EMU is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for EMU in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "EMU" answer was first appeared in "15 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Cassowary kin". It was authored by Fred Piscop. Recently, the "EMU" answer has been used for "13 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Runner with vestigial wings". It was authored by John-Clark Levin. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hints: "Prey for a dingo (6)", "Relative of an ostrich (8)", "Big bird (18)", "Down Under bird (9)", "Outback runner (9)", "Outback bird (7)". "EMU" appeared 268 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "EMU" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
13 Oct 2023 59D Runner with vestigial wings John-Clark Levin
6 Jul 2023 39A Bird with a bluish neck and green eggs Alison Perch
20 Jun 2023 3D Feathered creature in Liberty Mutual ads Aimee Lucido
29 May 2023 6D Down Under bird Katie Hale and Zachary David Levy
4 Apr 2023 14A Feathered Australian Andrea Carla Michaels and Christina Iverson
19 Feb 2023 113D Image on Australia’s coat of arms Rebecca Goldstein
2 Feb 2023 12D Prey for a dingo Elise Corbin
25 Jan 2023 12D Outback bird Nancy Serrano-Wu
16 Jan 2023 44A Bird that has calf muscles Michael Paleos
27 Dec 2022 16A Relative of an ostrich Lynn Lempel
14 Dec 2022 40A Cousin of a cassowary Matthew Stock
25 Nov 2022 56D Creature frequently depicted in Indigenous Australian art Simon Marotte
13 Nov 2022 119D Source of big green eggs Samuel A. Donaldson
6 Nov 2022 10D The Tasmanian one has been extinct since the 19th century Michael Lieberman
3 Oct 2022 14A Down Under bird Sarah Sinclair
27 Sep 2022 60A Outback bird Peter Koetters
5 Sep 2022 56A Outback bird that can go two months without food Adam Simpson
26 Aug 2022 58D Layer of green eggs Robert Logan
12 Jul 2022 60D Bird related to the cassowary Karen Steinberg
1 Jun 2022 6D Only living creature in the genus Dromaius Chase Dittrich
30 May 2022 8D Australian bird that’s a vowel change from 7-Down Alexander Liebeskind
16 May 2022 40A Big bird in Liberty Mutual ads Lynn Lempel
12 May 2022 48A Six-footer Down Under Ross Trudeau
28 Mar 2022 21D Bird that can sprint up to 30 m.p.h. Leslie Rogers
20 Mar 2022 97A Outback speedster Brad Wiegmann
15 Mar 2022 42A Bird in Liberty Mutual ads Michael Lieberman
10 Feb 2022 47A Bird found in the mud? August Miller
26 Jan 2022 62D Member of the ratite pack? Michael Schlossberg
20 Dec 2021 19D Outback bird Anne Rowley
14 Dec 2021 36D Second-tallest bird on earth Tao Platt
28 Nov 2021 5D Outback sight Jeff Kremer
25 Nov 2021 64D Land-bound bird Chase Dittrich
6 Nov 2021 50A Creature whose male incubates the eggs, during which it won’t eat, drink or defecate for 50+ days Brooke Husic and Will Nediger
13 Sep 2021 62D Relative of an ostrich A. Tariq
8 May 2021 58A It can lay a one-and-a-half-pound egg David Steinberg
6 May 2021 15A Bird that’s the source of Kalaya oil Ed Sessa
23 Apr 2021 8D Creature that can fill the blank in L___R to make another creature Robyn Weintraub
21 Feb 2021 42A Bird whose males incubate the eggs Matthew Stock
