ETA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ETA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ETA" answer was first appeared in "7 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "It’s after zeta". It was authored by Eric Albert. Recently, the "ETA" answer has been used for "15 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Fraternity letter (16)". It was authored by Gary Larson. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hints: "H (16)", "Second letter after epsilon (11)", "Greek vowel (13)", "Fraternity letter (16)", "J.F.K. posting (7)", "Greek H (12)", "Pilot’s announcement, for short (7)", "Sorority letter (9)", "Greek “H” (12)". "ETA" appeared 500 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ETA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
15 Nov 2023 33D Fraternity letter Gary Larson
14 Nov 2023 58D GPS prediction Matthew Linzer
5 Nov 2023 113D Flight spec Rich Katz
20 Sep 2023 45D Announcement from the cockpit, for short Gina Turner
4 Sep 2023 41A “when u getting here?” Tom Pepper and Zhouqin Burnikel
4 Aug 2023 52A Info in a visitor’s text, maybe Brandon Koppy
17 Jul 2023 65A H or η, in the Greek alphabet Alexander Liebeskind
16 Jul 2023 86D Greek vowel Michael Schlossberg
2 Jul 2023 108A Greek vowel Rebecca Goldstein and Rafael Musa
1 Jul 2023 8D GPS guess Ben Tolkin
26 Jun 2023 24D GPS prediction based on distance and driving speed Taylor Johnson and Christina Iverson
15 May 2023 39A Second letter after epsilon Tomas Spiers
5 May 2023 13D Traveler’s approx. Jacob McDermott
2 May 2023 33A Greek “H” Aimee Lucido
16 Apr 2023 117D Itinerary initials Mike Hobin
2 Apr 2023 116D η Jeremy Newton and Tracy Gray
21 Mar 2023 2D Announcement from a flight attendant, for short Michael Lieberman
2 Mar 2023 50A “about when will u b here?” Malaika Handa
23 Jan 2023 7D Prediction of a flight tracker app, for short Adrian Johnson
14 Dec 2022 29A Projection from the fashionably late Matthew Stock
23 Nov 2022 6D In-flight announcement, for short Erica Hsiung Wojcik and Matthew Stock
23 Oct 2022 83A Initialism aptly found in “timetable” Daniel Bodily and Jeff Chen
10 Oct 2022 9D Letter after zeta Byron Walden
9 Oct 2022 89A “When r u coming?” Jessie Trudeau and Ross Trudeau
23 Sep 2022 53D “When are you getting here?” Erik Agard
23 Aug 2022 42D H, to Homer Trey Mendez
5 Jun 2022 91A H Christina Iverson and Katie Hale
22 May 2022 63D Second letter after epsilon David and Karen and Paul Steinberg
3 May 2022 42D Greek vowel Julian Lim
15 Feb 2022 54A Traveler’s approx. Claire Rimkus
16 Jan 2022 46D Greek letter that might follow “z” Derrick Niederman
11 Dec 2021 9D H Hal Moore
4 Dec 2021 44D Follower of an “I’m late” text, in brief Nam Jin Yoon
2 Dec 2021 63D GPS approximation Rebecca Goldstein
22 Nov 2021 49A When a plane is due in, in brief Stella Zawistowski
27 Oct 2021 5D Greek “H” Johanna Fenimore
15 Oct 2021 42A Travel guess, for short Ashton Anderson
12 Oct 2021 42A Info for an airport limo driver Conor Sefkow
27 Sep 2021 28D I ___ Pi (punny fraternity name) Zachary David Levy
26 Sep 2021 90D Letter that rhymes with three other letters Priyanka Sethy and Matthew Stock
23 Sep 2021 23D Flight tracker info Simeon Seigel
10 Sep 2021 36A LAX approximation Adrian Kabigting
31 Aug 2021 43A When a plane is due in, in brief Eric Bornstein
24 Aug 2021 46A Info texted to an airport pickup driver Jessie Bullock and Ross Trudeau
11 Aug 2021 36D Letter before theta Joe DiPietro
11 Jul 2021 30A η Ashish Vengsarkar
4 May 2021 56D Pilot’s announcement, for short Nina Sloan
2 May 2021 58D Datum for a chauffeur, for short Dan Schoenholz
4 Apr 2021 78A GPS approximation Angela Olson Halsted and Doug Peterson
