EDAM is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for EDAM in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "EDAM" answer was first appeared in "16 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Popular Dutch export". It was authored by John Greenman. Recently, the "EDAM" answer has been used for "5 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Cheese found in Notre Dame?". It was authored by Daniel Bodily. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Dutch cheese (32)". "EDAM" appeared 197 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "EDAM" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
5 Oct 2023 47A Cheese found in Notre Dame? Daniel Bodily
6 Sep 2023 55D North Holland cheese town Blake Slonecker
21 May 2023 2D Product typically wrapped in paraffin wax Robert Ryan
17 Apr 2023 27D Dutch cheese Katherine Baicker and Scott Earl
23 Mar 2023 23D Wax-wrapped wheel David Kwong
5 Mar 2023 28D Wax-coated cheese John-Clark Levin
12 Jan 2023 20A Cheesemaking town Grant Thackray
7 Sep 2022 57A Mellow cheese Ekua Ewool
24 Aug 2022 26A Mild yellow cheese Colin Ernst
28 Jul 2022 30D Cheese wrapped in wax Bill Pipal and Jeff Chen
10 Jul 2022 47A Cheese with a light, nutty flavor Christina Iverson and Scott Hogan
1 Jul 2022 31D Dutch export Christina Iverson and Caitlin Reid
29 Jun 2022 18D Dutch cheese Jared Goudsmit
10 May 2022 52A Dutch cheese Lou Weiss
6 Dec 2021 65A Semihard Dutch cheese Emily Rourke
17 Sep 2021 55A Cheese whose name is a semordnilap Matthew Stock
18 Aug 2021 38D Cheese used in Babybels Alina Abidi
19 Jul 2021 14A Wax-wrapped cheese Stephanie Lesser
26 Jun 2021 51A Toponym in the dairy aisle John Lieb and Brad Wilber
7 Apr 2021 56D Cheese of the Netherlands Adrian Johnson
24 Mar 2021 41D Semihard Dutch cheese Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
18 Jan 2021 29D Dutch cheese Jeff Stillman
5 Nov 2020 32A It can be substituted for Gouda Jeremy Newton
16 Oct 2020 10A Eponymous Dutch town Damon Gulczynski
1 May 2020 26D Red-cased import Trenton Charlson
28 Apr 2020 47D Mild yellow cheese Joel Fagliano
23 Feb 2020 110A Dutch cheese town Sophia and David Maymudes
26 Dec 2019 4D Eponymous Dutch town Trenton Charlson
9 Dec 2019 64A Dutch town with a cheese named after it Ellis Hay
30 Nov 2019 25D Alternative to Leyden or Boerenkaas Joe Deeney
22 Sep 2019 24D Cheese with a red covering Tracy Gray
6 Sep 2019 26D Traditional product of North Holland Mark Diehl
29 Jul 2019 34D Semihard Dutch cheese Bruce Haight
15 Jul 2019 34D Cheese from the Netherlands Ed Sessa
14 Jul 2019 79A Round product with a wax wrapper Caitlin Reid
1 Jul 2019 25D Dutch cheese town Damon Gulczynski
14 Apr 2019 15D Dutch cheese Will Nediger
7 Feb 2019 60D Mild cheese Morton J. Mendelson
3 Feb 2019 88D Choice of cheese Natan Last
20 Dec 2018 58A Big cheese? Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
8 Aug 2018 39D Big cheese in the Netherlands Andrew Kingsley
31 Jul 2018 52D Cheese similar to Gouda David Woolf
8 Jun 2018 10D Eponymous Dutch town Caleb Madison
31 May 2018 41D Answer to the riddle “What cheese is made backward?” Dominick Talvacchio
24 May 2018 36D What queso de bola is another name for Erik Agard and Andy Kravis
19 Nov 2017 51D Mild cheese Tom McCoy
13 Jun 2017 25D Dutch cheese Lynn Lempel
7 May 2017 2D Cheese sometimes paired with pinot noir Natan Last, Finn Vigeland and the J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
25 Jan 2017 1A Sweet-curd cheese Tracy Gray
14 Dec 2016 38D Cheese coated in red wax Alan DeLoriea
31 Aug 2016 6D Dutch cheese town Ned White
28 Jul 2016 7D Cheese used in Babybels Adam G. Perl
29 May 2016 66D Main ingredient in queso relleno Kevin G. Der
