ACNE is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ACNE in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ACNE" answer was first appeared in "13 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "An embarrassing problem to face?". It was authored by Harvey Estes. Recently, the "ACNE" answer has been used for "6 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Huge issue for some teens". It was authored by Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Clearasil target (10)". "ACNE" appeared 202 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ACNE" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
6 Dec 2023 7D Huge issue for some teens Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight
7 Aug 2023 4D Teen’s skin woe Chloe Revery and Alissa Revness
6 Jul 2023 40D Some spots Alison Perch
26 Jun 2023 38A Clearasil target Taylor Johnson and Christina Iverson
21 Jun 2023 62A Target for salicylic acid Jimmy Peniston
9 Apr 2023 60A Target of tetracycline John Ewbank
4 Dec 2022 38D Teenage torment Gustie Owens
4 Sep 2022 44A Some red marks Tracy Gray
31 Jul 2022 103D What concealer might conceal Jesse Goldberg
26 Jun 2022 15D Target for salicylic acid Matthew Stock and Finn Vigeland
11 Jun 2022 18A Teen issue getting much topical coverage? Sid Sivakumar
9 May 2022 62A Rough patch in adolescence? August Miller
25 Apr 2022 14A Pimply skin condition Li Ding
6 Apr 2022 29D Doxycycline target Damon Gulczynski
7 Jan 2022 1A Something you may want to clear up Robyn Weintraub
18 Jul 2021 48A Retin-A target Jesse Goldberg
25 May 2021 57D Adolescent outburst? Kristian House and Mike Dockins
11 May 2021 8D Teen’s facial woe Kevin Patterson
10 May 2021 3D Target of the skin cream Retin-A Zhouqin Burnikel
3 Jan 2021 116D Unwanted breakout Paolo Pasco
24 Dec 2020 55A One target of doxycycline Billy Ouska
23 Oct 2020 27A Prom night worry Robyn Weintraub
9 Oct 2020 23A Bad marks for a high schooler Sam Buchbinder
11 Sep 2020 54D Face covering of a sort Caitlin Reid and Erik Agard
16 Mar 2020 68A Pimples Gary Cee
17 Jan 2020 22D Source of teenage self-consciousness Ryan Patrick Smith
18 Dec 2019 5D Undesirable marks? Margaret Saine
9 Dec 2019 42A Pimply outbreak Ellis Hay
15 Sep 2019 119A Promgoer’s concern, maybe Andrew Kingsley
28 Aug 2019 7D Bumps on the path to adulthood? Daniel Grinberg
16 Aug 2019 25D Dermatologist’s target Ori Brian
20 Mar 2019 18D Oil crisis? Erik Agard, Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
23 Feb 2019 42A What ancient Egyptians treated with honey Sam Ezersky
14 Jan 2019 61A Skin problem Craig Stowe
19 Dec 2018 13D Target of an astringent Seth A. Abel
25 Oct 2018 14A Rough spots? Neville Fogarty
21 Sep 2018 28A Effect of surplus oil Zhouqin Burnikel
17 Sep 2018 38A Red facial spots Caitlin Reid
29 Aug 2018 36A Rough spots for teens? Alex Bajcz
6 Apr 2018 25D Result of an oil surplus David Steinberg
3 Dec 2017 124D Oil crisis? David Steinberg
14 Nov 2017 6A Teenager’s woe Jerry Miccolis and Jeff Chen
15 Jul 2017 59A Problem to face? Zachary Spitz
8 Jun 2017 55D Embarrassing spots? David Steinberg
28 May 2017 74A Doxycycline target Andrew Zhou
9 May 2017 2D Teenage skin malady Peter A. Collins
6 May 2017 16A Breakout of a sort Joe DiPietro
4 May 2017 74A Something to clear up? Loren Muse Smith and Tracy Gray
2 May 2017 62D Teen woe David J. Kahn
1 May 2017 2D Pimples Ed Sessa
29 Apr 2017 14D Certain eruption Martin Ashwood-Smith
26 Apr 2017 14A Proactiv target Trenton Charlson
10 Apr 2017 6D Clearasil target Lonnie Burton
9 Apr 2017 40D Woe for some 51-Acrosses Byron Walden
23 Jan 2017 14A Something cleared up by Clearasil Bruce Haight
22 Nov 2016 12D Proactiv target Andrew Zhou