19 Feb 2021 12A Depiction on the Australian coat of arms Amanda Rafkin
29 Jan 2021 34A Creature in Liberty Mutual ads Robyn Weintraub
28 Oct 2020 47A Liberty Mutual commercial mascot Peter Gordon
11 Oct 2020 69D Only bird with calf muscles Gary Larson
21 Sep 2020 10D Bird in Liberty Mutual ads Daniel Larsen and The Wave Learning Festival Crossword Class
9 Sep 2020 16A Bird able to run faster than the fastest human Jakob Weisblat
29 Jul 2020 30A Sch. in Ypsilanti Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
28 Jul 2020 58D Fast runner Down Under Ross Trudeau
26 Jul 2020 76A Bird in Liberty Mutual commercials Trenton Charlson
7 Apr 2020 46D Big bird Down Under Trent H. Evans
4 Mar 2020 44D Goose : gaggle :: ___ : mob Tracy Gray
1 Mar 2020 9D Bird Down Under Sam Trabucco
1 Dec 2019 1A Bird growing up Down Under Patrick Merrell
14 Oct 2019 67D Bird that can run up to 30 m.p.h. Gary Cee
15 May 2019 36D Cousin of a cassowary Zhouqin Burnikel
1 May 2019 7D Down Under bird Joel Fagliano
11 Mar 2019 63D Relative of an ostrich Trent Evans
18 Feb 2019 20A Australia’s unofficial national bird Leslie Rogers and Andrea Carla Michaels
23 Jan 2019 48D Land-bound bird Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
11 Jan 2019 29A Layer of dark green eggs Jim Horne and Jeff Chen
24 Nov 2018 58D Member of a crossword aviary? David Steinberg
26 Oct 2018 19A Prey for a dingo Evan Kalish
15 Aug 2018 30A Bird that can hardly get off the ground Kathy Wienberg
7 Aug 2018 44D Runner with wings Alex Eaton-Salners
11 Jul 2018 57D Bird whose name is also the initials of a school in Ypsilanti Michael Hawkins
3 Jul 2018 42A Avian runner Down Under Christopher Adams
13 Jun 2018 51D Avian sprinter Michael Hawkins
27 Feb 2018 42A National bird of Australia Ross Trudeau
19 Feb 2018 5D Six-foot bird Bruce Haight
24 Jan 2018 24A Member of a crossword zoo? Kathy Wienberg
18 Jan 2018 32A Bird that has one long talon on each foot for fighting Ryan McCarty and Alan Southworth
30 Dec 2017 10D ___ oil, ingredient in some health care products Damon Gulczynski
18 Dec 2017 4D Large egg producer Bruce Haight
25 Oct 2017 51A Bird raised on a ranch, perhaps Jules P. Markey
25 Sep 2017 15A It hatches from a big egg Bruce Haight
9 Aug 2017 23A Bird on Australia’s coat of arms Adam G. Perl
20 Jul 2017 18D It’ll never get off the ground Randolph Ross
10 May 2017 65D Avian source of red meat Ned White
24 Apr 2017 65D Down Under bird Gary Cee
21 Apr 2017 4D Producer of a deep drumming call Damon Gulczynski
25 Mar 2017 63A Exotic jerky meat Sam Ezersky and David Steinberg
9 Feb 2017 42A Bird whose wings are used as stabilizers, not for flying Ross Trudeau
25 Jan 2017 15A Bird with a potent kick Tracy Gray
15 Jan 2017 9D Outback animal Joel Fagliano
18 Dec 2016 86A This does not fly Derrick Niederman
13 Jul 2016 23A Bird with large green eggs Tom McCoy
30 Jun 2016 9D One of the 10-Down birds in the world Jonathan M. Kaye
20 May 2016 4D Prey for a dingo Kristian House
27 Mar 2016 56A Creature on the Australian coat of arms Patrick Blindauer
3 Mar 2016 13D Ypsilanti sch. whose initials name a bird Andrew Zhou
16 Feb 2016 2D Bird that can run up to 30 m.p.h. Ron and Nancy Byron