21 Mar 2021 77A Grand Central info Julian Kwan
26 Feb 2021 59D Pilot’s info, for short Chuck Deodene
16 Feb 2021 28D Airplane capt.’s announcement Johanna Fenimore
10 Feb 2021 40D Helpful info for a curbside pickup, briefly Kate Hawkins
31 Jan 2021 118D Concern for one catching a connection, briefly Jim Hilger
17 Jan 2021 32A GPS guess Tracy Gray and Tom Pepper
28 Dec 2020 30A Approx. when to get to the airport for a pickup Alan Massengill and Andrea Carla Michaels
21 Dec 2020 21A Second letter after epsilon Sarah Keller and Derek Bowman
12 Dec 2020 53A Symbol for elasticity, in economics Sid Sivakumar and Brooke Husic
10 Dec 2020 19A Traveling figure, briefly Jack Murtagh
30 Nov 2020 69A Greek “H” Emma Craven-Matthews
22 Nov 2020 31A H Alex Eaton-Salners
13 Nov 2020 19A Letter after 53-Across Sawyer Tabony and Ashton Anderson
10 Nov 2020 12D Boarding pass info Robert Fisher
21 Sep 2020 27D Info on an airport monitor, for short Daniel Larsen and The Wave Learning Festival Crossword Class
15 Sep 2020 45A It may be affected by traffic, in brief Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
11 Sep 2020 47A Seventh of 24 Caitlin Reid and Erik Agard
1 Sep 2020 55D Late guest’s guess, for short David Steinberg
28 Aug 2020 4D Subject of a station update, for short Kate Hawkins
2 Aug 2020 3D “What’s your ___?” (question to a guest en route) David Levinson Wilk
30 Jul 2020 31D Ticket abbr. that’s found inside “ticket abbr.” Joel Fagliano
21 Jul 2020 34D Pilot’s announcement, in brief Zhouqin Burnikel
25 Jun 2020 2D Efficiency symbol, in physics Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
14 Jun 2020 15D In-flight info, for short Randolph Ross
4 Jun 2020 31A RR station info Barbara Lin
20 May 2020 49D Capt.’s announcement Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
12 May 2020 41A Info for an Uber or Lyft customer, for short Tom Pepper and Zhouqin Burnikel
16 Apr 2020 29D Seventh of 24 Alan Arbesfeld
11 Apr 2020 32A Two before 48-Down Erik Agard and Wyna Liu
13 Mar 2020 2D H Alex Eaton-Salners
16 Feb 2020 25D Letter in the classical spelling of “Athena” Sam Ezersky
13 Feb 2020 53A Traveler’s text message, maybe Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
11 Feb 2020 28A Homer’s H Neil Padrick Wilson and Jeff Chen
6 Feb 2020 31D Down-to-earth fig. Jake Halperin
23 Jan 2020 7A Info for a car service pickup, in brief Barbara Lin
22 Jan 2020 12D Third Greek vowel Alex Eaton-Salners
16 Jan 2020 50A Flight schedule abbr. Erik Agard and Jeff Chen
12 Jan 2020 64D Symbol for viscosity, in chemistry Evan Mahnken and David Steinberg
21 Dec 2019 3D Texter’s “When are you coming?” Julian Lim
28 Nov 2019 26A GPS calculation, for short Timothy Polin
20 Nov 2019 61D Athenian vowel Erik Agard
14 Nov 2019 18D LAX listing Alex Eaton-Salners
4 Nov 2019 60D When to expect someone, for short Trent H. Evans
3 Nov 2019 104A Terminal guesstimate, for short Kristian House
27 Oct 2019 79A H, to Hellenes Michael Paleos
20 Oct 2019 103D Subj. of a “Delayed” sign Natan Last
8 Oct 2019 19A Info on an airline website, for short Ross Trudeau
17 Sep 2019 64A H Paul Coulter
27 Aug 2019 8D Subj. of a traveler’s text, maybe Daniel Raymon
9 Aug 2019 6D Subj. of a “Delayed” sign John Guzzetta
4 Aug 2019 104D Texted question to someone who hasn’t shown up yet Will Nediger
30 Jul 2019 59D Second letter after epsilon Christina Iverson
20 Mar 2019 33D H, as in Athens Erik Agard, Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
12 Mar 2019 31D H Jules Markey
26 Feb 2019 36A Flight board posting, for short Alex Vratsanos
28 Jan 2019 19A Second letter after epsilon Thomas van Geel
27 Jan 2019 107A Capt.’s guess Randolph Ross
24 Dec 2018 29D Info on an airline website Brendan Emmett Quigley
