EPA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for EPA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "EPA" answer was first appeared in "30 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Clean water agcy.". It was authored by A.J. Santora. Recently, the "EPA" answer has been used for "13 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Org. concerned with emissions (2)". It was authored by Benjamin Fink. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Clean Air Act org. (6)". "EPA" appeared 286 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "EPA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
13 Nov 2023 59D Org. concerned with emissions Benjamin Fink
9 Nov 2023 31D Org. with grants for asbestos removal Simeon Seigel
25 Sep 2023 34A Org. that regulates hazardous waste Lynn Lempel
20 Aug 2023 125A Grp. that measures 1-Across Michael Schlossberg
9 Jul 2023 60A Org. created the same year as Earth Day Christina Iverson
6 Jun 2023 64A Org. established by Nixon Daniel Jaret
5 Jun 2023 60D Clean Air Act enforcer, for short Eric Rollfing
28 May 2023 69A Grp. regulating pesticides Chandi Deitmer and Taylor Johnson
27 Apr 2023 40D Greenhouse gas regulator, for short Michael Schlossberg
27 Mar 2023 65D Org. with pollution solutions Simon Marotte and Trenton Lee Stewart
19 Mar 2023 110D Org. established by 111-Down Robert Ryan
20 Feb 2023 22D Government grp. employing ecologists Emily Carroll
10 Jan 2023 64D Energy-monitoring org. Emily Rourke
22 Sep 2022 57D Clean water org. Helen Chen
18 Sep 2022 90A Clean Air Act org. Katie Hale
13 Sep 2022 53D Clean air org. Adam Wagner
27 Jul 2022 64D Clean Air Act org. Enrique Henestroza Anguiano
14 Apr 2022 11D Water monitoring grp. Ashish Vengsarkar and Narayan Venkatasubramanyan
5 Mar 2022 27A Org. created in the wake of “Silent Spring” Nam Jin Yoon
2 Jan 2022 108D Clean energy grp. Paolo Pasco
25 Oct 2021 11D Smog-monitoring org. Damon Gulczynski
5 Oct 2021 9D Emissions control grp. Hoang-Kim Vu and Jessica Zetzman
19 Jul 2021 44A Clean air and water org. Stephanie Lesser
18 Jul 2021 36A Fuel economy authority, for short Jesse Goldberg
9 Jul 2021 31A Org. with an Office of Air and Radiation Robyn Weintraub
21 May 2021 6D Org. established partly in response to Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” Sam Ezersky
12 May 2021 55A Org. that launched WaterSense in 2006 Tracy Gray
25 Apr 2021 114D Org. with lots of money to waste? Jeremy Newton
6 Apr 2021 10A Org. since Nixon’s presidency Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
7 Mar 2021 54D Org. that takes the lead on lead? Celeste Watts and Jeff Chen
28 Feb 2021 15D Cleanup grp. Brad Wiegmann
20 Feb 2021 44A Org. with resources on smart growth Ali Gascoigne
17 Feb 2021 59D Antipollution org. David Harris and Evan Kalish
16 Feb 2021 35D Org. that monitors air quality Johanna Fenimore
8 Dec 2020 35D Fuel economy org. Enrique Henestroza Anguiano
8 Nov 2020 91A Org. that awards the Safer Choice label Evan Kalish and Caitlin Reid
8 Oct 2020 58D Fuel economy authority, for short Francesca Goldston and Jeff Chen
7 Sep 2020 40A Safe Drinking Water Act enforcer, for short Gareth Bain
14 Jul 2020 27A Org. concerned with sustainability Stella Zawistowski
3 Jun 2020 1D Org. with monitors Johanna Fenimore
31 May 2020 33D Water safety org. Lewis Rothlein and Jeff Chen
23 May 2020 55D Water monitor, for short Wyna Liu and Erik Agard
