EGG is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for EGG in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "EGG" answer was first appeared in "7 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Sunny-side-up item (3)". It was authored by Eric Albert. Recently, the "EGG" answer has been used for "3 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "With 71-Across, participant in some fertility treatments". It was authored by Tracy Bennett. "EGG" appeared 186 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "EGG" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
3 Dec 2023 81A With 71-Across, participant in some fertility treatments Tracy Bennett
20 Oct 2023 51D Drive, with “on” Jacob McDermott
6 Oct 2023 4D Beat it! Zhouqin Burnikel and Tom Pepper
25 Sep 2023 47D Henhouse product Lynn Lempel
28 Aug 2023 27A Chicken’s counterpart in a causality dilemma Brian Callahan
10 Aug 2023 62D What’s added atop a croque-monsieur to make it a croque-madame Natan Last and the J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
5 Jun 2023 59D Poached component of the dish shakshuka Eric Rollfing
14 Mar 2023 66A Something that has to be broken before it can be used Peter Gordon
2 Mar 2023 61D ___ tart (Chinese custard pastry) Malaika Handa
14 Nov 2022 51A Frittata ingredient Taylor Johnson
20 Aug 2022 33A Default avatar on Twitter, once Hemant Mehta
12 Aug 2022 5D ___ salad Trent H. Evans
18 Jul 2022 65D Shape of an intellectual’s head, it’s said Phoebe Gordon
30 Mar 2022 65A Beat it! Jack Murtagh
16 Mar 2022 59D Something a duck lays Joseph Gangi
10 Mar 2022 20A Prankster’s projectile John Westwig
23 Feb 2022 9D To use this you’ll need to get cracking Rose Conlon
20 Feb 2022 95A Early bird? Victor Barocas
30 Jan 2022 91D One being coddled, maybe Ross Trudeau
25 Jan 2022 11D The hundred folds on a chef’s toque are said to represent the number of ways to prepare this Ray Brunsberg and Ellen Brunsberg