2 Dec 2018 32D Announcement over a plane’s P.A. Paul Coulter
27 Nov 2018 42A Sixth letter after alpha Erik Agard
26 Nov 2018 24D When you’ll likely reach your destination, for short Evan Kalish
31 Oct 2018 48D When one is expected, for short Bruce Haight
23 Oct 2018 6D GPS display Kathy Wienberg
12 Sep 2018 65D J.F.K. stat Jeffrey Wechsler
21 Aug 2018 38D Opposite of 37-Down John Lieb and Andrea Yañes
20 Aug 2018 41A Greek “H” Peter Gordon
21 Jun 2018 50A A traffic jam may change it, for short Milo Beckman and David Steinberg
17 May 2018 36A ORD listing David J. Kahn
10 May 2018 5D Gate info Caitlin Reid
29 Apr 2018 118D Second letter before 115-Down Peter Wentz
4 Apr 2018 19A Airport info, for short Weird Al Yankovic and Eric Berlin
2 Apr 2018 57A Airport guess, for short Jason Mueller
25 Mar 2018 111D Info for a chauffeur, perhaps Finn Vigeland
13 Feb 2018 52A When to expect someone, for short Bruce Haight
7 Feb 2018 36A H, on a fraternity house Stu Ockman
27 Jan 2018 44A Hellenic character Mark Diehl
24 Oct 2017 23A Info for a driver at an airport Damon Gulczynski
22 Oct 2017 124A J.F.K. posting Tracy Gray
18 Oct 2017 20A Info that might be given with a gate change John Lithgow and Brendan Emmett Quigley
1 Sep 2017 50D GPS guess Patrick Berry
14 Jul 2017 38A Greek vowel Patrick Berry
6 Jul 2017 56D Second letter before iota Erik Agard
28 Jun 2017 36D Fig. in a pilot’s announcement David Kwong
2 Jun 2017 15A Control tower projection, for short John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
21 May 2017 9D LAX listing Randolph Ross
11 May 2017 42A Seventh of 24 Timothy Polin
9 May 2017 40D Letter between zeta and theta Peter A. Collins
24 Apr 2017 7D Airline app datum, for short Gary Cee
8 Apr 2017 8D Adding a “z” to its front forms its preceder Jeff Chen
25 Mar 2017 45D Supposed end of a flight, for short Sam Ezersky and David Steinberg
20 Feb 2017 43A Airport pickup driver’s info Ed Stein and Paula Gamache
19 Feb 2017 91A Fraternity letter Bruce Haight
2 Jan 2017 64D When a plane is due in, for short Chuck Deodene
23 Dec 2016 16A It resembles an “n” when lowercase Robyn Weintraub
3 Dec 2016 45A You may give it when you are running late for a meeting, informally Jason Flinn
27 Nov 2016 67A Letter at the end of three other letters Matt Ginsberg
6 Oct 2016 63A Ticket info Timothy Polin
29 Sep 2016 31A Uber calculation, briefly Jonathan M. Kaye
4 Sep 2016 78A Airport posting, for short Tom McCoy
30 Jul 2016 52D Itinerary abbr. Lily Silverstein
21 Jul 2016 8A ___ Kappa Nu, engineering honor society Jason Flinn
13 Jul 2016 22D GPS calculation Tom McCoy
13 May 2016 54D H David Phillips and David Steinberg
26 Apr 2016 49D Hellenic “H” Finn Vigeland
20 Apr 2016 30A Moment to come, briefly Tom McCoy
10 Feb 2016 2D H, on a fraternity house John Guzzetta
26 Jan 2016 32D Sched. figure Sam Ezersky
13 Jan 2016 60A Expected hr. at the airport Jeremy Newton
12 Jan 2016 8D Gate info Zhouqin Burnikel
11 Jan 2016 26A Amtrak guess, for short Howard Barkin
16 Nov 2015 5A When a flight is due in, for short Jim Holland
12 Nov 2015 63A Subj. of a “Delayed” sign David Kwong
1 Nov 2015 5D Delta calculation, briefly Zhouqin Burnikel
25 Oct 2015 55A Info for an airport run Bill Zais
12 Oct 2015 52A Due-in info Patrick Merrell
4 Oct 2015 91D Part of a flight plan, for short Jeremy Newton
30 Sep 2015 66A Greek H Freddie Cheng
27 Sep 2015 98A GPS calculation Tom McCoy
16 Sep 2015 22A Letter that rhymes with 34-Across and 21-Down Joel Fagliano and Finn Vigeland
13 Sep 2015 7D Greek vowel Joe DiPietro
29 Jul 2015 51A Flight info, briefly David J. Lieb
20 Jul 2015 9D Second letter after epsilon John Westwig
17 May 2015 67A J.F.K. posting Joe Krozel