25 Apr 2020 45A Org. that awards the Energy Star label Andrew J. Ries
14 Apr 2020 59A Emissions watchdog, for short Joe Hansen
6 Apr 2020 62D Org. that cleans up oil spills Andrea Carla Michaels and Brian Thomas
4 Apr 2020 30D Org. with the Office of Land and Emergency Management Yacob Yonas
23 Mar 2020 51A Smog-monitoring org. Ed Sessa
22 Feb 2020 38D UV index monitor Trenton Charlson
3 Feb 2020 29D Fuel economy authority, for short Michael Schlossberg
29 Jan 2020 50A Org. seeking clean skies Jeremy Newton
14 Nov 2019 47A Fuel economy org. Alex Eaton-Salners
8 Oct 2019 5A Air-quality org. Ross Trudeau
31 Aug 2019 26A Cleanup grp. Brian Thomas
27 Aug 2019 61D Pollution watchdog, for short Daniel Raymon
17 Jul 2019 56D Green branch, for short Ada Nicolle
10 Jun 2019 40A Air quality watchdog created by the Nixon admin. Brad Wilber
20 May 2019 18D Org. concerned with ecosystems Gary Cee
27 Jan 2019 88A Watchdog org. established by Nixon Randolph Ross
27 Dec 2018 15A Fed. science org. Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
7 Oct 2018 86D Org. founded under Nixon Tom McCoy
26 Sep 2018 70A Green-minded org. Melinda Gates and Joel Fagliano
6 Aug 2018 13A Clean Air Act org. Andrea Carla Michaels and Mark Diehl
13 May 2018 35D Org. with a flower logo Neville Fogarty and Erik Agard
29 Apr 2018 59D Green org. Peter Wentz
27 Apr 2018 21D Ratings org. David Steinberg
22 Mar 2018 52A Org. established during Nixon’s presidency Ross Trudeau
8 Mar 2018 14D Org. whose mission involves emissions Jim Quinlan
16 Jan 2018 64D Org. concerned with soil and water David Steinberg
4 Dec 2017 25D Clean Air Act org. Alan Arbesfeld
3 Dec 2017 135A Superfund org. David Steinberg
26 Nov 2017 71A Sample-collecting org. Jeff Chen
7 Oct 2017 11D Org. concerned with 9-Down Byron Walden
8 Jul 2017 20A Plant-monitoring org. David Steinberg
26 May 2017 55A Org. that promotes Energy Star Day Robyn Weintraub
12 Apr 2017 12D Org. concerned with ecology Emily Carroll
3 Apr 2017 42D Pollution police, for short Agnes Davidson and Zhouqin Burnikel
24 Mar 2017 4D Wetlands regulator, for short Michael Hawkins and John Guzzetta
21 Mar 2017 57A Green govt. group George Barany and John D. Child
15 Jan 2017 37A Org. concerned with water quality Joel Fagliano
20 Dec 2016 7D Org. concerned with climate change Timothy Polin
23 Oct 2016 113D Clean energy grp. Ellen Leuschner and Jeff Chen
12 Sep 2016 41A Ecologically oriented org. Victor Fleming and Andrea Carla Michaels
1 Sep 2016 29A Inits. on a car sticker Ben Tausig
29 Aug 2016 63D Energy Star org. David Steinberg
16 Aug 2016 67D Superfund org. Lynn Lempel
17 Jul 2016 107A Cap-and-trade org. Jerry Miccolis
3 Jul 2016 108A Green org. Samuel A. Donaldson
1 Jul 2016 19A Org. that covers Springfield in a dome in “The Simpsons Movie” James Mulhern
29 Jun 2016 14A Fuel economy org. John Lampkin
12 May 2016 32D Enforcer of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, for short James Tuttle
10 Apr 2016 86D Org. established by President Nixon Randolph Ross
5 Apr 2016 24A Radon regulators, in brief Dan Schoenholz
3 Apr 2016 28A Clean air org. Natan Last
17 Feb 2016 49A Grp. concerned with global warming Kyle Mahowald
9 Feb 2016 62D U.S. asbestos regulator Lynn Lempel
3 Jan 2016 96D Green grp. David Woolf
1 Nov 2015 56D Dump site monitor, for short Zhouqin Burnikel
12 Aug 2015 33A Org. whose resources partly go to waste? Tom McCoy
