ELO is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ELO in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ELO" answer was first appeared in "3 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "“Xanadu” rock group (5)". It was authored by A.J. Santora. Recently, the "ELO" answer has been used for "16 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "English rock band with a string section, for short". It was authored by Paolo Pasco. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hints: "“Evil Woman” grp. (9)", "“Evil Woman” band, for short (7)", "“Strange Magic” band, for short (6)", "“Do Ya” rock grp. (8)", "“Xanadu” grp. (6)", "“Xanadu” rock grp. (7)". "ELO" appeared 232 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ELO" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
16 Nov 2023 19A English rock band with a string section, for short Paolo Pasco
9 Aug 2023 21A “Evil Woman” rock group, for short Caryn Robbins and Matthew Stock
1 Aug 2023 62D “Xanadu” rock grp. Kathryn Ladner
1 Jul 2023 51D Chess ranking system named for a Hungarian physicist Ben Tolkin
7 May 2023 120D Scrabble rating system Will Nediger
14 Mar 2023 14A “Telephone Line” band, to fans Peter Gordon
5 Oct 2022 13D “Mr. Blue Sky” band, to fans Jason Reich
29 Sep 2022 39D Grp. with the 1977 hit double album “Out of the Blue” Jeremy Newton
14 Sep 2022 30A “Don’t Bring Me Down” band, in brief Michael Dewey
30 Jun 2022 68D “Turn to Stone” band of 1977, for short Samuel A. Donaldson and Doug Peterson
31 May 2022 5D Grp. with the 1975 hit “Evil Woman” Sam Buchbinder and Brad Wilber
30 Mar 2022 2D Chess rating system Jack Murtagh
30 Aug 2021 42A “Xanadu” grp. Brooke Husic
23 Jul 2021 31D “Do Ya” band, informally Michael Hawkins
27 Jun 2021 92A “Strange Magic” band, for short Ross Trudeau and Lindsey Hobbs
12 May 2021 44A Grp. with the hits “Evil Woman” and “Do Ya” Tracy Gray
24 Feb 2021 40A “Livin’ Thing” rock band, for short Andrew J. Ries
4 Feb 2021 2D “Mr. Blue Sky” grp. Derek Allen
25 Oct 2020 99A “Evil Woman” group, for short Peter A. Collins
8 Jun 2020 51A 1970s-’80s band with the hit “Don’t Bring Me Down,” in brief Kyle Dolan
21 Mar 2020 40A Inits. in 1970s-’80s rock Damon Gulczynski
9 Mar 2020 65A Classic symphonic rock group, for short John Lampkin
21 Jan 2020 13D “Mr. Blue Sky” band, for short Carl Larson
15 Oct 2019 29A “Don’t Bring Me Down” grp., 1979 Julie Bérubé
25 Jun 2019 37D Chess rating system Alex Eaton-Salners
10 May 2019 4D Arpad ___, eponymous creator of an international ratings system Andrew J. Ries
31 Mar 2019 93D “Xanadu” band, briefly Andrew J. Ries
24 Sep 2018 58D “Strange Magic” band, in brief Michael Black
10 Aug 2018 59A “Do Ya” grp. Damon Gulczynski
30 Jul 2018 31A Rock grp. with the 1977 song “Rockaria!” Gary Cee
21 Jul 2018 36D ___ rating system (chess standard) Jason Flinn
29 Jun 2018 19A “Telephone Line” band, informally David Steinberg
29 Dec 2017 57A “Rockaria!” band, for short David Steinberg
10 Dec 2017 8D “Mr. Blue Sky” band, for short Erik Agard and Laura Braunstein
