ACTS is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ACTS in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ACTS" answer was first appeared in "9 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Book after John (7)". It was authored by Janie Lyons. Recently, the "ACTS" answer has been used for "5 Aug 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Play group". It was authored by John Guzzetta. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hints: "Follower of John (8)", "New Testament book (9)", "Play parts (7)", "Takes steps (6)", "___ of the Apostles (7)", "Book after John (7)". "ACTS" appeared 193 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ACTS" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
5 Aug 2023 39A Play group John Guzzetta
3 Aug 2023 13D Book of the New Testament Simeon Seigel
2 Jul 2023 60A Pantomimes, perhaps Rebecca Goldstein and Rafael Musa
30 Jun 2023 1D Isn’t oneself? Carly Schuna
8 Jan 2023 54D Doesn’t just sit there Wyna Liu
1 Jan 2023 15A Stage partitions? Adam Wagner, Michael Lieberman and Rafael Musa
22 Dec 2022 68A Has a role David Steinberg
20 Oct 2022 34D Isn’t oneself? Rebecca Goldstein
6 Jul 2022 54D Takes steps Sam Koperwas and Jeff Chen
3 Jul 2022 83A Gets busy Tom McCoy
24 Jun 2022 1A Source of the quote “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Sophia Maymudes and Margaret Seikel
6 Jun 2022 18D “Macbeth” has five of these Michael Schlossberg
21 May 2022 5D Isn’t oneself? Ryan McCarty and Yacob Yonas
23 Jan 2022 96D Ballet sections Nancy Stark and Will Nediger
20 Jan 2022 7D Deeds Howard Barkin
28 Dec 2021 23D ___ of the Apostles Kathy Wienberg
19 Dec 2021 1A They might be put on Laura Taylor Kinnel
18 Dec 2021 1A Two things in Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen” David Distenfeld
9 Dec 2021 33A Follower of John Alexander Liebeskind
8 Nov 2021 46A Stops procrastinating Carl Larson
26 Oct 2021 55A Has a part to play Michael Schlossberg
13 Jun 2021 12D ___ of Parliament Stephen McCarthy
9 May 2021 99D Book that’s the source of the line “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Brad Wiegmann
16 Apr 2021 26D Follower of John Tom Pepper
23 Feb 2021 43A Delays no more Kate Hawkins
29 Jan 2021 9D Doesn’t hesitate Robyn Weintraub
26 Jan 2021 4A Book after the Gospels Peter Gordon
24 Jan 2021 86D Takes steps Lucy Howard and Ross Trudeau
7 Jan 2021 57A Makes a scene? Matthew Stock and Sid Sivakumar
26 Oct 2020 57D Headings in a playbill Eric Bornstein
13 Oct 2020 8D Things separated by intermissions Amanda Rafkin
21 Jul 2020 1D Circus routines Zhouqin Burnikel
18 Mar 2020 25D Fifth book of the New Testament Ricky Cruz
20 Jan 2020 10A Plays a role Evan Kalish
5 Jan 2020 106D Doesn’t just sit Will Nediger
5 Dec 2019 5A Talent show entries Neville Fogarty
25 Oct 2019 29D Follower of John John Guzzetta
25 Sep 2019 48D Performs Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
18 Sep 2019 46D Stops procrastinating John Wrenholt
6 Sep 2019 5D Bills no more Mark Diehl
1 Aug 2019 44A Doesn’t delay Patrick Merrell
29 Jul 2019 56D Things passed in Congress Bruce Haight
25 Jun 2019 1A Book of the Bible after John Alex Eaton-Salners
5 Jun 2019 1A Variety show lineup Rich Proulx
28 Mar 2019 10D Doesn’t sit idly by Damon Gulczynski
20 Mar 2019 45A Fifth book of the New Testament Erik Agard, Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
13 Mar 2019 6A Isn’t a bystander Jeffrey Wechsler
17 Feb 2019 74D Follower of the Gospels David Kwong
3 Feb 2019 97A Plays charades, say Natan Last
25 Sep 2018 10A Drama units Ross Trudeau
13 Jun 2018 7D Book preceding Romans Michael Hawkins
