EMMA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for EMMA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "EMMA" answer was first appeared in "30 Nov 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Thompson of “Howards End”". It was authored by Joel Davajan. Recently, the "EMMA" answer has been used for "27 Sep 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "A well-known Stone". It was authored by Scott Koenig. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hints: "Jane Austen novel (10)", "Madame Bovary (11)", "Jane Austen heroine (6)", "Austen heroine (11)", "Poet Lazarus (7)". "EMMA" appeared 155 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "EMMA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
27 Sep 2023 53A A well-known Stone Scott Koenig
18 Sep 2023 57D Jane Austen novel that inspired “Clueless” Kevin Christian and Andrea Carla Michaels
30 Jul 2023 122A Titular Austen heroine John Kugelman
5 Apr 2023 43A Jane Austen novel that inspired “Clueless” Brandon Koppy
2 Mar 2023 54D Tennis champ Raducanu Malaika Handa
28 Feb 2023 69A Watson who portrayed Hermione Granger Gia Bosko
27 Feb 2023 21D 1815 novel on which the film “Clueless” was based David Rockow
21 Sep 2022 12A Actress Watson Matthew Stock
12 Jun 2022 16D Goldman who crusaded for birth control access Will Nediger
1 Apr 2022 1D ___ Raducanu, 2021 U.S. Open winner Evan Mahnken
28 Nov 2021 17D Actress and gender equality activist Watson Jeff Kremer
15 Aug 2021 86D Classic novel with the line “You must be the best judge of your own happiness” Aimee Lucido and Ella Dershowitz
20 Jul 2021 7D Actress Watson of the Harry Potter films Sam Buchbinder
11 Apr 2021 64A Poet Lazarus Dick Shlakman and Will Nediger
10 Mar 2021 63A Title matchmaker in an 1815 novel Nancy Stark and Will Nediger
23 Feb 2021 54D Actress Watson of the “Harry Potter” films Kate Hawkins
21 Feb 2021 80D Noted 1815 comedy of manners Matthew Stock
24 Dec 2020 50D 1815 novel made into films in 1996 and 2020 Billy Ouska
6 Nov 2020 1A YouTube star Chamberlain, whom The Atlantic called “the most talked-about teen influencer in the world” Aimee Lucido
2 Nov 2020 65A Jane Austen novel Luke Vaughn
19 Aug 2020 61D 1815 novel of romantic mis-understandings Brandon Koppy
10 Jun 2020 22A Watson of “Beauty and the Beast” Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
25 Apr 2020 48D Anarchist/political activist Goldman Andrew J. Ries
22 Dec 2019 104D Top female baby name of 2014-18 Laura Taylor Kinnel
24 Oct 2019 60D Heiress of Hartfield, in an 1816 novel Matt Ginsberg
12 Aug 2019 23A Jane Austen novel Jeffrey Wechsler
5 May 2019 45A Jane Austen heroine Samuel A. Donaldson and Doug Peterson
1 May 2019 15A Novel on which the film “Clueless” is based Joel Fagliano
25 Jan 2019 31D Top name in a Social Security Administration list every year from 2014 to 2017 Zhouqin Burnikel
24 Dec 2018 60A Jane Austen title woman Brendan Emmett Quigley
15 Jul 2018 97D Stone that’s a star Sam Ezersky and Byron Walden
8 Jun 2018 51D Stone that’s cast Caleb Madison
29 Apr 2018 65A It dethroned Sophia as the #1 baby girl’s name in the U.S. in 2014 Peter Wentz
12 Apr 2018 44A Actress Stone Jules Markey
1 Feb 2018 14A Literary matchmaker Damon Gulczynski
6 Dec 2017 1A Miss Woodhouse, in literature Clive Probert