8 Dec 2017 23A Big ’70s-’80s band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017 Paolo Pasco
4 Aug 2017 35A Grp. with the 1976 platinum album “A New World Record” Damon Gulczynski
1 Aug 2017 32D “Strange Magic” band, for short Jay Kaskel
6 Jun 2017 13D “Do Ya” rock grp. Lisa Loeb and Doug Peterson
5 Jun 2017 6D “Xanadu” band, for short Paul Coulter
26 May 2017 48A “Strange Magic” band, for short Robyn Weintraub
23 Jan 2017 59D “Evil Woman” rock grp. Bruce Haight
22 Jan 2017 46A “Mr. Blue Sky” band, for short Dan Schoenholz
3 Jan 2017 62D Band with the 1977 hit “Telephone Line,” in brief Michael Shteyman
31 Jul 2016 9D “Xanadu” group, for short Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
9 Jul 2016 6D “Out of the Blue” group, for short Josh Knapp
24 Jun 2016 10D Longtime band with the 2015 album “Alone in the Universe” Patrick Berry
15 Jan 2016 50D “Rockaria!” band, briefly Patrick Berry
28 Dec 2015 57A “Livin’ Thing” band, 1976, informally Zhouqin Burnikel
16 Dec 2015 55D Grp. that sang 18-Down Paula Gamache
18 Oct 2015 48D Chess’s ___ ratings Dan Schoenholz
8 May 2015 55D “A New World Record” grp., 1976 Ian Livengood
29 Mar 2015 113D Jeff Lynne’s band, for short Alan Arbesfeld
1 Mar 2015 35A “Roll Over Beethoven” group, briefly Finn Vigeland
5 Jan 2015 17D “Evil Woman” grp. John Guzzetta
14 Oct 2014 21D “Evil Woman” band, for short Adam G. Perl
21 Sep 2014 30A ___ rating system (world chess standard) Michael Ashley
8 Dec 2013 25A “Strange Magic” band, briefly Patrick Berry
7 Dec 2013 21D ___ rating (chess skill-level measure) James Mulhern
27 Oct 2013 60A Grp. with the platinum album “Out of the Blue” Brendan Emmett Quigley
10 Oct 2013 59D Band with the ’79 album “Discovery” Jeffrey Wechsler
23 Sep 2013 31D “Evil Woman” grp. Susan Gelfand
19 Aug 2013 6D “Don’t Bring Me Down” grp. Jean O’Conor
4 Aug 2013 49D “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” band, briefly Steven Ginzburg
1 Jul 2013 13D “Evil Woman” band, for short Patrick McIntyre
1 May 2013 43A “Do Ya” grp. Paula Gamache
28 Apr 2013 91A See 27-Across Patrick Berry
9 Apr 2013 58A “Don’t Bring Me Down” grp. Steve Blais
25 Oct 2012 61A “Evil Woman” grp. Caleb Rasmussen
10 Sep 2012 27D “Don’t Bring Me Down” rock group, for short Andrea Carla Michaels
29 Aug 2012 40A “Evil Woman” grp. Tony Orbach
13 Aug 2012 33D “Livin’ Thing” rock grp. Gareth Bain
8 Apr 2012 65D “Xanadu” group, for short Daniel A. Finan
19 Mar 2012 30A “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” rock grp. Jeremy Horwitz
5 Mar 2012 41A “Evil Woman” rock grp. Mike Nothnagel
12 Feb 2012 69D Jeff Lynne’s band, for short Kurt Mueller
21 Jan 2012 16A Grp. with the top 10 album “Face the Music” Martin Ashwood-Smith
18 Jan 2012 28A “Do Ya” rock grp. Chris Handman
23 Oct 2011 14D Inits. in ’70s and ’80s rock Joe DiPietro
19 Oct 2011 11D “Rockaria!” band, for short Patrick Berry
20 Sep 2011 64D “Xanadu” rock grp. Daniel Raymon
10 Aug 2011 49A “A New World Record” grp. Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Aug 2011 5D “Don’t Bring Me Down” band, informally Albert R. Picallo
