AGAR is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for AGAR in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "AGAR" answer was first appeared in "1 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Seaweed derivative (2)". It was authored by Tap Osborn. Recently, the "AGAR" answer has been used for "21 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Gelatin made from seaweed". It was authored by Kevin Christian and Andrea Carla Michaels. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Food thickener (22)". "AGAR" appeared 158 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "AGAR" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
21 Nov 2023 44A Gelatin made from seaweed Kevin Christian and Andrea Carla Michaels
4 Sep 2023 9A Biology lab gel Tom Pepper and Zhouqin Burnikel
3 May 2023 59D Vegan substitute for gelatin Samuel A. Donaldson
26 Mar 2023 82A Vegan alternative to gelatin David Karp
5 Mar 2023 5D Lab culture medium John-Clark Levin
20 Jan 2023 7D Petri dish medium Robert S. Greenfield
17 Jan 2023 45A Substance in a petri dish Erika Ettin
4 Dec 2022 49A Food thickener Gustie Owens
4 Sep 2022 14A Thickener used in desserts Tracy Gray
12 Apr 2022 7D Petri dish filler Dan Schoenholz
18 Sep 2021 7D Bio lab supply Ryan McCarty
6 Aug 2021 5A Culture medium Seth A. Abel
28 Jan 2021 32D Food thickener Steve Mossberg
27 Jan 2021 14A Vegetarian substitute for gelatin Mike Knobler
2 Jan 2020 50A Bio lab medium Ed Sessa
19 Oct 2019 50D Ice cream thickener Byron Walden
23 Sep 2019 12D Culture medium in a lab Andrea Carla Michaels
1 Jul 2019 57A Petri dish medium Damon Gulczynski
15 Jun 2019 51A Substance made from seaweed Ryan McCarty
8 Apr 2019 39A Gelatin substitute made from seaweed Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen
25 Mar 2019 58D Food thickener Kevin Christian and Andrea Carla Michaels
24 Mar 2019 93A Vegetarian gelatin substitute Trenton Charlson
27 Feb 2019 7D Soup thickener Will Nediger
17 Apr 2018 64A Food-thickening agent Wren Schultz
13 Feb 2018 57D Lab medium Bruce Haight
28 Dec 2017 8D Food thickener Gary Larson
23 Oct 2017 40D Food-thickening agent Timothy Polin
6 Sep 2017 51D Gelatin substitute Daniel Raymon
9 Apr 2017 110A Food thickener Byron Walden
5 Jan 2016 6A Food thickener Jim Holland
13 Aug 2015 33D Chef’s thickening agent Jim Hilger
27 Feb 2015 50D Culture medium Julian Lim
27 Jan 2015 65A Food thickener James Tuttle
23 Dec 2014 10D Lab culture medium Bruce Haight
20 Dec 2014 10D Stabilizing kitchen supply Kevin G. Der and Ian Livengood
24 Nov 2014 58D Culture medium in a 59-Down Robert Seminara
2 Oct 2014 63A Soup thickener David Woolf
19 Jul 2014 7D Seaweed derivative Barry C. Silk
16 Jun 2014 45D Food thickener Bruce Haight
6 Mar 2014 30A Ingredient in many Asian desserts Daniel Raymon
2 Mar 2014 79D Food thickener Alan Arbesfeld
31 Dec 2013 54D Petri dish gel Tracy Gray
8 Oct 2013 54D With 54-Down, food gelling agent Tim Croce
27 Sep 2013 54A Vegan gelatin substitute Peter A. Collins
16 Sep 2013 4D Medium in bio labs Ed Sessa
16 Jun 2013 111A Journalist/writer Herbert Mel Rosen
29 Jul 2012 22A Gelatin substitute Kevin G. Der
2 Jul 2012 42D Actor John of “Sands of Iwo Jima” Bernice Gordon
18 Oct 2011 7D Petri dish gel Patrick Berry
19 Jul 2011 2D Food thickener Mark Feldman
29 Apr 2011 12D Culture medium David Quarfoot
8 Mar 2011 4D Petri dish gel Paul Hunsberger
23 Dec 2010 24D Lab gel Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg
8 Dec 2010 54D Food thickener Mike Nothnagel
11 Nov 2010 32A Food thickener Andrew Zhou
29 Sep 2010 33A Gelatinous ingredient in desserts Charles Gersch
2 Sep 2010 15D John who co-starred in “Sands of Iwo Jima” Patrick Blindauer and Andrea Carla Michaels
18 Jul 2010 68D Food thickener Robert W. Harris
14 May 2010 6D Clarifying agent in brewing Barry C. Silk
20 Apr 2010 54A Food thickener Paula Gamache
10 Jan 2010 35D Gel made from seaweed Mel Rosen
5 Dec 2009 40D Environment for multiplication, of sorts Brad Wilber
17 Nov 2009 26A Petri dish gel John Farmer
18 Aug 2009 16D Biology lab supply Tony Orbach
15 Aug 2009 49D Bacteriologist’s base Matt Ginsberg
14 Aug 2009 3D Food stabilizer Barry C. Silk
19 Jul 2009 39D Culture medium Lynn Lempel
6 Jul 2009 38D Petri dish gel Fred Piscop
17 Feb 2009 2D Petri dish stuff Kristian House
20 Dec 2008 12D It helps a culture advance Brad Wilber
15 Jul 2008 64A Lab medium Leonard Williams
2 Jul 2008 51D Gelatin substitute Daniel Kantor
19 May 2008 54D Food thickener Mike Nothnagel
26 Feb 2008 3D Food thickener Sarah Keller
