ASP is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ASP in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ASP" answer was first appeared in "25 Nov 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Snake with a nasty bite (2)". It was authored by Joy L. Wouk. Recently, the "ASP" answer has been used for "4 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Nile danger (2)". It was authored by Gary Larson. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Egyptian cobra (13)". "ASP" appeared 243 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ASP" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
4 Oct 2023 18A Nile danger Gary Larson
19 Sep 2023 1A Egyptian reptile that’s a symbol of royalty Gia Bosko
9 Jun 2023 37A “Baby at my breast,” in a Shakespearean tragedy Robyn Weintraub
8 Jun 2023 30D Sight in the final scene of “Cleopatra” Philip Koski
29 May 2023 9D Cairo cobra Katie Hale and Zachary David Levy
6 Mar 2023 30A Nile snake Lynn Lempel
12 Feb 2023 61D Vile Nile reptile Christina Iverson and Samuel A. Donaldson
18 Oct 2022 35D African serpent Dan Schoenholz
19 Sep 2022 59D Venomous serpent in “Antony and Cleopatra” Leslie Young and Andrea Carla Michaels
31 Aug 2022 48A Egyptian ophidian Joe Deeney
20 Aug 2022 9D Shakespeare’s “pretty worm of Nilus” Hemant Mehta
7 Jul 2022 32A Apt word hidden in “Cleopatra’s prop” Philip Wolfe
6 Jun 2022 49A Nile snake Michael Schlossberg
23 May 2022 62D Nile serpent Simon Marotte
22 Mar 2022 7A Snake in ancient Egyptian art Adam Wagner
30 Jan 2022 40D “Raiders of the Lost Ark” biter Ross Trudeau
26 Jan 2022 24A One with a venomous bite Michael Schlossberg
18 Jan 2022 48D Cleopatra’s snake Kate Schutzengel
27 Nov 2021 38A Symbol on an ancient sarcophagus Trenton Charlson
25 Nov 2021 20A Cold-blooded killer Chase Dittrich
12 Oct 2021 29A Nile biter Conor Sefkow
26 Aug 2021 67D Shakespeare’s “poor venomous fool” Ashish Vengsarkar
25 Aug 2021 37A Snake along the Nile Adam Vincent
25 Jul 2021 1A Symbol of royalty in ancient Egypt Chandi Deitmer
10 Jul 2021 24A “The pretty worm of Nilus … that kills and pains not,” per Shakespeare Trenton Charlson
17 Jun 2021 6D Relative of an adder Blake Slonecker
8 Jun 2021 57D “Raiders of the Lost Ark” snake Christopher Adams
29 May 2021 5D Spreader of venom Adam Aaronson
19 Apr 2021 44A Snake symbolizing old Egyptian royalty Andrea Carla Michaels
24 Mar 2021 30A Danger for Indiana Jones Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
19 Mar 2021 11A Symbol of royalty in ancient Egypt Kameron Austin Collins
14 Mar 2021 45A Prop in a Shakespeare tragedy Jacob Stulberg
8 Feb 2021 30A Snake in “Antony and Cleopatra” Portia Lundie
27 Jan 2021 18D “Poor venomous fool,” to Cleopatra Mike Knobler
8 Jan 2021 48A Saharan menace Evan Kalish
13 Dec 2020 128A Nile reptile Dan Margolis
21 Nov 2020 27A Subject of Shakespeare’s line “Come, thou mortal wretch” Sam Ezersky
29 Oct 2020 45D Hieroglyphic figure Kurt Weller
20 Sep 2020 54D Nile danger Sam Trabucco
5 Sep 2020 39A “Pretty worm of Nilus,” in Shakespeare John Guzzetta
27 Aug 2020 57D Reptile with a bad bite Nancy Stark and Will Nediger
14 Jun 2020 117D Reptile seen in hieroglyphics Randolph Ross
5 Jun 2020 53A Shakespearean killer John Wrenholt
22 May 2020 57A Shakespeare’s “poor venomous fool” Hal Moore
2 Feb 2020 114A Uraeus, in ancient Egypt Brian Herrick and Christopher Adams
27 Jan 2020 31D Egyptian cobra Timothy Polin
