ESP is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ESP in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ESP" answer was first appeared in "3 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Parapsychology study". It was authored by Sidney L. Robbins. Recently, the "ESP" answer has been used for "6 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Helpful skill for guessers?". It was authored by Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Medium strength? (6)". "ESP" appeared 310 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ESP" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
6 Dec 2023 65D Helpful skill for guessers? Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight
9 Oct 2023 41A Clairvoyant’s gift, for short Zachary David Levy
5 Oct 2023 24A Paranormal aptitude, in brief Daniel Bodily
17 Sep 2023 4D In particular, in shorthand Jill Rafaloff and Michelle Sontarp
4 Sep 2023 21A Mind reader’s ability, for short Tom Pepper and Zhouqin Burnikel
10 Jul 2023 41A “I just knew it” feeling, in brief Brad Wiegmann
3 Jun 2023 55D Medium capacity? John Westwig
12 May 2023 40A Second sight, say Enrique Henestroza Anguiano
29 Apr 2023 26A Subj. in experimental psychology David Steinberg
14 Apr 2023 44A Medium talent Billy Bratton and Clay Haddock
13 Apr 2023 69D In particular: Abbr. Robin Yu
30 Mar 2023 23A Subj. of “The Silva Mind Control Method” Adam Wagner and Brooke Husic
19 Mar 2023 36D Particularly: Abbr. Robert Ryan
3 Mar 2023 19A Unproven skill, briefly Eric Warren
19 Feb 2023 62D Pseudoscientific ability, for short Rebecca Goldstein
14 Feb 2023 20A Second sight, for short Ella Dershowitz
24 Jan 2023 35D Mind reader’s ability, in brief Aaron M. Rosenberg and Jeff Chen
22 Jan 2023 113D “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” feeling Garrett Chalfin
29 Oct 2022 49D Predict-able gift? Daniel Okulitch
13 Oct 2022 52D Clairvoyant’s claim Lewis Rothlein
28 Sep 2022 65D Psychic’s claim Jeff Stillman
22 Sep 2022 55D It’s a “gift” Helen Chen
3 Sep 2022 9D Subj. of a Zener card experiment David Distenfeld
4 Aug 2022 39A Abbr. meaning “in particular” Ella Dershowitz
12 Jun 2022 44D Sixth of five? Will Nediger
4 Jun 2022 61D Medium strength? Scott Earl
22 Mar 2022 36D Mentalist’s power Adam Wagner
16 Jan 2022 112D Madrid’s country, in the Olympics Derrick Niederman
18 Oct 2021 39D Telepathic letters Freddie Cheng
10 Oct 2021 96D Olympics symbol for Madrid’s country Brandon Koppy
18 Sep 2021 30A What a ganzfeld experiment tests for Ryan McCarty
2 Sep 2021 61D Rafael Nadal’s home country, in the Olympics David W. Tuffs
3 May 2021 23D Telepath’s “gift” Ross Trudeau
14 Apr 2021 54D Medium power? Nathan Hasegawa
31 Mar 2021 4D Paranormal power, for short Trenton Charlson
7 Mar 2021 87D Alternative explanation for a lucky guess, in brief Celeste Watts and Jeff Chen
29 Jan 2021 4A Facetious response to “How’d you know that?” Robyn Weintraub
1 Jan 2021 65D Special gift, for short Milo Beckman
25 Nov 2020 33D Cousin of intuition John Guzzetta and Jeff Chen
