ART is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ART in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ART" answer was first appeared in "21 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Record-holding N.F.L. receiver ___Monk". It was authored by Janie Lyons. Recently, the "ART" answer has been used for "26 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Curator’s field". It was authored by John Donegan. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Skill (9)". "ART" appeared 344 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ART" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
26 Oct 2023 38A Curator’s field John Donegan
16 Oct 2023 36A The “A” in MoMA Michael Lieberman and Andrea Carla Michaels
10 Oct 2023 24A Museum pieces Nate Cardin
6 Aug 2023 119D — Lisa Senzel and Jeff Chen
15 Jul 2023 37D ___ film Jeff Chen
12 Jul 2023 61D Word with fine or folk Brooke Husic and Brian Thomas
4 Jul 2023 17A “___ is never finished. Only abandoned” (old saying) Barbara Lin
19 Jun 2023 19A Gallery display David Liben-Nowell
9 May 2023 2D Apt name for a curator Margaret Seikel
9 Apr 2023 99D “Have you heard about batik? It’s a dyeing ___” (groaner) John Ewbank
20 Mar 2023 41D Museum hangings Adam Vincent
13 Mar 2023 36A “___ is a lie that makes us realize truth”: Picasso Sam Koperwas and Jeff Chen
5 Mar 2023 75D “Coming face to face with yourself,” per Jackson Pollock John-Clark Levin
4 Dec 2022 94A “___ is never finished, only abandoned”: Leonardo da Vinci Gustie Owens
24 Nov 2022 59A ___ Deco Pao Roy
24 Sep 2022 20A “A veil, rather than a mirror,” per Oscar Wilde Martin Ashwood-Smith
23 Sep 2022 9D Graffiti, e.g. Erik Agard
17 Aug 2022 33D Verb with thou Michael Paleos
10 Aug 2022 65D Coffee table book subject Karen Lurie
6 Jun 2022 10D “But is it ___?” Michael Schlossberg
9 Apr 2022 45D Word with fair or film Sam Buchbinder
26 Dec 2021 63A Word before film and after clip Christina Iverson
20 Dec 2021 50A “A work of ___ that did not begin in emotion is not ___”: Cézanne Anne Rowley
20 Nov 2021 57D Refined oil product? Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
30 Oct 2021 4D Linocuts and such Michael Hawkins
25 Oct 2021 65D Good name for a museum curator? Damon Gulczynski
27 Sep 2021 8D Paintings and sculptures Zachary David Levy
22 Sep 2021 33A Display at the Getty Grant Boroughs
18 Sep 2021 39A “___, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere”: G. K. Chesterton Ryan McCarty
30 Aug 2021 28D Grade school class with crayons Brooke Husic
26 Aug 2021 13D “A jealous mistress,” per Emerson Ashish Vengsarkar
10 Jun 2021 43D “The only way to run away without leaving home,” per Twyla Tharp Sheldon Polonsky
9 May 2021 25D Aesthete’s interest Brad Wiegmann
17 Apr 2021 56D A word with thou Leslie Rogers
11 Mar 2021 25A Word with fine or found Leslie Rogers
20 Jan 2021 14A An oil, maybe Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
27 Dec 2020 22A Kid’s refrigerator display Daniel Grinberg
30 Nov 2020 15A Life is short and this is long, per Hippocrates Emma Craven-Matthews
24 Nov 2020 35A The “A” of MoMA Caitlin Reid
17 Nov 2020 62D “Life beats down and crushes the soul, and ___ reminds you that you have one”: Stella Adler Kyle Dolan
16 Nov 2020 27D Field of Frida Kahlo or El Greco Jennifer Nutt
10 Oct 2020 10D Real piece of work? Brian Thomas
8 Sep 2020 8D “Falsehood can hold out against much in this world, but not against ___”: Solzhenitsyn Kevin Christian and Brad Wilber