10 Aug 2015 59D Org. concerned with clean air C. W. Stewart
15 Jun 2015 46A Smog-fighting govt. group Mike Buckley
14 Jun 2015 55A Org. that regulates arsenic and asbestos Randolph Ross
13 May 2015 63D Org. with monitors Jeffrey Wechsler
28 Apr 2015 40A Org. that might employ a climatologist José Chardiet
25 Dec 2014 14A Org. concerned with 34-Across Xan Vongsathorn
3 Dec 2014 34D Org. employing Walter Peck in “Ghostbusters” Patrick Blindauer
11 Oct 2014 16A Org. with a radon hotline Evans Clinchy
4 Sep 2014 63D Evil org. in “The Simpsons Movie” Samuel A. Donaldson
23 Jul 2014 62D Water-quality org. Howard Barkin
21 Jul 2014 40D Org. tasked with enforcing the Clean Air Act Matt Fuchs
27 Apr 2014 9D Oil spill-monitoring org. John Lampkin
21 Mar 2014 4D Sustainable practices grp. Brendan Emmett Quigley
23 Feb 2014 121D Green monitor, for short? A Namesake of 119-Across
26 Jan 2014 72D Fuel economy authority, for short Daniel A. Finan
12 Oct 2013 35D Green org. John Farmer
18 Aug 2013 119D Superfund org. Elizabeth C. Gorski
3 Aug 2013 17A Org. with an Office of Water Brad Wilber and Doug Peterson
30 Jul 2013 63D Org. with air and water standards Peter A. Collins
27 Feb 2013 28A energystar.gov grp. Daniel Kantor
26 Feb 2013 63D Org. that monitors oil spills Gary Cee
10 Feb 2013 44A Org. that fines polluters Patrick Berry
25 Jan 2013 54A Abbr. in auto ads Joe DiPietro
3 Nov 2012 19A Antagonistic org. in “The Simpsons Movie” Milo Beckman
7 Sep 2012 52D Org. whose seal has a flower Martin Ashwood-Smith
24 Aug 2012 6D It’s got its standards: Abbr. Mark Diehl
30 Jul 2012 30D Eco-friendly org. Rosemarie Dolan and Christopher Geach
9 Jul 2012 23D Green org. C.W. Stewart
8 Jul 2012 102A Org. trying to clear the air? Joel Fagliano
21 Jun 2012 6A Federal org. issuing standards Caleb Emmons
28 May 2012 64A Clean air org. Kurt Mueller
28 Apr 2012 34A Org. with lead concerns Gary J. Whitehead
14 Mar 2012 23A Pollution watchdog org. Dave Sarpola
29 Feb 2012 31D Green org. Kevan Choset
18 Dec 2011 58D Cleanup org. Patrick Merrell
17 Nov 2011 60D Cleanup org. Patrick Merrell
3 Oct 2011 29A Clean air org. Stanley Newman
18 Sep 2011 17D UV index monitor, for short Josh Knapp
18 Aug 2011 69D Green grp. Kevan Choset
26 Jul 2011 47A Emissions watchdog, for short Michael Black
29 May 2011 42D UV index monitor Jeremy Newton and Tony Orbach
27 Mar 2011 114A M.P.G. watcher Kevin G. Der
14 Oct 2010 2D Abbr. in many car ads Jim Hilger
22 Sep 2010 15A Org. doing atmospheric tests Peter A. Collins
19 Sep 2010 44D Spill-fighting grp. Kevin G. Der
11 Aug 2010 3D DDT-banning org. Edward Sessa
9 Nov 2009 39D Clean Air Act org. Lynn Lempel
4 Oct 2009 116D “Go Green!” newsletter org. Todd McClary
20 May 2009 39D Air monitor, for short Ashish Vengsarkar
8 Feb 2009 62A Org. with an Office of Water Alan Arbesfeld
23 Oct 2008 57D DDT banner Patrick Blindauer
21 Oct 2008 57D Air quality org. Randall J. Hartman
30 Aug 2008 59D Abbr. in car ads Michael Shteyman
24 Aug 2008 110D Emissions org. Kevin G. Der
18 Aug 2008 64D Org. monitoring industrial wastes Paula Gamache
28 Jul 2008 63A Dump cleanup grp. Roger Baiocchi
9 Jul 2008 8D Waste watchers: Abbr. Tim Wescott
25 Jun 2008 40A Abbr. in car ads Rob Cook
4 Jun 2008 37D Org. monitoring 38-Down quality Billie Truitt
27 Apr 2008 91A Clean air org. Oliver Hill
13 Mar 2008 30A Org. established by Nixon Alan Arbesfeld
