ETS is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for ETS in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "ETS" answer was first appeared in "30 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "U.F.O. occupants (4)". It was authored by A.J. Santora. Recently, the "ETS" answer has been used for "3 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Otherworldly sorts, for short". It was authored by Tracy Bennett. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "U.F.O. pilots (9)". "ETS" appeared 281 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "ETS" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
3 Dec 2023 89D Otherworldly sorts, for short Tracy Bennett
5 Jul 2023 4D They’re not from around here, in brief Joe Deeney
24 Jun 2023 39A “Arrival” arrivals, for short Spencer Leach and Quiara Vasquez
8 Jun 2023 17A Agent Mulder’s obsession, in brief Philip Koski
29 May 2023 17D U.F.O. pilots Katie Hale and Zachary David Levy
27 May 2023 48D Subjects of some conspiracy theories, in brief Samuel Smalley
15 May 2023 24D U.F.O. pilots Tomas Spiers
13 May 2023 23A Baddies on TNT’s “Falling Skies,” for short Spencer Leach
13 Mar 2023 4A Ewoks or Klingons, in brief Sam Koperwas and Jeff Chen
20 Feb 2023 20A U.F.O. pilots, for short Emily Carroll
26 Jan 2023 47D Fabled visitors to 49-Down, in brief Dan Ziring and Quiara Vasquez
11 Jan 2023 54A Beings not (yet) proven to exist Victor Barocas
1 Jan 2023 56A Visitors from afar, in brief Adam Wagner, Michael Lieberman and Rafael Musa
31 Dec 2022 32D 35-Across and others, in brief Billy Bratton
22 Dec 2022 23D “We come in peace” speakers, in brief David Steinberg
7 Dec 2022 49D H.S. exam org. Karen Steinberg
18 Nov 2022 9D They left behind one of their own in a 1982 film Robyn Weintraub
22 Sep 2022 61A Figures on “The X-Files,” in brief Helen Chen
20 Sep 2022 23A U.F.O. pilots Rebecca Goldstein and Rachel Fabi
19 Sep 2022 24D Aliens, in brief Leslie Young and Andrea Carla Michaels
5 Sep 2022 62A U.F.O. pilots, some believe Adam Simpson
17 Aug 2022 21A “Star Wars” cantina patrons, for short Michael Paleos
11 Aug 2022 41D Hypothetical entities, for short David Tuffs
28 Jun 2022 32D Travelers from afar, for short Scott Graham
23 Jun 2022 8D Mars rovers, in brief? Jeff Chen
28 May 2022 40A Saucer contents, for short Joseph Greenbaum
21 Mar 2022 36A Flying saucer fliers, in brief John Ewbank and Jeff Chen
20 Mar 2022 55A Superman and others, for short Brad Wiegmann
17 Feb 2022 20D Supposed creators of crop circles, for short Aaron M. Rosenberg
18 Jan 2022 50A Org. that creates the G.R.E. Kate Schutzengel
21 Dec 2021 26D U.F.O. pilots Guilherme Gilioli
16 Dec 2021 5D French connections Trenton Charlson
4 Dec 2021 44A Big inits. in admissions Nam Jin Yoon
21 Nov 2021 97A Some dolls sold in a Universal Studios gift shop Adam Wagner
22 Oct 2021 21A “Men in Black” antagonists Robyn Weintraub
3 Oct 2021 80A Sci-fi travelers Trenton Charlson
18 Jun 2021 54D Org. that administers the G.R.E. Daniel Larsen
20 May 2021 45D Uranians, e.g. Trenton Charlson
22 Mar 2021 35A Those who are not among us (or are they?) Daniel Grinberg
14 Jan 2021 44D Subjects of some conspiracy theories, for short Aimee Lucido and Ella Dershowitz
9 Jan 2021 44A Travelers from a faraway place, for short Trenton Charlson
29 Nov 2020 35D Klingons, e.g., for short Eric Berlin
18 Oct 2020 103D 8-Down pilots, in brief Miriam Estrin
21 Sep 2020 56A Venusians and Martians, in brief Daniel Larsen and The Wave Learning Festival Crossword Class