30 Apr 2015 31D Landing info, briefly Herre Schouwerwou
26 Apr 2015 46A H of antiquity Patrick Berry
14 Apr 2015 8D Greek H Bruce Haight
12 Apr 2015 34A Letter that rhymes with three other letters Jeff Chen
29 Jan 2015 24D Chapter seven? John Farmer
18 Jan 2015 98A Info for a limo driver Joe Krozel
14 Jan 2015 63D H, as in “Hellenic” Caleb Emmons
3 Jan 2015 40A Info for air traffic control Sam Ezersky
25 Dec 2014 18D Info for an airport greeter Xan Vongsathorn
2 Dec 2014 41D H as in Heracles Timothy Polin
27 Oct 2014 4D Pilot’s in-flight announcement, for short Stanley Newman
26 Oct 2014 63D What fog might delay, for short Caleb Emmons
27 Jul 2014 76A Capt.’s prediction Randolph Ross
3 Jul 2014 46A Info for an airport car service, briefly Luke Vaughn
1 Jun 2014 24D Letter between two others that rhyme with it Tom McCoy
26 May 2014 28A Pilot’s announcement, briefly Dan Margolis
17 May 2014 10D Air ticket info Brad Wilber
30 Apr 2014 13A Gate posting, for short Zhouqin Burnikel
24 Apr 2014 61D Docking info Stanley Newman
16 Apr 2014 31D Amtrak listing, for short Michael Dewey
30 Mar 2014 38D Info for an airport greeter, for short Peter A. Collins
14 Mar 2014 44A Campus letter Alan Olschwang
22 Feb 2014 5D Projection in the air, for short Evan Birnholz
11 Feb 2014 29A Pilot’s announcement, for short Matthew E. Paronto and Jeff Chen
19 Jan 2014 26A Fraternity letter Dan Schoenholz
13 Jan 2014 4D When a plane is due in, for short Lynn Lempel
24 Dec 2013 67A Flight board posting, for short David J. Kahn
2 Sep 2013 6D When a plane is due, for short Jim Peredo
11 Aug 2013 75D Determinant of when to do an airport run, for short Dan Schoenholz
10 Aug 2013 51D It’s H-shaped Chris A. McGlothlin
28 Jul 2013 77A Seventh letter Andrew Reynolds
4 Jul 2013 5D Letter that’s an anagram of 16-Across Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
1 Jul 2013 5D Announcement over a plane’s P.A. Patrick McIntyre
13 Jun 2013 70A Fraternity character David Steinberg
24 May 2013 42D Fraternity letter Joe Krozel
17 May 2013 6D Attic character Josh Knapp
30 Mar 2013 56A Symbol of elasticity, in economics Gareth Bain
24 Mar 2013 56D Greek vowel Dan Schoenholz
13 Feb 2013 19A LAX monitor info Richard and Judith Martin
9 Feb 2013 48D Listing that can change based on the weather, for short Peter Wentz
18 Jan 2013 57D Touchdown stat Tim Croce
26 Nov 2012 39D Greek vowel Ed Sessa
21 Nov 2012 17A Fraternity letter David J. Kahn
14 Nov 2012 11A What a clock checker might want to know, in brief Joe DiPietro
25 Oct 2012 22A It might be announced over a P.A. Caleb Rasmussen
9 Sep 2012 114D Letter that’s an anagram of 111-Down Kevin G. Der
1 Jul 2012 84D Seventh chapter Dan Schoenholz
7 Jun 2012 22A Touchdown stat Joe Krozel
1 Apr 2012 32A When to get in, briefly Patrick Merrell
28 Jan 2012 29A Touchdown letters Barry C. Silk
25 Dec 2011 162A Capt.’s guess Elizabeth C. Gorski
7 Dec 2011 3D Capt.’s guess Julian Lim
7 Nov 2011 56D Pilot’s approximation, for short David Steinberg
3 Oct 2011 16A When a plane is due in, for short Stanley Newman
27 Sep 2011 54A Letter from Homer? Peter A. Collins
21 Sep 2011 64D H Peter A. Collins
6 Sep 2011 57A Greek H Susan Gelfand
4 Jul 2011 54D Airport posting: Abbr. Paul Johnson
24 May 2011 55A Second letter after epsilon Michael Blake and Andrea Carla Michaels
10 Apr 2011 110D H Paula Gamache
16 Mar 2011 37A Subj. of a pilot’s announcement Alan Arbesfeld
5 Mar 2011 50D Touchdown stat Randolph Ross
8 Feb 2011 48D Pilot’s datum: Abbr. Robert W. Harris
1 Feb 2011 49A Second letter after epsilon Ron and Nancy Byron
16 Jan 2011 59D H as in Hera Joon Pahk
28 Nov 2010 69D Gate projection, for short Jeremy Newton
