AUTO is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for AUTO in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "AUTO" answer was first appeared in "13 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "“Wheels” (2)". It was authored by Thomas W. Schier. Recently, the "AUTO" answer has been used for "10 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Kind of insurance". It was authored by Nate Cardin. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Camera setting (10)". "AUTO" appeared 152 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "AUTO" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
10 Oct 2023 2D Kind of insurance Nate Cardin
13 Jul 2023 56A Self- Hanh Huynh
18 Jun 2023 68A Lead-in to save Joe DiPietro
5 Jun 2023 48A Point-and-shoot camera setting Eric Rollfing
27 Mar 2023 14A Car Simon Marotte and Trenton Lee Stewart
23 Jan 2023 14A Camera setting for novice photographers Adrian Johnson
10 Aug 2022 22D Basic camera setting Karen Lurie
20 Jun 2022 56D What you park in a driveway or drive on a parkway Christopher Youngs
13 Jun 2022 55D Lead-in to correct or tune Hoang-Kim Vu and Jessica Zetzman
6 Apr 2022 7D Not manually operated Damon Gulczynski
26 Nov 2021 56D What you might unthinkingly be on Kate Hawkins
14 Nov 2021 19A Lincoln or Ford Aimee Lucido and Ella Dershowitz
7 Sep 2021 56D What thoughtless people may be on? Zhouqin Burnikel
15 Jun 2021 17A Camera setting Owen Travis
21 Mar 2021 20A Lead-in to pilot Julian Kwan
2 Mar 2021 13A Lead-in to correct Ross Trudeau
28 Feb 2021 99D Thermostat setting Brad Wiegmann
7 Feb 2021 117A Manual alternative Katie Hale and Christina Iverson
31 Jan 2021 20A Thing with tags Jim Hilger
21 Aug 2020 16A Taurus, for one Alex Eaton-Salners
15 Jul 2020 14A Mustang, e.g. Lee Higbie and Jeff Chen
5 Jun 2020 15A Part of many an insurance bundle John Wrenholt
6 May 2020 51A VW or BMW Ali Gascoigne
6 Mar 2020 2D An exhausted person might be on it Caitlin Reid
3 Mar 2020 41A Focus on the road, e.g.? Lynn Lempel
25 Nov 2019 27A Easy camera setting Daniel Mauer
7 Oct 2019 54D Hertz rental Keiran King
2 Sep 2019 44A Coupe or sedan Zhouqin Burnikel
26 Aug 2019 19D Modern prefix with correct Erik Agard
18 Aug 2019 111D A plane might be flown on it David Steinberg
30 Jul 2019 29A Car Christina Iverson
10 Jul 2019 48A On ___ (running by itself) David J. Kahn
4 Feb 2019 16A Camera setting for amateur photographers Ali Gascoigne
14 Oct 2018 98D Taurus or Touareg Ross Trudeau
20 Aug 2018 55A Jam ingredient? Peter Gordon
17 Jul 2018 58A Opposite of manual Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
1 Feb 2018 25D A camera may be set on it Damon Gulczynski
10 Oct 2017 61A Modern prefix with complete or correct Mark MacLachlan
20 Aug 2017 82D Motorcade unit Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
29 Jan 2017 101A Digital camera mode Jim Hyres and David Steinberg
9 Oct 2016 71A Camera setting Michael Ashley
6 Sep 2016 66A VW or BMW Timothy Polin
26 Jun 2016 56A Lead-in to dealer or dialer Priscilla Clark and Jeff Chen
19 Jun 2016 88D Kind of body David Woolf
6 Jun 2016 53D Volvo or Volt Mary Lou Guizzo
6 Apr 2016 2D Ford or Lincoln Timothy Polin
14 Mar 2016 3D Chevy, e.g. Lynn Lempel
26 Jan 2016 27D Prefix with complete Sam Ezersky
5 Aug 2015 30D Road runner Patrick Berry
23 Jun 2015 13A What drives on a parkway and parks on a driveway Jules P. Markey
8 Apr 2015 70A Camera setting Zhouqin Burnikel
8 Mar 2015 73D With 79-Down, place to get spare parts Tom McCoy
23 Feb 2015 18A What a garage protects Joel Fagliano
11 Feb 2015 10D Lead-in to correct Will Treece
28 Sep 2014 82D Prefix with correct Todd Gross
5 Mar 2014 35D Prefix with pilot Evan Birnholz
24 Jun 2013 10D Volvo or VW Robert Seminara
10 Jun 2013 18A Detroit product Zhouqin Burnikel
2 Aug 2012 44A Camera setting Xan Vongsathorn
31 May 2012 40A It may get in a jam Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Apr 2012 37D Self starter? Adam G. Perl
19 Apr 2012 32A “Das ___” (Volkswagen slogan) Sean Dobbin
31 Jan 2012 58D Prius, for one Doug Peterson
1 Nov 2011 43A Digital camera mode Kristian House
13 Sep 2011 24D Grand Theft ___ Patrick McIntyre
29 Aug 2011 60A The “A” in U.A.W. Andrea Carla Michaels and Michael Blake
25 Apr 2011 37A Sedan or coupe Joon Pahk
17 Dec 2010 5D Caddy, e.g. Patrick Berry