4 Nov 2020 29D Medium strength? Jack Murtagh
3 Sep 2020 23A Parapsychology research subj. Sid Sivakumar
15 Jul 2020 29D Madrid’s country, in the Olympics: Abbr. Lee Higbie and Jeff Chen
25 Jun 2020 60D Gift that much thought is put into? Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
15 Mar 2020 123A Pseudoscientific subj. Nancy Stark and Will Nediger
1 Mar 2020 84A Ability that’s hard to explain Sam Trabucco
11 Jan 2020 23A Number six in a group of five Andrew J. Ries
10 Jan 2020 20A In particular: Abbr. Brendan Emmett Quigley
11 Nov 2019 48D Paranormal ability, for short Evan Kalish
25 Jul 2019 32D Possible response to “How did you know?” Erik Agard and Andy Kravis
22 Jul 2019 17A Psychic ability, in brief Lynn Lempel
11 Jul 2019 39D Subj. of some thought experiments Alex Eaton-Salners
21 Jun 2019 19A Rafael Nadal’s country, in the Olympics Robyn Weintraub
19 Jun 2019 64D “I know what you’re thinking” feeling Sam Trabucco
14 May 2019 58D Skill tested by Zener cards, for short Damon Gulczynski
21 Apr 2019 122A Unexplained ability Grant Thackray
12 Apr 2019 4D Rafael Nadal’s home, in Olympics shorthand Howard Barkin
8 Apr 2019 20D Mind-reading ability, for short Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen
3 Apr 2019 64D Topic in parapsychology, for short Ross Trudeau
16 Mar 2019 13D Inexplicable skill Andrew J. Ries
5 Mar 2019 40A Lengua de Mex. Joe Deeney
27 Jan 2019 114D Special gift Randolph Ross
12 Jan 2019 19A Sixth of five? Sam Trabucco
7 Jan 2019 70A “I know what you’re thinking” feeling, for short Andrew Kingsley
3 Jan 2019 23A Reading ability? Timothy Polin
1 Jan 2019 58D Hard-to-explain skill, for short Gary Cee
15 Dec 2018 24A Having someone’s thoughts in mind? Erik Agard
23 Nov 2018 19A Jocular response to “How did you know?!” Temple Brown
6 Nov 2018 65D Paranormal ability, for short Alan Southworth and Yacob Yonas
1 Nov 2018 1D Picking up things? Matt Ginsberg
23 Oct 2018 62D Subj. of a test that might involve identifying playing cards Kathy Wienberg
14 Aug 2018 13D Psychic’s purported ability, for short Andy Kravis and Erik Agard
28 May 2018 62A Medium strength? Alex Eaton-Salners
27 Feb 2018 62A Special intuition, for short Ross Trudeau
30 Jan 2018 67A Medium power? Emily Carroll
31 Dec 2017 85A If you have it, you might know what this answer is without reading the clue John Lampkin
24 Aug 2017 30D Mysterious gift? Neil Patrick Harris and David Steinberg
5 Aug 2017 62D Picking things up? David Phillips
6 Jul 2017 26A Madrid’s country, on Olympic scoreboards Erik Agard
11 May 2017 38A Eerie gift in “The Dead Zone,” for short Timothy Polin
19 Jan 2017 19A Ability of some of the heroes on NBC’s “Heroes” Jacob Stulberg
25 Dec 2016 118D It’s a “gift” Kevin G. Der
20 Nov 2016 81A Abbr. seen in some dictionary definitions Ed Sessa
31 Oct 2016 48A Psychic power, informally Peter A. Collins
18 Sep 2016 114D You thinking what I’m thinking? Jeremy Newton
14 Jun 2016 58D Clairvoyant letters Tracy Gray
12 Jun 2016 6D 12-Across’s skill Finn Vigeland
11 Jun 2016 46A Debatable ability Andrew Kingsley