5 Sep 2010 46D Z follower Will Nediger
4 Sep 2010 22D Hellenic character Mark Diehl
24 Mar 2010 32D Info from the cockpit, for short Peter A. Collins
1 Mar 2010 14A When a plane is due in, for short Brendan Emmett Quigley
18 Jan 2010 23A When a plane or train is due, for short Adam Cohen
10 Jan 2010 54A ___ particle (electrically neutral meson) Mel Rosen
6 Jan 2010 41D Sorority letter Julian Lim
26 Nov 2009 2D Letter after Z Paula Gamache
28 Oct 2009 61D Theta preceder Mike Torch
27 Oct 2009 16A Gate guess: Abbr. Chuck Deodene
9 Oct 2009 45D Touchdown info David Quarfoot
4 Aug 2009 4D Pilot’s announcement, for short Alan Arbesfeld
2 Aug 2009 110D J.F.K. board info Patrick Berry
3 Jul 2009 57D Flight projection, briefly Kevin G. Der
15 Jun 2009 40A Flight info John Dunn
5 May 2009 28A Announcement from a cockpit, for short Trip Payne
26 Apr 2009 113A Seventh-brightest star in a constellation Trip Payne
15 Apr 2009 66A Seventh in a series of 24 Michael Vuolo
9 Mar 2009 22D Seventh Greek letter Betty Keller
3 Feb 2009 12D Second letter after epsilon Katie Yeager
19 Jan 2009 48A Pilot’s announcement, for short Tracey Snyder
16 Dec 2008 41D Plane’s landing stat Gail Grabowski
11 Dec 2008 40D H Jim Hilger
16 Nov 2008 75D US Airways datum: Abbr. Merl Reagle
6 Nov 2008 44D H Jeremy Newton
23 Sep 2008 13D When a flight is due in: Abbr. Richard Chisholm
19 Sep 2008 48A LAX datum Alex Boisvert
12 Jun 2008 3D Cockpit guess, for short Alex Boisvert
14 May 2008 25A H Doug Peterson
7 Apr 2008 67D When a plane is due in: Abbr. Randall J. Hartman
3 Apr 2008 40D ___ Kappa Nu (honor society) Kevin G. Der
26 Mar 2008 41D LAX posting Michael Langwald
27 Jan 2008 37D Seventh-brightest star in a constellation Mike Nothnagel
24 Jan 2008 21A Announcement to passengers, for short Matt Ginsberg
18 Jan 2008 5D ___ Carinae (hypergiant star) Trip Payne
6 Jan 2008 59A H look-alike Lynn Lempel
3 Jan 2008 27D Fraternity chapter Henry Hook
25 Dec 2007 52A Third after delta Nancy Salomon
19 Dec 2007 28D J.F.K. guess Victor Fleming
15 Dec 2007 23A Itinerary abbr. Rich Norris
14 Nov 2007 16A When to get to the airport to pick someone up: Abbr. Jim Page
4 Oct 2007 34D ___ Pi (dessert lover’s fraternity?) Sheldon Benardo
23 Sep 2007 91A Flight attendant’s announcement, for short David Levinson Wilk
15 Aug 2007 39A Flight info, for short Ray Fontenot
15 Jul 2007 120A H, to Hellenes Patrick Berry
13 Jul 2007 6D Viscosity symbol, in physics Manny Nosowsky
26 Jun 2007 40A Greek H Ray Fontenot
7 Apr 2007 10D Station info: Abbr. Michael Shteyman
31 Mar 2007 60D Fraternity letter John Duschatko
26 Mar 2007 60D When the pilot is due in, for short Eric Fischer
14 Mar 2007 44D Captain’s announcement, for short Peter A. Collins
6 Mar 2007 35A Announcement at Penn Sta. Paula Gamache
24 Feb 2007 49A Lesser star designation in a constellation Byron Walden
31 Oct 2006 35D Pilot’s prediction: Abbr. Patrick Blindauer
28 Oct 2006 52A Touchdown info David Quarfoot
15 Oct 2006 94A Info at SFO Norma Johnson & Nancy Salomon
26 Jul 2006 20A LAX stat. Dave Mackey
5 Jul 2006 13D I ___ Pi (playful fraternity name) Nancy Salomon
19 Jun 2006 26D Greek “H” Raymond Hamel
18 May 2006 31D Fraternity letter Peter A. Collins
16 May 2006 60D Capt.’s prediction Nancy Salomon
18 Apr 2006 50A Greek H Pete Muller
17 Apr 2006 33A When a plane is due in: Abbr. Larry Paul
4 Apr 2006 42A Terminal info: Abbr. Robert Dillman
29 Mar 2006 23A J.F.K. posting Frances Hansen (1919-2004)
26 Mar 2006 46D H, in Hellas Patrick Berry
1 Mar 2006 23A Letter from Greece Richard Silvestri
6 Feb 2006 24A H, in Greece Sheldon Benardo
1 Feb 2006 12D In-flight info: Abbr. Elizabeth C. Gorski
15 Jan 2006 109D Greek vowel Richard Silvestri
