Gag NYT Crossword Clue and Answer is available here. After the NY Times 4 January 2024 crossword puzzle was published, as a participant, you are very excited to find the “Gag” solution or answer to the clue. So, we ( shared the clue of Gag. Additionally, we have tried to include hints for “Gag or similar questions with answers. So, let’s get Gag NYT crossword clue and answer.

Gag NYT Crossword

NYT Crossword is a daily based word puzzle provided by the New York Times online platform. In this case, the latest “Gag” is a part of the NY Times crossword for the 4 January 2024 edition. So crossword lovers have to solve the Gag hint with their knowledge.


Remember, there can be many clues for “Gag” for the crossword. But guessing the correct clue will depend on the specific Across and Down letter boxes. If you solve the puzzle, you will gain knowledge not only about the crossword but also about “Gag”.

Gag NYT Crossword Clue

Have you tried solving the Gag hint? But couldn’t solve it so came here to find the solution? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will provide the latest used answer to Gag hint.

Gag NYT Crossword

NYT Crossword 4 January 2024 : “Gag” answer is JEST. This clue can have multiple answers. But in this case, as recently as 4 January 2024, the question Gag appeared in the NYT crossword puzzle with the clue JEST.

Gag NYT Crossword Clue

Date 4 January 2024
Hint Gag
Clue JEST.

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History Of Gag In NYT

Are you looking for more similar hint on Gag and history in the NYT crossword? Here you can find previous information and more questions and answers similar to "Gag" hint. Here are the similar "Gag"'s answer history with date, grid, hints, and answers.

