EGOS is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for EGOS in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "EGOS" answer was first appeared in "22 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Selves (7)". It was authored by Morton B. Braun. Recently, the "EGOS" answer has been used for "4 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "They can be boosted or inflated". It was authored by Sean Ziebarth. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Swelled heads (7)". "EGOS" appeared 189 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "EGOS" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
4 Dec 2023 23A They can be boosted or inflated Sean Ziebarth
21 Nov 2023 36D Prima donna problems Kevin Christian and Andrea Carla Michaels
31 Aug 2023 36D “I” problems? Freddie Cheng
14 May 2023 97A Impediments to team productivity Sid Sivakumar
7 Mar 2023 1D Id checkers? Enrique Henestroza Anguiano and Matthew Stock
31 Oct 2022 27D Bigheaded people have big ones Emily Carroll
11 Oct 2022 59D “Me” problems Ailee Yoshida
30 Jul 2022 51D Supervisory challenges Lance Enfinger
1 Jun 2022 3D Some causes of stubbornness Chase Dittrich
31 May 2022 67A Barriers to compromise Sam Buchbinder and Brad Wilber
28 May 2022 12D They’re big in Hollywood Joseph Greenbaum
23 May 2022 60D Senses of self-worth Simon Marotte
16 May 2022 10A Inflated self-images Lynn Lempel
13 Apr 2022 45D Bigwigs may have big ones Rebecca Goldstein
15 Feb 2022 45A Stars might have big ones Claire Rimkus
11 Feb 2022 2D Impediments to teamwork Trenton Charlson
13 Dec 2021 12D Big heads Tomas Spiers
25 Aug 2021 29D Big personalities Adam Vincent
22 Jul 2021 12D Freudian topics John Guzzetta
30 Jun 2021 21A Parts of psyches Christopher Adams and Adam Aaronson
22 Jun 2021 62D Teamwork disrupters Matt Frederick
28 May 2021 3D Clash of the titans? Andrew J. Ries
4 May 2021 58A What coaches on star-laden teams must handle Nina Sloan
31 Mar 2021 38D Swelled heads Trenton Charlson
11 Feb 2021 65A They may be set aside in a collaboration Alex Eaton-Salners
14 Jan 2021 61A Common sources of conflict Aimee Lucido and Ella Dershowitz
13 Jan 2021 42A Things that sometimes clash in orchestras? Matthew Stock
8 Jan 2021 35D Headaches for talent agents Evan Kalish
13 Oct 2020 22A Power-hungry people have big ones Amanda Rafkin
12 Oct 2020 60D Self-identities Joe Hansen
21 Jun 2020 78D Many stars have big ones Byron and Harrison Walden
14 May 2020 6D Things coaches handle Michael Schlossberg
13 May 2020 42D Me, myself and I Benjamin Kramer
31 Mar 2020 45A Problems that a group project might face Christina Iverson and Ross Trudeau
2 Dec 2019 26A Rational selves, to Freud Lynn Lempel
18 Nov 2019 56D Things bigheaded people have Alan Arbesfeld
28 Jul 2019 35A Big things in D.C. and Hollywood Christopher Adams
21 Jul 2019 111D Obstacles to teamwork Jason Mueller and Jeff Chen
19 Jul 2019 34D What team leaders must frequently manage Peter Wentz
17 Mar 2019 27D Big features of reality TV Sophia Maymudes and Jeff Chen
9 Dec 2018 75D Big things for megalomaniacs Ross Trudeau
30 Nov 2018 31D Bigwigs may have big ones Robyn Weintraub
18 Oct 2018 26A Traits that clash Erik Agard
1 Apr 2018 84D Big heads Sam Ezersky
4 Mar 2018 41D Things that clash in Washington Byron Walden
20 Nov 2017 22A Parts of psyches Peter Gordon
23 Oct 2017 60D Causes of bigheadedness Timothy Polin
18 Oct 2017 30D They may clash in a theater John Lithgow and Brendan Emmett Quigley
13 Aug 2017 21D They can be inflated or shattered Eric Berlin
3 Apr 2017 1A Inflated senses of self Agnes Davidson and Zhouqin Burnikel
14 Dec 2016 55D Stars may have big ones Alan DeLoriea
11 Dec 2016 105D I’s Tom McCoy
13 Aug 2016 26D Psychic mediators Patrick Berry