29 Jan 2008 34A Fuel economy org. C. W. Stewart and J. K. Hummel
22 Jan 2008 27D Air quality grp. Adam G. Perl
6 Dec 2007 59D Govt. org. with a flower in its logo Joe Krozel
19 Nov 2007 32D Fed. air quality monitor Lynn Lempel
29 Oct 2007 57D Mileage rating org. Fred Piscop
24 Oct 2007 63D Air quality org. Patrick Blindauer
26 Sep 2007 38D Clean Air Act org. Lee Glickstein and Craig Kasper
7 Sep 2007 44A UV index monitor Barry C. Silk
14 Jun 2007 8D DDT banner Donna Hoke Kahwaty
10 Jun 2007 70D energystar.gov grp. Bob Klahn
7 Jun 2007 58D Waste watchers’ org. Nancy Salomon
22 Apr 2007 47A Smog-watching grp. Victor Fleming
30 Mar 2007 46A Org. established by Nixon David Quarfoot
5 Mar 2007 36A Eco-friendly org. Fred Piscop
28 Feb 2007 58D Air-testing org. Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Oct 2006 51A Smog control grp. Adam G. Perl
1 Sep 2006 61D Grp. concerned with m.p.g. David Quarfoot
4 Jul 2006 57A Air-testing org. Ed Early
27 Jun 2006 27D Clean air org. Damon J. Gulczynski
20 Jan 2006 6D Energy Star org. Harvey Estes
18 Dec 2005 114A Govt. org. with a flower in its logo Ethan Cooper and Michael Shteyman
25 Nov 2005 37A DDT banner Joe DiPietro
27 Oct 2005 58D Test-conducting org. Bonnie L. Gentry
24 Oct 2005 37A Antipollution org. Lynn Lempel
21 Aug 2005 4D Grp. setting standards Byron Walden
5 Jun 2005 90A Superfund administrator: Abbr. Patrick Merrell
28 Feb 2005 22D Clean air org. Marjorie Berg
8 Feb 2005 22D Mileage rating grp. Stephen Budiansky
4 Feb 2005 46A Water tester: Abbr. Robert Bridges
11 Jan 2005 16A Emissions watchdog: Abbr. Sarah Keller
16 Dec 2004 2D Org. that conducts many studies Mike Torch
15 Dec 2004 18D Ecol. watchdog Zach Jesse
20 Oct 2004 23A Fed. watchdog Elizabeth C. Gorski
11 Oct 2004 34A Factory-emissions testing grp. Jim Hyres
3 Oct 2004 99A Org. that does studies Randolph Ross
14 Sep 2004 69A Clean air grp. Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
12 Sep 2004 19A Green grp. Patrick Berry
22 Aug 2004 50D Org. concerned with PCB’s Cathy Millhauser
18 Aug 2004 36D Org. concerned with PCB’s Nancy Salomon and Levi Denham
28 Mar 2004 49A Grp. involved in a cleanup David J. Kahn
1 Mar 2004 5D Ecol. watchdog Gail Grabowski
25 Feb 2004 55D Rater of m.p.g. Nancy S. Ross
10 Feb 2004 25A Clean-air org. Seth A. Abel
28 Dec 2003 26A Superfund org. Seth A. Abel
25 Nov 2003 66D Air quality tester, for short Allan E. Parrish
27 Oct 2003 26A Pollution control org. Richard Miller
24 Oct 2003 11D Trash trackers: Abbr. Sherry O. Blackard
30 Sep 2003 14A Pollution watchdog: Abbr. Kevan Choset
11 Jul 2003 4D Org. launched by Nixon Patrick Berry
28 Jun 2003 18A Superfund administrator: Abbr. Robert H. Wolfe
19 May 2003 65A Pesticide-monitoring grp. Trip Payne
20 Apr 2003 70D Org. with a superfund Bill Zais
14 Apr 2003 16A Air-quality monitoring org. Janet R. Bender
31 Dec 2002 8D It rates m.p.g. Gene Newman
27 Nov 2002 67A Cabinet-level dept. Ron O’Hair
14 Nov 2002 62D UV index tracker Paula Gamache
30 Sep 2002 22D Fed. pollution monitor Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
4 Sep 2002 12D Clean Air Act enforcer: Abbr. Eric Berlin
10 Jul 2002 42D Org. that may be involved in a cleanup Richard Silvestri
19 Jun 2002 65D Raters of m.p.g. Janet R. Bender
16 Jun 2002 45D Smog-fighting grp. Manny Nosowsky
9 Jun 2002 104D Assessors of m.p.g. Randolph Ross
6 May 2002 21A Clean air org. Peter Gordon