29 Nov 2007 28A Petri dish gel Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Sep 2007 5A Seaweed product Manny Nosowsky
3 May 2007 51D Culture medium Richard Chisholm
10 Jan 2007 7D Food thickener Curtis Yee
6 Dec 2006 27D Food thickener Levi Denham
5 Nov 2006 114A Thickening agent Derrick Niederman
24 Aug 2006 17A Lab gel Gary Steinmehl
24 May 2006 3D Lab medium Adam G. Perl
11 Apr 2006 57D Culture content Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
12 Feb 2006 15A Germ jelly Manny Nosowsky
4 Jan 2006 66A Food thickener John Minarcik and Nancy Salomon
28 Dec 2005 3D Thickening agent Ernest Lampert
14 Sep 2005 17A Petri dish filler David Elfman
10 Apr 2005 23A Lab gel Elizabeth C. Gorski
28 Mar 2005 37D Ice cream thickening agent Elizabeth Babikan
25 Jan 2005 56D Thickening agent Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
16 Jan 2005 113D Biology lab supply Damon J. Gulczynski
4 Nov 2004 6A Herbert who won a Pulitzer for “The People’s Choice” Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 Oct 2004 3D Ice cream ingredient James E. Buell
23 Aug 2004 53A Petri dish filler Nancy Salomon and Kyle Mahowald
4 Jul 2004 40A Gel in a lab Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Jun 2004 51D What E. coli eat Manny Nosowsky
6 Jun 2004 39D Food thickener Patrick Merrell
12 May 2004 18A Ice cream thickener Allan E. Parrish
23 Dec 2003 25D Petri dish filler Mike Torch
18 Dec 2003 62A Thickening agent in food John Underwood
29 Oct 2003 11D Staph dining area? Manny Nosowsky
18 Sep 2003 35A Ice cream additive Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Aug 2003 44A Gelatin substitute Patrick Berry
24 May 2003 26A Cultural aid? Rich Norris
23 Mar 2003 19A Lab gel Con Pederson
20 Oct 2002 107D Thickening agent Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
17 Apr 2002 59D Seaweed substance Richard Silvestri
18 Nov 2001 88A Seaweed extract Jim Page
29 Jul 2001 17D Chinese gelatin Michael Ashley
16 May 2001 27D Seaweed substance Richard Silvestri
6 May 2001 54A Culture contents Manny Nosowsky
1 Mar 2001 53D Thickening agent Nancy S. Ross
28 Jan 2001 69A Germs may grow in it Jim Page
11 Dec 2000 32D Gel made from seaweed Myles Callum
6 Dec 2000 6D Where bacteria may flourish Mel Taub (and crossword class)
9 Nov 2000 56D Seaweed substance Richard Silvestri
9 Oct 2000 55D Gelatinlike base Teresa M. Hackett
23 Jun 2000 50A Biology lab supply Noah Dephoure
23 May 2000 34D Petri dish filler Monica Krausse
13 May 2000 1D Food thickening agent William S. Cotter
4 May 2000 62A “Fort Apache” actor, 1948 Richard Hughes
24 Mar 2000 22A So-called “Chinese gelatin” Manny Nosowsky
3 Jan 2000 3D Actor John of “Sands of Iwo Jima” Hugh Davis
21 Nov 1999 63D Algae product Patrick D. Berry
7 Jul 1999 16A Mold medium Richard Silvestri
20 Apr 1999 14A It makes things gel Elizabeth C. Gorski
13 Apr 1999 3D Lab gel Fred Piscop
20 Mar 1999 19A Germs might grow in it Chuck Deodene
23 Feb 1999 3D Food thickener Robert Zimmerman
3 Oct 1998 52A Seaweed product Rich Norris
27 Aug 1998 11D 1934 Pulitzer winner Herbert Henry Hook
21 May 1998 24D “The People’s Choice” historian Herbert Cathy Millhauser
14 Oct 1997 17A Actor John, once married to Shirley Temple Robert Malinow
25 Sep 1997 33D Gelatin substitute Mark Diehl
19 Aug 1997 63A 1934 Pulitzer writer Herbert Elizabeth C. Gorski
3 May 1997 59D Ice cream thickener Rich Norris
22 Nov 1996 10A 1934 Pulitzer author Herbert A. K. Justin
6 Nov 1996 69A Ice cream thickener M. E. Skolsky
23 Sep 1996 15A Seaweed product S. L. Robbins
5 Sep 1996 19A Culture site C. Millhauser
26 Aug 1996 47A Lab culture G. E. Paul
4 Aug 1996 68A Ice cream thickener D. Tuller
17 Apr 1996 49D Food thickening agent F. Heaney
12 Apr 1996 35D Petri dish contents M. Nosowsky
26 Jan 1996 27A Pulitzer author Herbert M. Nosowsky
22 Jan 1996 15A Food gelling agent E. Gorski
9 Jun 1995 33A Food thickener A.J. Santora
5 Apr 1995 38A Culture base Wayne Robert Williams
25 Feb 1995 33A John of “Sands of Iwo Jima” Bob Klahn
19 Feb 1995 100D Emulsifying agent Alfio Micci
8 Nov 1994 60A Pulitzer-winning author Herbert Richard Hughes
6 Oct 1994 7D Seaweed substance Richard Silvestri
27 Aug 1994 18D Petri dish contents Joy L. Wouk
20 Jul 1994 7D Actor John Harvey Estes
21 Feb 1994 49A Actor John Harvey Estes
21 Dec 1993 54A Seaweed product Janie Lyons
19 Dec 1993 141A “Miracle Mile” star John M. Samson
1 Dec 1993 3D Seaweed derivative Tap Osborn

Here you get AGAR answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If AGAR will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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