12 Jan 2006 23A J.F.K. info Kyle Mahowald
23 Dec 2005 54A H Manny Nosowsky
5 Dec 2005 37A Airport flight info: Abbr. Gary Steinmehl
23 Nov 2005 47D Zeta follower Levi Denham
5 Oct 2005 41A H, to Homer Nancy Salomon
25 Sep 2005 88A Hellenic vowel Matt Skoczen
12 Sep 2005 21D Flight board abbr. Michael Shteyman
20 Aug 2005 34A Airline Web site stat. Patrick Berry
3 Aug 2005 60D Airport inits. David Liben-Nowell and Ryan O’Donnell
17 Jul 2005 13D Traveler’s request: Abbr. David J. Kahn
2 May 2005 60A Second letter before iota Tyler Hinman
31 Mar 2005 23A Athenian vowel David Liben-Nowell
24 Mar 2005 22D J.F.K. posting Dan Reichert
20 Mar 2005 117D Seventh letter Patrick Berry
7 Mar 2005 9D Third letter after delta Christina Houlihan Kelly
25 Jan 2005 27D J.F.K. posting, for short Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
28 Nov 2004 45A Fraternity letter Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Nov 2004 39D LAX posting, for short Adam Cohen
15 Nov 2004 54A Second letter after epsilon Alison Donald
4 Oct 2004 3D When a plane should get in: Abbr. Seth A. Abel
6 Sep 2004 59D Greek letter Michael Shteyman
12 Aug 2004 5D Seventh in a series David J. Kahn
27 Jul 2004 30D LAX abbr. Len Elliott
25 Jul 2004 126A Sorority letter Brendan Emmett Quigley
20 Jul 2004 21D Airport info: Abbr. Nancy Kavanaugh
13 Feb 2004 26A Fraternity chapter Manny Nosowsky
8 Feb 2004 36A Announcement at Penn Sta. Randolph Ross
7 Jan 2004 43A Zeta follower Mike Torch
2 Jan 2004 7D Announcement over the P.A. Sherry O. Blackard
19 Nov 2003 33D Theta’s preceder Richard Silvestri
29 Oct 2003 57D Pilot’s info, briefly Manny Nosowsky
18 Aug 2003 34A When a plane is due in: Abbr. Ed Early
14 Jul 2003 27A In-flight info Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Jun 2003 65D Airport posting: Abbr. Norma Johnson
18 May 2003 78D Letter from abroad Nancy Nicholson Joline
4 May 2003 116D H Tyler Hinman
27 Apr 2003 118D Posting at O’Hare: Abbr. Jon Delfin
22 Apr 2003 61A J.F.K. posting Nancy Kavanaugh
18 Apr 2003 25A Passengers’ datum, briefly Tyler Hinman
15 Mar 2003 27A Flier’s concern, for short Adam Cohen
9 Mar 2003 33A Kennedy posting: Abbr. Patrick Berry
1 Feb 2003 8D Capt.’s guess Rich Norris
8 Dec 2002 16D Capt.’s prediction Peter Gordon
27 Nov 2002 59D Announcement before the listing of flight connections: Abbr. Ron O’Hair
6 Oct 2002 33A H, to Herodotus Myles Callum
15 Sep 2002 74D SAS listing: Abbr. Fred Piscop
1 Aug 2002 21A Part of a U.S.A.F. schedule William I. Johnston
23 Jul 2002 65D LAX info Randall J. Hartman
12 Jul 2002 53A Landing info: Abbr. Bob Peoples
4 Jul 2002 24A Control tower news: Abbr. Nathaniel Weiss
19 May 2002 60D Sorority letter Cathy Millhauser
15 May 2002 52A O’Hare monitor abbr. Kumar Balani
14 Apr 2002 71A Sorority letter David J. Kahn
2 Apr 2002 40A Pilot’s announcement, briefly Janice M. Putney
31 Mar 2002 6D Terminal info Lynn Lempel
23 Mar 2002 52A It’s H-shaped Adam Cohen
17 Feb 2002 68D H Joe DiPietro
3 Feb 2002 121D Letter from Corinth Richard Silvestri
28 Jan 2002 49A Letter after zeta Sarah Keller
21 Jan 2002 7D Pilot’s prediction, for short Peter Gordon
7 Jan 2002 49A Fraternity letter Peter Gordon
30 Dec 2001 21A In-flight info, for short Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Dec 2001 2D Fraternity letter Peter Gordon
9 Dec 2001 27A O’Hare posting: Abbr. Cathy Millhauser
24 Nov 2001 59D In-flight announcement, briefly Rich Norris
19 Nov 2001 52D Greek vowel Peter Gordon
18 Nov 2001 30D 9:15, say, at J.F.K. Jim Page
11 Nov 2001 33D Seventh chapter of a fraternity Joe DiPietro
14 Oct 2001 13D In-flight info, for short Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Oct 2001 43D U.S. Airways info David J. Kahn