1 Jul 2011 22A “Do Ya” band, for short Chris A. McGlothlin
26 Jun 2011 95A “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King” band, 1983 David Levinson Wilk
1 Jun 2011 10D “Turn to Stone” grp. Elizabeth C. Gorski
8 Jan 2011 45A “Rockaria!” grp. Will Nediger
23 Dec 2010 19D Grp. with the platinum album “Out of the Blue” Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg
18 Dec 2010 54A “Last Train to London” grp. Brad Wilber
15 Nov 2010 15A “Xanadu” grp. Emily L. Lilly
2 Nov 2010 13A “Don’t Bring Me Down” band, for short Brendan Emmett Quigley
4 Sep 2010 16A Group with the ’79 double-platinum album “Discovery” Mark Diehl
1 Sep 2010 21A Grp. with the platinum record “A New World Record” Michael Torch
12 Jul 2010 47D “Shine a Little Love” rock grp. Freddie Cheng
10 Jun 2010 24A Rock grp. once promoted as “the English guys with the big fiddles” Mike Nothnagel
6 Jun 2010 121A 1976 album “Olé ___” Daniel A. Finan
17 May 2010 29A “Telephone Line” rock grp. Jay Kaskel
8 May 2010 6D Grp. with the 1977 album “Out of the Blue” Mark Diehl
9 Feb 2010 31A “Don’t Bring Me Down” grp. Robert Cirillo
27 Dec 2009 35A “Livin’ Thing” band, for short Elizabeth C. Gorski
17 Nov 2009 6D “Do Ya” rock grp. John Farmer
18 Oct 2009 82A “Eldorado” grp. Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 Sep 2009 2D “Evil Woman” band, for short Paula Gamache
8 Jul 2009 8D “Xanadu” band, for short Tim Wescott
8 Jun 2009 57D “Do Ya” group, for short Randy Sowell
15 Apr 2009 14A “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” grp. Michael Vuolo
2 Apr 2009 42A Grp. with the 1979 hit “Don’t Bring Me Down” Brendan Emmett Quigley
21 Feb 2009 22A Grp. with the debut single “10538 Overture” Mike Nothnagel and Byron Walden
20 Feb 2009 31A “Livin’ Thing” group, in brief Paula Gamache
3 Jan 2009 32D “Eldorado” grp. Peter Wentz
21 Nov 2008 5D “Telephone Line” band, briefly Patrick Berry
28 Oct 2008 16A “Xanadu” band, to fans Allan E. Parrish
11 Aug 2008 45D “Xanadu” grp. Thomas Heilman
29 Jul 2008 23A “Evil Woman” band, for short David Kwong and Emily Halpern
14 May 2008 33A “Rockaria!” grp. Doug Peterson
20 Apr 2008 63A “Roll Over Beethoven” band, for short John Farmer
4 Dec 2007 50A “Evil Woman” band, for short Alison Donald
23 Sep 2007 93A “Shine a Little Love” grp. David Levinson Wilk
8 Jul 2007 76A “Evil Woman” grp. Elayne Cantor and Nancy Salomon
19 May 2007 41A Band name heard in Morse code on its single “Secret Messages” Byron Walden
10 Mar 2007 28D “Strange Magic” band, for short Patrick Berry
9 Jan 2007 60A “Eldorado” rock grp. Ed Early
28 Dec 2006 34D “Evil Woman” grp., 1975 Ed Early
24 Dec 2006 66D Grp. with the 1977 hit “Do Ya” Brendan Emmett Quigley
1 Oct 2006 16D Grp. with the 1977 platinum album “Out of the Blue” Ashish Vengsarkar
31 Aug 2006 8D Pop grp. heard in “Xanadu” Patrick Merrell
13 Aug 2006 33D “Don’t Bring Me Down” grp., 1979 Derrick Niederman
15 Jun 2006 57D “Illusions in G Major” rock grp. Adam Cohen
17 May 2006 30A Grp. with the 1976 hit “Livin’ Thing” Patrick Blindauer
