ANKA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ANKA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ANKA" answer was first appeared in "1 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "He wrote “My Way” for Sinatra". It was authored by Tap Osborn. Recently, the "ANKA" answer has been used for "1 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Paul who sang with Sam Cooke and Neil Sedaka on the 1963 album “3 Great Guys”". It was authored by Jem Burch. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Singer Paul (6)". "ANKA" appeared 105 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ANKA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
1 Dec 2023 4D Paul who sang with Sam Cooke and Neil Sedaka on the 1963 album “3 Great Guys” Jem Burch
5 Oct 2023 5D Canadian-born crooner Paul Daniel Bodily
3 Jul 2023 64A “Puppy Love” singer Paul Sam Buchbinder
23 Jun 2023 16A Singer/songwriter Paul Kunal Nabar
9 Jun 2023 23A Singer with the 1960 #2 hit “Puppy Love” Robyn Weintraub
25 Dec 2022 71D “My Way” lyricist Paul John Martz
20 Jun 2022 5A Singer Paul with a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame Christopher Youngs
29 Oct 2021 57D “Puppy Love” singer, 1960 Aimee Lucido
27 Sep 2021 5A Paul who sang “Diana” and “Lonely Boy” Zachary David Levy
7 Feb 2021 60D He wrote lyrics to “My Way” for Sinatra Katie Hale and Christina Iverson
31 Jan 2021 68A “Lonely Boy” singer, 1959 Jim Hilger
21 Dec 2020 63D Singer/lyricist Paul Sarah Keller and Derek Bowman
6 Jun 2020 49D Pop star with top 40 hits in the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s Doug Peterson
28 Dec 2019 55A “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” singer, 1959 Robyn Weintraub
20 Aug 2018 7D “My Way” lyricist Paul Peter Gordon
15 Apr 2018 78D “Eso Beso” singer Alex Bajcz
14 Apr 2018 43A Collaborator with Sedaka and Cooke on the 1964 album “3 Great Guys” Sam Ezersky
10 Apr 2018 70A “Puppy Love” hitmaker, 1960 Alan Arbesfeld
17 Dec 2017 38D Paul who sang “Lonely Boy” Andrew J. Ries
16 Dec 2017 18A Singer/songwriter on Canada’s Walk of Fame Sam Ezersky
2 Oct 2017 71A Paul who sang “Eso Beso” Trenton Charlson
19 Feb 2017 37A “Puppy Love” singer, 1960 Bruce Haight
4 Jan 2017 60A “Diana” singer Paul Samuel A. Donaldson
3 Aug 2016 61D “My Way” lyricist Paul Neville Fogarty
11 Jun 2016 52D “Annette Sings ___” (1960 pop album) Andrew Kingsley
26 Jan 2016 45A Paul who sang “Eso Beso” Sam Ezersky
9 Mar 2015 4D Paul with the #1 hit “Lonely Boy” Debbie Ellerin
16 Dec 2014 59A Paul who sang “Diana” Joel D. Lafargue
4 Dec 2014 29A Singer on Canada’s Walk of Fame since 2005 Kacey Walker and David Quarfoot
30 Nov 2014 119A Paul who composed the “Tonight Show” theme Matt Ginsberg
20 Aug 2014 57D “My Way” lyricist Zhouqin Burnikel
15 May 2014 25D “Puppy Love” crooner John Lieb
20 Feb 2014 51D Paul in the Songwriters Hall of Fame Zhouqin Burnikel and Don Gagliardo
10 Jul 2013 62A Paul who sang “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” Ed Sessa
2 Jul 2013 26D Paul who sang “Lonely Boy” Daniel Raymon
30 May 2013 65A “You Are My Destiny” singer Julian Lim
22 May 2013 64A “My Way” lyricist Kevin Christian
20 Feb 2013 8D 1950s heartthrob Paul John Farmer
1 Oct 2011 10D Canadian singer with three #1 Billboard hits David Quarfoot
3 Sep 2011 5D “Tonight My Love, Tonight” singer Peter Wentz
18 Aug 2010 37A “You Are My Destiny” singer, 1958 Alex Boisvert
12 Feb 2010 24D He had a #4 hit with “It’s Time to Cry” Kevin G. Der
25 Jan 2010 56D Paul who wrote “My Way” Holden Baker
28 Dec 2009 57D Paul who wrote “My Way” Patrick Merrell
5 Oct 2009 32D Paul who sang “Diana” Mark Feldman
