DEAL is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for DEAL in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "DEAL" answer was first appeared in "19 Jun 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Give a hand (6)". It was authored by Nancy Scandrett Ross. Recently, the "DEAL" answer has been used for "4 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Handout following a shuffle". It was authored by Sean Ziebarth. "DEAL" appeared 92 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "DEAL" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
4 Dec 2023 48D Handout following a shuffle Sean Ziebarth
19 Nov 2023 121A “___?” “___!” Rebecca Goldstein and Rachel Fabi
27 Aug 2023 65A Lay one’s cards on the table? Rich Katz
5 Feb 2023 31D “Works for me!” Jeremy Newton
14 Mar 2022 56D Successful conclusion to negotiations Stephen Hiltner
22 Feb 2021 63A Order to someone holding a deck of cards Barbara Lin
9 Dec 2020 39A Green New ___ Owen Travis and Jeff Chen
7 Dec 2020 15A Start a game of cards Barbara Lin
18 Nov 2020 29D “What’s the big ___?” Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
5 Nov 2019 71A “What’s the ___?” John Guzzetta
21 Sep 2019 10A You can’t make one by yourself Joon Pahk and Erik Agard
25 Aug 2019 32A “Let’s shake on it” Matt Ginsberg
1 Jul 2019 2D “You’re on!” Damon Gulczynski
16 Apr 2019 14A “Here’s the ___ …” Gary Cee
10 Dec 2018 55D “You’re on!” Alex Eylar
12 Sep 2018 26D Negotiation goal Jeffrey Wechsler
5 Oct 2017 6D “You’re on!” Alan Arbesfeld
4 Oct 2017 27D One may be made with a handshake Evan Mahnken
31 Aug 2017 67A Bargain Zachary Spitz
19 Jun 2017 57A Negotiator’s goal Susan Gelfand
18 Dec 2016 76A Square ___ Derrick Niederman
22 May 2016 87A It’s least palatable when raw Victor Barocas and Andy Kravis
2 Mar 2016 65A Word said with a handshake Fred Piscop
20 Oct 2015 5A An “art” for Donald Trump Sam Buchbinder
3 Oct 2015 27D Pass out on game night? Barry C. Silk
11 May 2015 21A Donald Trump’s “The Art of the ___” Joe DiPietro
5 Feb 2015 39D See 38-Down Mike Buckley
22 Jul 2013 3D Hand out cards Ian Livengood
26 Nov 2012 67A Give everyone a hand Ed Sessa
22 Nov 2012 37A “You’re on!” Joel Fagliano
28 Sep 2012 50A It may follow a cut Ed Sessa
17 Oct 2011 50A New ___ (35-Across’s program) Patrick Berry
1 Sep 2010 40D 25%-off price, e.g. Michael Torch
6 Apr 2010 42D Give out cards Sarah Keller
5 Jan 2010 40A Word with a handshake C. W. Stewart
6 Oct 2009 22A Command to a person holding a deck of cards Matt Ginsberg
4 May 2009 57D Order to the person holding the deck of cards Mark Milhet
9 Nov 2008 53D Exclamation with a handshake Paula Gamache
5 Nov 2008 56D Negotiation goal Doug Peterson
6 Aug 2008 51A “Agreed!” Caleb Madison
3 Jun 2008 55A Bargain Pete Muller
7 Jan 2008 33D Start a card game Lynn Lempel
1 Nov 2007 60D Cry made with a handshake Larry Shearer
7 Aug 2007 49D Successful conclusion of a negotiation Daniel Kantor
24 Jul 2007 24A Give a card hand Bruce Adams
18 Jun 2007 2D “Are we agreed?” Randall J. Hartman
27 Mar 2007 32D TV word before and after “or no” Lucy Gardner Anderson
30 Oct 2006 62A “Agreed!” Nancy Salomon
28 Sep 2006 50D Start of a game Richard Chisholm
9 Jun 2006 22A Word said with a handshake Manny Nosowsky
23 Jan 2006 32D It may be new, raw or big Mark T. Milhet
19 Jan 2006 32D It might follow a cut Joe DiPietro
8 Dec 2005 35A It may follow a cut David Pringle
4 Dec 2005 77A You might shake on it Eric Berlin and Craig Kasper
24 Mar 2005 34A Do business Dan Reichert
4 Jan 2005 63A Good buy John Underwood
4 Nov 2004 69A Negotiation’s end Elizabeth C. Gorski
27 Oct 2004 35D Hand out Nathaniel Weiss
12 Aug 2004 14A Sports page news David J. Kahn
12 May 2004 34D Start a hand Allan E. Parrish
30 Apr 2004 11D Question or answer in “___?” … “___!” Kevin Hagen
28 Apr 2004 13D Do business John Underwood
4 Apr 2004 79A Give a hand Manny Nosowsky
4 Feb 2004 63A Handshake’s meaning, maybe Roy Leban
7 Jul 2003 70A Dicker Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
1 Jan 2003 27A It may be raw Ed Early
13 Nov 2002 42A Do business Elizabeth C. Gorski
6 Nov 2002 24A Cause for a handshake Alan Arbesfeld
23 Sep 2002 41A Give a hand? Peter Gordon
28 Apr 2002 21D Bargain Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Feb 2002 57A Sales rep’s goal Marjorie Richter
11 Feb 2001 69A It may be raw Bob Peoples and Nancy Salomon
4 Nov 2000 27A Bargain-hunter’s goal Rich Norris
1 Nov 2000 17A Give a hand? Peter Gordon
25 Jul 2000 49A Begin a hand Patrick Jordan
16 Jul 2000 40D “It’s a ___!” David J. Kahn
7 May 2000 62A Do business Patrick D. Berry
10 Nov 1999 48A Give a hand Joan Yanofsky
13 Jul 1999 57D “Agreed!” Brendan Emmett Quigley
25 Jul 1998 19D “Agreed!” Robert H. Wolfe
9 Feb 1998 67A Card game start Robert Dillman
22 Dec 1997 49A Card game start Arthur S. Verdesca
14 Aug 1997 16A Administer David J. Kahn
14 Oct 1996 45D Start of a card game R. White
22 Aug 1996 49D Arrangement R. Norris
26 Jul 1996 43A Contract G. Newman
9 Apr 1996 19D Poker command M. E. Skolsky
4 Dec 1995 4D Distribute, as cards Sidney L. Robbins
30 Aug 1995 63A Give a hand John R. Conrad
13 Aug 1995 19A Big bargain Nancy Salomon
23 Aug 1994 11D Good buy Peter Gordon
19 Jun 1994 124A Give a hand Nancy Scandrett Ross

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