CUT is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for CUT in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "CUT" answer was first appeared in "12 Jul 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Director’s cry (5)". It was authored by Charles Arnold. Recently, the "CUT" answer has been used for "7 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Word with clean or clear". It was authored by Rebecca Goldstein. "CUT" appeared 53 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "CUT" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
7 Dec 2023 37D Word with clean or clear Rebecca Goldstein
30 Jul 2023 4D Director’s shout John Kugelman
28 Jul 2022 69A With the circled letters, a hint to solving seven Across clues Bill Pipal and Jeff Chen
13 Dec 2020 45A Film director’s cry Dan Margolis
23 Sep 2020 25A Minor injury for an office clerk Margit Christenson
4 Feb 2020 41A Drop from the roster Queena Mewers and Alex Eaton-Salners
16 Oct 2019 32D Film director’s cry Peter A. Collins
10 Nov 2017 46A Band-Aid site Patrick Berry
11 Dec 2016 24A Share Tom McCoy
26 Sep 2016 63D Sever Timothy Polin
22 Sep 2016 4D Percentage Jeffrey Wechsler
18 Sep 2016 115A Share Jeremy Newton
6 Aug 2016 54D Like bodybuilders’ bodies David Phillips
29 Dec 2014 41A Director’s end-of-scene cry Peter A. Collins
16 Oct 2014 40D Share John Farmer
19 Aug 2014 29D Abbreviate Sam Buchbinder
5 Apr 2014 31A Ripped Ashton Anderson and James Mulhern
19 Dec 2013 9D Director’s cry George Barany and Michael Shteyman
19 Dec 2012 28A Album track Mike Buckley
25 Apr 2012 63D Well-muscled, informally Peter Wentz
12 Mar 2012 66D Abridge Lynn Lempel
16 Oct 2011 8D Share Joel Fagliano
26 Dec 2010 101A Song on an album Darin McDaniel
11 Apr 2010 5D Director’s cry Patrick Berry
3 Jan 2010 57A Let go Jeremy Newton
1 Sep 2009 41A Director’s “Stop!” Steven Ginzburg
2 Jul 2009 12D Rib or short loin Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Jun 2009 53A Action stopper Peter A. Collins and Joe Krozel
29 Oct 2008 55A Paste’s partner Steven L. Zisser
14 Aug 2008 10D Director’s cry Damon J. Gulczynski
4 Jun 2008 25D Drop from the team Billie Truitt
16 Mar 2008 101A Film editor’s job Elizabeth C. Gorski
22 Jul 2006 13D Album unit Robert H. Wolfe
26 Dec 2005 21D Last word from a director Allan E. Parrish
2 Nov 2004 11D Scene-ending cry Patrick Merrell
29 Jul 2004 18D Studio shout Patrick Merrell
7 Feb 2003 31A Elimination Michael Shteyman
26 Sep 2002 33D Edit out Manny Nosowsky
2 Mar 2002 34D Set shout Jim Page
2 Dec 2001 50D Off the team Nancy Nicholson Joline
16 Aug 2001 25A Profit share Joe DiPietro
24 Jan 2001 10A Director’s call David Ainslie Macleod
5 Nov 2000 76A Partner of 51-Across Michael S. Maurer
25 May 1999 11A Film director’s cry Philip Lew
2 Nov 1998 35A Slice Sheldon Benardo
1 Jun 1998 60A Cause for a Band-Aid Evie Eysenburg
28 Mar 1998 19A Abridged David J. Kahn
5 Feb 1998 25A Film director’s cry Cathy Millhauser
9 May 1997 41D Director’s cry Richard Hughes
28 Feb 1997 32D Injured Bob Klahn
17 Nov 1996 90A Sound-stage cry N. N. Joline
25 Nov 1995 25A Cry on the set Joe DiPietro
12 Jul 1994 46A Director’s cry Charles Arnold

Here you get CUT answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If CUT will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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