21 Dec 2015 64A Big bird of Australia Bruce Haight
28 Nov 2015 58D Source of jumbo eggs Ned White
12 Jul 2015 58A Prey for a dingo Patrick Berry
2 Jul 2015 69D Big bird Timothy Polin
17 Jun 2015 69D Bird with calf muscles Molly Young and David J. Kahn
18 May 2015 1A Ostrichlike bird Gene Newman
11 May 2015 44A Bird on the Australian coat of arms Joe DiPietro
26 Apr 2015 115D ___ oil (Australian folk medicine) Patrick Berry
11 Mar 2015 46D Avian sprinter David Steinberg
10 Jan 2015 36D Dingo dodger Joe Krozel
15 Dec 2014 38A Relative of an ostrich Zhouqin Burnikel and Dennis Ryall
10 Dec 2014 2D Avian source of red meat Tom McCoy
14 Aug 2014 25A Big bird Jason Flinn
29 Jun 2014 42A Lean meat source Byron Walden
8 Jun 2014 114D Ostrich lookalike Patrick Berry
15 Apr 2014 16A Dingo’s avian prey Gary Cee
23 Mar 2014 15D Outback native Ian Livengood
9 Feb 2014 96D Prey for a dingo Charles M. Deber
31 Dec 2013 61D Australia’s national bird Tracy Gray
21 Nov 2013 66A Part of the Australian coat of arms Jules P. Markey
2 Sep 2013 29D Down Under bird Jim Peredo
27 Apr 2013 27D Source of 13-Down eggs Chris A. McGlothlin
11 Mar 2013 22D Relative of an ostrich Robert Fisher
24 Feb 2013 117D Native of Australia Joe DiPietro
1 Feb 2013 9D Source of extra-large eggs Josh Knapp
17 Oct 2012 6A Big bird Peter Koetters
11 Sep 2012 32D Ostrich’s cousin Kenneth Leeser
10 Sep 2012 41D Aussie bird Andrea Carla Michaels
5 Sep 2012 26A Outback runner Paula Gamache
14 May 2012 26A Outback bird John Dunn
3 May 2012 40D Prey for a dingo Neville Fogarty
4 Apr 2012 56A Cousin of an ostrich Zoe Wheeler
4 Mar 2012 114D Australian runner David J. Kahn
31 Jan 2012 45D Ostrich look-alike Doug Peterson
28 Dec 2011 19D Grounded avian Louis Zulli
19 Nov 2011 33D Noted six-foot runner Allan E. Parrish
16 Nov 2011 45A Avian source of red meat Gary Cee
11 Nov 2011 31D Layer of green eggs Alex Vratsanos
14 Oct 2011 49A Cousin of the cassowary Caleb Madison and J.A.S.A. Class
19 Sep 2011 22A Big bird Down Under Julian Lim
22 Aug 2011 68A Big Australian bird Milo Beckman
11 Aug 2011 4D Bird whose name is a Midwest school’s initials Parker Lewis
21 Jul 2011 61A Australian sprinter Michael Sharp
30 Mar 2011 3D Creature on Australia’s 50-cent coin Erik Wennstrom
10 Mar 2011 9D Prey of wild dogs and crocodiles Matt Ginsberg
10 Oct 2010 113D Bird in New South Wales Patrick Merrell
16 Aug 2010 35A Cousin of an ostrich Andrea Carla Michaels and Jennifer Nutt
4 Jul 2010 37A Bird with meat high in protein Patrick Blindauer and Tony Orbach
20 May 2010 47A Bird with two sets of eyelids Jim Hilger
16 May 2010 63A Aboriginal food source Matt Ginsberg
15 Feb 2010 9D Australia’s unofficial national bird Lynn Lempel
21 Jan 2010 41A Brevipennate bird Elizabeth C. Gorski
14 Jan 2010 29A South Australia’s ___ Bay Caleb Madison and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
29 Nov 2009 42A It came up from Down Under Will Nediger
4 Nov 2009 61D Cousin of a cassowary Ricky Ini Liu
11 Oct 2009 68A Six-footer from Australia Randolph Ross
5 Sep 2009 21A It’s classified by the U.S.D.A. as red meat under cooking guidelines and as poultry under inspection standards Mike Nothnagel