27 Apr 2006 46A “Evil Woman” grp. George Barany and Michael Shteyman
15 Mar 2006 57D “Evil Woman” grp. Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
17 Jan 2006 63D “Strange Magic” grp. Nancy Salomon
16 Jan 2006 39D “Roll Over Beethoven” grp. Sarah Keller
6 Jan 2006 63D Inits. in 70’s-80’s rock David Levinson Wilk
3 Oct 2005 67A “Xanadu” band, for short Roy Leban
4 Sep 2005 115D “Evil Woman” band, for short Richard Silvestri
12 Jul 2005 23A “Telephone Line” rock grp. Nancy Salomon
6 Jun 2005 27D Jeff Lynne’s rock grp. Raymond Hamel
26 Mar 2005 64A “Out of the Blue” rock grp. Ed Early
17 Mar 2005 28D “Olé ___” (1976 hit album) David Pringle
23 Dec 2004 2D “Telephone Line” rock grp. Nancy Salomon
14 Aug 2004 53D “Olé ___” (1976 rock album) Joe DiPietro
2 Jun 2004 43D “Telephone Line” grp. Nancy Salomon
26 Apr 2004 53A “Hold On Tight” band Merle Baker
25 Apr 2004 109A “Strange Magic” band, for short Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Feb 2004 62D “Don’t Bring Me Down” grp. Bob Peoples
19 Feb 2004 46A “Evil Woman” band, for short Alfio Micci (1918-2004)
8 Jan 2004 3D “Xanadu” rock group Michael Shteyman
18 Nov 2003 22D “Evil Woman” grp. Denise M. Neuendorf
8 Nov 2003 14A “Turn to Stone” grp. Sherry O. Blackard
17 Aug 2003 65A “Evil Woman” grp. Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Jun 2003 2D “Xanadu” rock grp. Norma Johnson
5 Jun 2003 49D “All Over the World” grp. David J. Kahn
16 May 2003 38A Inits. in 70’s-80’s rock Michael Shteyman
27 Mar 2003 35D “Do Ya” grp. David J. Kahn
13 Mar 2003 14A “Shine a Little Love” grp., 1979 David J. Kahn
6 Dec 2002 47A Grp. with the 1976 platinum album “A New World Record” Brendan Emmett Quigley
6 Jul 2002 61D “Evil Woman” group, for short Nancy Joline
12 May 2002 83A “Hold On Tight” grp. Alan Arbesfeld
19 Apr 2002 48A “Strange Magic” band, for short Elizabeth C. Gorski
22 Mar 2002 46A “Xanadu” grp. Randall J. Hartman
25 Feb 2002 58A “Do Ya” rock grp. Christina Houlihan
28 Sep 2001 45A “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” grp. Peter Gordon
22 Aug 2001 42A “Do Ya” rock grp. Brendan Emmett Quigley
5 Aug 2001 50D “Hold On Tight” group Peter Gordon
5 Jul 2001 45A “Don’t Bring Me Down” grp. Peter Gordon
3 May 2001 43A Jeff Lynne group Trip Payne
11 Apr 2001 20A “Telephone Line” grp. Brendan Emmett Quigley
11 Mar 2001 60A “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King” rockers Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Mar 2001 10D “Xanadu” rock grp. Cathy Millhauser
7 Feb 2001 56A “Xanadu” rock band Kent Lorentzen
2 Feb 2001 48A “Shine a Little Love” grp. Martin Ashwood-Smith
16 Jan 2001 44D “Xanadu” grp. Peter Gordon
12 Jan 2001 6D “Shine a Little Love” rock grp. Mark Diehl
7 Jan 2001 114D “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King” band Manny Nosowsky
24 Dec 2000 7D “Do Ya” rock grp. Bill Zais
27 Oct 2000 49A “Livin’ Thing” rock grp. Manny Nosowsky
8 Oct 2000 26A “Calling America” band Richard Silvestri
5 Oct 2000 40A “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King” group Cathy Millhauser