12 Oct 2017 10D Watson or Thompson of 2017’s “Beauty and the Beast” Alex Eaton-Salners
1 May 2017 53D Jane Austen heroine Ed Sessa
16 Apr 2017 53D Austen matchmaker Timothy Polin
20 Dec 2016 16A Title heroine who says “I would much rather have been merry than wise” Timothy Polin
9 May 2016 24D Madame Bovary Dan Schoenholz
23 Apr 2016 50A Novel character with “a comfortable home and happy disposition” Paolo Pasco
2 Mar 2016 68A 1996 Gwyneth Paltrow title role Fred Piscop
13 Jan 2016 44A Poet Lazarus Jeremy Newton
7 Dec 2015 7D Jane Austen novel on which “Clueless” is based Jason Mueller
2 Aug 2015 65D Stone in Hollywood Matt Ginsberg
12 Jul 2015 75A Miss Woodhouse of Hartfield Patrick Berry
29 Jun 2015 14A Jane Austen novel Todd Gross and Andrea Carla Michaels
17 Mar 2015 52D Actress Stone of “Birdman” David Phillips
14 Mar 2015 51A George Knightley’s love interest, in literature James Mulhern
12 Jan 2015 43A Jane Austen novel Jason Flinn
26 Dec 2014 15D Miss Woodhouse of Highbury Patrick Berry
24 Dec 2014 58D Watson who played Hermione Granger Adam G. Perl
15 Dec 2014 30D Austen title heroine Zhouqin Burnikel and Dennis Ryall
7 Sep 2014 79A Stone of “The Help” Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen
1 Sep 2014 10D Jane Austen heroine Allan E. Parrish
4 Aug 2014 34A Jane Austen classic Joel Fagliano
13 Mar 2014 32D Title character from the village of Highbury, 1815 Alex Vratsanos
6 Feb 2014 45A Title heroine described in the first lines of her novel as “handsome, clever and rich” Joe Krozel
18 Sep 2013 67A Watson who played Hermione Granger Paul Hunsberger
24 Jul 2013 58D Literary matchmaker Erik Wennstrom
4 Jun 2013 12D Actress Stone of “The Help” Kristian House
27 Jan 2013 68D Watson of the Harry Potter films Jeff Chen
19 Aug 2012 82D Watson of the Harry Potter films Freddie Cheng
1 Jul 2012 108D Anarchist Goldman Dan Schoenholz
30 Mar 2012 13D Actress Watson Joe Krozel
22 Feb 2012 16A Austen heroine Karen Young Bonin
3 Feb 2012 1A Title matchmaker of early 19th-century literature Joel Kaplow
15 Nov 2011 54D Mrs. 55-Down on “The Avengers” Gareth Bain
30 Dec 2010 57A 1996 Gwyneth Paltrow title role Joe Krozel
26 Oct 2010 43D Jane Austen meddler Chris Handman
31 Aug 2010 28D Austen novel Paula Gamache and Ed Stein
24 Jul 2010 10D Classic novel that ends with two weddings David J. Kahn
30 Jun 2010 58D Austen classic Kristian House
26 May 2010 9D Novel on which “Clueless” is based Anna Shechtman
14 Apr 2010 20A Actress Thompson Jonah Kagan
22 Oct 2009 16A Title heroine who says “One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other” Joel Fagliano
4 Aug 2009 15A Madame Bovary Alan Arbesfeld
2 Aug 2009 31D Novel on which “Clueless” is based Patrick Berry
6 Jul 2009 10A Actress Thompson of “Howards End” Fred Piscop
21 May 2009 61A Title heroine described in the first sentence of her novel as “handsome, clever and rich” Patrick Blindauer
20 Jan 2009 19A Jane Austen novel Tim Wescott
9 Dec 2008 38D Jane Austen novel C. W. Stewart
29 Oct 2008 39D Actress Samms Steven L. Zisser
4 Jul 2008 1D Austen’s Woodhouse John Underwood
20 Aug 2007 10A Jane Austen heroine Lynn Lempel
14 Aug 2007 23A Novel on which “Clueless” is based C. W. Stewart
19 Feb 2007 56D Gwyneth Paltrow title role Andrea C. Michaels
25 Jun 2006 39D Rachel’s baby on “Friends” Jim Page
25 Jan 2006 56D Madame Bovary John Farmer