4 Apr 2018 44D Follower of John Weird Al Yankovic and Eric Berlin
6 Jan 2018 10A Follower of John Peter Wentz
27 Nov 2017 36D Lion taming and tightrope walking, for two Kevin Christian
1 Oct 2017 1D New Testament book Robert Fisher
9 Jul 2017 1D Doesn’t just sit there Will Nediger
25 Jun 2017 43D Does something Jacob Stulberg
15 May 2017 38D Divisions of a play Peter Gordon
2 Mar 2017 61A Emulates Nicholson Peter Gordon
11 Dec 2016 74A Source of the saying “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Tom McCoy
19 Oct 2016 6D Doesn’t just talk Tom Pepper
16 Oct 2016 1D Follower of John Tom McCoy
20 Sep 2016 1A ___ of the Apostles Tracy Bennett
7 Mar 2016 50A Does stage work Damon Gulczynski
25 Aug 2015 5A ___ of the Apostles John E. Bennett
17 Jun 2015 59D Pulls the trigger, so to speak Molly Young and David J. Kahn
7 May 2015 25D Shticks Tracy Gray
26 Feb 2015 27D Biblical source of the line “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Caleb Emmons
15 Sep 2014 6A “Romeo and Juliet” has five of them Andrea Carla Michaels
3 Feb 2014 1A ___ of the Apostles Sean Dobbin
28 Dec 2013 48D Talent show lineup Frederick J. Healy
9 Sep 2013 1A Plays a part onstage Gary Cee
26 Aug 2013 58D Stage presentations Ian Livengood
14 Jul 2013 14D Source of the line “Thy money perish with thee” Daniel A. Finan
1 Jul 2013 38D Parts of musicals Patrick McIntyre
7 Jan 2013 55D Does stage work Jim Peredo
17 Oct 2012 25A Stops procrastinating Peter Koetters
21 May 2012 18A Performs in a play Ian Livengood
14 May 2012 23D Each of Shakespeare’s plays has five John Dunn
20 Mar 2012 31D Book after John Will Nediger
14 Feb 2012 7D Takes steps Paula Gamache
15 Jul 2011 44A Makes a scene? Martin Ashwood-Smith and Joe Krozel
15 May 2011 69D New Testament book Cathy Allis
4 Apr 2011 51D Is in a play Lynn Lempel
14 Feb 2011 6D Every play of Shakespeare has five of them Victor Fleming and Lynn Lempel
5 Feb 2011 11D Book that begins in Jerusalem Mark Diehl
3 Nov 2010 41D “Hamlet” has five Tracy Gray
9 Aug 2010 23D Is a cast member David Poole
12 Mar 2010 60D Play set Tim Croce
11 Dec 2009 16A Where the word “Christian” is first used in the Bible Mike Nothnagel
25 Nov 2009 33D Bible book after John Allan E. Parrish
26 May 2009 55D Romans preceder Mike Nothnagel
3 Feb 2009 1A Delays no longer Katie Yeager
6 Jan 2009 27D Takes steps John Greenman
8 Dec 2008 6D Isn’t idle Sarah Keller
30 Nov 2008 42D Variety show lineup Richard Silvestri
30 Aug 2008 22A Play makers? Michael Shteyman
22 Jun 2008 15A Isn’t idle Pamela Amick Klawitter
24 Apr 2008 23A Predecessor of Romans Michael Langwald
18 Mar 2008 41A Does something David Pringle
10 Feb 2008 7D New Testament book Bill Zais
21 Aug 2007 2D Play parts Tom Heilman
10 Aug 2007 4D Congressional output Patrick Berry
2 Jul 2007 60A Book after John Peter A. Collins
24 Jan 2007 56A Book ascribed to Luke Gary Steinmehl
4 Nov 2006 47D Follower of John Rich Norris
6 Sep 2006 53D Whence the line “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Manny Nosowsky
14 Jul 2006 32D Isn’t idle Brendan Emmett Quigley
4 Jul 2006 68A Intolerable ___, one cause of the American Revolution Ed Early
21 Jun 2006 22A Doesn’t dilly-dally Barry C. Silk
28 May 2006 112D Makes a move Timothy Powell
24 Apr 2006 10A Has a part on stage Lynn Lempel
13 Feb 2006 34A Play divisions Janet R. Bender
12 Feb 2006 86D Isn’t naturally Manny Nosowsky
8 Feb 2006 72A See 71-Across Patrick Merrell
12 Jul 2005 22D Does something Nancy Salomon
3 Jun 2005 10A See 52-Down Jim Hyres
26 May 2005 1D Isn’t passive David J. Kahn
18 Apr 2005 1D ___ of the Apostles Robert Dillman
