AHS is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for AHS in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "AHS" answer was first appeared in "19 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Sounds of satisfaction (8)". It was authored by Stanley Newman. Recently, the "AHS" answer has been used for "25 Sep 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Sounds of understanding (5)". It was authored by Lynn Lempel. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Sounds of satisfaction (8)". "AHS" appeared 115 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "AHS" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
25 Sep 2023 35D Sounds of understanding Lynn Lempel
14 Sep 2023 7D Sounds of realization Vasu Seralathan
12 Jun 2023 31A Sighs of relief Alice Liang
4 Jun 2023 113D Satisfied sounds Rafael Musa
30 Mar 2023 22A Sighs of relief Adam Wagner and Brooke Husic
13 Feb 2023 21D Sounds during a dental exam Eric Rollfing
15 Jan 2023 97D Music to a masseur’s ears Michael Schlossberg
26 Nov 2022 7D Cries of clarity Kanyin Ajayi
13 Oct 2022 36D Sounds of realization Lewis Rothlein
28 Sep 2022 35D Sounds of satisfaction Jeff Stillman
30 Aug 2022 38A Sighed sounds Emily Carroll
24 Aug 2022 1D Sounds of relief Colin Ernst
15 Aug 2022 28A Sounds of contented pleasure Simon Marotte
23 Jun 2022 41A Things “said” in doctors’ offices Jeff Chen
5 Sep 2021 1D Sounds at a sauna Grant Thackray
20 Jun 2021 71A Wizard of ___ (nickname for a good massage therapist) Michael Lieberman
21 Oct 2020 10D Sounds of satisfaction Dory Mintz
31 Mar 2020 21A Sounds in a dentist’s office Christina Iverson and Ross Trudeau
6 Oct 2019 78A Sounds during a strep test Howard Barkin and Victor Barocas
6 Nov 2018 33A Sounds at doctors’ checkups Alan Southworth and Yacob Yonas
10 Oct 2018 10D Cries of surprise Alex Eaton-Salners
12 Aug 2018 16A Checkup sounds Ross Trudeau
16 Jun 2018 31A Doctors’ orders? Sam Trabucco
10 Jun 2018 41A Sounds before sneezes Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
24 Feb 2018 12A Enlightened responses John Guzzetta
15 Aug 2017 9D Sighed sounds Zhouqin Burnikel
24 May 2017 26D Sounds made during medical checkups Michael Hawkins
1 Apr 2017 43D Features of Boston accents Howard Barkin
7 Mar 2017 65A Sighs of relief Freddie Cheng
17 Nov 2016 40A Reactions of wonderment Timothy Polin and Joe Krozel
5 Nov 2016 26D Sighs of relief David Phillips
10 May 2016 1D Sounds of comprehension David Kwong
16 Dec 2015 21D Understanding sounds Paula Gamache
15 Dec 2015 1D Tonsil-checking sounds David Levinson Wilk
7 Sep 2015 8D Sighs of satisfaction Paula Gamache
7 Jun 2015 110D Checkup sounds Samuel A. Donaldson
14 Apr 2015 49A Sounds of satisfaction Bruce Haight
13 Jun 2014 2D Physical reactions? David Steinberg
27 Mar 2014 7A Sounds at spas Jean O’Conor
2 Nov 2013 4D Sneeze lead-ins Tom Heilman
16 Oct 2013 33A Sounds of relief Samuel A. Donaldson
9 May 2013 13D Sounds at a fireworks display Patrick Merrell
18 Dec 2012 52A Distinctive parts of a Boston accent Adam G. Perl
5 Dec 2012 52A Satisfied sighs Jim Hilger
28 Jun 2012 21A Understanding responses Elizabeth C. Gorski
8 Jun 2012 5D Some patient responses Martin Ashwood-Smith
29 May 2011 110A Pre-sneeze sounds Jeremy Newton and Tony Orbach
4 Apr 2011 57A Sighing sounds Lynn Lempel
16 Mar 2011 58D Sounds of satisfaction Alan Arbesfeld
4 Jan 2011 48A Exclamations of understanding David Hanson
18 Jul 2010 71A Sounds of understanding Robert W. Harris
13 May 2010 15D Sounds of comprehension Patrick Merrell