27 Apr 2016 45A It’s a “gift” Jeff Stillman
22 Apr 2016 18A Thoughtful gift? Robyn Weintraub
26 Jan 2016 63D Mind reader’s skill, for short Sam Ezersky
29 Dec 2015 69A Mind-reading skill, for short Jeff Stillman
24 Dec 2015 10D Clairvoyant’s letters Derek Bowman
24 Nov 2015 21D Paranormal ability, for short Gary Cee
19 Nov 2015 21D Pickup artist’s skill, for short? Andrew Zhou
7 Nov 2015 60A It goes head to head, for short Barry C. Silk
15 Sep 2015 55A Telesthesia, for example Iain S. Padley
7 Aug 2015 9D “The Dead Zone” ability, for short Peter Wentz
17 Jul 2015 51D Subj. of the opening scene in “Ghostbusters” Paolo Pasco
14 Jul 2015 66A Subj. of Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone” Kevin Christian and Brad Wilber
23 Jun 2015 19A “I know what you’re thinking” ability Jules P. Markey
7 Jun 2015 53A Skill tested by Zener cards Samuel A. Donaldson
25 May 2015 58D Psychic power, for short Jennifer Nutt
7 Apr 2015 47A Parapsychologist’s study David J. Lieb
5 Apr 2015 30A Picking up strength, for short? Tom McCoy
3 Apr 2015 25A Gift that not everyone accepts Patrick Berry
8 Mar 2015 54A Particularly: Abbr. Tom McCoy
3 Mar 2015 13D Subj. of a thought experiment Kristian House
16 Feb 2015 13D Mind-reading skill, for short David J. Kahn
31 Jan 2015 59D Special feeling? Tim Croce
23 Aug 2014 30D Metal worker’s claim? Timothy Polin
28 Jul 2014 5D Psychic’s “gift,” briefly Tom McCoy
21 Jul 2014 59D Mind reading, for short Matt Fuchs
29 Jun 2014 7D Subj. of a thought experiment Byron Walden
29 Jan 2014 12D Psychic’s “gift,” for short Michael Black
16 Dec 2013 51D Mind reader’s inits. Greg Johnson
21 Nov 2013 72A Head-to-head contact, for short? Jules P. Markey
27 Sep 2013 9D Picking up skill? Peter A. Collins
4 Sep 2013 23A Telesthesia, e.g. Joel Fagliano
8 Aug 2013 33A Subj. of psychological experiments with inconclusive results Daniel A. Finan
26 Jun 2013 7D Skill at picking things up? David Steinberg (16) and Bernice Gordon (99)
15 Jun 2013 27A Special recognition? Ned White
10 Jun 2013 4D Mentalist’s skill, briefly Zhouqin Burnikel
9 Jun 2013 55A Parapsychological subj. Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Jun 2013 15D Medium ability, for short Elizabeth C. Gorski
13 May 2013 25D Mind reader’s ability, briefly Allan E. Parrish
22 Apr 2013 33A “I know what you’re thinking” ability, in brief Allan E. Parrish
25 Feb 2013 28D Clairvoyant’s skill, for short Angela Olson Halsted
11 Feb 2013 34D Paranormal power, for short Gary Cee
10 Feb 2013 40A Power in sci-fi Patrick Berry
18 Dec 2012 23A Meeting of the minds? Adam G. Perl
13 Dec 2012 6D Special sight? Sam Ezersky
10 Oct 2012 24A Supposed skill of some hotline operators Pete Muller
23 Aug 2012 51A Gift that’s hard to believe Mark Feldman
19 Jul 2012 62D Medium strength? Alan Arbesfeld
11 Jul 2012 32D Disputed ability Allan E. Parrish
12 Jun 2012 40D Frequently debunked ability Peter A. Collins
11 Jun 2012 38D Mind reading, for short Andrea Carla Michaels and Michael Blake
12 Apr 2012 23A Initial feeling? Michael Shteyman
29 Feb 2012 52D Subj. of a space-to-Earth experiment on Apollo 14 Kevan Choset