17 Sep 2020 25A Supposed crop circle makers, for short Simeon Seigel
4 Sep 2020 38A They might come in saucers, for short Brian Thomas
9 Aug 2020 120A College entrance exam org. Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
26 Jul 2020 11D Long-distance travelers, informally Trenton Charlson
19 Jul 2020 1A Ones out of this world, for short Wyna Liu
7 Jul 2020 28A Visitors from another planet, in brief Kevin Patterson
1 Jul 2020 46A Connections on Air France? Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
30 Jun 2020 8D Many “Men in Black” characters, informally Zachary David Levy
14 Jun 2020 86D Some toy dolls of the 1980s Randolph Ross
9 Apr 2020 57D H.S. exam org. Alex Eaton-Salners
29 Mar 2020 72A The invaders in Space Invaders, in brief Ricky Cruz
20 Mar 2020 36A They’re kept at Area 51, supposedly Wyna Liu and Paolo Pasco
19 Mar 2020 61A Saucer users, in brief Wayne Bergman and Gary Otting
15 Dec 2019 117D G.R.E. administrator Christina Iverson and Jeff Chen
14 Nov 2019 62D Down-to-earth types, in brief? Alex Eaton-Salners
31 Oct 2019 24A Travelers from afar, for short Ezra Brauner and Jeff Chen
7 Sep 2019 41A A.P. exam inits. Trenton Charlson
22 May 2019 12D “The X-Files” extras, briefly Alex Eaton-Salners
9 Apr 2019 70A Holy mlle. / Romulans, e.g., in brief Alex Eaton-Salners
4 Feb 2019 51A Visitors from outer space, for short Ali Gascoigne
30 Jan 2019 31D U.F.O. occupants Emily Carroll
27 Jan 2019 25A Venusians, e.g., informally Randolph Ross
26 Jan 2019 7D Letters for potential college students Grant Thackray
25 Jan 2019 15D Life on Mars? Zhouqin Burnikel
16 Jan 2019 49A The Na’vi in “Avatar,” e.g. Bruce Haight
23 Nov 2018 41A Sightings in 11-Across Temple Brown
6 Nov 2018 32A U.F.O. pilots Alan Southworth and Yacob Yonas
2 Nov 2018 38A Figures in some “Twilight Zone” episodes, for short David Steinberg
28 Oct 2018 120D Sci-fi C.G.I. creations Erik Agard
22 Oct 2018 52A “The War of the Worlds” villains, briefly Alex Eaton-Salners
14 Oct 2018 6D Ewoks or Jawas, in brief Ross Trudeau
11 Oct 2018 67A Letters for college applicants Johanna Fenimore and Jeff Chen
21 Aug 2018 22D U.F.O. crew John Lieb and Andrea Yañes
19 Aug 2018 50D Vulcans or Jawas, in brief Jacob Stulberg
3 Aug 2018 49A Extras on TV’s “Doctor Who” David Steinberg
15 Jul 2018 19D Uranians and Neptunians Sam Ezersky and Byron Walden
27 Jun 2018 8D Mysteries in the ’16 film “Arrival” Ned White
19 May 2018 19A & & &, in France John Guzzetta
4 May 2018 62D Arrivals in “Arrival,” for short Michael Hawkins
2 May 2018 25A “The X-Files” extras, for short Bryant White
24 Mar 2018 32A And many times in France? Byron Walden
4 Jan 2018 55A Some characters on TV’s “Futurama,” briefly Daniel Mauer
31 Dec 2017 40D Targets in “Men in Black,” informally John Lampkin
19 Nov 2017 112D French connections Tom McCoy
20 Sep 2017 31D “Star Wars” extras, for short Hal Moore
24 Aug 2017 12D A.P. exam inits. Neil Patrick Harris and David Steinberg
3 Aug 2017 58D Figures in the 2016 film “Arrival,” for short Timothy Polin
14 May 2017 79D Many “Star Trek” characters, for short Will Nediger
17 Nov 2016 10D French connections Timothy Polin and Joe Krozel
16 Oct 2016 41A U.F.O. pilots Tom McCoy
28 Aug 2016 116A Most “Doctor Who” characters, for short Paolo Pasco
26 Jun 2016 19D SAT org. Priscilla Clark and Jeff Chen
1 Jun 2016 28D Alf and Mork, for short Wren Schultz
21 Jan 2016 6D French connections David Phillips
20 Jan 2016 20A Sci-fi visitors Herre Schouwerwou