6 Apr 2009 12D Cousin of an ostrich Dustin Foley
29 Mar 2009 79D Swift-running bird Elizabeth C. Gorski
10 Feb 2009 21D Part of the Australian coat of arms John Underwood
13 Jan 2009 2D Outback runner Daniel Kantor and Jay Kaskel
30 Sep 2008 30A Outback bird Allan E. Parrish
4 Jun 2008 58D Australian runner Billie Truitt
24 Apr 2008 50A It’ll never fly Michael Langwald
14 Feb 2008 36A Australian ranch pest David J. Kahn
29 Jan 2008 63D Rhea relative C. W. Stewart and J. K. Hummel
21 Nov 2007 11D Outback runner Kelsey Blakley
18 Nov 2007 85A Tridactyl bird Patrick Berry
19 Aug 2007 18D Swift-running bird Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Jun 2007 46A Big bird of the outback Randall J. Hartman
31 May 2007 4D Avian leather source William F. Stephens
28 Mar 2007 28A Cousin of a cassowary Burton Clemans
20 Feb 2007 50D Relative of an ostrich Jonathan Gersch
11 Jan 2007 48A Noted Australian sprinter Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
31 Dec 2006 74A Avian meat Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 Dec 2006 26D Image on Australia’s coat of arms Myles Callum
20 Sep 2006 14A Big bird Joe DiPietro
29 Aug 2006 5D Big bird David Pringle
15 Aug 2006 4D Cousin of a cassowary David Sullivan
19 Jul 2006 11D Australian runner Alison Donald
2 Jul 2006 81A Big bird Elizabeth C. Gorski
15 Jun 2006 14A Creature on Australia’s coat of arms Adam Cohen
2 May 2006 32A Ypsilanti sch. Peter A. Collins
6 Feb 2006 31D Bird more than five feet tall Sheldon Benardo
12 Oct 2005 20A Big bird Paul Guttormsson
31 Aug 2005 59A Avian source of red meat Alan Arbesfeld
15 Jul 2005 50A Lean meat Brendan Emmett Quigley
30 Apr 2005 61D It’ll never fly Nancy Salomon
23 Mar 2005 16A Outback runner Mike Shenk
10 Mar 2005 53A It’ll never fly Ed Early
7 Feb 2005 35A Cousin of an ostrich Gordon Seaberg
21 Dec 2004 57A Big bird Kurt Mengel
13 Dec 2004 11D Flightless Australian bird Sarah Keller
8 Dec 2004 58D Grounded Aussie Norm Guggenbiller
26 Sep 2004 103D Lean meat source Joe DiPietro
2 Aug 2004 32A Down Under bird Holden Baker
9 May 2004 8D It runs Down Under Charles M. Deber
14 Apr 2004 20A Big bird Randolph Ross
24 Feb 2004 5D Swift bird on foot Alan Arbesfeld
23 Feb 2004 8D Cousin of an ostrich Anne Garellick
16 Feb 2004 16A Down Under bird Charles Barasch
21 Oct 2003 63D It doesn’t fly John Underwood
13 Aug 2003 27A Swift avian Charles E. Gersch
19 May 2003 2D Relative of an ostrich Trip Payne
8 May 2003 68A Outback runner Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Aug 2002 9D Six-foot runner Michael Ashley
1 Jul 2002 59D Big bird Allan E. Parrish
25 May 2002 57D Low-fat meat Frank Longo
13 May 2002 22D Earthbound bird Patrick Merrell
27 Apr 2002 61D It’ll never fly Brendan Emmett Quigley
3 Mar 2002 97D This may never get off the ground Elizabeth C. Gorski
26 Jan 2002 26A Low-fat meat Mark Diehl
15 Jan 2002 6D Aussie runner Kelly Clark
27 Dec 2001 10D Big bird Patrick Berry
10 Dec 2001 7D National bird of Australia Gregory E. Paul
25 Oct 2001 57D Big bird John Scott Marrone
13 Sep 2001 4D Meat that tastes like chicken Robert H. Wolfe
