GNU is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for GNU in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "GNU" answer was first appeared in "11 Apr 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Wildebeest (13)". It was authored by Martin Schneider. Recently, the "GNU" answer has been used for "8 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Serengeti grazer (3)". It was authored by Sid Sivakumar. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Bearded beast (13)". "GNU" appeared 114 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "GNU" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
8 Oct 2023 89D Serengeti grazer Sid Sivakumar
11 Aug 2023 62A Horned one south of the Horn of Africa John-Clark Levin
24 Jul 2023 10A African grazer John Ewbank
27 Mar 2023 21D Bearded grazer Simon Marotte and Trenton Lee Stewart
17 Mar 2023 22A Game from Africa Carter Cobb
27 Jan 2023 57D Serengeti grazer Joe Deeney
19 Jan 2023 27D Bearded grazer Daniel Bodily
21 Dec 2022 37D Antelope with chin hair Nancy Stark and Will Nediger
8 Dec 2022 21D Shaggy, horned beast Grant Thackray
30 Oct 2022 50A Prey for a lion Addison Snell
7 Oct 2022 61D Companion of a 1-Across, maybe Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
6 Mar 2022 108D Zoo animal whose name rhymes with “zoo” Matthew Stock and Will Nediger
16 Dec 2021 20A Grazer with a bushy beard Trenton Charlson
23 Aug 2021 9D Wildebeest Bruce Haight
13 Jul 2021 60D Prey for a lion Bruce Haight
24 May 2021 50A Wildebeest Adrienne Atkins
9 May 2021 93A Beast with a humped shoulder Brad Wiegmann
14 Mar 2021 92A Stampede member in “The Lion King” Jacob Stulberg
4 Feb 2021 49D Bearded beast Derek Allen
29 Mar 2020 48A Bearded beast Ricky Cruz
4 Feb 2020 59D Animal in a herd Queena Mewers and Alex Eaton-Salners
22 Jan 2020 39A Bearded beast Alex Eaton-Salners
18 Jan 2020 28D Old World grazer Ryan McCarty
25 Sep 2019 23A African antelope Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
2 Aug 2019 49D Animal that doesn’t have a sound coming out of its head? Andrew J. Ries
7 Apr 2019 43A Bearded beast Peter A. Collins
1 May 2018 62A African game Jacob Stulberg
3 Apr 2018 21A Bearded beast Damon Gulczynski
21 Nov 2017 43A Animal whose name sounds like a Greek letter Brian Thomas
20 Jun 2017 10D Roamer of the Serengeti Jason Flinn
28 Mar 2017 39A Lion’s prey Ryan Milligan
12 Feb 2017 34A Bearded animal Lynn Lempel
28 Oct 2016 47A Animal with horns Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
9 Oct 2016 56D Serengeti roamer Michael Ashley
23 Sep 2016 45A Southern African game Andrew Zhou
24 Feb 2016 23D Serengeti antelope Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
3 Nov 2015 44D Prey for a lion Brendan Emmett Quigley and Joel Fagliano
5 Oct 2015 25A Young-sounding wildebeest Mike Buckley
15 Jun 2015 43D Wildebeest Mike Buckley
14 May 2015 24D Animal whose head makes no sound? Kameron Austin Collins
24 Nov 2014 62D African antelope Robert Seminara
9 Nov 2014 74A Prey for a cheetah Tom McCoy
24 Nov 2013 58A Bearded one Gary Cee
22 Aug 2013 32D Animal whose young is a calf Stu Ockman
4 Jul 2013 35A Cheetah’s prey Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
3 Jun 2013 60A African antelope John Lampkin
10 Feb 2013 24D Animal whose head doesn’t make a sound? Patrick Berry
26 Dec 2012 38D Bearded antelope Dan Schoenholz
