DAN is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for DAN in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "DAN" answer was first appeared in "21 Nov 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Judo level (2)". It was authored by Peter Gordon. Recently, the "DAN" answer has been used for "15 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Apt name for a sensei". It was authored by Gary Larson. "DAN" appeared 113 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "DAN" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
15 Nov 2023 67A Apt name for a sensei Gary Larson
28 Sep 2023 38A Martial arts rank Ricky Cruz
27 Aug 2023 118D Savage of “Savage Love” Rich Katz
15 Aug 2023 28A Author Brown Malaika Handa
3 May 2023 52A Sex columnist Savage Samuel A. Donaldson
7 Feb 2023 48A Actor Aykroyd Ellen Leuschner
22 Dec 2022 32A Dapper ___, iconic hip-hop couturier David Steinberg
17 Nov 2022 36A Martial arts tier Hoang-Kim Vu and Jessica Zetzman
21 May 2022 30A Actor Levy Ryan McCarty and Yacob Yonas
21 Mar 2022 21D QB Marino John Ewbank and Jeff Chen
19 Mar 2022 27A Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” Ryan McCarty
13 Feb 2022 119D Man’s name derived from the Bible David Steinberg
24 Mar 2021 56A Judo ranking Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
12 Jan 2021 4D “Dapper” guy Ross Trudeau
28 Dec 2020 51A ___ Castellaneta, voice of Homer Simpson Alan Massengill and Andrea Carla Michaels
13 Dec 2020 1A Advice columnist Savage Dan Margolis
4 Sep 2020 47A ___ + Shay, Grammy-winning country duo Brian Thomas
6 Jul 2020 46A Martial arts level Lynn Lempel
8 Jan 2020 68A Tribe of Israel Amanda Yesnowitz and Joon Pahk
7 Sep 2019 28A Rank in judo Trenton Charlson
22 Jun 2019 37D Sci-fi author Simmons with the 1989 Hugo-winning novel “Hyperion” Joe Deeney
7 Apr 2019 106D Skilled judoist Peter A. Collins
30 Mar 2019 40A Political commentator Pfeiffer Greg Johnson
23 Oct 2018 40A Dapper fellow Kathy Wienberg
2 Oct 2018 44A Dapper fellow Paul Coulter
21 Jun 2018 38D L.G.B.T. activist Savage Milo Beckman and David Steinberg
16 Apr 2018 4D Roseanne’s hubby on “Roseanne” David Woolf
11 May 2017 63A Level of judo proficiency Timothy Polin
26 Apr 2017 35D Degree of expertise in martial arts Trenton Charlson
21 Apr 2017 35A Savage of “Savage Love” Damon Gulczynski
18 Feb 2016 38A Martial arts rank Bruce Haight
4 May 2015 49D Brown who wrote “The Da Vinci Code” Zhouqin Burnikel
3 May 2015 68D Martial arts level Dan Schoenholz
1 Apr 2015 23A Rowan of “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” Sharon Delorme
18 Dec 2014 68A Roseanne’s man on “Roseanne” Timothy Polin
12 Dec 2014 11D Judo ranking Evan Birnholz
2 Jul 2014 36A Sex columnist Savage Dick Shlakman and Jeff Chen
14 May 2014 40D Brown who wrote “The Da Vinci Code” Victor Barocas
20 May 2013 65A “Reeling in the Years” rockers Steely ___ Tim Croce
6 Mar 2013 46A Roseanne’s husband on “Roseanne” Richard Chisholm
23 Dec 2012 4D Roseanne’s husband on “Roseanne” Joe DiPietro
6 Dec 2012 25D Lieutenant ___ of “Forrest Gump” Jill Denny and Jeff Chen
6 Sep 2012 61D Writer Brown Ben Pall
19 Feb 2012 61A Roseanne’s husband on “Roseanne” James F. C. Burns
20 Nov 2011 18A Rank in kendo Trip Payne
28 May 2011 56A Steely one? David Quarfoot
29 Nov 2010 30D Aykroyd of the Blues Brothers Elizabeth A. Long
7 Sep 2010 7A Rock’s Steely ___ MaryEllen Uthlaut
28 May 2010 26A Blocker of 1960s TV Joe Krozel