17 May 2016 60D Dutch export Paula Gamache
2 Feb 2016 43A Dutch cheese Peter A. Collins
17 Jan 2016 93A Dutch export Jeff Chen
8 Dec 2015 6A Dutch cheese Neville Fogarty
6 Dec 2015 105D Dutch export Patrick Berry
3 Dec 2015 56D Town whose exports are waxed Patrick Merrell
22 Sep 2015 27A Dutch cheese Victor Barocas and Tom Pepper
31 Aug 2015 5A Cheese named after a town in Holland Michael Dewey
11 Feb 2015 21D Gouda cousin Will Treece
3 Apr 2014 3D Gouda alternative David Benkof and Jeff Chen
25 Mar 2014 56D Big wheel in the cheese world? David Woolf
16 Mar 2014 100D Dutch wheels Jeremy Newton
22 Nov 2013 25A Cheese made from the milk of Friesian cows Patrick Berry
21 Nov 2013 39A Cheese selection Jules P. Markey
14 Nov 2013 19A Eponymic Dutch city Tom McCoy
26 Sep 2013 37D Cheese with a red coat Tom Pepper and Victor Barocas
2 Sep 2013 36A Cheese in a red wheel Jim Peredo
11 Jun 2013 21A Cheese with red wrapping Pete Muller
21 Feb 2013 34D Cracker topper Paul Hunsberger
30 Jan 2013 64A Cheese that doesn’t spoil Will Nediger
20 Jan 2013 80A Hard cheese Yaakov Bendavid
23 Nov 2012 33D Queso relleno cheese Patrick Berry
28 Oct 2012 40D Big wheel at a reception? Michael Sharp and Caleb Madison
11 Sep 2012 17A Red-skinned food Kenneth Leeser
14 Jul 2012 27D Edible red ball Brad Wilber and Doug Peterson
14 Feb 2012 62D Cheese coated in red wax Paula Gamache
18 Dec 2011 113D Dutch cheese town Patrick Merrell
19 Jul 2011 35D Dutch cheese Mark Feldman
31 Oct 2010 13D Cheese ball? Elizabeth C. Gorski
1 Sep 2010 33D Mild cheese Michael Torch
31 Aug 2010 57D Cheese with a red coat Paula Gamache and Ed Stein
25 Apr 2010 15A Imported cheese Elizabeth C. Gorski
22 Apr 2010 70A Dutch export Caleb Madison
26 Nov 2009 16A Mild cheese Paula Gamache
6 Oct 2009 65A Cheese sold in red paraffin Matt Ginsberg
27 Sep 2009 69D Dutch export Patrick Berry
18 Aug 2009 38D Dutch dairy product Tony Orbach
9 Aug 2009 42A Cheese choice Patrick Blindauer & Andrea Carla Michaels
4 Aug 2009 37D Dutch cheese Alan Arbesfeld
28 Jun 2009 37D Cheese town Barry C. Silk
21 Jun 2009 31A Red ball? Matt Ginsberg and Pete Muller
21 May 2009 59D Cheese choice Patrick Blindauer
6 Dec 2008 34A Town on the IJsselmeer Ashish Vengsarkar & Narayan Venkatasubramanyan
6 May 2008 10A Dutch cheese Gary J. Whitehead
9 Apr 2008 1D Mild yellow cheese Daniel Kantor and Jay Kaskel
19 Mar 2008 15A Cheese town Gary Whitehead
14 Mar 2008 51A It’s mild and a bit nutty Kevin G. Der
6 Jan 2008 83A Cracker topper Lynn Lempel
10 Dec 2007 31D Dutch city with a cheese market Lynn Lempel
15 Nov 2007 32A Cheese in a ball Joe Krozel
12 Oct 2007 20A Dutch export Mike Nothnagel
2 Sep 2007 78A Paraffin-wrapped cheese Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
11 Jul 2007 37D Noted cheese town Patrick Merrell
24 Oct 2006 55D Cheese in a ball Gail Grabowski
24 Sep 2006 104A Dutch export Mark Diehl and Kevin McCann
26 Jun 2006 30D Dutch cheese Randy Sowell
21 Feb 2006 51D Cheese type Lisa Wiseman
2 Jan 2006 8D Dutch cheese Linda Schechet Tucker
21 Nov 2005 20A Dutch cheese Wesley Johnson
31 Oct 2005 59A Wax-coated cheese Jim Hyres
13 Jun 2005 16A Dutch cheese Earl W. Reed
10 Jun 2005 21D Toponymic dairy item David Quarfoot
30 May 2005 48A Wax-coated cheese Lynn Lempel
4 Jan 2005 30A Cheese in a ball John Underwood
15 Nov 2004 46A Dutch cheese Alison Donald
14 Oct 2004 59A Dutch export Mike Sikowitz
31 Jul 2004 11A It’s often given a red coat Byron Walden
19 May 2004 5A Cheese from Europe Alan Arbesfeld
19 Apr 2004 69A Dutch cheese Michael Doran
13 Mar 2004 11D Skimmed milk product Harvey Estes
9 Mar 2004 53D Dutch seaport Sarah Keller