1 Oct 2015 6A French connections John Guzzetta
13 Sep 2015 52D Many figures in the “Doctor Who” universe, for short Joe DiPietro
26 Jul 2015 113D Mork and Worf Ellen Leuschner and Jeff Chen
14 Jul 2015 45A U.F.O. pilots Kevin Christian and Brad Wilber
24 Jun 2015 28A Exam-administering org. Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
16 Mar 2015 65D U.F.O. crew, supposedly Ian Livengood
31 Oct 2014 35A Predators in the “Predator” films, for short Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
5 Oct 2014 37A U.F.O. occupants Samuel A. Donaldson
28 Sep 2014 30A “Guardians of the Galaxy” title characters, informally Todd Gross
10 Sep 2014 20A Riders in 10-Across Jim Peredo
15 Jul 2014 29A Aliens, for short Zhouqin Burnikel
3 May 2014 55D Coneheads, e.g., for short Sam Ezersky
9 Dec 2013 35A Martians, e.g., in brief Nina Rulon-Miller
7 Dec 2013 30D So-far-undiscovered ones, briefly James Mulhern
4 Nov 2013 60D Many “Star Trek” extras, for short John Lieb
30 Oct 2013 52A Certain Halloween costumes, for short Joel Fagliano
20 Sep 2013 46D “Captain Video” figures, for short Mangesh Ghogre and Doug Peterson
18 Aug 2013 4D Figures in Astounding Stories, for short Elizabeth C. Gorski
10 Jul 2013 42D They’re found at Area 51, supposedly Ed Sessa
2 Jun 2013 120D U.F.O. crew Elizabeth C. Gorski
14 Jan 2013 66A Aliens, for short Steve Salmon
16 Nov 2012 4D Subjects of an as-yet-fruitless search, briefly Victor Fleming
7 Nov 2012 57D Sci-fi figures George Fitzgerald and Nancy Salomon
25 Jul 2012 61D “V” visitors, briefly Daniel Raymon
15 May 2012 50A Those aboard a U.F.O. Susan Gelfand
28 Apr 2012 15D 8-Down characters, briefly Gary J. Whitehead
15 Mar 2012 59A Score keeper, for short? Kristian House
29 Jan 2012 42A “Barbarella” extras, for short Ian Livengood
17 Jan 2012 9D Flying saucer fliers, for short Elizabeth A. Long
14 Dec 2011 68A U.F.O. crew Tim Croce
12 Dec 2011 42A Visitors from beyond Gary Cee
4 Dec 2011 93D Some “Men in Black” characters, for short Kelsey Blakley
30 Nov 2011 46A SAT company Rolf Hamburger
21 Nov 2011 20A SAT org. Peter A. Collins
2 Oct 2011 32A Foreign visitors? Eric Berlin
1 Oct 2011 4D Letters for college-bound students David Quarfoot
16 Aug 2011 29A U.F.O. crew David Steinberg
12 May 2011 36D Aliens, for short Patrick John Duggan
21 Feb 2011 31A Non-earthlings, for short Ed Sessa
22 Nov 2010 12D U.F.O.’s crew David Poole
6 Oct 2010 33D Frequent Weekly World News subjects, briefly Ian Livengood
27 Sep 2010 6D Co. that oversees the 21-Across Janice M. Putney
13 Sep 2010 42A Fliers of U.F.O.’s Aimee Lucido, Brown University ’13
27 Jul 2010 12D U.F.O. crew Mike Torch
26 Jul 2010 8D Org. that produces college entrance exams Janet R. Bender
16 Jul 2010 13D Some “Space Patrol” characters, for short Mel Rosen
1 Jul 2010 5A U.F.O. crew Clive Probert
2 May 2010 78A “Galaxy Quest” characters, in brief Kelsey Blakley
11 Dec 2009 25A Doctor Who and others, briefly Mike Nothnagel
15 Sep 2009 42A U.F.O. fliers Fran and Lou Sabin
10 Aug 2009 35A Beings from out of this world, in brief Paula Gamache
30 Jun 2009 51A U.F.O. crew Steve Dobis
14 Jun 2009 63D Hangar 18 contents, supposedly Brendan Emmett Quigley
24 Mar 2009 38A Little green men, for short Pancho Harrison
9 Feb 2009 67D Visitors from Venus, say Randall J. Hartman
21 Dec 2008 4D U.F.O. fliers Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 Aug 2008 32A Group from a very distant place Mike Nothnagel
24 Aug 2008 110A “The War of the Worlds” invaders, briefly Kevin G. Der