4 Sep 2000 39D “Telephone Line” rock grp. Elizabeth C. Gorski
10 Jul 2000 38D “Xanadu” rock group, for short Gene Newman
6 Jul 2000 5D “Rockaria!” rock group Patrick Berry
26 Apr 2000 56A “Xanadu” band, for short A. J. Santora
5 Mar 2000 106A Jeff Lynne’s grp. Nancy Nicholson Joline
22 Jan 2000 10D “Shine a Little Love” rock grp. David J. Kahn
28 Nov 1999 65D Grp. that sang “Do Ya” Cathy Millhauser
11 Jun 1999 6D “Do Ya” band Jim Page
9 Jun 1999 58D 1980 rock inits. Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 Apr 1999 12D “Xanadu” grp. Adam Cohen
4 Mar 1999 34A “Shine a Little Love” rock grp. Cathy Millhauser
16 Feb 1999 28D “Shine a Little Love” rock grp. Randy Sowell
4 Jan 1999 4D “Xanadu” rock grp. Gregory E. Paul
4 Nov 1998 35A “Hold On Tight” rock grp. Rich Norris
12 Aug 1998 64D “Eldorado” rock grp. Alan Arbesfeld
2 Aug 1998 85A “Eldorado” rock group Nancy Nicholson Joline
26 Jul 1998 88A “Rock ‘N’ Roll Is King” group Richard Silvestri
2 Jun 1998 2D “Do Ya” group, for short Elizabeth C. Gorski
19 May 1998 72A “Don’t Bring Me Down” rock grp. William S. Cotter
17 May 1998 85A 1976 album “Olé ___” David J. Kahn and Hillary B. Kahn
18 Apr 1998 28A “Evil Woman” rock grp. Frank Longo
15 Mar 1998 123D “Hold On Tight” group Frank Longo
20 Feb 1998 61D “Ole ___” (1976 album) Manny Nosowsky
10 Jan 1998 20D “Eldorado” rock grp. Mark Diehl
27 Dec 1997 9D “Turn to Stone” grp. Martin Ashwood-Smith
25 Aug 1997 33A “Xanadu” rock grp. Randall J. Hartman
1 Aug 1997 33A “Hold On Tight” group Gerald R. Ferguson
4 Jul 1997 11D “Evil Woman” rock grp. Manny Nosowsky
9 Jun 1997 56A “Do Ya” rock grp. Thomas W. Schier
27 May 1997 56D “Strange Magic” rock band Stephanie Spadaccini
30 Apr 1997 8D “Hold On Tight” rock band Brendan Emmett Quigley
19 Mar 1997 59A “Hold On Tight” rock group Trip Payne
26 Jan 1997 101A “Xanadu” rock group S. Elliott
10 Jan 1997 9D Jeff Lynne’s rock grp. A. J. Santora
29 Sep 1996 62A “Do Ya” rock grp. M. Reagle
20 Aug 1996 11D “Hold On Tight” rock group S. Spadaccini
2 Mar 1996 4D “Hold On Tight” rock group N. Joline
6 Dec 1995 62A “Evil Woman” rock grp. Chet Currier
5 Nov 1995 43D “Telephone Line” rock grp. Dean Niles
27 Oct 1995 9D “Xanadu” band Mark Diehl
22 Oct 1995 120D Jeff Lynne band Matt Gaffney
30 Sep 1995 19A “Don’t Bring Me Down” rock grp. Bryant White
8 Aug 1995 61D “Xanadu” group Gregory E. Paul
21 Jul 1995 31A Jeff Lynne’s old rock band Matt Gaffney
13 Jun 1995 27A “Xanadu” band Trip Payne
16 May 1995 38D “Xanadu” rock group David J. Kahn
7 Feb 1995 10D Jeff Lynne rock band Matt Gaffney
9 Nov 1994 39D “Xanadu” band, for short Wayne Robert Williams
4 Aug 1994 38D “Xanadu” rock grp. Jim Page
27 Jun 1994 22D “Xanadu” musical grp. Wayne Robert Williams
7 Jun 1994 41A “Don’t Bring Me Down” rock group Ernie Furtado
30 Apr 1994 48A “Xanadu” rock group Wayne Robert Williams
26 Apr 1994 26D “Don’t Bring Me Down” rock band David Ellis Dickerson
3 Feb 1994 62A “Xanadu” rock group A.J. Santora

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