15 Nov 2021 64A Which came first … this or the chicken? Ian Rathkey
2 Nov 2021 7D Spur (on) Vaibhav Srikaran and Matthew Stock
29 Sep 2021 5D Reproductive unit in biology Alex Eaton-Salners
13 Sep 2021 42A Sunny-side-up item A. Tariq
1 Sep 2021 47A Main ingredient in the Japanese dish tamagoyaki Sean Yamada-Hunter
16 Aug 2021 9D Nog ingredient Freddie Cheng
18 Jul 2021 64A Something that’s gone bad if it floats when placed in a bowl of water Jesse Goldberg
20 Jan 2021 50D One might be deviled Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
16 Nov 2020 46A Green item proffered by Sam-I-Am Jennifer Nutt
1 Oct 2020 32A Word after Scotch or duck Adam Fromm
5 Jun 2020 41A Ingredient in tempera and tempura John Wrenholt
31 May 2020 1D Mayonnaise ingredient Lewis Rothlein and Jeff Chen
25 May 2020 30D Silly Putty container Andrea Carla Michaels and Victor Barocas
19 Jan 2020 31A Humpty Dumpty, e.g. Victor Barocas
15 Jan 2020 32D Meringue ingredient Mary Lou Guizzo
3 Apr 2019 1D Goose ___ Ross Trudeau
7 Feb 2019 26A Starting point for a platypus Morton J. Mendelson
31 Dec 2018 42D Urge (on) Brian Thomas
29 Dec 2018 9D Starting point Robyn Weintraub
17 Sep 2018 48D Omelet or quiche ingredient Caitlin Reid
14 Sep 2018 4D Oocyte, e.g. John Guzzetta
20 Jun 2018 60D Dinosaur’s starting place Jeffrey Wechsler
10 May 2018 57D It may be beaten and eaten Caitlin Reid
7 May 2018 47D Shape of a Silly Putty container Julie Bérubé
16 Apr 2018 64D ___ McMuffin David Woolf
8 Apr 2018 1D Easter ___ Patrick Berry
6 Mar 2018 4D Bad thing to have on one’s face Bruce Greig
3 Feb 2018 55D ___ salad Sam Ezersky and Byron Walden
2 Jan 2018 40A Frittata ingredient Zhouqin Burnikel
27 Dec 2017 12D Shape of a Silly Putty container David Kwong
30 Aug 2017 11A It may be coddled David J. Kahn
25 May 2017 52D Cobb salad ingredient Erik Agard
4 May 2017 46A Béarnaise ingredient Loren Muse Smith and Tracy Gray
29 Jan 2017 97A Silly Putty holder Jim Hyres and David Steinberg
27 Dec 2016 36D Ingredient in a Caesar salad Herre Schouwerwou
26 Dec 2016 35D Common ingredient in pasta Jules P. Markey
5 Jun 2016 66D Default avatar for a new Twitter user Tom McCoy
12 Dec 2015 46A Lead-in to drop or roll Byron Walden
11 Dec 2015 39A Challah need Barry C. Silk
16 Aug 2015 73D Pad thai ingredient Don Gagliardo and Zhouqin Burnikel
18 May 2015 11D What might be cooked once over easy Gene Newman
25 Dec 2014 68A Poacher’s need Xan Vongsathorn
26 Nov 2014 55D Humpty Dumpty, e.g. Michael S. Maurer
19 Oct 2014 102A See 107-Down David Phillips
17 Sep 2014 66A Shape of Mork’s spacecraft on “Mork & Mindy” Zhouqin Burnikel and Don Gagliardo
31 Aug 2014 113A Meringue ingredient Joel Fagliano
30 May 2014 36D Prod James Mulhern
31 Mar 2014 59A Yolk’s place Robert Cirillo
12 Nov 2013 8D Flan ingredient Mike Doran
30 Oct 2013 42A ___ salad Joel Fagliano
26 Sep 2013 32A With 29-Down, “golden treasure” in a Bilbo Baggins riddle Tom Pepper and Victor Barocas
1 Sep 2013 111A See 115-Across John Farmer
11 Jul 2013 12D Early bird? Henry Hook
3 Apr 2013 65D Deviled ___ Gary Cee
6 Feb 2013 7A Custard need Peter A. Collins
4 Nov 2012 118A Word with salad or roll Brendan Emmett Quigley
23 Oct 2012 37D A snake may swallow one whole Jules P. Markey
23 Aug 2012 10D Item in a spoon race Mark Feldman
17 Aug 2012 9D ___-shaped Peter Wentz
15 Apr 2012 47A Easter ___ Kevin G. Der
7 Feb 2012 44D Humpty Dumpty, e.g. Mike Buckley
25 Oct 2011 12D Cadbury confection C. W. Stewart
6 Oct 2011 66A Something not good to have on one’s face Alan Arbesfeld
20 Sep 2011 32A Fabergé collectible Daniel Raymon
10 Sep 2011 19A Bread pudding ingredient David Quarfoot
9 Sep 2011 18A See 55-Down Joe Krozel
31 May 2011 56A Soufflé ingredient Nina Rulon-Miller
24 May 2011 23D “Which came first?” choice Michael Blake and Andrea Carla Michaels
8 May 2011 99A Batter’s need Daniel A. Finan
11 Apr 2011 39A Easter ___ Ian Livengood
16 Mar 2011 33A Frittata need Alan Arbesfeld
14 Mar 2011 60D “Which came first?” choice Andrea Carla Michaels
5 Jan 2011 38D Object of a spring hunt Mr. Ed Sessa
14 Dec 2010 11D With 3-Down, Chinese restaurant offering Mark Feldman
18 Aug 2010 70A It may get whipped in the kitchen Alex Boisvert
3 Nov 2009 59A ___ McMuffin Barry Boone
15 Sep 2009 60D Yolk holder Fran and Lou Sabin