14 Aug 2008 67D Uranians, e.g., in brief Damon J. Gulczynski
15 Jul 2008 13D Some “Stargate SG-1” characters, in brief Leonard Williams
23 Jun 2008 9D Martians, e.g., for short Andrea Carla Michaels and Patrick Blindauer
21 May 2008 67A Saucer contents, in brief? Dave Mackey
24 Apr 2008 34D Foreign visitors? Michael Langwald
17 Apr 2008 48A Klingons, e.g. Byron Walden
10 Apr 2008 36D Doctor Who and others, briefly David J. Kahn
26 Feb 2008 48A U.F.O. crew Sarah Keller
4 Feb 2008 7D U.F.O. fliers Dave and Tracy Mackey
13 Jan 2008 86D Supposed makers of crop circles Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
14 Dec 2007 7D “The X-Files” subj. Manny Nosowsky
23 Nov 2007 9D Big-headed sorts, for short Paula Gamache
1 Jul 2007 92A Venusians, e.g. Nancy Salomon and Bill Zais
25 Jun 2007 13D Travelers from another galaxy, for short Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
12 May 2007 4D Saucerful? Rich Norris
1 May 2007 37A Sci-fi invaders Courtenay Crocker and Nancy Salomon
28 Mar 2007 5D Otherworldly ones, for short Burton Clemans
11 Feb 2007 55D Sci-fi figures Mark Feldman
8 Feb 2007 31D The invaders in “The Invaders” Dan Reichert
24 Dec 2006 7D Venusians, e.g. Brendan Emmett Quigley
20 Oct 2006 39A The “gods” in “Chariots of the Gods?,” in brief Ed Early
1 Sep 2006 58D A.P. exam org. David Quarfoot
22 May 2006 17A Flying saucer fliers, for short Edgar R. Fontaine
12 Feb 2006 90A French connections? Manny Nosowsky
12 Jan 2006 70A UFO pilots Kyle Mahowald
30 Dec 2005 9D G.R.E. distributor David Liben-Nowell
27 Dec 2005 26A Martians, e.g., in brief Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
4 Dec 2005 13D Some characters in “The X Files,” for short Eric Berlin and Craig Kasper
28 Nov 2005 25D S.A.T. company Kevan Choset
25 Oct 2005 73A Otherworldly visitors, for short Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
10 Oct 2005 50A Non-earthlings, for short Holden Baker
26 Sep 2005 62D Aliens, for short Ethan Cooper
25 Sep 2005 18D Brief strangers? Matt Skoczen
7 Sep 2005 36A 19-Across passengers Andrea C. Michaels
7 Aug 2005 36D Some warriors in “War of the Worlds” Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
1 Aug 2005 27D UFO occupants Kendall Twigg
24 Apr 2005 122D Some “Star Trek” convention costumes Brendan Emmett Quigley
25 Nov 2004 48A Sci-fi subjects, for short Nancy Salomon and Earl W. Reed
24 Aug 2004 20A UFO fliers Lynn Lempel
3 Jun 2004 18D S.A.T. administrators Mike Torch
21 May 2004 19A “The X-Files” topics, for short Eric Berlin
15 Apr 2004 19D Sci-fi figures Manny Nosowsky
13 Apr 2004 25A U.F.O. fliers Bill Ballard
21 Mar 2004 33A Down-to-earth ones, in brief? Roy Leban
21 Nov 2003 37A Bug-eyed ones, for short? David Ainslie Macleod
28 Oct 2003 61A “Star Wars” extras, for short Brendan Emmett Quigley
30 Sep 2003 68A Visitors from afar: Abbr. Kevan Choset
28 Aug 2003 71A Saucer contents, for short Elizabeth C. Gorski
13 Jul 2003 104A Visitors from afar, briefly Randolph Ross
16 Mar 2003 41D Versailles connections Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Feb 2003 129A Bug-eyed ones, maybe: Abbr. Charles M. Deber
10 Feb 2003 20A UFO crew Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
24 Jan 2003 29A Saucer contents, for short? Manny Nosowsky
20 Nov 2002 73A Venusians and others, for short Manny Nosowsky
8 Sep 2002 48A Supposed crop circle makers, for short Rich Norris
16 Jun 2002 56D Space invaders, for short Manny Nosowsky
10 May 2002 9D Visitors to the Enterprise Manny Nosowsky