23 Aug 2020 43D Creative class Barbara Lin
18 Aug 2020 44A “If ___ doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for?”: Alice Walker Olivia Mitra Framke
16 Jun 2020 62D What curators curate Alex Eaton-Salners
9 May 2020 5D Word before glass or house Erik Agard and Miriam Estrin
1 May 2020 20D “The proper task of life,” per Nietzsche Trenton Charlson
9 Apr 2020 9D Intriguing discovery in a cave Alex Eaton-Salners
11 Mar 2020 34D What MoMA knows best? Erik Agard
3 Mar 2020 18D Works in a gallery Lynn Lempel
28 Feb 2020 56A Exhibits at an exhibition Aimee Lucido
3 Feb 2020 12D The “A” of MoMA Michael Schlossberg
1 Jan 2020 6A First verb in the Lord’s Prayer Christina Iverson and Jeff Chen
17 Dec 2019 43D Without which earth is just “eh”? David Levinson Wilk
25 Nov 2019 7D Guggenheim holdings Daniel Mauer
31 Oct 2019 64A Wiliness Ezra Brauner and Jeff Chen
25 Sep 2019 4D Much graffiti Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
14 Sep 2019 24A Prints and such Peter A. Collins
21 Aug 2019 50D Prints, e.g. Samuel A. Donaldson
20 Aug 2019 13A Museum holdings Evan Kalish
16 Aug 2019 36D “Science made clear,” per Jean Cocteau Ori Brian
11 Aug 2019 60D Crossword constructing, e.g. (no, really!) Alex Eaton-Salners
7 Aug 2019 60A Livener of an empty wall Jeff Chen
22 Jul 2019 19D The “A” of MoMA Lynn Lempel
11 Jul 2019 54A It “lives from constraints and dies from freedom,” per Leonardo da Vinci Alex Eaton-Salners
19 May 2019 27A It “should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,” according to a saying Natan Last
12 May 2019 82A Work on a wall, maybe Victor Barocas
2 May 2019 72A Notoriously hard thing to define Julie Bérubé
9 Mar 2019 51D Lost ___ Sam Trabucco
22 Feb 2019 10D “All ___ is a kind of confession, more or less oblique”: James Baldwin Daniel Nierenberg
3 Feb 2019 83A Skill Natan Last
26 Jan 2019 49D “Without tradition, ___ is a flock of sheep without a shepherd”: Winston Churchill Grant Thackray
6 Jan 2019 79D Works in a museum Zhouqin Burnikel
20 Dec 2018 1D Biblical verb Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
18 Dec 2018 53A More of an ___ than a science Ross Trudeau
28 Nov 2018 9D “What you can get away with,” according to Andy Warhol David J. Kahn
20 Nov 2018 21A Murals, sculptures, etc. Zhouqin Burnikel
31 Oct 2018 52D It is “either plagiarism or revolution,” per Paul Gauguin Bruce Haight
16 Sep 2018 14D What’s better when it’s fine? Joel Fagliano
26 Aug 2018 79A “Nature is the ___ of God”: Dante Olivia Mitra Framke
20 Jul 2018 44A Getty oil, e.g. Robyn Weintraub
11 Jul 2018 62A Verb with “thou” Michael Hawkins
1 Jul 2018 103A Singer Garfunkel Sam Trabucco
24 Jun 2018 80A Skill Timothy Polin
6 May 2018 61D Oil field? Brendan Emmett Quigley
15 Apr 2018 86D Skill Alex Bajcz
29 Mar 2018 32D Bust, maybe Claire Muscat and David Steinberg
28 Feb 2018 2D Still life, e.g. Peter A. Collins
23 Feb 2018 53A “The enemy of ___ is the absence of limitations”: Orson Welles Trenton Charlson
18 Feb 2018 59D With 55-Across, big sleepover Elizabeth A. Long
5 Jan 2018 19A “All ___ is autobiographical”: Fellini Ned White
2 Jan 2018 48A Sculptures, e.g. Zhouqin Burnikel
12 Dec 2017 60D Work of ___ (38-Across, e.g.) David J. Kahn
5 Dec 2017 6D “The creation of beauty,” per Ralph Waldo Emerson Harry Smith and Zhouqin Burnikel
24 Nov 2017 24D What we have “in order not to die of the truth,” per Nietzsche Bruce Haight and David Steinberg