23 Oct 2012 27D Beast with a beard Jules P. Markey
12 Aug 2012 16D Bearded beast Patrick Berry
16 Jan 2012 40A Bearded beast of Africa Andrea Carla Michaels
11 Jan 2012 42A Serengeti herd member Chuck Deodene
27 Dec 2011 66A Wildebeest John Dunn
7 Feb 2011 60D Bearded African animal Lynn Lempel
9 Sep 2010 47A Bearded beast Kevin Wald
6 May 2010 28D Animal with a silent head? Dan Naddor
23 Feb 2010 50A Wildebeest Joanne Sullivan
10 Feb 2010 63A Animal whose name has a silent initial Ed Sessa
3 Jan 2010 97D White-bearded Kenyan Jeremy Newton
20 Nov 2009 28A Lions might score one Alan Olschwang
25 May 2009 42D Bearded beast Peter A. Collins
19 Apr 2009 88A Bearded beast Will Nediger
14 Nov 2008 57D African with a white beard Brad Wilber
4 Aug 2008 63D Wildebeest Oliver Hill
29 Jun 2008 27A Animal with an onomatopoeic name Tony Orbach and Patrick Blindauer
15 Jun 2008 93A Bearded beast Jeremy Newton
11 Mar 2008 44A Bearded grazer Eugene W. Sard
11 Oct 2007 63D Bearded beast E. J. Platt
12 Feb 2007 52D Horned beast Lynn Lempel
24 Dec 2006 85D Serengeti grazer Brendan Emmett Quigley
7 Sep 2006 11D Beard wearer Lucy Gardner Anderson
12 Jul 2006 25D Bearded beast Richard Chisholm
7 Dec 2005 35A Serengeti sighting Manny Nosowsky
30 Mar 2005 40D Savanna sight Richard Silvestri
3 Jan 2005 23A Wildebeest Gregory E. Paul
2 Nov 2004 29A Wildebeest Patrick Merrell
5 Oct 2004 61A Bearded animal James R. Leeds
1 Apr 2004 1A One of a migrating herd Byron Walden
17 Dec 2003 4D African grazer Leonard Williams
25 May 2003 140D Bearded grazer David J. Kahn
22 May 2003 46A Animal with a mane Dan Reichert
20 Apr 2003 85A High-shouldered animal Bill Zais
13 Oct 2002 72A Animal with curved horns Elizabeth C. Gorski
14 Sep 2002 56D African with a mane Bruce L. Bliven
1 Jan 2002 68A Safari animal Manny Nosowsky
15 Oct 2000 71D Stocky antelope Patrick Berry
13 Jun 2000 29D Bearded antelope Peter Gordon
17 May 2000 44A Wildebeest Michael S. Maurer
6 May 2000 51A Protected beast Rich Norris
5 Jan 2000 38D Bearded antelope D. J. DeChristopher
12 Nov 1999 41A It’s protected in South Africa Joe DiPietro
24 Oct 1999 85A White-bearded grazer Nancy Salomon
29 Sep 1999 60A Oxlike beast Patrick D. Berry
15 Aug 1999 118D Safari sight David J. Kahn
28 Jun 1999 42D Wildebeest Ed Early
19 Jul 1998 27A African plains grazer Nancy Salomon
21 May 1998 39A Hump-shouldered animal Cathy Millhauser
19 May 1998 38D African antelope William S. Cotter
22 Feb 1998 101D Hartebeest kin Fred Piscop
26 Apr 1997 37D Beast of the genus Connochaetes Frank Longo
23 Mar 1997 77D Lion’s prey Bryant White
4 Mar 1997 50D Bearded creature Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 Jan 1997 45A Bearded beast R. Hughes
7 Dec 1996 60D Brindled beast R. H. Burns
19 Oct 1996 10D Veldt grazer G. Petgrave
7 Mar 1996 64D Cousin of the eland C. Millhauser
8 Nov 1995 57D African antelope Glenn E. Sykes
6 Sep 1995 67A Bearded antelope Peter Gordon
18 Jul 1995 35A African antelope Jonathan Schmatzbach
3 Jul 1995 39D Wildebeest Fred Piscop
16 Apr 1995 46D Endangered animal Matt Gaffney
12 Oct 1994 30D Wildebeest Gregory E. Paul
4 Aug 1994 55A Oxlike critter Jim Page
11 Apr 1994 22A Wildebeest Martin Schneider

Here you get GNU answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If GNU will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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