20 Feb 2012 67A Mind-reading skill, for short Samuel A. Donaldson
18 Jan 2012 65D Eerie gift Chris Handman
3 Jan 2012 58D “I know what you’re thinking” skill Allan E. Parrish
1 Jan 2012 75D Ability to identify Zener cards Patrick Berry
25 Dec 2011 99A Medium skill Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Dec 2011 70A Things may be picked up with this Patrick Merrell
27 Nov 2011 52D Particularly: Abbr. Jeff Chen
10 Nov 2011 30D Picking up things? Tim Croce
26 Oct 2011 5D Medium capacity? Milo Beckman
10 Jul 2011 31D Help in making a prediction, maybe Ben Pall and David Kahn
7 Jul 2011 45D Medium power? Caleb Rasmussen
3 Jun 2011 60D Picking up power? Jeffrey Wechsler
24 May 2011 20A Clairvoyance, briefly Michael Blake and Andrea Carla Michaels
21 Feb 2011 49A Paranormal letters Ed Sessa
29 Dec 2010 39D Gift in “The Gift” Patrick Merrell
23 Sep 2010 28D Medium strength? David J. Kahn
16 Sep 2010 61D Ability to pick things up Joey Weissbrot, Brown University ’11
16 Aug 2010 34D Telepath’s “gift,” in brief Andrea Carla Michaels and Jennifer Nutt
29 Apr 2010 27A It may actually be a hunch David J. W. Simpson
28 Apr 2010 59D “I know what you’re thinking” skill Andrea Carla Michaels and Peter L. Stein
20 Apr 2010 30A Intuition, maybe: Abbr. Paula Gamache
1 Apr 2010 56D To know one way Lee Glickstein
24 Jan 2010 39A Medium power? David Kwong and Kevan Choset
18 Jan 2010 13D Clairvoyant’s claim Adam Cohen
17 Jan 2010 87A “Ghost Whisperer” skill Cathy Allis
28 Dec 2009 16A Mind reader’s “gift” Patrick Merrell
9 Nov 2009 13D Meeting of the minds, for short? Lynn Lempel
18 Oct 2009 115D Medium strength? Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Mar 2009 1D Parapsychology subject, briefly Lynn Lempel
4 Feb 2009 39A Clairvoyant’s claim Paula Gamache
15 Dec 2008 23A It transcends sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch Susan Gelfand
18 Nov 2008 54A Clairvoyant’s gift, briefly Richard Chisholm
2 Jul 2008 58D Seer’s gift Daniel Kantor
15 Jun 2008 31A Meeting of the minds? Jeremy Newton
14 May 2008 46A Eerie ability Doug Peterson
21 Apr 2008 45A Seer’s gift, briefly Janet R. Bender
20 Feb 2008 39A Medium’s claim Chuck Hamilton
24 Dec 2007 47A “I know what you’re thinking” claim Mark Sherwood
16 Dec 2007 92A Kreskin claim David J. Kahn and Steve Kahn
7 Nov 2007 33D Eerie ability Richard Chisholm
11 Oct 2007 57A Particularly: Abbr. E. J. Platt
27 Aug 2007 46D Telepathy, e.g. Steven Ginzburg
30 Jul 2007 33D Paranormal ability Elizabeth A. Long
3 Jul 2007 23D “I know what you’re thinking” ability Norma Johnson
25 Mar 2007 37A Eerie ability Fred Piscop
12 Dec 2006 27A Psychic’s field, in brief Stephen Manion and Victor Fleming
6 Dec 2006 66A Unexplained phenomenon Levi Denham
14 Oct 2006 55D Power tested with Zener cards Byron Walden
2 Sep 2006 9D Abbr. in many dictionary definitions Mel Rosen
4 Jul 2006 65D Clairvoyance, e.g. Ed Early
23 May 2006 29D Mind reading, for short Alan Arbesfeld
26 Feb 2006 111D Medium ability? Randolph Ross
