EASEL is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for EASEL in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "EASEL" answer was first appeared in "27 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Supporter of the arts (6)". It was authored by Bette Sue Cohen. Recently, the "EASEL" answer has been used for "27 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Stand near a poser". It was authored by Adrian Johnson. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Artist’s stand (8)". "EASEL" appeared 128 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "EASEL" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
27 Oct 2023 31A Stand near a poser Adrian Johnson
1 Oct 2023 56A Oil holder, maybe Jeffrey Lease
28 Sep 2023 29A Stand in a studio Ricky Cruz
22 Sep 2023 42A Stand up during a presentation Rafael Musa and Michael Lieberman
19 Jul 2023 63A Painter’s prop Billy Bratton
7 Jun 2023 50A Supporter of the arts? Jennifer Lee and Victor Galson
2 Oct 2022 89A Prop for a painter Kathy Bloomer
2 Aug 2022 10D Propper noun? Jay Kaskel and Daniel Kantor
14 May 2022 51D Stand for something Ada Nicolle
22 Aug 2021 105D It has 104-Down legs Stephen McCarthy
14 Jun 2021 16A Prop for a painter Andrea Carla Michaels and Doug Peterson
23 Mar 2021 3D Studio supporter Dan Schoenholz
23 Nov 2020 42A Artist’s stand Stanley Newman
2 Nov 2020 25D Artist’s stand Luke Vaughn
20 Oct 2019 23A Stand that an artist might take Natan Last
28 Apr 2019 47A Stand in a boardroom Brendan Emmett Quigley
30 Mar 2019 16A Something holding up the works? Greg Johnson
24 Feb 2019 87D Art studio prop Erik Agard
7 Dec 2018 7D Prop at a sales meeting Sam Trabucco
25 Oct 2017 16A Canvas supporter Jules P. Markey
24 Apr 2017 66A Stand on three legs? Gary Cee
7 Mar 2017 55D Prop found near a palette Freddie Cheng
12 May 2016 65A Stand James Tuttle
13 Mar 2016 64D Backing at a business meeting? Tom McCoy
6 Dec 2015 92D Place for visual aids Patrick Berry
19 Nov 2015 22A What may give an artistic bias? Andrew Zhou
30 Jun 2015 52A Supporter of the arts? Susan Gelfand
18 Nov 2014 29A Stand an artist might take Jacob McDermott
9 Jul 2014 50A Landscapist’s prop Bruce Haight
8 May 2014 45D Stand in a studio Matthew Lees
24 Feb 2014 50D Artist’s stand Adam G. Perl
11 Sep 2013 47D Sitting stand Patrick Blindauer
1 Nov 2012 15A Stand for a sitting George Barany and Victor Barocas
23 Oct 2012 34D Hotel meeting room amenity Jules P. Markey
21 Sep 2012 45D Flip chart supporter Barry C. Silk
19 Aug 2012 109D Chart holder Freddie Cheng
16 Mar 2012 34A Stand for something Joel Fagliano
6 Feb 2012 9D Painter’s stand Tom Pepper
5 Dec 2011 52D Artist’s stand Kenneth J. Berniker
29 Jun 2011 62A Canvas holder Tony Orbach
27 May 2011 41D One may hold a drawing Ashton Anderson
24 Sep 2010 9D Oil support Mark Diehl
16 Sep 2009 34D Aid in show-and-tell Maura B. Jacobson
10 Sep 2009 59A Stand for something? Kevan Choset
3 Sep 2009 27D Holder of a black marker C. W. Stewart
4 Mar 2009 66A Painter’s prop C. W. Stewart
14 Dec 2008 54D Tripod, sometimes Trip Payne
6 Oct 2008 38D Three-legged support Patrick Blindauer
5 Oct 2008 48A Studio supporter Byron Walden
7 Apr 2008 36A Prop for Picasso Randall J. Hartman
10 Nov 2007 48D Oil holder Dana Motley
9 Oct 2007 65A Stand for a portrait Timothy Powell
20 Nov 2006 15A Artist’s stand Bernice Gordon
5 Nov 2006 104A Stand Derrick Niederman
30 Jul 2006 28A Oil holder, maybe Victor Fleming and Bonnie L. Gentry
27 Jun 2006 58A Supporter of the arts? Damon J. Gulczynski
15 Mar 2006 48D Canvas support Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