2 Feb 2002 12D Dolls of the 80’s A. J. Santora
13 Nov 2001 61D S.A.T. company Nancy Salomon and Bob Peoples
10 Nov 2001 4D Latin connections William I. Johnston
5 Nov 2001 35D Aliens, for short Jenny Gutbezahl
25 Sep 2001 27D Visitors to Earth, for short A. J. Santora
23 Aug 2001 38D Venusians, e.g. Peter Gordon
18 Aug 2001 39D They can cover a lot of space Rich Norris
18 Jul 2001 28A UFO passengers Elizabeth C. Gorski
27 May 2001 127A Venusians, e.g. Dana Motley
20 May 2001 108A “The X-Files” extras Alan Arbesfeld
1 May 2001 43A S.A.T. administrator Stanley Newman
12 Mar 2001 70A U.F.O. crew Gregory E. Paul
21 Jan 2001 86A “The X-Files” extras, briefly Con Pederson
17 Jan 2001 23A “Star Wars” walk-ons Alan Arbesfeld
15 Jan 2001 13D S.A.T. org. Janet R. Bender
29 Nov 2000 43D Aliens, briefly Peter Gordon
23 Apr 2000 34A Visitors from afar Nancy Nicholson Joline
21 Mar 2000 33D Sci-fi visitors Nick Grivas
29 Oct 1999 36D Klingons, e.g. Nancy Salomon
7 Oct 1999 61D Neptunians and others Kelly Clark
3 Jul 1999 39A “The Phantom Menace” creations David J. Kahn
30 Jun 1999 56A S.A.T. company Manny Nosowsky
31 May 1999 17A Sci-fi villains, for short Joey Crumley
21 Mar 1999 18D Certain celeb news shows Lloyd E. Pollet
9 Feb 1999 49A Martians, e.g. Janet R. Bender
27 Nov 1998 4D Sci-fi creations A. J. Santora
13 Nov 1998 62D Alf and Mork Jim Page
25 Oct 1998 119D Dolls of the 80’s Nancy Nicholson Joline
18 Oct 1998 88A French links David J. Kahn
4 Aug 1998 51A Martians and such Janet R. Bender
29 Jun 1998 53A “Independence Day” invaders Gregory E. Paul
24 May 1998 13D Alien force, briefly Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
19 Apr 1998 25A Subjects for special fx artists Rich Norris
28 Mar 1998 45A Many Trekkie costumes David J. Kahn
21 Mar 1998 36D “The X-Files” subject Rich Norris
30 Jan 1998 15D Orly connections? Martin Ashwood-Smith
12 Jan 1998 41A Martians and Venusians, for short John Greenman
2 Dec 1997 26D U.F.O. crew Alan Olschwang
13 Nov 1997 40A Non-earthlings, briefly Manny Nosowsky
30 Sep 1997 61A U.F.O. crew Nancy Schuster
7 Sep 1997 99A Uranians, e.g. Randolph Ross
29 Aug 1997 49A They make contact in “Contact” Mark Diehl
20 Mar 1997 21D Bug-eyed monsters A. J. Santora
12 Mar 1997 64A “Independence Day” villains Brendan Emmett Quigley
15 Nov 1996 21A They’re encountered in close encounters R. Norris
1 Nov 1996 34A Sci-fi figures M. Rosen
4 Oct 1996 46A Martians and Venusians M. Ashwood-Smith
7 Sep 1996 60A “Independence Day” attackers B. White
5 Sep 1996 59D U.F.O. pilots C. Millhauser
11 Aug 1996 12D S.A.T. company M. Schneider
29 May 1996 34D Saucer’s contents, for short R. Norris
24 Dec 1995 12D S.A.T. company Frances Hansen
17 Dec 1995 122D French connections Dean Niles
10 Sep 1995 13D S.A.T. company David J. Kahn
5 Sep 1995 63D French connections? Jonathan Schmatzbach
11 Jun 1995 7D Connections in old Rome Coral Amende
27 May 1995 53A Alf and others A.J. Santora
7 May 1995 122D Visitors from afar Bob Klahn
19 Mar 1995 89A Bug-eyed monsters, for short Alex K. Justin
21 Jan 1995 6D Popular 80’s dolls Charles E. Gersch
10 Dec 1994 59D Unexpected visitors, for short Bryant White
14 Aug 1994 111A Diminutive suffixes Deborah Kathryn Trombley
25 Jul 1994 23A Saucer occupants, for short Albert J. Klaus
26 May 1994 36A Sci-fi regulars Cathy Millhauser
11 Mar 1994 22A S.A.T. org. A.J. Santora
13 Feb 1994 37D Alf, Mork, etc. Cathy Millhauser
30 Dec 1993 57D U.F.O. occupants A.J. Santora

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