26 Dec 2005 67A Mind-reading ability, for short Allan E. Parrish
17 Dec 2005 6D Medium power Patrick Berry
7 Dec 2005 25A Eerie ability Manny Nosowsky
18 Nov 2005 9D Special gift Manny Nosowsky
17 Nov 2005 19D “Reading” ability Brendan Emmett Quigley
8 Nov 2005 46A Telepathic letters Gail Grabowski and Nancy Salomon
12 Oct 2005 29D Empath’s skill Paul Guttormsson
25 Jul 2005 4D Psychic ability, for short Lynn Lempel
7 Jul 2005 51A One way to pick things up, for short David Quarfoot
13 Feb 2005 5D Mysterious gift Daniel C. Bryant
29 Dec 2004 10D Mind-reading skill, for short Jay Giess
26 Dec 2004 49A Dubious “gift” Hal Turner
14 Sep 2004 72A Letters for a psychic Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
3 Jul 2004 42A Special ability Eric Berlin
10 May 2004 12D Psychic’s claim Joy M. Andrews
8 Apr 2004 1D Uncanny ability Elizabeth C. Gorski
22 Feb 2004 36D A gift, for short Nancy Nicholson Joline
13 Feb 2004 45A Super power Manny Nosowsky
6 Dec 2003 36D Questionable gift Craig Kasper
11 Nov 2003 65D John Edward’s supposed ability M. Francis Vuolo
15 Oct 2003 62A Medium talent? John Greenman
27 Sep 2003 51A “Gift” to be skeptical of Craig Kasper
7 Sep 2003 95A Psi category Alan Arbesfeld
17 Jul 2003 37A Uncommon insight Robert H. Wolfe
10 Jul 2003 33A Skill at picking up things? Michael Shteyman
15 Jun 2003 36A Subject of a psych. experiment Cathy Millhauser
4 May 2003 13A Skeptic’s target, for short Tyler Hinman
4 Mar 2003 30A Mentalist’s claim Alan Arbesfeld
26 Feb 2003 61D Unproven ability Greg Staples
18 Nov 2002 21A Sixth sense Nancy Salomon and Gail Grabowski
28 Aug 2002 50A Nonverbal communication, for short Mel Taub
25 Aug 2002 108D Mind-reading, for short Randolph Ross
17 Mar 2002 79A Uncommon sense David J. Kahn
24 Feb 2002 15D Psychic’s forte Manny Nosowsky
21 Nov 2001 21D Like-thinking, for short M. Francis Vuolo
4 Oct 2001 30D More than a feeling David J. Kahn
21 Sep 2001 30A Thought waves Brendan Emmett Quigley
10 Sep 2001 48A Mind reader’s specialty, for short Nancy Salomon and Karen Riekert
9 Aug 2001 61A Talent that defies sci. Patrick Berry
15 Jul 2001 45A More than intuition Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Jun 2001 103A Society for Psychical Research subj. Randolph Ross
2 Jun 2001 21A Special insight Jim Page
30 May 2001 27A Clairvoyant’s gift Joe DiPietro
21 Apr 2001 57D Psych. research topic David J. Kahn
6 Apr 2001 38D Producer of a mental image, maybe David J. Kahn
24 Dec 2000 18D Clairvoyance, e.g. Bill Zais
21 Dec 2000 50A Subj. for skeptics Manny Nosowsky
30 Nov 2000 63D Psychic’s power Manny Nosowsky
28 Aug 2000 24D Debatable “skill” Richard Hughes
29 Jul 2000 9D Head-to-head phenomenon? Rich Norris
4 Jul 2000 20A Psychic’s claim Tyler Hinman
25 Apr 2000 23A Paranormal letters Randall J. Hartman
4 Apr 2000 1A Sixth sense D. J. DeChristopher
29 Mar 2000 5A Clairvoyant’s claim Peter Gordon
12 Feb 2000 57D A way to know Dave Tuller
7 Feb 2000 51A Disputed skill, for short Gregory E. Paul
29 Dec 1999 62D Uncommon sense Robert O. Dillman
7 Nov 1999 13D Second sight Brendan Emmett Quigley
