CHI is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for CHI in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "CHI" answer was first appeared in "13 Mar 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Fraternity letter (3)". It was authored by Nancy Nicholson Joline. Recently, the "CHI" answer has been used for "28 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "“___-Raq” (2015 Spike Lee film)". It was authored by Ryan McCarty. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "X (17)". "CHI" appeared 136 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "CHI" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
28 Oct 2023 25A “___-Raq” (2015 Spike Lee film) Ryan McCarty
1 Oct 2023 52A Midwest metropolis: Abbr. Jeffrey Lease
25 Jul 2023 30A City with two M.L.B. teams Gary Larson and Doug Peterson
12 May 2023 54A Letter after phi Enrique Henestroza Anguiano
12 Apr 2023 5D Life energy Olivia Mitra Framke and Brooke Husic
15 Feb 2023 42A Letter after phi Sean Ziebarth
1 Jan 2023 111D Home of more than one M.L.B. team Adam Wagner, Michael Lieberman and Rafael Musa
29 Dec 2022 24D X Claire Rimkus and Rachel Fabi
6 Dec 2022 1D Letter before psi Ross Trudeau and Wyna Liu
5 Dec 2022 11A X, to Greeks Tracy Gray
20 Nov 2022 88D X Joe Deeney
30 Oct 2022 69D Ho ___ Minh Addison Snell
14 Sep 2022 56D Midwestern metropolis, informally Michael Dewey
4 Sep 2022 75D X Tracy Gray
21 Jul 2022 23A N.L. Central team, on scoreboards Anne Marie Crinnion and Eric Bornstein
28 Feb 2022 32D Ho ___ Minh City Zach Sherwin and Andrea Carla Michaels
8 Feb 2022 41A ___-Town (Windy City) Adam Aaronson, Jack Joshi and Jackson Janes
25 Jun 2021 55D X Scott Earl
9 May 2021 9D X Brad Wiegmann
27 Apr 2021 28D Second letter before omega Jeff McDermott
7 Mar 2021 112D Life force, in China Celeste Watts and Jeff Chen
20 Jan 2021 56A ___-Town (Midwest hub) Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
13 Dec 2020 118D With 78-Down, Greek letters that together sound like a world capital Dan Margolis
23 Nov 2020 6D Ho ___ Minh City Stanley Newman
8 Nov 2020 41A X Evan Kalish and Caitlin Reid
14 Aug 2020 31A Spiritual force Nam Jin Yoon
10 Feb 2020 36A ___-Town (the Windy City) Bruce Haight
18 Sep 2019 52A Universal life force John Wrenholt
5 Sep 2019 62D Spiritual energy Alex Eaton-Salners
14 Aug 2019 65D Greek X David J. Kahn
23 Apr 2019 42D Tai ___ (martial art) Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
28 Jan 2019 8D Second letter after upsilon Thomas van Geel
6 Jan 2019 43A ___-Town (city nickname) Zhouqin Burnikel
30 Dec 2018 114D X Luke Vaughn
25 Feb 2018 111D X Will Nediger
2 Nov 2017 9D Life force Peter Sagal and Mike Selinker
16 Oct 2017 29D Home of the Cubs, for short Jennifer Nutt
13 Aug 2017 91D Greek X Eric Berlin
22 Jun 2017 32A ___-Town Ruth B. Margolin
1 Jun 2017 17A Universal life force Derek Bowman and Sarah Keller
25 Dec 2016 58A Life force in Eastern medicine Kevin G. Der
21 Aug 2016 29A Life force in Chinese philosophy Kathy Matheson and Jeff Chen
3 Apr 2016 1A ___-Town (sobriquet in many a Kanye West song) Natan Last
6 Jan 2016 5D Life force, in Taoism Jules P. Markey
26 Aug 2015 48A X Ian Livengood
18 Mar 2015 29A Letter after phi Timothy Polin
1 Mar 2015 65D See 48-Across Finn Vigeland
16 Feb 2015 6A Site of the 1968 Democratic convention, informally David J. Kahn
27 Jan 2015 11A Home of the Bulls, informally James Tuttle
15 Nov 2014 39A Life force, in meditation Peter Wentz
15 Oct 2014 7D Tai ___ David Poole
13 Oct 2014 52D White Sox home, for short Greg Johnson
1 Nov 2013 5D Acupuncturist’s concern Brad Wilber
16 Oct 2013 22D Hellenic X Samuel A. Donaldson
5 Sep 2013 25D Fraternity letter Damon Gulczynski
1 May 2013 6D Feng shui “energy” Paula Gamache
29 Dec 2012 7D Half of a classic religious symbol Joe Krozel
15 Dec 2012 35D Eastern energy Will Nediger
9 Dec 2012 21A Loop locale, informally Patrick Berry
5 Sep 2012 59D Trib’s home Paula Gamache
17 Jun 2012 60A X, on campuses Kyle T. Dolan