13 Jan 2020 49A Snake in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Alan Arbesfeld
8 Jan 2020 40A “Thy sharp teeth …” referent Amanda Yesnowitz and Joon Pahk
21 Jul 2019 80D Nile biter Jason Mueller and Jeff Chen
16 Jul 2019 4D Nile viper Ross Trudeau
25 May 2019 25A “Poor venomous fool,” in Shakespeare Paolo Pasco
6 May 2019 34D Egyptian cobra Peter Gordon
30 Apr 2019 5D Egyptian cobra Erik Agard
25 Feb 2019 4A Egyptian cobra Peter Gordon
1 Jan 2019 64A Slithering killer Gary Cee
21 Nov 2018 43A Nile biter Brandon Koppy
29 Oct 2018 5D Nile biter Peter Gordon
14 Sep 2018 22D “My baby at my breast,” to Shakespeare’s Cleopatra John Guzzetta
19 Aug 2018 90D Egyptian symbol of royalty Jacob Stulberg
1 Aug 2018 50A Cause of Cleopatra’s death Sande Milton and Jeff Chen
2 May 2018 55A Hieroglyphic figure Bryant White
12 Mar 2018 9D Biter of Cleopatra John R. O’Brien
6 Mar 2018 38A Death on the Nile cause, perhaps Bruce Greig
27 Feb 2018 10A Nile viper Ross Trudeau
28 Jan 2018 126A Object of veneration by ancient Egyptians Priscilla Clark and Jeff Chen
14 Jan 2018 111D Potent venom source Joel Fagliano
5 Nov 2017 40D Deadly cobra Natan Last
26 Oct 2017 26D “Cleopatra” prop Jacob Stulberg
1 Oct 2017 58A Egyptian cobra Robert Fisher
14 Jun 2017 38D “Poor venomous fool,” in Shakespeare Andrew Zhou
6 Jun 2017 37D Nile menace Lisa Loeb and Doug Peterson
25 Mar 2017 23D It may raise its hood Sam Ezersky and David Steinberg
6 Mar 2017 55D Nile viper Susan Gelfand
29 Nov 2016 29A Snake for a charmer Jacob Stulberg
5 Sep 2016 28A Symbol of royalty in ancient Egypt Tracy Gray
13 Aug 2016 54D Symbol of Tut’s power Patrick Berry
7 Jul 2016 42A Venomous viper Joel Elkins and Andrea Carla Michaels
21 Jun 2016 1D Deadly Egyptian slitherer Julie Bérubé
21 May 2016 21A Cause of a certain dramatic departure Jason Flinn
12 May 2016 25A Venomous menace James Tuttle
24 Jan 2016 56D Creature formed from Medusa’s blood Francis Heaney and Brendan Emmett Quigley
7 Nov 2015 54D Hieroglyphics symbol Barry C. Silk
12 Oct 2015 46D Dangerous snake Patrick Merrell
22 Jun 2015 5D Venomous snake Joel Fagliano
8 Jun 2015 47A Nile snake Peter A. Collins
12 Apr 2015 48A Nile biter Jeff Chen
30 Mar 2015 17A Cleopatra biter Bruce Haight
27 Mar 2015 46A Subject for a toxicologist David Kwong
23 Mar 2015 4D Egyptian cobra Michael Dewey
1 Feb 2015 109A Symbol on a sarcophagus David Steinberg
18 Dec 2014 5A Pharaonic symbol Timothy Polin
6 Dec 2014 30D Death on the Nile creator? Josh Knapp
7 Sep 2014 49A Indiana Jones menace Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen
1 Aug 2014 1D Ancient symbol of royalty Ashton Anderson and James Mulhern
2 Jun 2014 40D Cleopatra’s killer Andrea Carla Michaels
25 May 2014 33D Hieroglyphic symbol Dan Schoenholz
16 Mar 2014 9D Danger for Indiana Jones Jeremy Newton
7 Feb 2014 16A Emblem of a pharaoh Ned White
22 Dec 2013 5A Part of a pharaoh’s headdress Elizabeth C. Gorski
9 Oct 2013 26A Cause of a dramatic death in Shakespeare Jason Flinn
5 Jul 2013 4D “Antony and Cleopatra” prop Paula Gamache
23 Apr 2013 22D Egyptian snake Severin T. Nelson
1 Nov 2012 52A Egyptian headdress feature George Barany and Victor Barocas
17 Jul 2012 30A Cleopatra’s killer Peter A. Collins
8 Jul 2012 46D Ancient royal symbol Joel Fagliano
9 Apr 2012 20A Snake along the Nile Nancy Kavanaugh
6 Dec 2011 15A Menace in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Steven E. Atwood
13 Nov 2011 11A African menace Jeremy Newton and Tony Orbach