15 Nov 2005 59D Madame Bovary Sarah Keller
7 Feb 2005 1A Jane Austen novel Gordon Seaberg
15 Nov 2004 61D Jane Austen heroine Alison Donald
29 Aug 2004 108D Madame Bovary Manny Nosowsky
30 Mar 2004 62D Lazarus or Goldman Sarah Keller
23 Dec 2003 28D Meddlesome heroine of an 1816 novel Mike Torch
23 Oct 2003 30A Thompson with an Oscar Michael Shteyman
5 Sep 2003 19A Title heroine of 1816 Manny Nosowsky
8 Jul 2003 6A Madame Bovary Roy Leban
9 May 2003 48D Mrs. Peel of “The Avengers” Manny Nosowsky
10 Feb 2003 62A Jane Austen classic Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
23 Jan 2003 31D Literary matchmaker Cathy Millhauser
5 Aug 2002 19A Jane Austen heroine Manny Nosowsky
30 Jun 2002 45D “Friends” baby Joe DiPietro
26 Jun 2002 50D Madame Bovary Nancy Salomon
12 May 2002 105D Miss Woodhouse of fiction Alan Arbesfeld
16 Apr 2002 34A Lazarus or Goldman Sarah Keller
23 Dec 2001 102D Austen novel Frances Hansen
19 Nov 2001 68A Jane Austen novel Peter Gordon
1 Aug 2001 54D 1998 role for Uma William I. Johnston
26 Jun 2001 68A The avenging Mrs. Peel Stephen Windheim
13 May 2001 86D Austen novel Nancy Nicholson Joline
25 Apr 2001 2D Mme. Bovary Mel Taub and crossword class
6 Mar 2001 33D Austen novel Ed Early
24 Jan 2001 45A Austen heroine David Ainslie Macleod
27 Jul 2000 55D Flaubert heroine Joe DiPietro
6 Apr 2000 32A Madame Bovary Manny Nosowsky
28 Feb 2000 3D Austen heroine Jerry E. Rosman
4 Aug 1999 18A Mrs. Peel of “The Avengers” Richard Silvestri
12 Jul 1999 60D Austen heroine Carol R. Blumenstein
8 Jun 1999 6D Austen heroine Fred Piscop
25 Jan 1999 30D Oscar winner ___ Thompson Fran and Lou Sabin
8 Oct 1998 20A Actress Thompson Alan Arbesfeld
6 Jul 1998 53D Austen heroine Sheldon Benardo
25 May 1998 55D Austen heroine William Canine
30 Mar 1998 30A Austen novel made into a 1996 movie Elizabeth C. Gorski
11 Feb 1998 15A Thompson of “Sense and Sensibility” Nancy S. Ross
9 Feb 1998 57D Jane Austen novel Robert Dillman
17 Jan 1998 42D 19th-century educator Willard Rich Norris
26 Nov 1997 53D Austen heroine Nancy Schuster
13 Oct 1997 15A Austen’s Woodhouse Gregory E. Paul
14 Jul 1997 59D Austen heroine Mark Elliot Skolsky
30 Apr 1997 33D Austen heroine Brendan Emmett Quigley
29 Dec 1996 6D Mystery author Lathen B. White
28 Nov 1996 5A 1816 novel made into a 1996 film B. Klahn
22 Sep 1996 101D Oscar-winning Thompson C. Millhauser
26 Aug 1996 55D Madame Bovary G. E. Paul
13 Jul 1996 67A Comic Austen work Eli Wesoff
17 Jun 1996 60A Poet Lazarus S. L. Robbins
17 Apr 1996 32A Madame Bovary F. Heaney
15 Apr 1996 69A Jane Austen novel S. L. Robbins
26 Feb 1996 31D Poet Lazarus N. Steinberg
29 Oct 1995 87D Lady Hamilton Maura B. Jacobson
16 Jul 1995 55A Austen title Naomi Geller Lipsky
6 Mar 1995 57A Mrs. Peel from “The Avengers” Randall J. Hartman
1 Mar 1995 16A Poet Lazarus Lois Sidway
24 Jan 1995 61D Poet Lazarus Richard Hughes
14 Nov 1994 62D Poet Lazarus Sidney L. Robbins
30 Oct 1994 69D Madame Bovary R. M. Hopkins
24 Oct 1994 1D Austen heroine Sidney L. Robbins
19 Jun 1994 30A Anarchist Goldman Nancy Scandrett Ross
17 Jun 1994 55A Heroine of an Austen novel Bryant White
27 May 1994 17A Thompson of films Chet Currier
15 Dec 1993 44A Austen’s Woodhouse Fred Piscop
30 Nov 1993 59A Thompson of “Howards End” Joel Davajan

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