26 Nov 201368AFit to be triedSANE
26 Nov 201319A"It must be something ___"IATE
22 Mar 201660ATiniest bitLEAST
20 Feb 201458D...: Abbr.ETC
19 Sep 201726DBody part that some people wiggleEAR
19 Apr 2015128ASomething grown - or eaten - in rowsEAR
20 Feb 20143DLatin phrase on a memoINRE
8 Sep 201548DEngagement calendar listings: Abbr.APPTS
11 Nov 199733AGagging cryACK
22 Mar 201632DFingers, as a perpIDS
13 Oct 201627ASupermarket sectionDELI
19 Sep 201766A"That makes sense"ISEE
20 Aug 201366A"Got it"ISEE
16 Aug 201564DCrib stripSLAT
17 Sep 201465DLine on a restaurant billTIP
17 Sep 201464D[That cracks me up]LOL
29 Jan 201025DElectronic gag reflex?LOL
29 Jan 199941AHandled baggageTOTE
19 Sep 201760ASharp increaseSPIKE
16 Aug 2015104AThumbs-up voteYEA
13 Nov 201223AVote in favorYEA
27 Dec 201557ADirector of 2015's "Chi-Raq"LEE
26 Nov 201364ASiouan tribeOTOE
27 Dec 201510DCornerstone abbr.EST
8 Aug 201635DBrewer's fermenting agentYEAST
22 Mar 201637AThe "common" sort is said to be not so commonSENSE
16 Aug 201590ADirt pie ingredientOREO
8 Aug 201616ASquirrel's homeTREE
19 Apr 201599AYew, tooTREE
26 Mar 201732DGaggle : geese :: ___ : emusMOB
23 Aug 201445DDeadly gagMOB
13 Oct 201633DAbbr. by a golf teeYDS
29 Apr 20061DCaterpillar engagerALICE
8 Aug 20163DAttorneys' org.ABA
8 Aug 201612DRom-com or horrorGENRE
19 Apr 201596AGraduation V.I.P.DEAN
26 Nov 201324DInklingIDEA
27 Dec 2015116AWitherspoon of "Legally Blonde"REESE
20 Feb 201421DHotshotACE
20 Aug 201337DBandage brandACE
13 Nov 20127D"Dark" quaffALE
27 Feb 201815AEngagement at 20 paces, maybeDUEL
13 Nov 20123DJungle vineLIANA
22 Mar 201617A___ Raton, Fla.BOCA
19 Sep 201753ACracklin' ___ BranOAT
19 Apr 201575DBig name in antiscience debunkingNYE
1 Aug 201035AEngage in debateSPAR
19 Sep 201733AGeologist's divisionEON
8 Aug 201629DBert's sister in "The Bobbsey Twins"NAN
16 Aug 20154DStamping needINKPAD
19 Sep 201716A+ end on an electrolytic cellANODE
26 Nov 201320AEuropean peakALP
13 Nov 201243AFinal approvalSAYSO
16 Aug 2015111DKöln coinEURO
19 Apr 2015114DCoulee's contentsLAVA
16 Aug 201535DRiver through BristolAVON
19 Apr 201517DSome Halloween costumesHAGS
24 Feb 199555DEngageMESH
13 Nov 201213D"Hey!"PSST
20 Feb 20147DBody ___ODOR
26 Nov 201329DOtherwiseELSE
27 Dec 201543DPut awayICE
16 Jan 201721AHave a mortgage, e.g.OWE
1 Jan 201415AHave a mortgage, sayOWE
24 Sep 200316AHave a mortgageOWE
26 Jun 200335ANot very engagingARID
26 Nov 20131ADecreeEDICT
17 Sep 201460AAbsorbed, as a lossATE
27 Dec 201548AExtra bed, maybeCOT
22 Mar 201634DBone below the elbowULNA
17 Dec 20111DActress Rue of "Rules of Engagement"SARA
22 Mar 201644AWhere scrubs are worn, for shortORS
19 Sep 201718ABushy dosFROS
30 Jan 202270DDisco ___ (iconic garment for Lady Gaga)BRA
8 Aug 201638DPerch for a golf ballTEE
26 Nov 201332D"Hurry!"ASAP
19 Apr 201564AQuick cutSNIP
16 Aug 201541A"___ seen enough!"IVE
20 Feb 201438DGod with two ravens on his shouldersODIN
17 Sep 201463D"___ ELO" (1976 album)OLE
26 Nov 201358DWise aboutONTO
19 Apr 201515DMideast grp.ISIS
21 Jul 201739ALady Gaga's "___ It Happens to You"TIL
26 Nov 201342AAsian language with no plural formLAO
19 Sep 201765AOffer mortgagesLEND
8 Aug 201660DGo beyond ripeROT
8 Aug 201642DHave a go atATTEMPT
20 Feb 201416AFlurriesADOS
27 Dec 201532AYou might take it out for a driveIRON
20 Aug 20131ADigging ... or word after "digging"INTO
20 Feb 201423AOnes getting a good licking?ICES
22 Mar 201630AMaxim magazine's intended audienceMEN
24 Jan 2010120DEngage in a certain college prankSTREAK
5 Apr 201661DEngagement-ending wordsIDO
27 Oct 201760AIt might come with baggageFEE
19 Sep 201739DBlunderERROR
27 Dec 201531AStreet of film fameELM
17 Sep 201432DHorror film streetELM
27 Dec 201554A"Thursday Night Football" airerCBS
27 Dec 201571AMichael of "Saturday Night Live"CHE
19 Apr 2015116D"S'long"TATA
19 Sep 201715ADuffer's warningFORE
19 Apr 201581DStaple of skin careALOE