4 Apr 2002 70A Emissions-regulating org. Trip Payne
24 Feb 2002 78A Waste watchers: Abbr. Manny Nosowsky
23 Jan 2002 52A Pollution control grp. Alan Arbesfeld
18 Nov 2001 6D Air monitor: Abbr. Jim Page
24 May 2001 58D Grp. monitoring emissions William I. Johnston
20 Apr 2001 24D Eco-friendly feds Chuck Deodene
18 Apr 2001 66D Clean air grp. A. J. Santora
8 Mar 2001 20A Org. that banned DDT Peter Gordon
21 Dec 2000 38D Smog-regulating grp. Manny Nosowsky
26 Nov 2000 106A Org. with an Office of Water Patrick Berry
19 Aug 2000 52A UV index monitor Charles E. Gersch
29 Jun 2000 57A Air tester: Abbr. Robert H. Wolfe
6 May 2000 18A Govt. agency since 1970 Rich Norris
23 Feb 2000 23A Mileage rating org. Fred Piscop
13 Feb 2000 116D Standards issuer, briefly Bill Zais
9 Feb 2000 65A Antipollution org. Charles E. Gersch
21 Nov 1999 5D Grp. with standards Patrick D. Berry
21 Aug 1999 57D Kind of rating Charles E. Gersch
18 Jul 1999 116D M.P.G. determiners Nancy Nicholson Joline
28 May 1999 37D Org. concerned with emissions Joe DiPietro
24 Apr 1999 38D Waste watchers: Abbr. Joe DiPietro
18 Apr 1999 160D Waste watchers: Abbr. Frank Longo
7 Apr 1999 24A Emissions control grp. Rich Norris
6 Feb 1999 61D Kind of rating Bob Klahn and Martin Ashwood-Smith
12 Jan 1999 24A Mileage testing grp. Nancy Salomon
10 Aug 1998 52A Ecol. watchdog Brendan Emmett Quigley
29 Jul 1998 52A Govt. watchdog Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Jun 1998 60D Pollution stds. setter Bill Ballard
19 May 1998 48D Smog-battling org. William S. Cotter
25 Apr 1998 22D Grp. that rates Jim Page
17 Mar 1998 48A Ecol. watchdog Nancy Salomon and Bob Klahn
19 Nov 1997 29D Govt. watchdog Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Sep 1997 39D Emissions tester: Abbr. Christopher Page
2 Jul 1997 57D Govt. watchdog group Richard Hughes
12 Jun 1997 25A Air quality tester: Abbr. Gilbert H. Ludwig
9 Mar 1997 136D Org. founded in 1970 June Boggs
4 Feb 1997 25A Grp. overseeing toxic cleanups G. R. Ferguson
8 Sep 1996 32D Auto indus. regulator R. H. Wolfe
26 Aug 1996 55A Clean air grp. G. E. Paul
18 Jul 1996 16A Car m.p.g. raters W. R. Williams
7 Jul 1996 91A Ecol. police R. H. Wolfe
30 Jun 1996 63A Auto industry regulator: Abbr. R. Norris
7 Jun 1996 61D Emissions watchdog: Abbr. M. Jones
22 Apr 1996 50A Car m.p.g. raters S. B. Whitten
17 Apr 1996 2D Govt. watchdog grp. F. Heaney
21 Mar 1996 42A Polluter-busting org. H. Estes
25 Feb 1996 52A Testing org. D. Niles
7 Feb 1996 50A Pollution control grp. Frank A. Longo
16 Jan 1996 39A Fed. air quality org. R. Hartman
10 Sep 1995 73D Car-emissions agcy. David J. Kahn
30 Jun 1995 56D Emissions watchdog: Abbr. Rich Norris
7 May 1995 108D Fuel efficiency rater: Abbr. Bob Klahn
18 Feb 1995 22A Ratings org. Stephanie Spadaccini
15 Feb 1995 50D Ecol. org. Harvey Estes
9 Nov 1994 30D Auto-testing grp. Wayne Robert Williams
15 Sep 1994 52A Antipollution grp. Fred Piscop
25 May 1994 44A Antipollution grp Fred Piscop
23 Apr 1994 44A Agcy. that monitors smoking hazards Manny Nosowsky
31 Mar 1994 38D Clean air org. Mark Diehl
28 Mar 1994 56D Fuel efficiency rater: Abbr. William P. Baxley
11 Mar 1994 22D Clean air agcy. A.J. Santora
1 Mar 1994 17D Wetlands watchdog D.J. Listort
13 Jan 1994 41A Abbr. in car ads Harvey Estes
30 Dec 1993 3D Clean water agcy. A.J. Santora

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