3 Jun 2012 87A Japanese kana character Patrick Berry
22 Jan 2012 42A Home of two M.L.B. teams Adam Fromm
11 Oct 2010 47A ___-Town (Cubbies’ home) Robert Fisher
20 Sep 2010 32A The Windy City, for short Bernice Gordon
18 Aug 2010 4A X Alex Boisvert
26 Jun 2010 33D Loop setting, briefly Robert H. Wolfe
26 May 2010 62A The Windy City, briefly Anna Shechtman
26 Feb 2010 51D City with both A.L. and N.L. teams, informally Josh Knapp
24 Jan 2010 143D X David Kwong and Kevan Choset
26 Dec 2009 38A Acupuncturist’s energy Kevin G. Der
2 Nov 2009 48A Greek letter X Andrea Carla Michaels and Kent Clayton
15 Jul 2009 8D Christogram part Joon Pahk
1 Jul 2009 8D ___-Town (Midwest hub) David J. Kahn
13 Apr 2009 61D “The Sweetheart of Sigma ___” Natan Last
20 Mar 2009 19D 46-Down preceder David Levinson Wilk
13 Oct 2008 20A “The Sweetheart of Sigma ___” Anthony J. Salvia
30 Sep 2008 58D A.L. or N.L. city, in brief Allan E. Parrish
26 Jun 2008 27D Cub’s home, for short David J. Kahn
21 Jun 2008 28D Delta Tau ___ (“Animal House” house) Tyler Lewis Hinman
29 Apr 2008 19A Tai ___ (meditative martial art) Will Nediger
26 Sep 2007 39D The Bears, on scoreboards Lee Glickstein and Craig Kasper
27 Aug 2007 23A “The Sweetheart of Sigma ___” Steven Ginzburg
27 May 2007 8D N.L. and A.L. city Patrick Berry
20 Nov 2006 36D Greek X Bernice Gordon
30 Oct 2006 59D “The Sweetheart of Sigma ___” Nancy Salomon
1 Sep 2006 56A X David Quarfoot
28 May 2006 56D A.L. or N.L. Central city Timothy Powell
10 May 2006 38A ___-square test, in statistics Kevan Choset
17 Nov 2004 56D Phi follower Richard Silvestri
7 Nov 2004 51D N.L. or A.L. team Con Pederson
3 Jun 2004 7D A.L. and N.L. city Mike Torch
18 Apr 2004 10D A.L. and N.L. city: Abbr. Richard Chisholm
26 Jan 2004 1D Greek X Patrick Merrell
4 Jan 2004 86A Tai ___ Patrick Merrell
23 Oct 2003 40D X Michael Shteyman
2 Sep 2003 59D Sorority letter Ed Early
10 Aug 2003 77D ___-Town (Midwest hub) Cathy Millhauser
23 Jun 2003 63A “The Sweetheart of Sigma ___” Raymond Hamel
12 May 2003 4D “The Sweetheart of Sigma ___” Sarah Keller
15 Mar 2003 39D Singer Coltrane Adam Cohen
18 Nov 2002 56A Sorority letter Nancy Salomon and Gail Grabowski
8 Oct 2002 56A Phi follower Sherry O. Blackard
21 Sep 2002 4D Campus letter Rich Norris
17 Jul 2002 15A X Peter Gordon
14 Apr 2002 119D McBride of “Boston Public” David J. Kahn
22 Mar 2002 23A Life force, to an acupuncturist Randall J. Hartman
14 May 2001 63D Windy City, for short Gregory E. Paul
24 Apr 2001 62A Psi’s preceder Tyler Hinman
15 Mar 2001 34D Greek antepenultimate Cathy Millhauser
21 Jan 2001 68D Bears’ home, briefly Con Pederson
29 Nov 2000 2D Acupuncturist’s vital life force Peter Gordon
23 Apr 2000 8D Midwest city, familiarly Nancy Nicholson Joline
13 Jan 2000 10A A.L. or N.L. city A. J. Santora
14 Nov 1999 83D Midwest city, on scoreboards Lloyd E. Pollet
18 Sep 1999 44A ___-square Joe DiPietro
8 Sep 1998 43A Home of the Bears and the Bulls: Abbr. Nancy Salomon
18 Jul 1998 63D Midwest city, slangily Rich Norris
14 Jul 1998 35A Life force, in Eastern philosophy Raymond Hamel
21 Nov 1997 54A Frat letter Chuck Deodene
5 Jun 1997 10A With 58-Down, a religious monogram David J. Kahn
5 May 1997 36D Letter before psi Stephanie Spadaccini
8 Apr 1997 29A T’ai ___ ch’uan Fred Piscop
2 Mar 1997 78A Fraternity letter Harvey Estes
16 Jan 1997 7D Greek letter W. R. Williams
17 Nov 1996 39D X, to Xenophon N. N. Joline
6 Sep 1996 4D X R. Norris
18 May 1996 20A ___-square (odds calculation) M. Nosowsky
17 Apr 1996 25A X F. Heaney
30 Jan 1996 28D T’ai___ch’uan M. Skolsky
26 Nov 1995 32A X Harvey Estes
11 Jun 1995 36A Ancient X Coral Amende
12 Mar 1995 50A Ancient Chinese dynasty Charles M. Deber
2 Oct 1994 68D Windy City, breezily Frances Hansen
20 Aug 1994 19A X for Xenophon Manny Nosowsky
13 Mar 1994 4D Fraternity letter Nancy Nicholson Joline

Here you get CHI answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If CHI will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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