CAL is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for CAL in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "CAL" answer was first appeared in "18 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "U.C.L.A. rival". It was authored by Manny Nosowsky. Recently, the "CAL" answer has been used for "9 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Part of U.C.S.F.: Abbr.". It was authored by Doug Peterson and Christina Iverson. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Low-___ (7)". "CAL" appeared 143 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "CAL" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
9 Dec 2023 44A Part of U.C.S.F.: Abbr. Doug Peterson and Christina Iverson
29 Oct 2023 74A Nev. neighbor Alina Abidi
30 May 2023 19A Nickname that might drop -vin or -eb Kathryn Ladner
22 May 2023 21A “Iron Man” Ripken of baseball Đặng Quang Thắng
23 Feb 2023 57A Berkeley’s Bears, in brief Joe Deeney
8 Feb 2023 42A The Golden Bears of the N.C.A.A., familiarly Chase Dittrich
5 Oct 2022 37D “Silent” prez Jason Reich
4 Oct 2022 42A Golden Bears’ sch. Joe Deeney
10 Sep 2022 51D Home of the Golden Bears, informally Kameron Austin Collins
5 Jun 2022 46D Follower of “So” or “lo” Christina Iverson and Katie Hale
4 May 2022 19A Berkeley, familiarly Eric Bornstein
6 Feb 2022 8D Diet Coke doesn’t have a single one: Abbr. Stephen McCarthy
1 Aug 2021 8D Pac-12 school, informally Matthew Stock
6 Jun 2021 34A Schedule keeper: Abbr. Robyn Weintraub
27 May 2021 57D The Golden Bears of the N.C.A.A., familiarly Barbara Lin
30 Sep 2020 55D Berkeley school, for short Erik Agard and Andy Kravis
28 Sep 2020 62D Ripken who played a record 2,632 consecutive major-league games Lynn Lempel
22 Sep 2020 41D Low-___ Jeremy Newton
8 Sep 2020 29D Berkeley school, informally Kevin Christian and Brad Wilber
29 Aug 2020 1D ___ State (school with 23 campuses) Michael Hawkins
24 Jun 2020 59D Old presidential nickname Joe Deeney
19 Apr 2020 22A Low-___ Jack Mowat and Jeff Chen
6 Mar 2020 13D Low-___ Caitlin Reid
3 Mar 2020 7D Record-setting Ripken Lynn Lempel
11 Jan 2020 47A ___-Mex (cuisine) Andrew J. Ries
7 Sep 2019 21A Unit equivalent to 4.184 joules: Abbr. Trenton Charlson
1 Jul 2019 28A Diamond great Ripken Damon Gulczynski
17 Dec 2018 1A Baseball’s record-setting Ripken Brian Thomas and Andrea Carla Michaels
24 Nov 2018 47A Stanford rival, informally David Steinberg
6 Nov 2018 16A Ripken with a record 2,632 consecutive games played Alan Southworth and Yacob Yonas
3 Jun 2018 78D State with five teams in the 84-Across: Abbr. David J. Kahn
29 Apr 2018 58D ___ Poly Peter Wentz
8 Mar 2018 22A Golden Bears’ school, familiarly Jim Quinlan
22 Feb 2018 52A Orioles legend Ripken Zhouqin Burnikel
19 Feb 2018 23A Home for Nixon and Reagan: Abbr. Bruce Haight
28 Jan 2018 70A One side in college football’s “Big Game” Priscilla Clark and Jeff Chen
6 Aug 2017 96A Berkeley institution, briefly Patrick Berry
3 Aug 2017 16D Nutritional label abbr. Timothy Polin
5 Mar 2017 8D Low-___ Timothy Polin
24 Jan 2017 5D “Silent” prez John R. O’Brien
3 Mar 2016 22A What the second letter of 17-Down stands for: Abbr. Andrew Zhou
3 Jan 2016 42A Golden Bears’ sch. David Woolf
22 Dec 2015 63D Silent ___ (presidential nickname) Tom McCoy
15 Aug 2015 30D One side in college football’s annual Big Game, informally Jeff Chen
16 Jul 2015 1D Old White House nickname Paula Gamache
7 May 2015 24D Berkeley campus nickname Tracy Gray
2 Feb 2015 20D Home to L.A. and S.F. Jeffrey Wechsler
6 Apr 2014 93A Stanford rival, informally Patrick Berry
24 Dec 2013 62D Low-___ (for weight-watchers) David J. Kahn
10 Dec 2013 64D Berkeley school, informally Bill Thompson
8 Oct 2013 44D Baseball’s Ripken Tim Croce
23 Sep 2013 57D Where L.A. is Susan Gelfand
30 Apr 2013 66A Silent ___ (White House nickname) Lynn Lempel
22 Feb 2013 27A One of Steinbeck’s twins Martin Ashwood-Smith
21 Oct 2012 45A Ripken with a 17-year consecutive game streak Caleb Rasmussen
21 Aug 2012 45A Silent ___ (Coolidge nickname) Josh Knapp
6 Aug 2012 9D Baseball’s record-setting Ripken Lynn Lempel
4 Aug 2012 5D Presidential nickname Jim Page
19 Jan 2012 62D Home of 19-Across: Abbr. Derek Bowman and Sarah Keller
20 Nov 2011 54A Dieter’s unit: Abbr. Trip Payne
21 Jul 2011 43A Food label abbr. Michael Sharp
17 Jul 2011 84D “Silent” one Daniel A. Finan