17 Oct 2010 22A Aries or Taurus Patrick Blindauer
20 Jul 2010 37A VW or BMW Ed Sessa
9 Feb 2010 44D Garage occupant Robert Cirillo
22 Oct 2009 32A Camera setting Joel Fagliano
26 Nov 2008 16A It’s chopped in a chop shop Harvey Estes
1 Oct 2008 2D Camera setting Barry Boone
24 Aug 2008 43A Something to go in … or on Kevin G. Der
11 Jun 2008 65A LaSalle or DeSoto Daniel Kantor
2 Jun 2008 50D Jaguar or Mustang Barry Boone
19 Aug 2007 100D Park Avenue, for one Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Jun 2007 15A Saab or Subaru Steve Kahn
31 May 2007 33D Camera setting William F. Stephens
29 Apr 2007 20A DeSoto or LaSalle Henry Hook
20 Dec 2006 55D Camera setting Nancy Salomon
11 Dec 2006 13A Sedan or wagon David J. Kahn
16 Jul 2006 41A Not manual Ashish Vengsarkar
11 Jul 2006 16A Saturn or Mercury Karen M. Tracey
20 Jun 2006 14A 2-Down, for example Steve Salmon
7 May 2006 30A A camera may be set on this Trip Payne
27 Apr 2005 64A Prefix with -crat Lyell Rodieck
12 Dec 2004 88D Road runner Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
24 Oct 2004 81A Lincoln or Ford Patrick Berry
10 Oct 2004 114D Camera setting Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Aug 2004 37A Garage occupant Lynn Lempel
11 Feb 2004 52D A factory worker might make a dash for it Ethan Friedman
26 Jan 2004 34A Driveway occupant Patrick Merrell
21 Dec 2003 86A Not manually, after “on” Frances Hansen
17 Oct 2003 25A With 48-Down, Inquisition judgment and execution Bob Peoples
28 Aug 2003 34D Wheels Elizabeth C. Gorski
31 Jul 2003 1A Camera setting Paula Gamache
22 May 2003 35A Self-starter? Dan Reichert
17 Feb 2003 39A 21-Across, e.g. Alan Arbesfeld
31 Oct 2002 16A Pilot’s setting, perhaps Dave and Diane Epperson
12 Jun 2002 16A Photographer’s setting Nancy Salomon and Bill Zais
11 Jun 2002 63A One for the road Nancy Kavanaugh
5 Jun 2002 49D Mercury or Saturn Richard Silvestri
9 May 2002 30A Modern camera setting Cathy Millhauser
7 Apr 2002 4D Taurus or Aries Nancy Salomon
21 Jan 2002 15A Part of U.A.W. Peter Gordon
8 Oct 2001 17A On ___ (needing no human intervention) Monica Krausse
20 Aug 2001 29D Garage contents Sherry O. Blackard
22 May 2001 1A Taurus or Aries John D. Leavy
11 Feb 2001 104A It has body parts Bob Peoples and Nancy Salomon
15 Jan 2001 17A VW or Volvo Janet R. Bender
1 Jan 2001 3D Hyundai or Honda Manny Nosowsky
20 Aug 2000 66A Insurable item Charles M. Deber
2 Aug 2000 17A On ___ (proceeding independently) Elizabeth C. Gorski
28 May 2000 82A Crosley or Nash Richard Silvestri
16 May 2000 8D Model T, e.g. Peter Gordon
14 May 2000 25A Insurable item Bill Zais and Nancy Salomon
23 Mar 2000 16A Aries or Taurus Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
19 Mar 2000 64D Not manual Greg Staples
28 Feb 2000 48D Chrysler, e.g. Jerry E. Rosman
9 Dec 1999 33A 18-Down product Chuck Deodene
10 Sep 1999 2D One with a painted body Dana Motley
19 Jul 1999 16A Item in a garage Gregory E. Paul
18 Jul 1999 113D Aries or Taurus Nancy Nicholson Joline
25 Apr 1999 78A Power control, for short Joe DiPietro
5 Dec 1998 10D ___ parts Daniel R. Stark
31 Aug 1998 62A G.M. or MG product Brendan Emmett Quigley
20 Jun 1998 19D Prefix with focus Cathy Millhauser
18 Feb 1998 16A Kind of mechanic Thomas W. Schier
27 Oct 1997 56D Car Mark Gottlieb
21 Jul 1997 60D Garage occupant Gregory E. Paul
25 Mar 1997 62A One for the road Brendan Emmett Quigley
30 Jul 1996 60A Compact, e.g. E. Gorski
5 Jan 1996 16A Self starter R. Ross
6 Apr 1995 13A Motor Lois Sidway
5 Apr 1995 59D Mobile starter Wayne Robert Williams
19 Mar 1995 106A Opposite of manual Alex K. Justin
1 Jan 1995 41D Kind of pilot Henry Hook
6 Dec 1994 21A Pilot starter Wayne Robert Williams
26 Sep 1994 41A Prefix with pilot Sidney L. Robbins
23 Aug 1994 26D Saturn or Mercury, e.g. Peter Gordon
29 Jul 1994 28A Crate, so to speak A. D. Cover
3 Jul 1994 69A Aries or Taurus, e.g. A.J. Santora
9 May 1994 45A Kind of camera focus Sidney L. Robbins
2 May 1994 58D Prefix with graph or crat James L. Beatty
1 May 1994 85A Workers in Detroit make a dash for it Peter Gordon
3 Mar 1994 9D Jam ingredient Richard Silvestri
6 Jan 1994 11D Taurus or Aries, e.g. Arthur W. Palmer
31 Dec 1993 17A Mercury or Saturn Norman S. Wizer
24 Dec 1993 15A “Self ” starter Merl H. Reagle
13 Dec 1993 37D “Wheels” Thomas W. Schier

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