26 Nov 201352DBlotchSTAIN
27 Dec 201558ACapital with the Norsk FolkemuseumOSLO
22 Mar 201625DTitle rat of a 1972 filmBEN
20 Aug 20137DWord said with a saluteSIR
26 Nov 20134DFox News rivalCNN
19 Sep 201756ALead-in to an aliasAKA
20 Aug 201327DPress ___ (media packet)KIT
13 Nov 20122DHost a roast, e.g.EMCEE
20 Aug 201354AFinkRAT
28 Mar 202234AMoney for a mortgageLOAN
19 Feb 201838AMortgage, e.g.LOAN
24 Jun 202228AMortgage offeringRATE
14 Dec 199916AMortgage considerationRATE
20 Aug 201362AWickedEVIL
1 Aug 201258DSports equipment that doesn't fit in carry-on luggageSKIS
16 Aug 201525AWhen repeated, an aerobics class crySTEP
27 Dec 201513DA PerónEVA
8 Aug 201632A007 creator FlemingIAN
8 Aug 201653D"___ Baba and the 40 Thieves"ALI
20 Aug 201313DRing kingALI
17 Sep 201438AMountain ___ASH
27 Dec 201577AVery muchALOT
26 Nov 20136DStarbuck's bossAHAB
27 Dec 201547DBuilding beamIBAR
27 Dec 201551D"Chill out, will you"BECOOL
8 Aug 201622AGarfield's favorite food, in the comicsLASAGNA
19 Sep 201728AGeologist's divisionERA
2 Nov 201359ATroubling post-engagement status, brieflyMIA
20 Aug 201318DCoupleDUO
27 Dec 201579AUniformEVEN
16 Aug 201587APit bull biterFLEA
19 Sep 20178D"___ of the D'Urbervilles"TESS
16 Aug 201573DPad thai ingredientEGG
17 Sep 201466AShape of Mork's spacecraft on "Mork & Mindy"EGG
8 Aug 201665AEditor's "Let it stay"STET
25 Sep 202298AUnited hub, on luggage tagsSFO
11 Sep 202344AFocus of many an engagement photoRING
7 Apr 20154DPre-engagement purchaseRING
27 Feb 200721AEngagement giftRING
12 Apr 199943AEngagement tokenRING
11 Nov 199762AEngagement giftRING
19 Sep 201741DMedalla de ___ (first-place award in Mexico)ORO
27 Dec 201574A"When I was a ___ ..."LAD
19 Sep 201723AColor toneHUE
30 May 2021125AEngageHIRE
16 Jul 201121DEngageHIRE
23 Apr 200823DEngageHIRE
31 May 20073DEngagementHIRE
23 Jan 200312DEngageHIRE
4 Mar 200182DEngageHIRE
16 Aug 2015101ABudgetary excessFAT
16 Aug 201547AVillage V.I.P.ELDER
13 Oct 201630AD.C. proNAT
27 Dec 201563DD.C. athleteNAT
16 Aug 20156DD.C. ballplayerNAT
30 Jun 202133AMortgage claimLIEN
16 May 200658AMortgage company's claimLIEN
4 Jan 199911DMortgageLIEN
28 Jul 199842DMortgage, e.g.LIEN
1 Apr 199853DMortgageLIEN
16 Sep 199645AMortgageLIEN
26 Feb 199630DMortgageLIEN
16 Jan 199649AMortgageLIEN
13 Jan 199426AMortgage interestLIEN
23 Apr 20181AEngaged in country-to-country combatATWAR
17 Sep 201424ADumb as a box of rocksDENSE
27 Oct 201440DSocial engagementDATE
22 Mar 201643DTimber fellerAXE
20 Feb 201418AMore than loudAROAR
18 Feb 201026DHave an engagement (with)MEET
8 Aug 20166AiPhone purchasesAPPS
13 Oct 201623ACrushed, as a testACED
27 Dec 201560ATravel info source, for shortAAA
19 Apr 201562AMisdo somethingERR
20 Aug 201344D"___ to Joy"ODE
13 Nov 201259DLofty tributeODE
17 Sep 201469ABridal bio wordNEE
13 Oct 201665DSuffix with legalESE
13 Oct 201644AEarly 20th-century abdicatorTSAR
20 Aug 20136DHigh wind?OBOE
26 Nov 201361AWinds upENDS
4 Mar 202044DGoose : gaggle :: ___ : mobEMU
27 Dec 201544DAnnapolis grad.ENS
13 Nov 201246DBig inits. for huntersNRA
20 Aug 201320AOrg. recommending regular checkupsADA
12 May 202125ALollygagIDLE
7 May 201515ALollygagIDLE
26 Nov 201359DThumb-twiddlingIDLE
13 Nov 201232DGoofing offIDLE
8 Jun 200116DNot engagedIDLE
10 Jun 199946ANot engagedIDLE
3 May 202364DD.C. group engaged in [REDACTED]NSA
20 Feb 201451DPaul in the Songwriters Hall of FameANKA
1 Dec 202316AEngage in scrambling or boulderingROCKCLIMB
8 Aug 201640AIowa's ___ CollegeCOE
8 Aug 20169D"Weekend Update" show, for shortSNL
20 Aug 201339DNBC show since '75SNL
13 Oct 201652AOne who keeps the beat?COP
26 Nov 201354DOne with space to sell, for shortADREP
16 Aug 201559DWingELL
20 Aug 201328ASome cheersYAYS
19 Apr 2015107AScruggs on a banjoEARL
26 Nov 201366ADidn't go out for dinnerATEIN
17 Sep 20143DHold the scepterREIGN

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