11 Nov 2011 50A Death on the Nile cause? Alex Vratsanos
5 Nov 2011 55D Possible cause of paralysis Kurt Mueller
4 Oct 2011 12D Nile reptile Dan Feyer
28 Jul 2011 12D Crawling African menace Alan Arbesfeld
19 Jun 2011 35A Symbol of royalty in old Egypt Patrick Berry
14 May 2011 23A Animal ordered to “be angry, and dispatch,” in Shakespeare Mike Nothnagel
7 Apr 2011 4A Source of venom Henry Hook
24 Feb 2011 48D Guido Reni painting “Cleopatra With the ___” Gary Cee
20 Dec 2010 30D Nile snake Donna Hoke
12 Dec 2010 42A Part of an Egyptian headpiece Karen Young Bonin
10 Nov 2010 59D Cleopatra biter Samuel A. Donaldson
28 Oct 2010 65A African menace David J. Kahn
22 Sep 2010 45A Cleopatra held it close Peter A. Collins
8 Sep 2010 45A Nile slitherer Tracy Gray
4 May 2010 60D African slitherer Doug Peterson
4 Mar 2010 47A Villainous member of the Serpent Society, in Marvel Comics David J. Kahn
31 Jul 2009 58D “My baby at my breast,” in Shakespeare Mike Nothnagel
12 Jun 2009 1D Deadly desert denizen Patrick Berry
25 May 2009 36D Egyptian cobra Peter A. Collins
19 Feb 2009 62D “Poor venomous fool,” to Shakespeare Kevin G. Der
12 Jan 2009 8D Deadly cobra Lynn Lempel
25 Dec 2008 36D Saharan viper Eric Tentarelli
23 Nov 2008 37D Horned viper David J. Kahn
9 Oct 2008 1D Venom source Doug Peterson
21 Aug 2008 39A Death on the Nile cause? Gary J. Whitehead
2 Aug 2008 6A Means of execution for favored criminals in antiquity Karen M. Tracey
20 Apr 2008 15A “Poor venomous fool,” in “Antony and Cleopatra” John Farmer
18 Mar 2008 44A Hieroglyphics serpent David Pringle
13 Mar 2008 5D Symbol of power, to the pharaohs Alan Arbesfeld
24 Dec 2007 22D Egyptian viper Mark Sherwood
29 Oct 2007 58D Cleopatra’s biter Fred Piscop
10 Oct 2007 31D Shakespeare’s “poor venomous fool” Robert Zimmerman
2 Jul 2007 20A Deadly snake Peter A. Collins
21 Jun 2007 32A 1950s-’60s American rocket John Sheehan
18 Jun 2007 43A Nile stinger Randall J. Hartman
12 Jun 2007 45A Deadly viper Jonathan Gersch
14 Feb 2007 59D Nile biter Paula Gamache
5 Feb 2007 22D Dangerous hisser Joy C. Frank
17 Jan 2007 10A Egyptian cobra Nancy Kavanaugh
7 Jan 2007 98A Death on the Nile cause, perhaps Ashish Vengsarkar
19 Nov 2006 32D Venom carrier Tony Orbach
14 Oct 2006 22A “Snakes on a Plane” menace Byron Walden
11 Oct 2006 64D Nile reptile Jack McInturff
9 Jul 2006 68A Exotic means of suicide Patrick Berry
9 May 2006 65D Symbol on an Egyptian headdress Patrick Blindauer
21 Apr 2006 5D Poison source Manny Nosowsky
5 Oct 2005 34A Venomous snake Nancy Salomon
6 Sep 2005 65D Egyptian snake Barry C. Silk
27 Aug 2005 8D Deadly biter Byron Walden
3 Jun 2005 45A It was sacred to Isis Jim Hyres
28 Apr 2005 50A Adder’s kin Elizabeth C. Gorski
5 Dec 2004 30A Horned viper David J. Kahn
16 Sep 2004 6D Nile biter Paula Gamache
6 Sep 2004 58D Nile viper Michael Shteyman
12 Aug 2004 36D Figure on an ancient Egyptian headband David J. Kahn
18 Jan 2004 7D Venom source Arlan and Linda Bushman
7 Jan 2004 55D Egyptian cobra Mike Torch
27 Nov 2003 22A Egyptian symbol of power Joe DiPietro
6 Nov 2003 36D Pharaoh’s symbol Joe DiPietro
16 Oct 2003 11A Cousin of an adder Elizabeth C. Gorski
14 May 2003 63D Venom source Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
13 May 2003 29D Egyptian viper Todd McClary
11 May 2003 116A Adder relative Patrick Berry
22 Dec 2002 36D 45-Across had one Frances Hansen
4 Dec 2002 25A Egyptian cobra Richard Hughes
16 Oct 2002 56A African serpent Alan Arbesfeld