25 Oct 2005 69A Atelier prop Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
6 Oct 2005 47D Oil holder Daniel C. Bryant
9 May 2005 62A Painter’s stand Jim Hyres
18 Jan 2005 48A Art supporter Richard Chisholm
23 Nov 2004 33D Flow chart site Kurt Mengel
8 Nov 2004 16A Artist’s stand Damon J. Gulczynski
11 Oct 2004 57A Painting stand Jim Hyres
5 Oct 2004 29A Three-legged piece James R. Leeds
29 Jun 2004 28D Studio prop Jim Hyres
16 Jun 2004 46A Stand for a portrait Paula Gamache
11 Mar 2004 52A Oil holder Jeremy Thomas Paine
15 Feb 2004 78D Stand Derrick Niederman
10 Feb 2004 17A Supporter of the arts? Seth A. Abel
31 Oct 2003 43A Chart holder Earl L. Martin III
11 Oct 2003 29A Display aid Robert H. Wolfe
24 Aug 2003 81A Collectible plate holder Patrick Berry
21 Jun 2003 59A Oil supporter Dana Motley
28 Jan 2003 55D Stand for something? Christina Houlihan
13 Jan 2003 66A Art stand Gregory E. Paul
17 Nov 2002 41D Art prop Richard and Judith Martin
22 Oct 2002 42D Painting holder Michael Shteyman
22 Nov 2001 68A Studio accessory Richard Silvestri
15 Aug 2001 30D Oil holder Karen Young Bonin
13 Mar 2001 14A Stand at a sitting Michael S. Maurer
11 Jun 2000 104D Stand for a portrait Nelson Hardy
26 May 2000 47A It might come with a few pointers Joe DiPietro
22 May 2000 19A Flip chart holder Nancy Salomon and Louis Hildebrand
19 Apr 2000 29A Atelier sight Frances Hansen
19 Feb 2000 24D Studio purchase Rich Norris
14 Feb 2000 62A Artist’s prop Nancy Kavanaugh
30 Jan 2000 10D Drawing support Peter Gordon
12 Jan 2000 30A Stand for something Greg Staples
24 Sep 1999 8D Canvas site Martin Ashwood-Smith
16 May 1999 162A Nursery school item Nancy Nicholson Joline
4 Apr 1999 112A Stand for Steen Richard Silvestri
18 Jan 1999 52D Stand for something Frederick T. Buhler
5 Oct 1998 29A It gives an artist backing Peter Gordon
4 Oct 1998 69A Stand in an atelier Frank Longo
20 Sep 1998 87D Chart holder Charles M. Deber
4 Sep 1998 21D Masking frame, in photography Hugh Davis
23 Jul 1998 4D Supporter of the arts? Randall J. Hartman
1 Mar 1998 71A Stand for Steen Cathy Millhauser
4 Sep 1997 33D Display stand Richard Silvestri
25 Aug 1997 60A Artist’s support Randall J. Hartman
24 Aug 1997 96A Meeting room staple Michael S. Maurer
29 Apr 1997 44A Backing for an exhibit Jeff Herrington
9 Apr 1997 59A Flip chart site Norman S. Wizer
6 Mar 1997 41A Stand for a portrait Shannon Burns
22 Dec 1996 115A Chart holder F. Hansen
14 Oct 1996 20A Artist’s stand R. White
16 Apr 1996 2D Studio stand G. E. Paul
7 Apr 1996 124A Stand in some studios C. Millhauser
20 Feb 1996 7D Writing pad support D. Trombley
12 Feb 1996 30A Painter’s stand S. Robbins
23 Jan 1996 66A Titian’s tripod B. Lubbers
20 Dec 1995 66A Studio prop Lois Sidway
16 Dec 1995 21D Blackboard backing Bryant White
13 Dec 1995 52D Painter’s prop Ernie Furtado
16 Nov 1995 31D Three-foot piece Rich Norris
30 Oct 1995 26A Art stand Gregory E. Paul
25 Oct 1995 22D Support for the arts Larry Nargi
23 Jul 1995 115A Salon support Fran & Lou Sabin
1 Apr 1995 63A Blackboard holder Fred Piscop
15 Feb 1995 13D Canvas prop Harvey Estes
13 Jan 1995 64A Speaker’s prop Judith Perry
3 Dec 1994 30D Studio prop Rich Norris
27 Sep 1994 45D Artist’s stand Eileen Lexau
16 May 1994 38D Artist’s prop Ed Pegg Jr.
10 May 1994 37A Studio prop David Ellis Dickerson
5 May 1994 21D Canvas prop Mel Taub
27 Feb 1994 130A Supporter of the arts Bette Sue Cohen

Here you get EASEL answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If EASEL will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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