29 Mar 2016 54D Divas have big ones Peter A. Collins
8 Feb 2016 58A Psych 101 subjects Paolo Pasco
19 Jan 2016 54D They benefit from boosters Byron Walden
5 Jan 2016 31A They’re big among the stars Jim Holland
25 Nov 2015 21A Freudian subjects Duncan Kimmel and Clara Williamson
27 Oct 2015 56D They can be massaged or inflated Kurt Mueller
15 Oct 2015 64D “Super” parts of the psyche Kevin G. Der
8 Feb 2015 11D Alphas might clash over them Jeremy Newton
14 Dec 2014 113D Vanity cases? Jim Peredo
10 Nov 2014 23D Swelled heads Bruce Haight
18 Oct 2014 2D Big things on Capitol Hill Evan Birnholz
25 Sep 2014 64A They’re big on Wall Street Alex Vratsanos
20 Aug 2014 31A Swelled heads Zhouqin Burnikel
21 Apr 2014 42A Big heads John Lieb
17 Nov 2013 34D Self centers Julian Lim
6 Oct 2013 89D Impediments to teamwork Patrick Berry
2 Jul 2013 63A They may get in the way of an agreement Daniel Raymon
17 Jun 2013 57A Swelled heads Johanna Fenimore and Andrea Carla Michaels
8 Mar 2013 33A Nice things to be massaged Paula Gamache
2 Mar 2013 8D Some are fragile Barry C. Silk
20 Feb 2013 12D Inflated things? John Farmer
31 Dec 2012 57D Swelled heads Jeffrey Harris
28 Nov 2012 65A Causes of some celebrity clashes Adam G. Perl
18 Nov 2012 39A Freudian mediators Timothy Polin
24 Oct 2012 15A Hollywood has some big ones Ian Livengood
15 Jul 2012 98D Hollywood clashers Randolph Ross
10 Jul 2012 53D I’s Chris A. McGlothlin
17 Apr 2012 28D They may need boosting Milo Beckman
8 Apr 2012 42A Prima donnas’ features Daniel A. Finan
29 Jul 2011 65A They’re subject to inflation and deflation Paula Gamache
30 Mar 2011 67A They may clash Erik Wennstrom
24 Mar 2011 59D Big heads Ian Livengood
23 Dec 2010 7D They may be deal breakers Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg
4 Nov 2010 8D Big ones can impede progress Mike Nothnagel
16 Aug 2010 35D Divas have sensitive ones Andrea Carla Michaels and Jennifer Nutt
8 Jul 2010 38A Deal breakers, on occasion John Farmer
11 May 2010 66A Things that modest people lack Keith Talon
28 Feb 2010 12D Teamwork thwarters Yaakov Bendavid
17 Jan 2010 24D Stars can have big ones Cathy Allis
22 Nov 2009 108A I’s Patrick Merrell
10 Nov 2009 39A Prima donnas have big ones Alan Arbesfeld
8 Nov 2009 103D Cause of star wars? Robert W. Harris
13 May 2009 31D They may clash Nancy Kavanaugh
20 Apr 2009 39A Things inflated with hot air? Randall J. Hartman
6 Apr 2009 17A They can be stroked or bruised Dustin Foley
15 Mar 2009 10D Yes-men feed them Patrick Berry
4 Jan 2009 109D Inflated heads Daniel A. Finan
27 Dec 2008 52D Massage targets? Karen M. Tracey
3 Nov 2008 37D They’re subject to inflation Susan Gelfand
28 Aug 2008 18A Washington has some big ones Sheldon Benardo
28 Jul 2008 59D What modest people lack Roger Baiocchi
23 Jun 2008 55D Inflated selves Andrea Carla Michaels and Patrick Blindauer
16 Apr 2008 14A They can be inflated Edward Sessa
10 Jan 2008 26D Sources of hurt feelings Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Oct 2007 17A Psyche components Lucy Gardner Anderson
28 Sep 2007 22D Occasional clashers Harvey Estes
8 Sep 2007 51D They’re big in Hollywood Brendan Emmett Quigley
6 Mar 2007 60A Self centers Paula Gamache
21 Sep 2006 62D They may need massaging Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
26 Aug 2006 20A Things to stroke Henry Hook
3 Apr 2006 37A Selves Lynn Lempel
26 Feb 2006 21D They may be stroked Randolph Ross
15 Jan 2006 107D Vanity cases? Richard Silvestri
27 Nov 2005 31D They may clash among titans Peter Abide
7 Nov 2005 70A I’s Jay Livingston
14 Jul 2005 71A Battle of ___ Kevan Choset
20 Jun 2005 29D They’re sometimes inflated Alison Donald
11 Jan 2005 25A Bigheads Sarah Keller
29 Dec 2004 3D They may be involved in shouting matches Jay Giess