8 Mar 2004 58D Dutch cheese Allan E. Parrish
1 Dec 2003 43D Dutch cheese John Greenman
11 Nov 2003 14A Wax-covered cheese M. Francis Vuolo
1 Aug 2003 34D City on the Ijsselmeer Manny Nosowsky
10 Feb 2003 53D Red-wrapped Dutch cheese Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
13 Dec 2002 48A It often has a red coat Bob Peoples
17 Oct 2002 25D Gouda alternative Todd McClary
13 Oct 2002 71A Dutch import Elizabeth C. Gorski
15 Jul 2002 53A Dutch cheese John Leavy
21 May 2002 54D Dutch cheese Paula Gamache
6 Apr 2002 29D Dutch export Brendan Emmett Quigley
30 Mar 2002 51A Dutch product Mark Diehl
6 Mar 2002 51A Dutch export Richard Silvestri
28 Feb 2002 59A Dutch cheese Greg Staples
22 Nov 2001 70A Dutch export Richard Silvestri
17 Sep 2001 35D Dutch treat? Peter Gordon
27 Aug 2001 1D Dutch cheese Holden Baker
7 Jun 2001 26D Gouda alternative Randolph Ross
15 Mar 2001 10A Something to nibble on with Beaujolais Cathy Millhauser
1 Dec 2000 26D Cracker topper Bob Klahn
15 Oct 2000 50D Wheel from Holland Patrick Berry
16 Jul 2000 77D Product encased in red wax David J. Kahn
1 Jul 2000 22A ___ cheese Rich Norris
29 Jun 1999 10A Dutch treat Arthur S. Verdesca
21 Apr 1999 39A Dutch cheese Mary E. Brindamour
30 Mar 1999 29D Dutch cheese Randy Sowell
3 Feb 1999 5D Dutch cheese Glenn E. Sykes
7 Dec 1998 53D Mild cheese Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 Nov 1998 15A Dutch cheese Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Nov 1998 61A Dutch cheese Sheldon Benardo
30 Oct 1998 9D Cheese burg? Jim Page
12 Oct 1998 6A Holland export Richard Chisholm
12 Aug 1998 58D Dutch cheese Alan Arbesfeld
15 Feb 1998 50D Ijsselmeer Dam site Rich Norris
8 Feb 1998 83D Cracker cheese Manny Nosowsky
25 Dec 1997 9A Tray cheese A. J. Santora
19 Nov 1997 4D Round cheese Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 Sep 1997 68A Dutch cheese Nancy Salomon
14 Sep 1997 36D North Holland seaport Frank Longo
3 Aug 1997 30A It has a red coat Peter Gordon
11 Jul 1997 9D Cheesy town Bob Klahn
9 Feb 1997 103D Dutch treat D. Niles
15 Oct 1996 15A Dutch export G. E. Paul
28 Sep 1996 4D Netherlands town G. R. Ferguson
15 Sep 1996 90D What’s wrapped up in the whole ball of wax? A. K. Justin
7 Jul 1996 46A Red-coated cheese R. H. Wolfe
6 Jul 1996 48A It’s made in balls J. DiPietro
9 Jun 1996 55A Eponymous Dutch town M. Gaffney
2 Jun 1996 50D Cocktail party offering R. Norris
8 May 1996 14D Mild cheese R. Norris
16 Apr 1996 12D Round cheese G. E. Paul
14 Apr 1996 91A Dutch treat Henry Hook
4 Apr 1996 10A Red-coated food item M. Diehl
15 Feb 1996 8D Kind of cheese Matt Gaffney
1 Feb 1996 37D Imported cheese L. Sidway
21 Dec 1995 38D Cheese in a ball Rich Norris
15 Dec 1995 53D Red rind contents Harvey Estes
14 Dec 1995 61A Pressed cheese Matt Gaffney
19 Nov 1995 59A Cheese choice Cathy Millhauser
31 Oct 1995 53D Mild cheese Rich Norris
23 Oct 1995 15A Cheese from Holland Sidney L. Robbins
28 Jul 1995 21D Kind of cheese Rich Norris
3 Jul 1995 43D Wax-coated cheese Fred Piscop
21 Jun 1995 49A Dutch export Dorothea E. Shipp
27 Feb 1995 16A Dutch cheese Sidney L. Robbins
6 Jan 1995 17D Port on the Ijsselmeer Fran & Lou Sabin
22 Dec 1994 24A Party cheese Stanley Newman
6 Oct 1994 13D Holland export Richard Silvestri
13 Sep 1994 31D Cheese town Gregory E. Paul
8 Sep 1994 35A Gouda’s cousin Daniel R. Stark
29 Jul 1994 55D Ball-shaped cheese A. D. Cover
16 Apr 1994 45D Red-clad cheese Rand H. Burns
16 Feb 1994 32A Popular Dutch export John Greenman

Here you get EDAM answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If EDAM will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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