17 Aug 2002 8D Sacred object in ancient Egypt Frank Longo
31 Jul 2002 28D Agent of Cleopatra’s demise Jerry E. Rosman
13 Jul 2002 16A African menace Randolph Ross
24 Jun 2002 51A Egyptian reptile Trip Payne
8 Apr 2002 39D Nile biter Richard Chisholm
1 Jan 2002 1D Cleopatra biter Manny Nosowsky
22 Jul 2001 121A Egyptian headdress symbol Patrick Berry
17 Jul 2001 34A Nile slitherer Fred Piscop
16 May 2001 62D Cleo’s undoing Richard Silvestri
13 May 2001 106A Part of a pharaoh’s headdress Nancy Nicholson Joline
7 May 2001 40A Nile viper Nancy Salomon and Bob Frank
3 Mar 2001 46A Ancient symbol of sovereignty Fraser Simpson
21 Jan 2001 46D Slithering striker Con Pederson
8 Jan 2001 24A Egyptian cobra Gregory E. Paul
24 Dec 2000 125D Viper Bill Zais
12 Sep 2000 26A Snake with a nasty bite Bill Zais
10 Sep 2000 14D Desert menace Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 Aug 2000 1D Killer snake Peter Gordon
8 Aug 2000 49D Nile reptile Joy L. Wouk
16 Jul 2000 63D Nasty biter David J. Kahn
14 Jun 2000 66A Nile reptile Nancy Salomon and Sherry O. Blackard
14 May 2000 72D Symbol of Egyptian royalty Bill Zais and Nancy Salomon
12 Jan 2000 60A Nile slitherer Greg Staples
17 Dec 1999 22A 21-Across biter Manny Nosowsky
13 Sep 1999 43A Egyptian cobra Fran and Lou Sabin
27 Aug 1999 43A It may display a hood Joe DiPietro
11 Aug 1999 59D Nile reptile Rich Norris
14 Jul 1999 44A Hooded snake Nancy Salomon
16 Mar 1999 41A Nile slitherer Fred Piscop
1 Jan 1999 38A Uraeus figure Joe DiPietro
20 Dec 1998 27A Nasty biter Frances Hansen
16 Dec 1998 24D Nile biter Nancy Salomon
14 Oct 1998 23D Warbucks’s henchman, with “the” Jay Sullivan
11 Aug 1998 42D Nile biter Randall J. Hartman
1 Jul 1998 33D Cleo’s undoing Fred Piscop
24 Jun 1998 38A Nile slitherer Richard Silvestri
29 Apr 1998 21A Nile reptile Gayle Dean
25 Mar 1998 22A Cleopatra biter Gene Newman
7 Feb 1998 32D Hooded menace Frank Longo
21 Apr 1997 48A Egyptian snake Patrick Jordan
20 Apr 1997 65D Cleo’s undoing Charles M. Deber
16 Dec 1996 55D Nile viper S. Spadaccini
29 Oct 1996 52A Nile viper R. J. Hartman
1 Oct 1996 34D Nile viper R. J. Hartman
2 Aug 1996 35D Snake with the scientific name Naja haje J. Herrington
19 Jul 1996 54A “Little Orphan Annie” villain with “the” D. Niles
12 Jun 1996 9D Symbol on a sarcophagus D. C. Baldwin
29 Feb 1996 11D Egyptian cobra P. Gordon
21 Feb 1996 20A Cleo’s biter F. & L. Sabin
18 Feb 1996 77A Part of an Egyptian headdress Norma Steinberg
4 Feb 1996 79D Its scientific name is Naja haje D. J. Kahn
14 Dec 1995 22D Snake charmer’s snake Matt Gaffney
26 Nov 1995 72A Nile biter Harvey Estes
29 Oct 1995 104A Cleo’s undoing Maura B. Jacobson
24 Jun 1995 10A Venomous varmint Bob & Sharon Klahn
14 Mar 1995 48A Cleopatra’s biter Bob Klahn
4 Feb 1995 56D Deadly biter Manny Nosowsky
3 Dec 1994 57A Sacred serpent Rich Norris
27 Nov 1994 6D Uraeus, in ancient Egypt Jacques Liwer
14 Nov 1994 66D Cobra Sidney L. Robbins
5 Sep 1994 13D Venomous viper Julian Ochrymowych & Amy Goldstein
28 Aug 1994 117D Daddy Warbucks henchman, with “The” Randolph Ross
19 Jul 1994 15A Viper Christopher Hurt
21 Mar 1994 5D Type of cobra Sidney L. Robbins
23 Feb 1994 28A Cleopatra biter Joel Davajan
16 Feb 1994 5A Cousin of the cobra John Greenman
2 Feb 1994 29D Image in Egyptian art Robert Katz
2 Jan 1994 40D Venomous viper Brian G. Tyler
25 Nov 1993 1A Snake with a nasty bite Joy L. Wouk

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