16 Nov 2016 3D Teen’s affliction Jim Peredo
6 Oct 2016 55D Bumps on the head? Timothy Polin
3 Aug 2016 7D Proactiv treats it Neville Fogarty
10 Jul 2016 45D Teen spots Patrick Berry
6 Feb 2016 43A Spots to hide? David Steinberg
30 Jan 2016 4D Worrisome marks in high school? Samuel A. Donaldson and Brad Wilber
30 Aug 2015 103D Red in the face? Lee Taylor
26 Aug 2015 28A Cause of date night stress Ian Livengood
10 Jul 2015 33A Complexion changer Barry C. Silk
19 May 2015 59A Something no one wants to face? Allan E. Parrish
17 May 2015 96A Some red marks Joe Krozel
9 Apr 2015 20A Bad marks in high school? Jacob Stulberg
9 Mar 2015 43D Clearasil target Debbie Ellerin
9 Jan 2015 44D Marks of adolescence Patrick Berry
11 Dec 2014 45A Retin-A treats it Joe DiPietro
17 Nov 2014 28D Teenager’s bane Tom McCoy
19 Sep 2014 55D Spots annoying teens Finn Vigeland
16 Mar 2014 89A Teen headache Jeremy Newton
26 Feb 2014 52D ___ cream Ruth B. Margolin
10 Feb 2014 58D Proactiv target C. W. Stewart
7 Dec 2013 25A See 1-Across James Mulhern
11 Sep 2013 46D Trouble spots? Patrick Blindauer
5 Jul 2013 53D Middle school marks? Paula Gamache
6 Jun 2013 58D Case that may be treated with cream James Tuttle
25 Apr 2013 55D Some minor eruptions Jeffrey Wechsler
21 Mar 2013 1A Side effect of steroid use Jeff Chen
19 Mar 2013 45A Oxy 10 target Mike Buckley
2 Feb 2013 3D High-school spots? Gareth Bain
12 Jan 2013 24A Oil deposit problem Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber
30 Dec 2012 41A Some red spots Steve Savoy
18 Dec 2012 15A Adolescent breakout Adam G. Perl
15 Sep 2012 10D Problem to face? Joon Pahk and Brad Wilber
9 Sep 2012 48D Cause of some teen angst Kevin G. Der
14 Aug 2012 67A Skin woe Ian Livengood
27 Jun 2012 30D Neutrogena target Mike Buckley
26 Dec 2011 1D Reason to use Clearasil Gary Cee
22 Dec 2011 68A It can make the face red Kristian House
26 Oct 2011 12D Unwanted spots Milo Beckman
21 Sep 2011 58D Trouble spots? Peter A. Collins
24 Aug 2011 28D Reason to use Retin-A Kelsey Blakley
15 Jun 2011 44A Proactiv treats it Jeffrey Wechsler
23 Feb 2011 27D Oxy 5 target Barry C. Silk
14 Nov 2010 20D Indication of teen stress, maybe Patrick Berry
30 Sep 2010 51D Teen breakout Victor Fleming
23 Sep 2010 14A Unwanted spots David J. Kahn
15 Sep 2010 15A What adolescents may fight Zoe Wheeler, Brown University ’12
11 Sep 2010 40A Situation a teen wants cleared up? Brad Wilber
14 Jul 2010 60A Prom night worry Michael Black
23 Apr 2010 32A Bad marks gotten in high school? Brad Wilber
24 Jan 2010 140D This might make you red in the face David Kwong and Kevan Choset
11 Jan 2010 61D Teen affliction Ron and Nancy Byron
19 Aug 2009 8D Dots over eyes? Peter A. Collins
12 Aug 2009 13A Benzoyl peroxide target Peter A. Collins & Joe Krozel
12 Mar 2009 1A Result of some oil deposits David Chapus
28 Dec 2008 45D Retin-A treats it Patrick Berry
26 Nov 2008 22D Unwanted spots Harvey Estes
18 Aug 2008 67A Adolescent outbreak Paula Gamache
15 Aug 2008 33A Juvenile development Barry C. Silk
1 Aug 2008 2D It might make you red in the face Patrick Berry
9 Jul 2008 59D Bad marks? Tim Wescott
4 May 2008 73D Rough condition to face? Richard Silvestri
13 Feb 2008 10A Dreaded prom night sight Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Dec 2007 24A Adolescent outbreak Peter A. Collins
18 Dec 2007 14A Unwanted spots Alan Arbesfeld
28 Sep 2007 9D Adolescent outburst Harvey Estes
21 Jul 2007 51D It can leave you red-faced Raymond C. Young
27 Feb 2007 55D Teen annoyance Allan E. Parrish
7 Jan 2007 37D Teen trouble Ashish Vengsarkar
3 Jan 2007 60A Stridex target Kim Seidl
15 Aug 2006 27A Clearasil target David Sullivan
7 Jul 2006 10D Bad spots? Joe Krozel
19 Jun 2006 30D Clearasil target Raymond Hamel