28 Nov 2004 21D Bruisable things Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Apr 2004 107D They’re big on Wall Street Richard Chisholm
23 Feb 2004 27D Selves Anne Garellick
20 Feb 2004 64A Garry Trudeau’s “Check Your ___ at the Door” Bob Peoples
19 Oct 2003 54A Some are inflated Nancy Nicholson Joline
8 Sep 2003 41D People with big heads have them Leslie H. Nicoll
24 Jul 2003 33D They can be inflated Rich Norris
6 Jul 2003 102D Divas have them Robert H. Wolfe
15 Jun 2003 118A I problems? Cathy Millhauser
4 May 2003 104D They might clash Tyler Hinman
7 Mar 2003 36D Prima donna problems Harvey Estes
23 Dec 2002 31D Modest people have small ones Lisa Bunker
12 Oct 2002 27A They may be hurt by falls William I. Johnston
17 Aug 2002 59A They may be massaged Frank Longo
28 Jul 2002 122A They’re big in Hollywood Nelson Hardy
7 Mar 2002 30D Inflatable things Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Jan 2002 59D Freudian topics Peter Gordon
26 Dec 2001 23D Conceits Ed Early
12 Nov 2001 3D They can get in the way of a deal Janice M. Putney
3 Aug 2001 6D They’re inflatable Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Jun 2001 57D Self-involved ones Patrick Jordan
26 Apr 2001 34D They may be boosted Robert H. Wolfe
22 Apr 2001 118A Freud’s I’s Patrick Berry
2 Apr 2001 38A Self-images Peter Gordon
5 Sep 2000 37D Capital I’s? Chris Sallade
28 Jul 2000 43A They may be crushed Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
16 Jun 2000 52D I’s Manny Nosowsky
5 Mar 2000 43D Swelled heads Nancy Nicholson Joline
10 Feb 2000 21D Prima donna problems Manny Nosowsky
10 Jan 2000 55D Clashing figures? John Greenman
26 Aug 1999 7D Inflatable things Nancy S. Ross
12 Jan 1999 23A The I’s have them Nancy Salomon
29 Dec 1998 57A They may clash in business Susan Harrington Smith
3 Nov 1998 25D Subjects of clashes Ed Early
11 Oct 1998 70A They’re big in boardrooms Nancy Salomon, Marjorie Richter and Kelly Clark
23 Aug 1998 111D Hindrances to settlements Nelson Hardy
18 Aug 1998 61A “I” problems Nancy Salomon
9 Jul 1998 66A They’re inflatable Norman S. Wizer
21 May 1998 15A Minds’ I’s? Cathy Millhauser
1 Apr 1998 62A They get in the way of sound thinking Alan Arbesfeld
30 Mar 1998 19A They give people big heads Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Mar 1998 40D They can be bruised Gene Newman
24 Nov 1997 37D Subjects of psychoanalysis Alex K. Justin
18 Nov 1997 54D Stars have big ones Peter Gordon
10 Sep 1997 63D Freudian subjects Randall J. Hartman
16 Aug 1997 23A Boosted items Matt Gaffney
26 Feb 1997 71A Clashing forces? Glenn E. Sykes
7 Jan 1997 46A Hollywood giants? J. Schmalzbach
3 Dec 1996 45A Freudian interests R. Hartman
29 Oct 1996 68A Freudian topics R. J. Hartman
29 Sep 1996 69D They may clash on the set M. Reagle
24 Oct 1995 31A Conceits Stephanie Spadaccini
20 Sep 1995 10A Causes of personality clashes Randy Sowell
2 Aug 1995 66A Self-important people, colloquially James Neal
30 May 1995 31D Some are super Richard Hughes
12 Apr 1995 18D Selves Rich Norris
14 Mar 1995 17A They’re easily bruised Bob Klahn
5 Mar 1995 36A Swelled heads A.J. Santora
24 Jan 1995 6D Sometimes they’re super Richard Hughes
14 Sep 1994 10A They’re big for conceited folks Harvey Estes
6 Sep 1994 54D Selves Janet R. Bender
11 Jul 1994 18D Selves Sidney L. Robbins
4 Jun 1994 49D Conceits Manny Nosowsky
2 May 1994 15A Selves James L. Beatty
18 Feb 1994 54D Inflatable items Manny Nosowsky
8 Jan 1994 57D Vanities Rand H. Burns
22 Dec 1993 5A Selves Morton B. Braun

Here you get EGOS answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If EGOS will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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