CEL is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for CEL in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "CEL" answer was first appeared in "3 Mar 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Animation frame (10)". It was authored by Richard Silvestri. Recently, the "CEL" answer has been used for "20 Aug 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Goofy image, maybe". It was authored by Michael Schlossberg. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Animation frame (10)". "CEL" appeared 123 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "CEL" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
20 Aug 2023 79A Goofy image, maybe Michael Schlossberg
27 Jun 2023 64A Looney Tunes frame Anthony Gisonda
24 May 2023 44D Cartoon frame Kavin Pawittranon and Nijah Morris
26 Feb 2023 13D What’s still in cartoons? Will Nediger
17 Jan 2023 37A Cartoon collectible Erika Ettin
15 Jan 2023 34D One of many in the “Disney Morgue” Michael Schlossberg
12 Oct 2022 34A Cartoon collectible Drew Schmenner
15 Aug 2022 64D Sheet of an animated cartoon Simon Marotte
19 Jun 2022 15D Cartoon frame Jeremy Newton
24 Feb 2022 59D Animation frame Jake Halperin
31 Jan 2022 46D Collectible toon image Eric Bornstein
31 Jul 2021 50D One of 250,000 in 1937’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” Brian Thomas and Brooke Husic
15 Apr 2021 10D Frame in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Brendan Emmett Quigley and Ben Zimmer
4 Mar 2021 63A Still making cartoons? Blake Slonecker
2 Feb 2021 42A Animator’s sheet Adesina O. Koiki
27 Jan 2021 59D Animated frame Mike Knobler
26 Dec 2020 28A One of many that Bugs Bunny appeared in John Guzzetta
15 Dec 2020 51A Bit of animation Adam Vincent
26 Oct 2020 41A Collectible animation frame Eric Bornstein
25 Aug 2020 10D Bit of animation Dave Bardolph
11 Jul 2020 59D Still at Disney World? Kameron Austin Collins
29 Feb 2020 28A Bugs used to be seen on it Andrew J. Ries
6 Oct 2019 110D Bit of animation Howard Barkin and Victor Barocas
3 Oct 2019 4D Frame in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Ricky Cruz
8 Jun 2019 25A Sleepy still? Andrew J. Ries
19 May 2019 103D Bit of old-fashioned animation Natan Last
26 Mar 2019 8D Cartoon collectible Zhouqin Burnikel
25 Jan 2019 59D Film picture not shot with a camera Zhouqin Burnikel
29 Jul 2018 101D Disney collectible Will Nediger
3 Jun 2018 62D Cartoon collectible David J. Kahn
2 Feb 2018 23D Disney collectible Randolph Ross
21 Jan 2018 43D Goofy drawing? Victor Barocas and Andy Kravis
8 Oct 2017 60A Animator’s frame Erik Agard and Alex Briñas
5 Aug 2017 31A Bit of Disneyana David Phillips
27 Apr 2017 62D Picture frame? Todd Gross
27 Dec 2016 45A What framed Roger Rabbit? Herre Schouwerwou
26 Dec 2016 22A Cartoon pic Jules P. Markey
15 Dec 2016 19A Doc’s image, e.g.? Jacob Stulberg
14 Dec 2016 46A Still frame of Mickey, maybe Alan DeLoriea
2 Dec 2016 48A Picture frame? Andrew Kingsley
29 Nov 2016 48A Image of Homer, perhaps Jacob Stulberg
1 Nov 2016 39D Cartoon frame Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
18 Jul 2016 44A Animation frame Jacob Stulberg
5 Jul 2016 19A Animation frame Jules Markey
18 Mar 2016 5D Frame from a drawer Michael Wiesenberg
6 Mar 2016 114A One carrying a toon? David J. Kahn
9 Apr 2015 58D Image of Pluto, say Jacob Stulberg
19 Mar 2015 42D Bugs might be seen in one Todd Gross
16 Jul 2014 44D Disney collectible Daniel Raymon
21 Jun 2014 55D Animation fan’s collectible Brad Wilber and Byron Walden
11 Jun 2014 61D Toon’s place Ian Livengood
28 Nov 2013 66A Toon’s place Loren Muse Smith and Jeff Chen
10 Jun 2013 59D Collectible frame Zhouqin Burnikel