27 Sep 2017 7D Dealmaking, some say Jacob Stulberg
12 Sep 2017 48A Singer Garfunkel Bruce Haight
10 Sep 2017 4D “So vast is ___, so narrow human wit”: Alexander Pope Brendan Emmett Quigley
30 Aug 2017 19A With 45-Down, some drawing rooms David J. Kahn
3 Aug 2017 60D Works in a salon Timothy Polin
14 Jun 2017 4D “___ does not surpass nature, but only brings it to perfection”: Cervantes Andrew Zhou
13 Jun 2017 13D 17,000-year-old find in France’s Lascaux cave Lynn Lempel
24 May 2017 13D Part of MoMA Michael Hawkins
27 Apr 2017 6D “The enemy of ___ is the absence of limitations”: Orson Welles Todd Gross
3 Apr 2017 6D Works at a museum Agnes Davidson and Zhouqin Burnikel
22 Mar 2017 32D “The supreme ___ of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”: Sun Tzu Jeffrey Wechsler
13 Mar 2017 6D Trump’s “The ___ of the Deal” Alan DeLoriea
9 Feb 2017 17A “The only serious thing in the world,” per Oscar Wilde Ross Trudeau
2 Sep 2016 52D “What you can get away with,” according to Andy Warhol David Liben-Nowell
5 Jul 2016 5D Paintings Jules Markey
4 Jul 2016 2D With 38-Across, 1920s-’30s design style Jill Denny and Jeff Chen
8 May 2016 29A Slyness David J. Kahn
28 Mar 2016 33A State-of-the-___ Gary Cee
12 Mar 2016 40A Something off the wall? Josh Knapp
3 Feb 2016 21D “___ washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”: Picasso Tom McCoy
25 Nov 2015 23D Something famously impossible to define Duncan Kimmel and Clara Williamson
18 Nov 2015 62D “Not what you see, but what you make others see,” per Degas Zachary Spitz
18 Aug 2015 18D The “A” of MoMA Bill Thompson
13 Jul 2015 7D Paintings, e.g. Zhouqin Burnikel
24 Jun 2015 31D ___ studio Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
17 Jun 2015 60A Surprising discovery at the Lascaux cave that’s 17,000 years old Molly Young and David J. Kahn
27 May 2015 13D Much of what is auctioned at Sotheby’s Jim Quinlan
15 May 2015 31A Class for model students? David Phillips
28 Apr 2015 42D Murals, e.g. José Chardiet
16 Mar 2015 5D Field for Robert Indiana or Georgia O’Keeffe Ian Livengood
11 Mar 2015 35A “___ is to console those who are broken by life”: Van Gogh David Steinberg
12 Feb 2015 64A Verb with “thou” Jules P. Markey
2 Jan 2015 52A “The proper task of life,” per Nietzsche David Steinberg
1 Jan 2015 54D Sketches, e.g. Jill Denny and Jeff Chen
8 Dec 2014 1A Paintings and statues Kevin Christian and Andrea Carla Michaels
7 Dec 2014 6D It’s often left hanging Jeff Chen
20 Nov 2014 45A “Life doesn’t imitate ___, it imitates bad television”: Woody Allen Timothy Polin
10 Nov 2014 4D The “A” of MoMA Bruce Haight
31 Oct 2014 24A See 21-Across Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
5 Sep 2014 53D See 46-Across Joe Krozel
9 Jul 2014 22D Mobiles, stabiles, etc. Bruce Haight
2 Jul 2014 22A Caricatures and such Dick Shlakman and Jeff Chen
9 May 2014 54D Domain of 38-Across and 8-Down James Mulhern
30 Apr 2014 55A “The signature of civilizations,” per Beverly Sills Zhouqin Burnikel
26 Apr 2014 55A “A veil, rather than a mirror,” per Oscar Wilde Evan Birnholz
3 Mar 2014 64D Paintings, sculptures, etc. Andrea Carla Michaels and Michael Blake
20 Nov 2013 15A Designer’s major Peter A. Collins
9 Sep 2013 42A Work of ___ Gary Cee
3 Sep 2013 64A Works in a gallery Dan Schoenholz
12 May 2013 40D Auction category David J. Kahn
21 Mar 2013 31D It may be fine Jeff Chen
17 Mar 2013 94A Mastery J. R. Leopold