4 Aug 2009 20A Bad thing to have on one’s face Alan Arbesfeld
13 Jul 2009 20A Yolk’s site C. W. Stewart
14 Feb 2009 1A Unpleasant face covering Joe Krozel
9 Feb 2009 6D Silly Putty holder Randall J. Hartman
1 Feb 2009 60D See 62-Across Victor Fleming and Matt Ginsberg
10 Jun 2008 66A Silly Putty container Barry C. Silk
6 Jun 2008 9D Graded item Ashish Vengsarkar
25 Feb 2008 42A Fabergé collectible Randall J. Hartman
25 Aug 2007 63D It’s most useful when cracked Myles Callum
20 Aug 2007 8D Omelet ingredient Lynn Lempel
22 Jan 2007 23A Item scrambled or poached C. W. Stewart
5 Nov 2006 72A Spur (on) Derrick Niederman
22 Oct 2006 73D Heckler’s missile Harvey Estes
25 Sep 2006 67A Nest item Lynn Lempel
23 Aug 2006 63D Grade A item Kevan Choset
9 Aug 2006 41A Challah need Maxwell H. D. Johnson Jr.
26 Jul 2006 31D Cackleberry Dave Mackey
2 Mar 2006 11D Urge (on) Patrick Merrell
12 Feb 2006 81D Ingredient in a flip Manny Nosowsky
2 Oct 2005 60A Salad ingredient Randolph Ross
26 May 2005 9D ___ roll David J. Kahn
13 Feb 2005 46A Pudding ingredient Daniel C. Bryant
31 Jan 2005 1D Fabergé collectible Randall J. Hartman
13 Oct 2004 35D Grade A item Patrick Merrell
29 Apr 2004 34D Deviled item Steven Kahn
31 Aug 2003 42D Bloke Fred Piscop
19 Aug 2003 26A Baby carrier? Karen M. Tracey
24 Jun 2003 47A Easter decoration Norma Johnson and Nancy Salomon
9 May 2003 46A It may be hen-pecked Manny Nosowsky
23 Mar 2003 91D One in a dozen Con Pederson
21 Mar 2003 28A Early bird’s home? Myles Callum
2 Dec 2002 40A Bird-to-be Gregory E. Paul
25 Sep 2002 25D Humpty Dumpty Tyler Hinman
25 Aug 2002 105A Bloke Randolph Ross
5 May 2002 109A Pudding ingredient Patrick Berry
21 Apr 2002 73A Preceder of 74-Across? Trip Payne
5 Apr 2002 38D Item graded AA, A or B Peter Gordon
16 Mar 2002 67A Head shape Verna Suit
3 Jan 2002 1A Boeuf à la Russe ingredient Randolph Ross
30 Dec 2001 47A Silly Putty container Elizabeth C. Gorski
30 Oct 2001 34D Bird-to-be Barbara Olson
10 Apr 2001 50D McMuffin ingredient Kevin McCann
1 Apr 2001 68D Fragile decoration Bill Zais and Nancy Salomon
2 Nov 2000 12D Dinosaur’s start Henry Hook
14 Jul 2000 19A ___ roll Brendan Emmett Quigley
20 Apr 2000 1A It’s produced from a single layer Nelson Hardy
27 Oct 1999 3D It may be coddled Chris Sallade
9 May 1999 49A Silly Putty holder Nancy Nicholson Joline
24 Apr 1999 40D It may be beaten Joe DiPietro
17 Jan 1999 54D Word with drop or roll Cathy Millhauser
25 Dec 1998 42A Kind of cup Ed Pegg Jr.
12 Nov 1998 13D Bacon accompanier David J. Kahn
31 May 1998 115D Prod Cathy Millhauser
19 May 1998 6A Custard base William S. Cotter
9 May 1998 31A ___ roll Rich Norris
13 Apr 1998 55A Poultry product Gregory E. Paul
18 Mar 1998 41A ___ foo yung Susan Smith
14 Mar 1998 42D Halloween prankster’s aid Ed Pegg Jr.
27 Jan 1998 55A Breakfast staple Manny Nosowsky
5 Dec 1997 36A Frangipane ingredient Craig Kasper and Dave Tuller
10 Nov 1997 34A Hen’s pride Grace Fabbroni
4 May 1997 64D Oriole’s origin Manny Nosowsky
8 Apr 1997 57D “Rotten” missile Fred Piscop
26 Aug 1996 10D Kind of salad G. E. Paul
10 Aug 1996 22A Kind of white R. Norris
11 May 1996 30A Kind of cream D. Niles
14 Mar 1996 70A Kind of basket R. Silvestri
3 Mar 1996 101A Coddled item B. Klahn
19 Jan 1996 1D Kind of cream C. Gersch
7 Jan 1996 78D Baker’s need Eric Albert
20 Dec 1995 20A Cackleberry Lois Sidway
23 Sep 1995 57D Goad Martin Ashwood-Smith
3 Jun 1995 9D It runs when broken Bob Klahn
2 Apr 1995 31A Cackleberry Norman S. Wizer
24 Mar 1995 21A This may have come first Christopher Hurt
21 Mar 1995 48D Omelet need Harvey Estes
3 Mar 1995 9D One of a dozen, maybe Chuck Deodene
29 Jan 1995 42A Kind of timer Bryant White
25 Jan 1995 42D Scrambled item Norma Steinberg
30 Dec 1994 37D Fellow, in slang Wayne Robert Williams
10 Dec 1994 32D ___ and dart (molding design) Bryant White
17 Nov 1994 3D Object of a hunt Rich Norris
6 Nov 1994 124D Source of facial embarrassment? A.J. Santora
31 Oct 1994 7D Sunny-side-up item Sidney L. Robbins
14 Oct 1994 7D Bloke Bob Sefick
7 Mar 1994 55D Chicken’s counterpart Alex K. Justin
5 Feb 1994 14D Good fellow Rand H. Burns
1 Feb 1994 40A Faberge object Robert Zimmerman
7 Dec 1993 51D Sunny-side-up item Eric Albert

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