BED is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for BED in NYT Crossword from 1994.

Date Grid Clue Author
7 Nov 2023 39D One of the B’s in B&B Kevin Curry and Daniel Bodily
19 Sep 2023 33D Resting place Gia Bosko
25 Aug 2023 60D King or queen, e.g. Rafael Musa
17 May 2023 42D Hospital unit Parker Higgins
15 May 2023 13D Mattress’s place Tomas Spiers
30 Mar 2023 26D One might be turned down Adam Wagner and Brooke Husic
7 Jan 2023 11A It’s turned down at a hotel Adam Aaronson
20 Aug 2022 20A Truck part Hemant Mehta
4 Jul 2022 60D One of three things tried by Goldilocks Bruce Haight
24 Feb 2022 22D Resting place Jake Halperin
3 Feb 2022 21D King or queen Adam Wagner
23 Jan 2022 32A Something to make after you wake Nancy Stark and Will Nediger
21 Dec 2021 35D Furniture depicted in Frida Kahlo’s “The Dream” (1940) Guilherme Gilioli
16 Dec 2021 39A Resting place Trenton Charlson
8 Aug 2021 78A One of the B’s in BB&B Christina Iverson and Jeff Chen
2 May 2021 105A See 106-Across Dan Schoenholz
4 Apr 2021 63A Where dreams are made Angela Olson Halsted and Doug Peterson
16 Nov 2020 66A Mattress’s place Jennifer Nutt
17 Jun 2020 32A With 37-Across, metaphor for comfort Daniel Raymon
5 Jun 2020 32A It has four legs and a head John Wrenholt
4 Jun 2020 29D King or queen, e.g. Barbara Lin
17 Jul 2019 34A Something most people lie about? Ada Nicolle
10 Jul 2019 19D Sack, so to speak David J. Kahn
29 Jan 2019 42D The first “B” of B&B Benjamin Kramer
27 Jan 2019 68D Hospital unit Randolph Ross
2 Sep 2018 11A Word that looks like its meaning when written in lowercase Tom McCoy
14 Aug 2018 60D Making it is a chore Andy Kravis and Erik Agard
19 May 2018 29A Foundation John Guzzetta
30 Mar 2018 5D Safe place to crash Sam Trabucco
7 Jan 2018 117D Spring locale David Steinberg
5 Dec 2017 64A Resting place Harry Smith and Zhouqin Burnikel
20 Mar 2017 36D Place to dream Neil deGrasse Tyson and Andrea Carla Michaels
7 Jul 2016 45A Resting place Joel Elkins and Andrea Carla Michaels
29 Apr 2016 10D See 38-Down Andrew Kingsley
4 Mar 2016 1A King or queen Evans Clinchy
21 Jul 2015 4D Sleep on it David Phillips
28 Nov 2014 29D Sack Tracy Gray
28 Jul 2014 63A Mattress’s place Tom McCoy
19 Jul 2014 53D Spring place Barry C. Silk
14 Apr 2014 46A Mattress site Gareth Bain
25 Nov 2013 28A Mattress site Kevin G. Der
12 Sep 2013 25D Soft spot Ian Livengood
30 Apr 2013 47D River bottom Lynn Lempel
28 Apr 2013 73A Take to sleep with, say Patrick Berry
21 Feb 2013 8A Word with oyster or rose Paul Hunsberger
14 Sep 2012 32D It’s often made before breakfast Peter A. Collins
22 Jun 2012 43A It’s made every day Josh Knapp
30 May 2012 9D King or queen David J. Kahn
28 Mar 2012 53D Crash site? Joe DiPietro
13 Jan 2012 16D Flat bottom Todd Gross and Doug Peterson
4 Dec 2011 37A Rice may be served in it Kelsey Blakley
8 Apr 2011 28A It’s made every day Joe Krozel
1 Apr 2011 21A Place for a spring Elizabeth A. Long
12 Jan 2011 56A Pickup truck feature Jim Hilger
6 Oct 2010 32D Flower’s home Ian Livengood
29 Apr 2010 52A Foundation David J. W. Simpson
22 Oct 2008 68A With 70-Across, what the end of 17-, 33-, 42- or 63-Across describes Gary J. Whitehead
18 Jun 2007 47A Quilt locale Randall J. Hartman
26 Jan 2007 40A Single or double, say Mike Nothnagel
2 Feb 2006 31A Hospital unit Byron Walden
4 May 2005 26A Ocean’s bottom Victor Fleming
8 Sep 2004 62D Rose’s home Steve Jones
20 Jan 2004 30D Hospital unit Eric Berlin
17 Jan 2004 44A Single or double Patrick Berry
24 May 2003 11D Rock stratum Rich Norris
6 Jan 2003 55A Place to retire Sarah Keller
1 Jan 2003 21D Oyster’s home Ed Early
3 Jan 2002 43A Lettuce serving Randolph Ross
3 Nov 2000 32A Lettuce arrangement Joe DiPietro
10 Sep 2000 85A Oyster’s place Elizabeth C. Gorski
1 Aug 2000 26D Fourposter, e.g. Randall J. Hartman
11 Jul 2000 71A Hospital unit Nick Grivas and Nancy Salomon
22 Apr 2000 43A Seam Rich Norris
1 Feb 2000 62D One of the B’s in B & B A. J. Santora
31 Jan 2000 1A Four-poster, e.g. Peter Gordon
13 Jan 2000 66A Double or twin A. J. Santora
15 Mar 1999 13D Retirement locale? Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Mar 1999 30A Sack Cathy Millhauser
10 Feb 1999 59D Foundation Nancy Salomon
4 Feb 1999 45D Night spot? Rich Norris
20 Jan 1999 62D Convertible, after conversion Fred Piscop
16 Dec 1998 32D Night spot Nancy Salomon
10 Dec 1998 34D Place where a rose arises Peter Gordon
16 May 1998 35D Subsoil Jim Page
4 May 1998 34A Word before “of nails” or “of roses” Hugh Davis
3 Mar 1998 44D Rest stop? Elizabeth C. Gorski
3 Feb 1998 32A Fourposter, e.g. Nancy Salomon
16 Jun 1996 81A Lettuce arrangement N. N. Joline
13 Mar 1996 36D Breakfast’s partner W. R. Williams
28 Jan 1996 38A Foundation M. W. Perry
28 Dec 1995 4D High-riser, e.g. Cathy Millhauser
29 Oct 1995 54D Converted sofa Maura B. Jacobson
8 Oct 1995 55D Board’s partner Nancy Nicholson Joline
6 Sep 1995 30A Breakfast’s partner Peter Gordon
30 Jul 1995 107D Sleep on it Charles M. Deber
7 May 1995 58D Nap sack? Bob Klahn
29 Jan 1995 41D Bunk Bryant White
13 Dec 1994 47A Murphy, for one Jon Delfin
15 Aug 1994 39A Fourposter Fred Piscop
25 Jun 1994 22A Breakfast company? Manny Nosowsky

Here you get BED answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If BED will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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