30 Mar 2010 28A Physical reactions? Elizabeth C. Gorski
28 Dec 2009 26A Sounds during medical checkups Patrick Merrell
13 Oct 2009 33D Sounds of relief Sharon Delorme
17 Aug 2009 11A Sounds during backrubs Mike Buckley
30 Jul 2009 35A Patient responses Ashish Vengsarkar
5 Jun 2009 11D They often mean “I see” Martin Ashwood-Smith
3 Jun 2009 4D Sounds from a hot tub Samuel A. Donaldson
8 May 2009 16A Magic show reactions John Farmer
31 Aug 2008 64A Sounds from a hot bath Alan Arbesfeld
3 Mar 2008 37D Sighs of contentment C. W. Stewart
12 Dec 2007 60D Starts of sneezes Daniel Kantor
31 Aug 2007 54D “I get it” responses Paula Gamache
19 Jul 2007 43A Satisfied reactions David J. Kahn
27 Jun 2007 10D “I see” sounds Barbara Olson
25 Apr 2007 27D Sounds leading up to a sneeze John Farmer
18 Mar 2007 52D Contented responses Craig Kasper
7 Dec 2006 1A Sounds in a coffee ad Kelly Clark
19 Jul 2006 51A Sighs of relief Alison Donald
16 Apr 2006 37A Sounds of understanding Mike Torch
9 Apr 2006 29A Sounds at doctors’ checkups Paula Gamache
4 Dec 2005 108A Sounds of satisfaction Eric Berlin and Craig Kasper
20 Sep 2005 28A Satisfied sounds Harriet Clifton
23 Aug 2005 39A Satisfied sighs Holden Baker and Nancy Salomon
17 Oct 2004 112D Responses of enlightenment Manny Nosowsky
21 Sep 2004 57D Responses to a masseur Andrea Carla Michaels
14 Jun 2004 37A Responses to a masseur Craig Kasper
25 Jan 2004 99D Sounds of understanding Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
21 Aug 2003 30D Spa sounds Patrick Merrell
23 Apr 2003 59A Contented sighs Gilbert H. Ludwig
25 Mar 2003 23A Checkup sounds John Greenman
13 Feb 2003 33D Sighed sounds Joe DiPietro
23 Nov 2002 62A Physical sounds Dana Motley
14 Aug 2002 62D Spa sounds David Levinson Wilk
31 Jul 2002 66A Sounds during doctor’s exams Jerry E. Rosman
26 May 2002 52D Starts of sneezes Elizabeth C. Gorski
8 May 2002 11A Sounds at a masseur’s Fred Piscop
11 Apr 2002 43D Cries at fireworks Greg Staples
2 Dec 2001 85D Sounds of understanding Nancy Nicholson Joline
24 Jun 2001 6D Soothing sounds Randolph Ross
11 May 2001 45A Physical responses? Martin Ashwood-Smith
28 Dec 2000 1A What this puzzle is designed to elicit Manny Nosowsky
10 Jul 2000 1D Cries at fireworks Gene Newman
24 Sep 1999 22A Sounds from spas Martin Ashwood-Smith
1 Aug 1999 34D Massage reactions Randolph Ross
11 Dec 1998 53D Sighed sounds Joe DiPietro
17 Nov 1998 42A Exclamations of regret Arthur S. Verdesca
4 Sep 1998 22A Words to masseuses Hugh Davis
13 May 1998 28D Sounds during medical checkups Eileen Lexau
8 May 1998 49D Cries of surprise Harvey Estes
7 May 1998 47A Sighs of content Ed Pegg Jr.
26 Dec 1997 10A Patient remarks Bob Sefick
23 Nov 1997 111A Checkup sounds Christopher Hurt and Derek Tague
21 Aug 1997 18D 4th of July cries Martin Ashwood-Smith
15 Apr 1997 36D Cries of delight Jonathan Schmalzbach
10 Feb 1997 32A Sounds of satisfaction S. Burns
24 Sep 1996 37D Sounds of satisfaction S. Spadaccini
4 Aug 1996 96A Sounds at a doctor’s office D. Tuller
19 Jul 1996 46D Sounds at medical checkups D. Niles
11 May 1996 46A Cries at fireworks D. Niles
14 Dec 1995 27D Relaxed sighs Matt Gaffney
22 Feb 1995 25A Contented comments Wayne Robert Williams
23 Aug 1994 21A Sounds of happiness Peter Gordon
19 Jan 1994 10D Sounds of satisfaction Stanley Newman

Here you get AHS answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If AHS will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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