30 Aug 2009 3D “It’s Time to Cry” singer, 1959 Ashish Vengsarkar and Narayan Venkatasubramanyan
22 Jan 2009 31D “My Way” songwriter Gary J. Whitehead
11 May 2008 62A “Puppy Love” singer, 1960 Tony Orbach and Patrick Blindauer
6 Jan 2008 94A “My Way” lyricist Lynn Lempel
17 Dec 2007 50D Paul who sang “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” Richard Chisholm
12 Nov 2007 15A Paul who sang “Puppy Love” Harvey Estes
5 Aug 2007 17D “Lonely Boy” singer/writer Caroline Leong
20 Mar 2007 50A “Diana” singer Laura A. Halper
4 Dec 2006 63A “Puppy Love” singer Paul Richard Chisholm
17 Nov 2006 42A Classic singer with the 2005 album “Rock Swings” Beth Hinshaw
17 Sep 2006 71D “Lonely Boy” singer Brendan Emmett Quigley
6 Sep 2005 25D 44-Down singer Barry C. Silk
1 Sep 2005 15A “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” singer, 1959 Kevan Choset
17 Aug 2005 64A Singer Paul Kyle Mahowald
27 Oct 2004 54D Singer Paul Nathaniel Weiss
24 Jun 2004 64A “My Way” lyricist Patrick Merrell
15 Jan 2004 67A Ottawa-born singer/songwriter Patrick Merrell
20 Dec 2003 26A “My Way” lyricist Myles Callum
3 Nov 2003 64A “Puppy Love” singer Paul Marjorie Berg
11 May 2003 59D “Dance On Little Girl” singer Patrick Berry
7 May 2003 44D “Diana” singer Alan Arbesfeld
29 Apr 2003 17A “Diana” crooner Paul Norma Johnson
18 Dec 2002 52D “My Way” writer Merle Baker
30 Sep 2002 62A Paul who sang “Diana” Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
9 Sep 2002 53D “Lonely Boy” singer Paul William I. Johnston
4 Dec 2001 44A “Diana” singer Paul Michael Shteyman
13 Nov 2001 4D “Puppy Love” singer Nancy Salomon and Bob Peoples
25 Sep 2000 37D “My Way” songwriter Peter Gordon
26 Jun 2000 35A Singer Paul Peter Gordon
2 Jun 2000 25D Singer Paul Manny Nosowsky
11 May 2000 59A “Times of Your Life” singer Peter Abide
23 Oct 1999 56D “Lonely Boy” singer Frank Longo and Brendan Quigley
23 Sep 1999 54D “She’s a Lady” songwriter Brendan Emmett Quigley
1 May 1999 57D “She’s a Lady” songwriter Rich Norris
30 Mar 1999 24A “You Are My Destiny” singer, 1958 Randy Sowell
20 Sep 1998 11D “Crazy Love” singer Charles M. Deber
6 Sep 1998 105A “Puppy Love” singer Rich Norris
26 May 1998 1D “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” singer Jonathan Schmalzbach
15 Apr 1998 11D “My Way” writer Michael S. Maurer
25 Jan 1998 81A Old “Tonight Show” theme writer Dave Tuller
8 Oct 1997 11D “My Way” songwriter Gilbert H. Ludwig
14 Sep 1997 115A “My Way” songwriter Frank Longo
7 Sep 1997 89A 50’s-60’s teen idol Randolph Ross
12 Aug 1997 55A “Dance On Little Girl” singer Janet R. Bender
6 Jan 1997 1D Paul who sang “Having My Baby” S. L. Robbins
4 Jan 1997 53D Singer who appeared in “The Longest Day” M. W. Perry
31 Dec 1996 41D Singer Paul A. S. Verdesca
18 Dec 1996 63D “Lonely Boy” singer M. W. Perry
15 Sep 1996 43A “You Are My Destiny” singer A. K. Justin
18 Jul 1996 57D “You Are My Destiny” singer W. R. Williams
3 Jul 1996 27D Singer Paul F. Heaney
13 Feb 1996 65A “My Way” lyricist G. Paul
4 Jul 1995 47D “Lonely Boy” singer Fran & Lou Sabin
30 Jun 1995 16A “You Are My Destiny” singer Rich Norris
18 Jun 1995 96A “My Way” songwriter Rich Norris
1 Apr 1995 65A “Johnny’s Theme” cowriter Fred Piscop
12 Mar 1995 5D “Puppy Love” singer, 1960 Charles M. Deber
13 Nov 1994 61A “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” singer Frank A. Longo
12 Dec 1993 113D “Diana” singer Cathy Millhauser
1 Dec 1993 68A He wrote “My Way” for Sinatra Tap Osborn

Here you get ANKA answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If ANKA will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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