18 Dec 2012 49A “But is it ___?” Adam G. Perl
25 Oct 2012 5D “The only way to run away without leaving home,” per Twyla Tharp Caleb Rasmussen
30 May 2012 21A Subject of a hanging without a trial David J. Kahn
8 Mar 2012 26A “___ does not surpass nature, but only brings it to perfection”: Cervantes Bill Thompson
2 Mar 2012 19A Interior decorator’s suggestion Scott Atkinson
28 Feb 2012 25A Public hanging? Randall J. Hartman
20 Feb 2012 4D “A work of ___ is a confession”: Camus Samuel A. Donaldson
22 Jan 2012 111D “Either plagiarism or revolution,” per Paul Gauguin Adam Fromm
1 Jan 2012 8D “___ hath an enemy called Ignorance”: Ben Jonson Patrick Berry
30 Aug 2011 52D Realm of beauty Bernice Gordon
29 Jul 2011 37A Field of 33-Across Paula Gamache
8 Mar 2011 21A SoHo loft output Paul Hunsberger
21 Feb 2011 40A “But is it ___?” Ed Sessa
30 Jan 2011 108D Works at a museum Kevin G. Der and Jessica A. Hui
24 Oct 2010 74D Canvases, say Brendan Emmett Quigley
7 Sep 2010 22A Class with crayons MaryEllen Uthlaut
2 Aug 2010 1D Linkletter who hosted TV’s “House Party” Diane Baker van Hoff
21 Jul 2010 23A Skill Oliver Hill
14 Jul 2010 45A “Making something out of nothing and selling it,” per Frank Zappa Michael Black
18 Apr 2010 56A Story accompanier Randolph Ross
18 Mar 2010 64D Michelangelo’s field Daniel A. Finan
15 Mar 2010 8D The “A” in MoMA Fred Piscop
5 Mar 2010 9D “A lie that makes us realize truth,” per Picasso Louis Hildebrand
23 Dec 2009 39A “Without ___, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable”: Shaw Jonathan Porat
19 Dec 2009 30D “Nature concentrated,” per Balzac Tyler Hinman and Byron Walden
9 Dec 2009 66A School department Peter A. Collins
8 Dec 2009 13A Humorist Buchwald Joe Krozel
6 Oct 2009 31A Carney of “The Honeymooners” Matt Ginsberg
29 Jul 2009 6D Works in a gallery Tim Wescott
4 Jul 2009 53A Busts in a museum, e.g. Peter A. Collins and Joe Krozel
28 Jun 2009 98A Magazine department Barry C. Silk
11 Jun 2009 63A Knack Alex Boisvert
12 May 2009 49A The “A” in MoMA Wayne and P. K. King
21 Mar 2009 59D It’s appreciated by 31-Across Robert H. Wolfe
11 Feb 2009 15A Works on the wall? Richard Silvestri
23 Dec 2008 8D Technique Joe Krozel
7 Dec 2008 92A Emerson’s “jealous mistress” Jim Page
5 Dec 2008 18A It’s often framed Joe Krozel
27 Nov 2008 9D Upscale office décor Patrick Berry
20 Nov 2008 39A “Either plagiarism or revolution,” according to Gauguin Pete Muller
18 Nov 2008 21D Elementary class with crayons Richard Chisholm
21 Oct 2008 4D Public hangings? Randall J. Hartman
22 Apr 2008 38A Gallery display Nancy Salomon
14 Apr 2008 2D Murals and such Christina Houlihan Kelly
10 Apr 2008 73A Oils, say David J. Kahn
30 Mar 2008 78A Picassos and Pissarros Paula Gamache
17 Mar 2008 8D Picasso output C. W. Stewart
24 Feb 2008 14D Knack Nancy Nicholson Joline
21 Dec 2007 31A “Science made clear”: Cocteau Patrick Berry
6 Dec 2007 50A Verb in a question from Juliet Joe Krozel
22 Nov 2007 10D “All nature is but ___”: Pope Oliver Hill
24 Oct 2007 50D Gallery display Patrick Blindauer
29 Jul 2007 114A “What Is ___?” (Tolstoy essay) Brendan Emmett Quigley
19 Jul 2007 63D Knack David J. Kahn
24 Jun 2007 64A Sotheby’s domain Eric Berlin
8 Jun 2007 16A 1998 Tony winner for Best Play Randolph Ross
23 May 2007 26A “___ hath an enemy called Ignorance”: Ben Jonson Bruce Venzke and Stella Daily
5 Feb 2007 11D Paintings Joy C. Frank
26 Dec 2006 25D Oils, busts, etc. C. W. Stewart