26 Apr 2013 41A Kind of animation Michael Ashley
11 Oct 2012 39D Animation collectible Byron Walden
9 Sep 2012 113D “Pinocchio” keepsake Kevin G. Der
27 Jun 2012 12D What framed Roger Rabbit? Mike Buckley
24 Apr 2012 9D Cartoon frame Adam G. Perl
29 Aug 2011 50A Cartoon frame Andrea Carla Michaels and Michael Blake
31 Mar 2011 64D Funny frame Jeremy Horwitz and Tyler Hinman
23 Jan 2011 76A One carrying a toon? Chris A. McGlothlin
6 Dec 2010 38A Disney frame Richard Chisholm
8 Nov 2010 65D Animation frame John Dunn
11 Apr 2010 61D Animator’s sheet Patrick Berry
29 Sep 2009 1D Animation frame Paula Gamache
23 Aug 2009 84A Toon frame Phil Ruzbarsky
8 May 2009 46D Old Walt Disney production John Farmer
20 Jan 2009 43A Cartoon collectible Tim Wescott
14 Dec 2008 79A Funny frame Trip Payne
25 Jun 2008 57A Disney collectible Rob Cook
25 May 2008 116D Hanna-Barbera art Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 May 2008 39A Animation bit Patrick John Duggan
9 May 2008 34D Certain character sketch Jim Page
5 May 2008 31D Animation frame Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
2 Apr 2008 28D Framable frame Patrick Merrell
9 Dec 2007 49D Hanna-Barbera collectible Patrick Blindauer
26 Jan 2007 20A Collectible sheet Mike Nothnagel
23 Nov 2006 23A Animation unit Ari Halpern
10 Oct 2006 65D Cartoon film art Tyler Hinman
9 May 2006 36A Disney collectible Patrick Blindauer
22 Apr 2006 4D Picture within a picture? Brendan Emmett Quigley
11 Apr 2006 40A “Fantasia” frame Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
1 Apr 2006 35A An old Warner Bros. production? Kevan Choset and David Kwong
19 Feb 2006 72A Cartoon collectible Joe DiPietro
28 Dec 2005 24A Toon’s place Ernest Lampert
28 Aug 2005 89D Cartoonist’s medium Nancy Nicholson Joline
4 Feb 2005 5D Frame that’s sometimes framed Robert Bridges
17 Aug 2004 35A Disney Store item Gene Newman
12 Aug 2004 24A Pixar collectible David J. Kahn
20 May 2004 40A Disney frame Greg Staples
18 May 2004 51A Cartoon collectible Elizabeth C. Gorski
30 Apr 2003 20A Animation pic Jerry E. Rosman
5 Jan 2003 70D Collectible frame Elizabeth C. Gorski
6 Aug 2002 45A Disney collector’s item Ethan Cooper and Michael Shteyman
12 May 2002 12D Disney collectible Alan Arbesfeld
16 Sep 2001 56A Disney design Bill Zais
31 May 2001 40A Cartoon aficionado’s purchase Robert H. Wolfe
31 Dec 2000 102A Animation sheet Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 Jul 2000 122A Warner Bros. collectible Patrick Berry
17 Oct 1999 113A Dopey picture? Bob and Sharon Klahn
31 Jul 1999 60D Art collectible Fred Piscop
21 Jun 1999 26A Cartoon frame Gregory E. Paul
20 Jun 1999 29A Film frame Manny Nosowsky
11 May 1999 25A Animation frame Ed Early
18 Apr 1999 162D Drawer’s frame Frank Longo
7 Nov 1998 45A Modern collectible Raymond Hamel
27 Sep 1998 13D Disney Store purchase Randolph Ross
12 Jul 1998 119A Animation unit Henry Hook
3 Sep 1997 46D Disney frame Hugh Davis
31 Aug 1997 7D Animator’s sheet David J. Kahn
20 Jul 1997 9D Animator’s unit Rich Norris
27 Oct 1996 81D Cartoonist’s transparency N. N. Joline
17 Oct 1996 20A Disney Store item J. R. Conrad
11 Sep 1996 58A Animation unit B. E. Quigley
22 Aug 1996 23A Animation unit R. Norris
1 Aug 1996 11A Disney frame B. Lubbers
22 Jun 1996 49D Animation frame B. White
9 Jun 1996 62D Disney collectible M. Gaffney
12 Nov 1995 11D Piece of animation Randolph Ross
8 Sep 1995 24D Cartoon frame A.J. Santora
20 Aug 1995 117D Animation unit Cathy Millhauser
14 May 1995 69A Animation frame Richard Silvestri
3 Mar 1994 1D Animation frame Richard Silvestri

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