Spa sound Samuel A. Donaldson
8 Apr 2016 8D “I can finally relax!” Patrick Berry
30 Mar 2016 2D What a doctor may have you say Andrew Reynolds
31 Dec 2015 30A “Yeah, that’s the spot” Ben Tausig
27 Jul 2015 68A Contented sigh D. Scott Nichols and Zhouqin Burnikel
17 May 2015 110D “So-o-o comfy!” Joe Krozel
4 May 2015 38A “How relaxing!” Zhouqin Burnikel
30 Apr 2015 37A “Say ___” Herre Schouwerwou
27 Nov 2014 4D “That hits the spot” Stanley Newman
16 Nov 2014 52A “That feels goo-oo-ood” Andrew J. Ries
12 Oct 2014 53A Response to a 26-Across, perhaps Pawel Fludzinski
22 Aug 2014 44D Masseur gratifier Sam Ezersky
25 May 2014 38A Sound in a hot tub Dan Schoenholz
28 Apr 2014 6D Reaction to a cold drink on a hot day Jim Modney
10 Feb 2014 60D Response to a massage C. W. Stewart
31 Jul 2013 24A Satisfied sigh H. David Goering
3 May 2013 28A “That’s nice” David Kwong
27 Feb 2013 29A Sound of delight Daniel Kantor
24 Feb 2013 6D Itch scratcher’s utterance Joe DiPietro
9 Feb 2013 2D “Now I see!” Peter Wentz
31 Oct 2012 53A Jacuzzi sigh Stu Ockman
21 Aug 2012 46A “That feels goo-oo-ood!” Josh Knapp
5 Dec 2011 43A Response to a doctor’s request, perhaps Kenneth J. Berniker
28 Oct 2011 41A “That’s the spot” Tim Croce
23 Aug 2011 28D Sound from a weary person sinking into a hot tub Michael Farabaugh
11 Jul 2011 10D Sound while receiving a 9-Down Ellen Leuschner
7 Jun 2011 22D “That hit the spot!” David Liben-Nowell
9 Apr 2011 27D “That’s nice” Scott Atkinson
6 Feb 2011 67D Spa reaction David J. Kahn
26 Jan 2011 47A “Open wide” sound David Murchie
5 Sep 2010 65A “That feels good!” Will Nediger
6 Aug 2010 42A Delighted expression Patrick Berry
20 Jun 2010 9D Backrub response Todd Gross and Ashish Vengsarkar
28 May 2010 57D “Feels so good!” Joe Krozel
1 Mar 2010 25D What to say to a doctor with a tongue depressor Brendan Emmett Quigley
29 Nov 2009 107D Sound at a spa Will Nediger
1 Nov 2009 51A Backrub response Matt Ginsberg and Pete Muller
29 Sep 2009 62D “That feels so-o-o good!” Paula Gamache
7 Jan 2009 29A Sound from a masseur’s client William Frank Macreery
6 Oct 2008 51A “That feels so-o-o good!” Patrick Blindauer
21 May 2008 43A Response to a backrub Dave Mackey
16 Dec 2007 32D “Delightful!” David J. Kahn and Steve Kahn
28 Nov 2007 6D Sighed word Ray Fontenot
15 Nov 2007 43A Hot tub reaction Joe Krozel
11 Nov 2007 15D Sound of satisfaction Alan Arbesfeld
22 Oct 2007 61D What a doctor might ask you to say Lynn Lempel
31 Jul 2007 26D Satisfied sigh Allan E. Parrish
31 May 2007 33A “That’s so good!” William F. Stephens
23 Jan 2007 16A Sound of relief Timothy Powell
12 Jan 2007 19A Indication that one is being rubbed the right way Sherry O. Blackard
8 Dec 2006 29A Sound associated with a 40-Across Harvey Estes
8 Oct 2006 121D It may be said to a doctor Fred Piscop
28 Sep 2006 7D Backrub response Richard Chisholm
28 May 2006 59A Sound from a hot tub Timothy Powell
1 Apr 2006 23A Sound at a spa Kevan Choset and David Kwong
28 Feb 2006 9D “That’s nice!” Jim Hyres
1 Feb 2006 40A “What a relief!” Elizabeth C. Gorski
22 Jul 2005 60D Sound from an exam room Elizabeth C. Gorski
19 May 2005 28D Response during a medical checkup Barbara Olson
16 Jan 2005 41D “This is so-o-o relaxing!” Damon J. Gulczynski
3 Oct 2004 83A Cry of contentment Randolph Ross
16 Mar 2004 30D Sound of relief Ron Sweet
4 Feb 2004 40A “Nice!” Roy Leban
29 Jan 2004 20A Delighted reaction David J. Kahn
30 Jun 2003 25A “That feels good!” Gregory E. Paul
18 Jun 2003 64D “Won-der-ful!” Alan Arbesfeld
11 Jun 2003 26A “That feels good!” Nancy Salomon
6 Mar 2003 38A Sound heard during a massage Cathy Millhauser
26 Aug 2002 8D “How nice!” Charles E. Gersch
16 Jul 2002 60A Reaction to a back rub, maybe Ed Early
14 Mar 2002 43D “That’s nice!” Alan Arbesfeld
14 Dec 2001 30D “Won-der-ful!” Brendan Emmett Quigley
23 Apr 2001 25D Backrub response Gregory E. Paul
29 Nov 2000 7D Ooh and ___ Peter Gordon
8 Nov 2000 33A “How very nice!” Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Aug 2000 29D “What a relief!” Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 Jul 2000 97A Word to a doctor Patrick Berry
30 Jun 2000 56D “I see!” Martin Ashwood-Smith
29 Jun 2000 2D Sound at a spa Robert H. Wolfe
29 Mar 2000 63D Sound of delight Peter Gordon
12 Feb 2000 29D “That’s nice” Dave Tuller
17 Jan 2000 29A Ooh and ___ Trip Payne
9 Nov 1999 58D “Wonderful!” Elizabeth C. Gorski
6 Feb 1999 29D “That’s so pretty!” Bob Klahn and Martin Ashwood-Smith
22 Nov 1998 7D What to say to a doctor Nelson Hardy
16 Nov 1998 10D “Say ___” (doctor’s order) Nancy Salomon and Bob Frank
18 Jan 1998 12D “Wonderful!” Ed Early and Bob Klahn
26 Jun 1997 10D Word to a doctor Martin Ashwood-Smith
22 Jun 1997 95A “That feels good!” Matt Gaffney
20 Nov 1996 57A Patient reply, maybe M. S. Maurer
26 Oct 1996 46A Expression of comfort D. Niles
11 Oct 1996 9D Word to a doctor F. Longo
10 Oct 1996 16A Circus exclamation D. J. Kahn
15 Mar 1996 26A Word to a doctor A. J. Santora
9 Mar 1996 55A “How soothing!” R. Norris
27 Dec 1995 28D “Wonderful!” David J. Kahn
15 Feb 1994 54D “Say ___” Jonathan Schmatzbach

Here you get AAH answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If AAH will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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