17 Aug 1999 64D One means of knowing Stephanie Spadaccini
16 Aug 1999 65D Sixth sense M. Francis Vuolo
5 Jul 1999 61D Second sight, for short Gregory E. Paul
1 Jul 1999 56A Subj. of parapsychology Alan Arbesfeld
10 Jun 1999 70A Unproven ability Adam G. Perl
8 Jun 1999 6A Means of secret knowledge? Fred Piscop
20 May 1999 66A Disputed psych. phenomenon Zack Butler
19 Apr 1999 20A Psychic power Gregory E. Paul
5 Apr 1999 61D Thought waves, for short Gregory E. Paul
20 Mar 1999 46A Subject of psych. experiments Chuck Deodene
29 Apr 1998 7D Debatable power, for short Gayle Dean
8 Feb 1998 43A How some people seem to know Manny Nosowsky
21 Jan 1998 13D Particularly: Abbr. Elizabeth C. Gorski
28 Dec 1997 130D Unproven facility Matt Gaffney
21 Dec 1997 49D Strange “gift” Frances Hansen
3 Dec 1997 45D Particularly: Abbr. Elizabeth C. Gorski
13 Jul 1997 9D Subject of a psych. experiment Fred Piscop
6 Jul 1997 31A Unexplained skill Robert H. Wolfe
18 Jun 1997 32A Sixth sense Stanley B. Whitten
26 May 1997 5D One of Kreskin’s claims Eileen Lexau
14 May 1997 4D Paranormal ability Norman S. Wizer
27 Jan 1997 56D Sixth sense, for short F. Piscop
22 Jan 1997 64A Telesthesia J. Schmalzbach
15 Jan 1997 39A Surprising “gift” C. Currier
2 Jan 1997 12D Psychic’s claim M. Gaffney
28 Dec 1996 39A Walken’s gift in “The Dead Zone” N. Joline
17 Nov 1996 61A Skill tested with Zener cards N. N. Joline
10 Sep 1996 20A Uncommon sense G. E. Paul
20 Aug 1996 40D Sixth sense S. Spadaccini
2 Jun 1996 104A Subject of psych. research R. Norris
28 May 1996 1A Sixth sense J. R. Bender
29 Feb 1996 54A Parapsychologist’s study P. Gordon
4 Feb 1996 43D Psychic’s field D. J. Kahn
23 Jan 1996 33A Mind-reading B. Lubbers
9 Jan 1996 40A Remote viewing B. Gordon
3 Jan 1996 58D Psychic power W. R. Williams
3 Dec 1995 8D Telepathist’s gift Martin Schneider
29 Nov 1995 22A How a medium gets the message? Nancy S. Ross
17 Nov 1995 5D Telemessaging Fran & Lou Sabin
15 Oct 1995 13D Clairvoyant’s claim Mel Rosen
2 Oct 1995 3D Telepathy Joy L. Wouk
15 Sep 1995 55A Mysterious “gift” Matt Gaffney
12 Jul 1995 56D Thought waves Robert Malinow
11 Jun 1995 111D Wordless communication Coral Amende
12 Apr 1995 62D Sixth sense, for short Rich Norris
27 Mar 1995 30A Parapsychology skill Gregory E. Paul
11 Mar 1995 37D Subj. of psychological study Nancy Joline
21 Feb 1995 30A Clairvoyance Martin Schneider
18 Nov 1994 62D Dubious “gift” Timothy S. Lewis
14 Sep 1994 44A Silent communication Harvey Estes
28 Jul 1994 10D It’s psychic Bryant White
12 Jun 1994 107D Geller’s forte, for short Frances Hansen
21 May 1994 53D Answer to “How did you know?” Charles E. Gersch
1 May 1994 40D Clairvoyant’s skill Peter Gordon
26 Mar 1994 11D Paranormal ability Randolph Ross
19 Feb 1994 6D Telesthesia Charles E. Gersch
14 Feb 1994 57A Sixth sense Nancy Joline
2 Feb 1994 46D Empath’s skill Robert Katz
19 Jan 1994 52A Uncommon sense Stanley Newman
13 Jan 1994 67A Catching of thoughtwaves Harvey Estes
3 Jan 1994 17D Parapsychology study Sidney L. Robbins

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