22 Oct 2006 56A It’s often left hanging Harvey Estes
9 Aug 2006 56D “If the ___ is concealed, it succeeds”: Ovid Maxwell H. D. Johnson Jr.
6 Aug 2006 65A Matter of aesthetics Mark Feldman
18 Jul 2006 28D 37-Down display Kevan Choset
2 Jun 2006 10D It might be framed Jim Page
17 Nov 2005 41A 28-Across, e.g. Brendan Emmett Quigley
9 Nov 2005 38D Verb with thou Ed Early
8 Nov 2005 50D Know-how Gail Grabowski and Nancy Salomon
10 Oct 2005 2D “But is it ___?” Holden Baker
6 Oct 2005 2D ___ nouveau Daniel C. Bryant
5 Sep 2005 3D Paintings and such Lynn Lempel
28 Aug 2005 92A “If the ___ is concealed, it succeeds”: Ovid Nancy Nicholson Joline
4 Jul 2005 41A Prints, pastels and such Nancy Salomon
27 Jun 2005 24A Sculptures and oils Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
9 Jun 2005 32A Oil field? David J. Kahn
29 May 2005 79A Some hangings Frank Longo
18 Apr 2005 8D See 7-Down Robert Dillman
27 Mar 2005 65D Craft Con Pederson
15 Feb 2005 16A Columnist Buchwald Gene Newman
8 Jan 2005 5D The “her” in Beethoven’s question “Who comprehends her?” David Levinson Wilk
16 Dec 2004 57D Obsolete form of “to be” Mike Torch
22 Nov 2004 54D The “A” in MoMA Gregory Paul
5 Aug 2004 20A Text enhancer Seth Abel
27 Jul 2004 25A Murals and such Len Elliott
22 Jul 2004 27A Handsome prints? Greg Staples
19 Jul 2004 41A Gallery display Nancy Salomon and Kendall Twigg
15 Jul 2004 27D Decoration Roy Leban
9 Jul 2004 28D Oils and such David Liben-Nowell
27 Jun 2004 86A Frick collection Peter Abide and Steven Kahn
18 May 2004 44A Corots, Monets and such Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Mar 2004 30A Verb with thou Patrick Merrell
30 Dec 2003 37D “If the ___ is concealed, it succeeds”: Ovid Nancy Kavanaugh
10 Nov 2003 27D Paintings Gail A. MacLean
19 Oct 2003 64A Dance, e.g. Nancy Nicholson Joline
16 Aug 2003 51D Public hanging Manny Nosowsky
3 Jul 2003 28A Skill Cathy Millhauser
1 Jul 2003 22D Workmanship Karen M. Tracey
29 Jun 2003 35D Serious hang-ups? Rich Norris
14 Jun 2003 48A Public hanging? Manny Nosowsky
11 Jun 2003 21A “… but is it ___?” Nancy Salomon
29 Apr 2003 38D Piece by Matisse Norma Johnson
4 Feb 2003 28A It may be framed Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Jan 2003 20A It’s often left hanging Harvey Estes
6 Jan 2003 20A ___ Deco Sarah Keller
1 Jan 2003 38D Frick collection Ed Early
4 Dec 2002 49D Met display Richard Hughes
27 Nov 2002 30D Pastels, e.g. Ron O’Hair
6 Oct 2002 64D Dance, e.g. Myles Callum
2 Oct 2002 26D Know-how Eric Berlin
31 Jul 2002 40D Busts inside a museum Jerry E. Rosman
28 Jun 2002 41A Exhibited things Charles E. Gersch
23 Jun 2002 1D “A jealous mistress”: Emerson Eric Berlin
8 May 2002 57A “A jealous mistress”: Emerson Fred Piscop
7 May 2002 42D “Jeopardy!” host Fleming Steven Dorfman
30 Apr 2002 34D Tate collection John F. Hughes
11 Apr 2002 62D Pop or Dada Greg Staples
18 Jan 2002 36A Public hanging? Manny Nosowsky
31 Dec 2001 54A Oils and watercolors Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
12 Dec 2001 8D College major Peter Gordon
29 Oct 2001 26D Sotheby’s stock Richard Hughes
12 Sep 2001 61A Louvre display Philip Lew
12 Jul 2001 20D 13-Down’s output William I. Johnston
17 Mar 2001 50A Conversation, for some Rich Norris
14 Mar 2001 38A Frame filler Greg Staples
18 Feb 2001 15D 1998’s 69-Across David J. Kahn
17 Jan 2001 29D Class in which posers are presented Alan Arbesfeld
12 Dec 2000 8D See 4-Down Nick Grivas