21 Aug 2001 30D Pilot’s update, for short Sarah Keller
8 Aug 2001 20A KLM announcement Sam Bellotto Jr.
25 Jul 2001 19A Heathrow fig. Richard Hughes
23 Jul 2001 8D Hippocrates’ H Ethan Cooper
6 Jul 2001 22A Passenger’s concern, in brief Brendan Emmett Quigley
23 Jun 2001 52A KLM announcement David J. Kahn
3 Jun 2001 62D Flight board abbr. Bob Peoples and Nancy Salomon
17 May 2001 58A J.F.K. abbr. David J. Kahn
18 Apr 2001 8D LAX posting A. J. Santora
31 Mar 2001 63D Sorority letter Rich Norris
25 Mar 2001 87A Passenger’s info, maybe Trip Payne
21 Mar 2001 69A SAS announcement Greg Staples
19 Mar 2001 20A Greek vowel Peter Gordon
25 Dec 2000 34A Airport posting: Abbr. Adam G. Perl
16 Sep 2000 19A Announcement to passengers Robert H. Wolfe
3 Jun 2000 29A Letter of a chapter? Patrick D. Berry
22 May 2000 63D Airplane announcement, for short Nancy Salomon and Louis Hildebrand
6 May 2000 4D Fraternity letter Rich Norris
26 Apr 2000 5D Pilot’s guess: Abbr. A. J. Santora
16 Apr 2000 8D Pilot’s announcement, briefly Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Mar 2000 22A Viscosity symbol Peter Gordon