28 Mar 2005 1A Is in a play Elizabeth Babikan
21 Mar 2005 29D Deeds Mike Torch
29 Dec 2004 27D Follower of John Jay Giess
12 Sep 2004 49A Variety show fillers Patrick Berry
23 Aug 2004 23A Play parts Nancy Salomon and Kyle Mahowald
24 May 2004 7D Intermissions separate them Frederick J. Healy
12 May 2004 27D Does something Allan E. Parrish
1 Mar 2004 54A Play parts Gail Grabowski
29 Jul 2003 57A Play divisions Ed Early
9 Feb 2003 12D ___ of Parliament David J. Kahn
8 Oct 2002 49D Play makers? Sherry O. Blackard
1 Apr 2002 10A New Testament book Roger Barkan
1 Apr 2002 59D Does stage work Roger Barkan
10 Dec 2001 26A Book before Romans Gregory E. Paul
2 Dec 2001 70A Exploits Nancy Nicholson Joline
2 Nov 2001 21A Isn’t idle Mary Jung
23 Aug 2001 3D New Testament book Peter Gordon
24 Jun 2001 20D Book that includes the reign of Tiberius Randolph Ross
30 Apr 2001 18D Opera parts Peter Gordon
24 Apr 2001 28D New Testament book Tyler Hinman
10 Apr 2001 34D Substitutes (for) Kevin McCann
12 Sep 2000 26D “Hamlet” has five Bill Zais
14 Aug 2000 10A Play parts Nancy Kavanaugh
1 Aug 2000 1A “Macbeth” quintet Randall J. Hartman
29 Feb 2000 25D New Testament book Peter Gordon
7 Feb 2000 50A Book before Romans Gregory E. Paul
29 Nov 1999 5A Play segments Richard Chisholm
18 Oct 1999 1A Play parts Nancy Salomon and Karen Riekert
10 Oct 1999 97D Takes steps Cathy Millhauser
3 Oct 1999 10A Legislation Fred Piscop
29 Aug 1999 1A Congressional matters Lou and Fran Sabin
17 Aug 1999 1A Plays a part Stephanie Spadaccini
9 Aug 1999 55D “Macbeth” has five Elizabeth C. Gorski
27 May 1999 8D New Testament book A. J. Santora
10 Apr 1999 26A “Rigoletto” trio A. J. Santora
30 Mar 1999 10A Play parts Randy Sowell
24 Mar 1999 38A Makes a scene? Nancy Salomon
6 Mar 1999 51A Gospels follower Fred Piscop
8 Feb 1999 27D Book after John Sidney L. Robbins (1909-97)
15 Sep 1998 24D Takes steps Gilbert H. Ludwig
28 Jun 1998 37D “Hamlet” quintet Fred Piscop
31 May 1998 42D “Rigoletto” has three Cathy Millhauser
20 Mar 1998 40A Res gestae Martin Ashwood-Smith
23 Feb 1998 54D Play parts Mark Danna
14 Jan 1998 33D New Testament book William Bernhardt
11 Jan 1998 41D “Hamlet” has five Nancy Joline and Peg Conner
15 Dec 1997 4D Does film work Stephanie Spadaccini
9 Sep 1997 60D Plays the part Elizabeth C. Gorski
1 Sep 1997 55D ___ of the Apostles Gregory E. Paul
10 Aug 1997 110A Gospels follower Nancy Nicholson Joline
23 Jul 1997 1D Groups on the program Brendan Emmett Quigley
15 Dec 1996 85D Is decisive R. Ross
11 Aug 1996 124D “Julius Caesar” has five M. Schneider
26 Jun 1996 10A Vaudeville segments P. Jordan
4 Jun 1996 33D Doesn’t wait E. Early
4 Apr 1996 12D Romans predecessor M. Diehl
16 Jan 1996 40A Book after John R. Hartman
28 Dec 1995 12D Ham bits Cathy Millhauser
21 Aug 1995 32D Book after John Sidney L. Robbins
28 Jul 1995 53A Appears Rich Norris
1 Jun 1995 46A Legislation Rich Norris
9 Apr 1995 43A Book with St. Paul’s story Cathy Millhauser
20 Mar 1995 10A Plays on stage Sidney L. Robbins
27 Feb 1995 53A Book after John Sidney L. Robbins
6 Feb 1995 55D “Hamlet” has five of them Gregory E. Paul
6 Dec 1994 60D Exploits Wayne Robert Williams
23 Oct 1994 82A Stage doings Cathy Millhauser
27 Aug 1994 6D It relates the conversion of St. Paul Joy L. Wouk
5 Aug 1994 5D Romans preceder Daniel R. Stark
1 Aug 1994 46A Nightclub bits Thomas W. Schier
17 Mar 1994 11D ___ of the Apostles Jim Page
20 Feb 1994 36D Statutes Harvey Estes
20 Jan 1994 10A It follows the Gospels Lois Sidway
9 Dec 1993 54D Book after John Janie Lyons

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