12 Nov 2000 91A Pastels and such Joe DiPietro
17 Oct 2000 23A Gallery display Peter Gordon
10 Sep 2000 45D Know-how Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 Aug 2000 29D High school elective Peter Gordon
5 Aug 2000 26D Knack Manny Nosowsky
8 Jul 2000 47A Oils and such Randolph Ross
20 Apr 2000 63A Louvre affair? Nelson Hardy
17 Apr 2000 24A Paintings Greg Staples
8 Apr 2000 19A Cunning Rich Norris
3 Apr 2000 45A Guggenheim display Gregory E. Paul
6 Mar 2000 37D College major Gregory E. Paul
3 Mar 2000 63D Skill Joe DiPietro
1 Feb 2000 60A It may be framed A. J. Santora
27 Dec 1999 55A Met display Gregory E. Paul
6 Dec 1999 43A “Wherefore ___ thou Romeo?” Gregory E. Paul
11 Nov 1999 34D Knack Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
23 Aug 1999 11D Carney of “The Honeymooners” Nancy Kavanaugh
20 Aug 1999 35D Trickery Manny Nosowsky
1 Aug 1999 115D Knack Randolph Ross
11 Jul 1999 104A It’s often left hanging Nancy Salomon
15 May 1999 63D Prints and such Brendan Emmett Quigley
1 May 1999 63D Knack Rich Norris
4 Mar 1999 57A Part of MOMA Cathy Millhauser
23 Nov 1998 31A Op ___ Elizabeth C. Gorski
7 Nov 1998 35D Word before song or glass Raymond Hamel
30 Apr 1998 6D Emerson’s “jealous mistress” Kelly Clark
29 Apr 1998 30D Dexterity Gayle Dean
15 Apr 1998 30A Life imitator Michael S. Maurer
28 Feb 1998 21A Decorative elements David J. Kahn
21 Feb 1998 25A “___ is a jealous mistress”: Emerson Richard Hughes
11 Dec 1997 58A Quaker verb Trip Payne
13 Nov 1997 31A Hang it all! Manny Nosowsky
27 Oct 1997 32A Monet supply? Mark Gottlieb
16 Oct 1997 22D Word with form or film Brendan Emmett Quigley
5 Oct 1997 106A Know-how Derrick Niederman
27 Sep 1997 59A Craft Matt Gaffney
24 Jul 1997 32A “The lie that enables us to realize the truth”: Picasso Randall J. Hartman
29 Jun 1997 79A Technique David J. Kahn
8 Jun 1997 13A Pop follower Richard Silvestri
6 May 1997 4D Skill Brendan Emmett Quigley
22 Jan 1997 55A Graffiti, to some J. Schmalzbach
29 Oct 1996 33A Gallery display R. J. Hartman
10 Sep 1996 57D With 52-Down, 20’s-30’s design G. E. Paul
23 Jul 1996 22D Biblical verb G. E. Paul
7 Jul 1996 24D Feat of Klee? R. H. Wolfe
16 May 1996 51A Canvases F. Longo
10 Mar 1996 13D Bach’s “The___of the Fugue” F. & L. Sabin
3 Mar 1996 79A Emerson’s “jealous mistress” B. Klahn
22 Feb 1996 20A Museum pieces C. Deodene
15 Dec 1995 36A Paul’s singing partner Harvey Estes
11 Dec 1995 31D Paintings Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Oct 1995 47A Domain of Minerva Larry Nargi
2 Oct 1995 1D Mr. Linkletter Joy L. Wouk
15 Sep 1995 14D School subject Matt Gaffney
10 Sep 1995 29D Know-how David J. Kahn
7 Sep 1995 8D Knack Rich Norris
30 Aug 1995 8D Jazz’s Pepper or Tatum John R. Conrad
19 Jun 1995 26A “…but is it ___?” Gregory E. Paul
30 Mar 1995 5A Skill Rich Norris
31 Jan 1995 61A Skill Albert J. Klaus
18 Dec 1994 35D Cunning Manny Nosowsky & Bob Klahn
14 Aug 1994 88A Uffizi contents Deborah Kathryn Trombley
4 Aug 1994 24A Mr. Buchwald Jim Page
13 Jun 1994 56D Trump’s “The ___ of the Deal” John Greenman
3 Jun 1994 54D High school class Norman S. Wizer
17 May 1994 25A Murals and the like Harvey Estes
17 Mar 1994 60D Wiliness Jim Page
21 Feb 1994 45A Paul’s singing partner Harvey Estes
14 Feb 1994 10D ___ Deco Nancy Joline
21 Dec 1993 53D Record-holding N.F.L. receiver ___Monk Janie Lyons

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