26 Jun 2011 39A Berkeley campus nickname David Levinson Wilk
20 Nov 2010 31A ___ Poly, school nickname Joe DiPietro
20 Jul 2010 40D Low-___ (for dieters) Ed Sessa
18 Jun 2010 41A “East of Eden” twin Karen M. Tracey
10 Jun 2010 26A Food label abbr. Mike Nothnagel
28 Feb 2010 35D Nev. neighbor Yaakov Bendavid
30 Oct 2009 21A One of Steinbeck’s twins David Levinson Wilk
26 Jul 2009 142A Stanford’s Big Game rival Kevin G. Der
12 Apr 2009 95D Political columnist Thomas Eric Berlin
1 Apr 2009 12D “Silent” prez Ed Stein and Paula Gamache
10 Sep 2008 33A Stanford rival, familiarly Lucas Gaviotis Whitestone
15 Jun 2008 44D Low-___ Jeremy Newton
7 Apr 2008 5D Iron Man Ripken of the Orioles Randall J. Hartman
9 Feb 2008 4D Title robot in an Isaac Asimov short story Shannon Burns
2 Dec 2007 105A Ore. neighbor Seth A. Abel
28 Oct 2007 69A 2007 Hall of Fame inductee Ripken Ben Tausig
2 Sep 2007 18D Oriole Ripken Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
18 May 2007 47A Political columnist Thomas David Quarfoot
25 Mar 2007 14D 1920’s White House name Fred Piscop
2 Feb 2007 22A ___ Tech David J. Kahn
16 Nov 2006 44D Baseball’s Ripken Kevin Donovan
10 Oct 2006 68A Where S.F. is Tyler Hinman
7 Aug 2006 37A Ripken who played 2,632 straight games Lynn Lempel
9 Apr 2006 85A Part of the W. Coast Paula Gamache
17 Feb 2006 1D Political columnist Thomas Trip Payne
31 Dec 2005 30A ___-Mex Robert H. Wolfe
21 Dec 2005 51A ___ Poly David J. Kahn
11 Sep 2005 49D Berkeley university nickname Patrick Berry
9 Aug 2005 34A “Silent” prez Victor Fleming
14 Jun 2005 37A ___-Mex cuisine Sarah Keller
8 Jun 2005 22D “Silent” prez Richard Chisholm
7 Oct 2004 46D Berkeley campus, for short Patrick Merrell
21 Mar 2004 55A Stanford rival, familiarly Roy Leban
16 Mar 2004 39D Record-setting Ripken Ron Sweet
29 Feb 2004 68D Old White House nickname Patrick Merrell
22 Feb 2004 94D Low-___ Nancy Nicholson Joline
15 Dec 2003 16A President Coolidge Sarah Keller
2 Oct 2003 51A ___ Poly Elizabeth C. Gorski
6 Jul 2003 99D White House nickname Robert H. Wolfe
6 Jun 2003 42A Pac. borderer Randolph Ross
11 Apr 2003 5D Baseball/football Hall-of-Famer Hubbard Elizabeth C. Gorski
7 Apr 2003 33A “Silent” prez Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
16 Feb 2003 2D Nutritional fig. Charles M. Deber
15 Jan 2003 6D Nutritional fig. Brendan Emmett Quigley
25 Dec 2002 60A Lo-___ Patrick Merrell
20 Oct 2002 13D Old White House nickname Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
25 Aug 2002 50A ___ Tech Randolph Ross
17 Jul 2002 28D “Silent” prez Peter Gordon
4 Jun 2002 50A Iron man Ripken Matthew J. Koceich
11 Nov 2001 81D Pac Ten school, informally Joe DiPietro
21 Aug 2001 29D Pres. Coolidge Sarah Keller
1 Jul 2001 56A Trask twin in “East of Eden” Manny Nosowsky
15 Apr 2001 71A Low-___ Richard Silvestri
28 Feb 2001 1A White House nickname A. J. Santora
15 Nov 2000 11D Baltimore’s Ripken Chuck Deodene
5 Oct 2000 64D Double Hall-of-Famer Hubbard Cathy Millhauser
10 Sep 2000 27A Columnist Thomas Elizabeth C. Gorski
5 Aug 2000 35D ___ Poly Manny Nosowsky
30 Apr 2000 19D Ariz. neighbor Cathy Millhauser
22 Oct 1999 49A 41-Across borderer: Abbr. Martin Ashwood-Smith
6 Oct 1999 60D Hall-of-Famer Hubbard Fred Piscop
23 Aug 1999 23A Ripken of the Orioles Nancy Kavanaugh
2 Aug 1999 15A Ripken of the Orioles Stephanie Spadaccini
28 Nov 1998 39A Aron’s twin in “East of Eden” Gilbert H. Ludwig
24 Jun 1998 63D Old White House nickname Richard Silvestri
28 Feb 1998 28D ___ Tech David J. Kahn
23 Dec 1997 11A Southern ___ Fred Piscop
31 Aug 1997 102A 1920’s White House nickname David J. Kahn
28 Apr 1997 10D Baseball’s Ripken Peter Gordon
2 Mar 1997 4D Hall-of-Famer Hubbard Harvey Estes
31 Jan 1997 57A The Lone Eagle’s monogram M. Gaffney
16 Nov 1996 36A Political commentator ___ Thomas J. Page
30 Jul 1996 39D Baseball’s Ripken E. Gorski
13 May 1996 57D Pres. Coolidge, informally S. L. Robbins
4 May 1996 21A “East of Eden” protagonist B. Klahn
18 Jan 1996 56D Ripken Jr. or Sr. C. Deodene
5 Dec 1995 54D It follows no- or low- Robert Katz
14 Oct 1995 26A Ariz. neighbor Alex K. Justin
7 Dec 1994 63D Silent ___ (20’s moniker) Chet Currier
24 Sep 1994 1D 31st state: Abbr. Manny Nosowsky
18 Feb 1994 34A U.C.L.A. rival Manny Nosowsky

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