22 Feb 2010 35A Former vice president Quayle Steve Dobis
22 Dec 2009 59D Aykroyd of “Ghostbusters” Robert A. Doll
6 Dec 2009 6D Brown who wrote “The Lost Symbol” Patrick Berry
22 Dec 2008 64D Vice president Quayle Lynn Lempel
10 Nov 2008 37D Actor Aykroyd Gail Grabowski
25 Nov 2007 71A Sportscaster Dierdorf Trip Payne
22 Mar 2007 38A Castellaneta, the voice of Homer on “The Simpsons” Karen M. Tracey
11 Mar 2007 115D Best-selling author Brown Eric Berlin
8 Oct 2006 27D Vice president after George Fred Piscop
24 Jul 2006 24D Former CBS anchor Rather Richard Chisholm
17 Jul 2006 43A Newsman Rather Larry Paul
12 Jul 2006 9D Dapper one? Richard Chisholm
2 Apr 2006 85D Judo ranking Bob Klahn
22 Jan 2006 45A One of Alcott’s “Little Men” George Barany and Michael Shteyman
24 Dec 2005 33D Degree in martial arts Byron Walden
14 Dec 2005 9D “Dapper” one James R. Leeds
17 Dec 2004 59D Northernmost city of ancient Palestine Manny Nosowsky
11 Aug 2004 62D Rather in the news Alan Arbesfeld
20 Jul 2004 48D Vice president Quayle Nancy Kavanaugh
11 Jul 2004 86A One of Alcott’s “Little Men” Randolph Ross
14 Mar 2004 105D Forebear of one of the 12 tribes of Israel Craig Kasper
17 Nov 2003 66D Dapper ___ Sarah Keller
8 Nov 2003 1A Rather good at reporting Sherry O. Blackard
25 May 2003 99D Dapper one David J. Kahn
7 Jan 2003 32D Actor Aykroyd Peter Gordon
14 May 2002 30D Newsman Rather Barry Callahan
7 Oct 2001 112D Pitcher Quisenberry Patrick Berry
12 Aug 2001 30A One of the 12 tribes of Israel Nancy Nicholson Joline
4 Apr 2001 12D Blocker of “Bonanza” Alan Arbesfeld
20 Nov 2000 48A Newsman Rather Randall J. Hartman
9 Oct 2000 26D Former veep Quayle Teresa M. Hackett
12 Jun 2000 40D Newsman Rather Andrea C. Michaels
9 Jun 2000 61D Old title equivalent to “master” Joe DiPietro
6 Apr 2000 46D One of the 12 tribes of Israel Manny Nosowsky
1 Jan 2000 40A “Vega$” detective Tanna Rich Norris
26 Nov 1999 47A Karate level Roger Phillips
30 Jul 1999 52D Rather enlightening? John Wolting
25 Jun 1999 29D Blocker of TV Matt Gaffney
9 May 1999 60A Fancy ___ Nancy Nicholson Joline
21 Feb 1999 4D Decathlete O’Brien Fred Piscop
13 May 1998 23A Level of karate expertise Eileen Lexau
13 Mar 1998 32D Judo level Shannon Burns
26 Dec 1997 3D Martial arts degree Bob Sefick
23 Dec 1997 66D Dapper fellow? Fred Piscop
5 Nov 1997 39A One of Tom’s rivals A. J. Santora
15 Oct 1997 9D Fancy one Randall J. Hartman
19 Jul 1997 25A Roseanne’s TV hubby Robert H. Wolfe
21 Mar 1997 60D Rather, for one Shannon Burns
3 Mar 1997 31A Dapper fellow Stephanie Spadaccini
21 Dec 1996 8D Roseanne’s man F. Piscop
2 Oct 1996 31A Dapper one K. Hodge
24 Sep 1996 56A Former Rep. Rostenkowski S. Spadaccini
12 Aug 1996 48A Rather of CBS J. R. Bender
15 Oct 1995 70D Judo degree Mel Rosen
2 Aug 1995 50A Martial arts degree James Neal
1 May 1995 63A Newsman Rather Sidney L. Robbins
26 Jan 1995 2D Baseball’s Quisenberry A.J. Santora
3 Jan 1995 32D Mr. Quayle Rich Norris
21 Aug 1994 83A Northernmost city of ancient Palestine Ted Fulton
13 Jul 1994 27D Comic Aykroyd Jonathan Schmatzbach
25 Jun 1994 52A Northernmost city of ancient Palestine Manny Nosowsky
21 Jan 1994 27D Marino of Miami A.J. Santora
5 Dec 1993 86A CBS’s Rather Manny Nosowsky
21 Nov 1993 44A Judo level Peter Gordon

Here you get DAN answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If DAN will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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