17 Jan 2006 28A Stridex target Nancy Salomon
25 Dec 2005 25A General breakout Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
8 Dec 2005 19A Retin-A treats it David Pringle
23 Oct 2005 12D Tough problem to face? David J. Kahn
22 Oct 2005 30D Juvenile outbreak Patrick Berry
19 Oct 2005 5D Retin-A treats it Levi Denham
21 Aug 2005 54A Face trouble Byron Walden
2 Aug 2005 37A Unwanted spots Nancy Kavanaugh
14 Jul 2005 11D Spots before the eyes? Kevan Choset
4 May 2005 28A Adolescent’s outbreak Victor Fleming
20 Apr 2005 60A Teen worry Joe DiPietro
5 Apr 2005 17A Dermal flareup Harvey Estes
21 Mar 2005 16A Skin breakout Mike Torch
28 Feb 2005 60A Skin woe Marjorie Berg
23 Feb 2005 56A Teen spots? Lee Glickstein
12 Dec 2004 103D Bad spots for a date Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
8 Sep 2004 64A Retin-A treats it Steve Jones
30 Aug 2004 50D Unappealing skin condition Jeffrey Harris
7 Jul 2004 66A Stridex target Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
14 Jun 2004 60A Skin outbreak Craig Kasper
22 Dec 2003 12D Clearasil target Joy C. Frank
29 Nov 2003 58A Bad spots Randolph Ross
11 Sep 2003 51A Something that needs to be cleared up Patrick Merrell
9 Sep 2003 37A Facial flare-up Robert Zimmerman
7 Sep 2003 12D Teen spots? Alan Arbesfeld
23 Jul 2003 28D Result of an oil surplus? Ed Early
2 May 2003 22D Adolescent development Dana Motley
24 Nov 2002 106D Stridex target Nancy Salomon and Lee Glickstein
9 Nov 2002 53D Teen spots? James E. Buell
22 Sep 2002 115A Trouble spots for teens Alan Arbesfeld
13 Aug 2002 43D Clearasil target Robert Malinow
12 Aug 2002 57D Pockmark cause Peter Gordon
21 May 2002 1A High school outbreak? Paula Gamache
11 May 2002 37A Bad marks Mark Diehl
23 Apr 2002 19A High school breakout Bob Peoples and Nancy Salomon
10 Mar 2002 46D Teen spots Nelson Hardy
12 Nov 2001 34A Teen affliction Janice M. Putney
14 Sep 2001 58A Teen spots? Mark Diehl
16 Aug 2001 59D Rough problem to face? Joe DiPietro
27 Dec 2000 6A High school breakout Michael S. Maurer and Bonnie Prystowsky
29 Sep 2000 46A Trouble spots? Bob Klahn
9 Aug 2000 66A Clearasil target Kelly Clark
30 Jul 2000 110A It’s breaking out Randolph Ross
8 May 2000 36D Teenage woe Ed Early
5 Apr 2000 39A Target of some creams Frances Hansen
17 May 1999 47A Teen spots Ethan Cooper
4 Dec 1998 25A It may be seen breaking out John Wolting
26 Nov 1998 34D Bad marks David J. Kahn
7 Nov 1998 35A Unpopular spots Raymond Hamel
22 Mar 1998 73D Teen-y problem Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
25 Dec 1997 62A Unpopular spots A. J. Santora
21 Aug 1997 67A Bad spots? Martin Ashwood-Smith
18 Mar 1997 43A Certain breakout John R. Conrad
17 Mar 1997 31A Teen woe Stephanie Spadaccini
18 Oct 1996 58D Tetracycline target M. Gaffney
2 Oct 1996 22D Dermatologist’s case K. Hodge
9 Sep 1996 16A Teen woe S. L. Robbins
2 May 1996 64A Teen worry D. J. Kahn
30 Apr 1996 60A Clearasil target G. E. Paul
21 Mar 1996 4D Oxy-5 target H. Estes
8 Oct 1995 8D Teen trial Nancy Nicholson Joline
1 Aug 1995 66A Breakout, of a sort Jonathan Schmatzbach
26 Apr 1995 50A Spots for teens? Wayne Robert Williams
5 Jan 1995 56A Teen tormentor Harvey Estes
15 Nov 1994 5D Clearasil target Judith Perry
12 Sep 1994 22A Teen woe Sidney L. Robbins
6 Sep 1994 37D Bad marks? Janet R. Bender
18 Aug 1994 31A Spots on the face A.J. Santora
8 Aug 1994 6A Teen woe Sidney L. Robbins
3 Jul 1994 13D Benzoyl peroxide target A.J. Santora
12 May 1994 41A High school problem A.J. Santora
3 Apr 1994 124A Teen bugbear Ernie Furtado
29 Jan 1994 8D Teen trauma Bob Klahn
13 Jan 1994 6D An embarrassing problem to face? Harvey Estes

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