24 May 2001 8D Source of lean red meat William I. Johnston
9 Apr 2001 15A Relative of an ostrich Mel and Peggy Rosen
14 Mar 2001 37A Outback runner Greg Staples
16 Oct 2000 12D Ostrich’s cousin Mitch Komro
26 Sep 2000 37D Outback runner Bill Ballard
27 Jul 2000 33A It’s grounded Joe DiPietro
31 May 2000 42D It’ll never get off the ground M. Francis Vuolo
2 Feb 2000 39A Outback runner Richard Chisholm
31 Jan 2000 66A Australian bird Peter Gordon
29 Jan 2000 58D Easily domesticated bird Rich Norris
14 Jan 2000 5D Poultry that tastes like beef Martin Ashwood-Smith
25 Dec 1999 36D Easily tamed bird John Scott Marrone
6 Dec 1999 36D Down Under bird Gregory E. Paul
23 Oct 1999 23A Trendy meat Frank Longo and Brendan Quigley
9 Oct 1999 50D Tall runner Manny Nosowsky
1 Sep 1999 24D Tall bird Alan Arbesfeld
9 Aug 1999 33A Ostrich’s kin Elizabeth C. Gorski
27 Jul 1999 9D Ostrich’s kin Alfio Micci
17 Jul 1999 25D It’ll never get off the ground Rand H. Burns
13 Jul 1999 53A Big bird Brendan Emmett Quigley
8 Dec 1998 58D Cassowary’s cousin Frances Hansen
28 Oct 1998 61A Relative of a rhea Alan Arbesfeld
11 Oct 1998 45A Easily tamed bird Nancy Salomon, Marjorie Richter and Kelly Clark
23 Apr 1998 65D It’s out in the Outback Cathy Millhauser
20 Feb 1998 39D Outback denizen Manny Nosowsky
25 Jan 1998 112D Somewhat exotic meat Dave Tuller
26 Dec 1997 2D Bird that lays dark green eggs Bob Sefick
7 Dec 1997 73A Big bird Randolph Ross
2 Dec 1997 38A Swift bird Alan Olschwang
15 Oct 1997 8D Feathered six-footer Randall J. Hartman
2 Oct 1997 6A Crosswordy ratite Christopher Hurt
8 Sep 1997 58D Ostrich kin Robert Goldberg
12 Aug 1997 39D Big bird Janet R. Bender
5 Aug 1997 45D Grounded bird William Bernhardt
22 Jul 1997 48A Feather source Fred Piscop
15 Jul 1997 64D Big bird Frank Longo
10 Jul 1997 49A Australian runner Matt Gaffney
18 May 1997 101D Six-foot runner? Frances Hansen
14 May 1997 66D Big bird Norman S. Wizer
30 Apr 1997 10D Aussie bird Brendan Emmett Quigley
20 Mar 1997 23A Six-foot Australian A. J. Santora
13 Mar 1997 57D Big bird Matt Gaffney
30 Dec 1996 50A Zoo bird C. F. Murray
18 Jul 1996 60A Flightless bird W. R. Williams
10 Jul 1996 8D Outback bird Diane C. Baldwin
14 Jun 1996 30A Five-foot runner R. Norris
3 Apr 1996 40A Aussie bird M. Gaffney
28 Feb 1996 40D Zoo bird F. A. Longo
2 Feb 1996 39A Outback runner R. Hamel
15 Jan 1996 23D Down Under bird Gregory E. Paul
15 Oct 1995 113A Southern Australia’s ___ Bay Mel Rosen
31 Jul 1995 39A Flightless bird Elizabeth Gorski
5 Apr 1995 8D Cassowary look-alike Wayne Robert Williams
1 Feb 1995 57A Outback egg-layer Chet Currier
16 Jan 1995 37D Outback bird Walter Covell
17 Dec 1994 32A Prized feather source Chuck Deodene
28 Aug 1994 30A Flightless bird Randolph Ross
30 May 1994 52A Ostrich’s cousin Raymond Hamel
12 Feb 1994 21D Outback denizen Rand H. Burns
22 Jan 1994 24D Crossword bird Raymond Hamel
9 Jan 1994 117D Bird in a herd Mel Rosen
15 Dec 1993 40D Cassowary kin Fred Piscop

Here you get EMU answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If EMU will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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