7 Jan 2000 11D In-flight announcement, for short Manny Nosowsky
30 Nov 1999 32A LAX posting Elizabeth C. Gorski
13 Sep 1999 7D Fraternity letter Fran and Lou Sabin
5 Sep 1999 56A Athenian H Elizabeth C. Gorski
22 Jul 1999 26A Airport abbr. M. Preston Sherwood
21 Jul 1999 33A Sixth after alpha Noah Dephoure
27 Jun 1999 112A Itinerary abbr. Robert Malinow
8 Jun 1999 39A J.F.K. posting Fred Piscop
30 May 1999 114D Posting at SFO or LAX Cathy Millhauser
28 Apr 1999 34A KLM announcement Nancy Salomon
23 Apr 1999 60D Certain fraternity chapter Harvey Estes
17 Mar 1999 47D Sched. letters Myles Callum
28 Feb 1999 74A Efficiency symbol, in physics Dave Tuller
7 Feb 1999 86D Traveler’s info Nancy Nicholson Joline
4 Feb 1999 47A Capt.’s prediction Rich Norris
1 Feb 1999 43D Guesstimate letters Dorothy Smitonick
20 Jan 1999 27D LAX guesstimate Fred Piscop
27 Dec 1998 29D In-flight P.A. announcement Rich Norris
8 Dec 1998 25A Greek H Frances Hansen
19 Nov 1998 13D Pilot’s announcement, for short Brendan Emmett Quigley
15 Nov 1998 86D LAX letters Robert H. Wolfe
29 Oct 1998 45A Airport approximation Cathy Millhauser
11 Oct 1998 59A Part of a pilot’s plan: Abbr. Nancy Salomon, Marjorie Richter and Kelly Clark
2 Oct 1998 6D Station letters John Wolting
2 Jul 1998 37A Schedule letters Pat M. Hugel
24 Jun 1998 58D Hellenic vowel Richard Silvestri
9 Apr 1998 35D Fraternity letter Betty Jorgensen
31 Mar 1998 20A Airport info, informally Alan Arbesfeld
20 Mar 1998 39D Traveler’s info, for short Martin Ashwood-Smith
14 Mar 1998 38A Fraternity letter Ed Pegg Jr.
12 Mar 1998 44A Sked guess Fred Piscop
5 Feb 1998 5D The “H” in Hellenic Cathy Millhauser
4 Jan 1998 61D Airport monitor abbr. Mark Danna
21 Nov 1997 35A Plane capt.’s announcement Chuck Deodene
9 Oct 1997 60D Greek letter Cathy Millhauser
3 Oct 1997 19A Touchdown point?: Abbr. Martin Ashwood-Smith
21 Sep 1997 5D Pilot’s projection: Abbr. Mike Shenk
31 Aug 1997 9D LAX abbr. David J. Kahn
23 Jul 1997 58D J.F.K. listing Brendan Emmett Quigley
26 Jun 1997 63D LAX info Martin Ashwood-Smith
28 Apr 1997 44D Greek letter Peter Gordon
24 Apr 1997 40A Pilot’s announcement, for short David J. Kahn
12 Apr 1997 33A Announcement at LAX Bob Klahn
26 Mar 1997 63D Hellenic vowel Richard Silvestri
12 Mar 1997 17A Fraternity letter Brendan Emmett Quigley
21 Feb 1997 63D J.F.K. info C. E. Gersch
22 Jan 1997 4D Schedule abbr. J. Schmalzbach
30 Dec 1996 57D H, to Greeks C. F. Murray
21 Dec 1996 55A LAX datum F. Piscop
8 Dec 1996 107D Greek letter A. J. Santora
19 Nov 1996 23A Airport sched. abbr. G. E. Paul
31 Oct 1996 60D J.F.K. info L. Sidway
20 Oct 1996 96A H R. Ross
27 Aug 1996 44A Pilot’s announcement, for short D. E. Donaldson
26 Jul 1996 5D Train sta. announcement G. Newman
17 Jul 1996 7D Pilot’s info, for short M. Nosowsky
3 Jul 1996 4D H, to a Greek F. Heaney
1 Jul 1996 37A Zeta’s follower S. Spadaccini
13 Jun 1996 56D Sorority letter D. J. Kahn
5 May 1996 91A Seventh in a series D. J. Kahn
30 Apr 1996 45A LAX letters G. E. Paul
9 Mar 1996 9D J.F.K. guess R. Norris
27 Feb 1996 49A Sorority letter J.L. Beatty
22 Jan 1996 50A Greek letter E. Gorski
15 Dec 1995 58D Hellenic H Harvey Estes
13 Nov 1995 41A Fraternity letter Norma Steinberg
9 Nov 1995 35D Hellenic vowel Bob Sefick
29 Oct 1995 26A Flight board abbr. Maura B. Jacobson
24 Sep 1995 42D Sched. approximation Randolph Ross
27 Aug 1995 71D Greek vowel Martin Schneider
7 Aug 1995 65D Second letter after epsilon Sidney L. Robbins
9 Jul 1995 88A Honor society letter Nancy Nicholson Joline
4 Jul 1995 43A Hesiod’s H Fran & Lou Sabin
29 Jun 1995 29D Sorority letter Matt Gaffney
27 May 1995 25A J.F.K. posting A.J. Santora
18 May 1995 52D Letter from Plato Chuck Deodene
8 May 1995 21A O’Hare abbr. Deborah Trombley
7 May 1995 101A Letter from Athens Bob Klahn
30 Apr 1995 119D Letter from Greece Warren W. Reich
30 Mar 1995 53D It’s two before iota Rich Norris
9 Mar 1995 35A Greek “H” Alex Vaughn
1 Mar 1995 1D Flight plan info: Abbr. Lois Sidway
23 Feb 1995 8D Flight board info: Abbr. Daniel R. Stark
8 Jan 1995 13D Secret-society letter Nancy Nicholson Joline
3 Jan 1995 63A Greek vowel Rich Norris
25 Dec 1994 112A J.F.K. info Randolph Ross
28 Nov 1994 40D It’s two after epsilon Jonathan Schmalzbach
2 Nov 1994 13D Hellenic H Harvey Estes
4 Oct 1994 22A Hellenic H Stanley B. Whitten
26 Sep 1994 39A Greek vowel Sidney L. Robbins
6 Sep 1994 36A Sorority character Janet R. Bender
7 Aug 1994 82A Sorority letter Dean Niles
15 Jul 1994 11D Correlation ratio symbol in statistics A.J. Santora
6 Jul 1994 8D LAX posting Lois Sidway
3 Jul 1994 42D Touchdown abbr. A.J. Santora
21 Jun 1994 57D Seventh Greek letter Betty Jorgensen
19 Jun 1994 23D Due point: Abbr. Nancy Scandrett Ross
13 Mar 1994 10D Flight abbr. Nancy Nicholson Joline
27 Feb 1994 15D Letter in a fraternity name Bette Sue Cohen
6 Jan 1994 47D Theta preceder Arthur W. Palmer
7 Dec 1993 8D It’s after zeta Eric Albert

Here you get ETA answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If ETA will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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